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Some people will download it, and then it will fail to live up to the hype, and then be terrified of all the data mining.
Indeed, completely uncivilized. Why next we'll be nailing cats to trees and bashing them with our heads.He's making light of the obsessive comparisons of pictures of Jobs that keep being made. They've become a kind of nerd augury, somehow foretelling the doom of Apple, Inc. to anxious crowds of forum members. They are ripe for parody, all he did was make it even more ridiculous.
I'll reserve judgement on the ad until I see it, but they need to do something new to make any marketing change. Apple may or may not have a heavy hand in its advertising, but I'm sure Jobs makes pitch meetings scary enough for Chiat/Day to pull out its A-game. I think what we're going to seeing is the same thing that Microsoft does to tarnish its image again and again: do what others did, and do it about as well. Thus with no originality or technical advantage, they...
While this is a bad deal for them, adding the feature benefits everyone. Soon more companies will need to have it, and phones get a little bit closer to actual ease of use.
This whole campaign seems a little screwy and half baked. Did you see how many statistics were quoted in the company's copy? Trash the "Get a Mac" ads, but they get the point home, and talk about consumers. MS is trying to go after consumers or IT? The consumer side will go for something they can relate to, if they're not awed by the cutting power of MS's statistical analysis of programs that don't run on Vista. But whatever, there are people who believe that the earth is...
Indeed. The Feds were/are looking into Red Hat for a lot of deployments, but I believe there were some contract problems, and it was all just to keep the systems from being taken down entirely by some small problem snowballing through thousands of machines. Autodesk is also encouraging employees to switch over and use parallels... for their own software?
Nonsense. The integration of hardware and software is the technology strategy that Apple employs, and to abandon that would destroy both alleged halves of the company and make it into two mediocre companies.
They could probably make a strong return on licenses, which is never a bad thing, especially as the new players coming out would then encourage even more third-party devices with 60-pin docks.
Please do not misdirect the thread with your misunderstanding of science and flat out incorrectness in the definitions of "skepticism" and "faith." There are some fundies in the anti-religion camp, who will condemn opponents out of hand, but let's not kid ourselves, there are about 100 times more in the theist camp.I understand the biblical commission to evangelize, and I understand the need for your ego to be victorious, but it's not getting any converts here. One thing...
This is good. I haven't used Quark since 2003, when I realized that booting into OS 9 was just too annoying and Adobe CS was just a more efficient package. These features seem strong enough for most users, especially with decent Photoshop alternatives like Pixelmator now available. I'll have to see if this is worth it instead of upgrading to CS4 in a year or too.
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