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Even so, Movielink is an atrocity, so they have a lot of work ahead of them. At least the Netflix solution is specifically designed.
Foster's technofetishism is certainly in line with Ive and Job's design sensibility, but it would be nice to actually have some kind of competition here. With Apple's cash reserves, some really spectacular architecture could be produced. As to the Millau Viaduct, the effect Foster used has useful functional purposes as well. It's much less intimidating and slightly easier to see the distances of other cars on the road. Foster does like sneak little classical optical...
Perhaps they're just waiting to have a huge hyped-up press conference. I really hope they get some good architecture. Apple's campus is a dull 90s Richard Meier knockoff.
I can see a roadmap being presented, or at least some kind of pre-teaser that simply acknowledges that they are working on it. "Leopard has been the most successful Mac OS to date, and we think it's really the best that's out there - but were not stopping there..." I believe they did this at WWDC 2005, although it was another year before we saw anything.
I'm amazed at the number of errors and slight misstatements in that article.
In addition to claiming the idea of digital media distribution in the vaguest way possible, they did it with clip art.
Bob Borchers?
How much is access to the APIs going to inform us of whether or not this thing runs OS X, as promised?
Interesting logic there.
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