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Hyperbole much? Isn't this complaint from Hard Times, where Sissy argues with Gradgrind over whether a few deaths in a factory are good? Take your fanciful arguments back to the circus. If Apple is getting complaints they won't talk about them. They'll just appease people with quick responses until the sales charts or Steve tells them to do otherwise.
This is hilarious. I bet some ad buyer or whoever did this had a hell of a good time with this one. I bet he got his supervisors laughing all the way up to Ballmer.
Learn the shortcuts. They make life easier. Please don't act smug or try to convert anyone - just let them see the quality of OS X. Back. Up. Your. Data. Apple made it so easy to do, there is no reason not to.
"Pre-beta"? Is that like an "alpha"?
I thought that the Roman Empire became unable to sustain itself because of the devaluation of currency to pay the army and widespread slavery that cut off the flow of currency. Talk about service sector jobs.
I was standing when I used it. I think I was just not used to the size, actually, since my PB has a much smaller trackpad.
I visited a reseller to get a look at one of these. Two observations: 1. I really like the new trackpad. I got used to it in a few minutes and found it much more intuitive, although it meant I had to hover my hand while using it. I'm sure it's possible to resolve that kind of ergonomic problem. 2. The security lock latch is really a brilliant innovation. That's the kind of clever thinking that one expects from Jonny Ive. I don't know anyone who removed a battery or...
Apple's record of producing untested hardware leads me to suggest getting the warranty. Beyond that, you'll have to look at it based on your situation. Paying $300 more is worth it to me, for example, because I can afford it now, but I cannot guarantee my income will be able to cover the $2500 for a similar model in two years. Having it break down could be catastrophic for me if I can't afford a replacement.
You can get this fixed for free at an Apple Store. You haven't done anything that voids the warranty, have you?
Robert Venturi would probably beg to differ.
New Posts  All Forums: