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Ignorant? I used it for years, including through their free student deal, which they terminated for while when they decided that my college didn't exist, and it was maddening. When I actually had to start detailing buildings, it became counter-intuitive. I was twice as fast drawing by hand, even correcting mistakes, which is not the case with Revit/AutoCAD, VectorWorks, or modeling software. The human side of creativity creates bad design, but it's frustrating and...
In addition to this being a spam post, ArchiCAD has to be one of the worst programs for designing any kind of architecture that's better than Long Island Shingle-style claptrap. AutoCAD is cluky and feature-limited in many ways, but at least it does not go out of its way to limit your creativity.
What is happening to this website?
Oooh, Look, A butterfly!
This discussion is boring. I am, however, really enjoying this here Joanna Newsom album I'm listening to. It's amazing how this music should be so terrible, but manages to be so damn good. I hate folk music, harps are stupid, and she sings lyrics more abstruse than Dylan with a voice that sounds like a strangled child. I dunno, it's really providing a great contrast the the inanity of DigitalChan's trolling. What music has been getting you through the day lately? What's...
If these people have any genuine information, they have to be describing the iPhone nano.
While people on this website have a habit of bashing ideas, there are still plenty of rumors from 2002 that haven't panned out. Just because this one got it right - a common sense idea, proposed before SJ claims to have started thinking about it - does not really mean some kind of proof for any single item's reality. We'll see. Olternaut, you might want to look through you old posts so you can get ready for a very late throwdown.
So now you know what it feels like to be a girl in a bikini?
I must say, this plan reeks of technical unfeasibility, complete lockdown, and big brother spyware nonsense (pick as many as you like). How will they determine that the CD I am ripping is not one I bought in a store? How do they know which MP3s I bought from Amazon.com and which I downloaded after someone else put them onto file-sharing networks? In my ignorance of high-level programming, I can't see a reasonable way to do this, besides locking the ecosystem down to...
Unless the users resent using Windows and threaten to leave the company for being treated like shit by IT
New Posts  All Forums: