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Wow. Talk about stoking a simmering rivalry. "Throw on more dogs!" "Mooooooooreeeee Dogs!"
I think Apple's idea of the dock is an AirPort Extreme with more ports. Seeing as a wireless dock is a desire I just projected onto a company that makes things I like, I'm already excited about the AirPort home.
O thank God. I can finally relieve myself of all this needless anxiety. Uncertainty is a bitch. At least I know the economy is collapsing.
There is, to a small degree a physical restriction, in the difficult SIM card slot of the iPhone. But frenchseb, yes, Americans are surprisingly content to be locked into exclusive contracts in perpetuo. There's never been a strong market for pay-as-you-go or open plans. Nobody really thinks about it.
Messiah, you make a good point, but it does not change the legality. Apple may be making an unreasonable demand on the user and customer, but they are within their rights to do so, because it is not reasonable to claim that a particular implementation of an idea, a specific item of intellectual property, constitutes a market in and of itself. One would never argue (to add to the heap of analogies) that BMW has an illegal monopoly on M6s. Nor would the argue that they...
I may actually have developed a gangleon cyst on my right middle finger from using the mouse. I liked it ergonomically, actually (I have long fingers), but this makes me seriously question ever buying another high-design implement.
Again, you're moralizing from on high and not "teaching a lesson." Condescension never teaches a lesson, it just makes people angry. If I had read this post before you added your commentary, I would have simply rolled my eyes and moved on. It's unfortunate, but the OP paid the price for not doing his or her homework. I don't know why you felt the need to spill your anger into a public forum, and I can't tell why you wanted to help someone you ridiculed for not being...
NO NO NO NO NO This will only open you up to accusations that Apple users are smug. Just ignore their blather and remember that they're not being reasonable. Be nice to them and they'll let down their guard and come around.
nonstop: Fair point, but I still think this rather intense discussion has gotten theatrical enough that it's a good source of humor. I was only responding to iPeon's distaste.
I was a little astonished to see this remark, when it is you who is moralizing about the nature of capitalism and chiding a completely anonymous person looking for help. I don't know why you posted 14 hours after the problem was resolved to answer a question that was settled, except to offer completely nonconstructive criticism. What were you aiming to do?It's not that I disagree with your gist, that a shopper should be informed about their decisions, but rather that when...
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