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No, the Google Maps bit was clever. The actual road map with really obvious signs is a little silly.
I have to say, I think that graphic is painfully literal. A little creativity couldn't hurt.
A large number of people I know, who don't watch TV, either because of time or lack of interest, such as myself, do not have TVs. Buying a TV is not financially responsible for me, so when I want media, my computer is the only option. A remote makes that easy, and easy when friends are over. There is a large set of people who are like me (creative professionals) and I doubt that Apple's profitability is really suffering from producing $5 worth of plastic and silicon.
In college, I had a 5-hour block of classes. I basically had 4 hours of uptime (there were large breaks in between the classes) I was still able to get back to my room with 10-15% of battery left if I turned off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and dimmed the screen. I have a 1.33 PB G4, and although those restrictions might seem like a pain, they were prefect for keeping me paying attention in class.
Speaking of which, where is Time Capsule? Has it shipped yet? It better not get a push back like the SDK...
That pun was egregious, Kasper. I hope you're proud of yourself.
This reminds me of Venturi-Scott Brown Architects, who did their web site with a similar sense of humor. VSBA also employ "wit" in their projects, with decidedly mixed results.
Is "ghettoblaster" really the name for any kind of boombox in the Netherlands? Because that is several kinds of offensive and all kinds of hilarious.
Patience. In the mean time, buy an external hard drive, if you don't have one yet.
If only people weren't so vain. I bet they can get enough volunteers that nobody will be forced to be filmed.
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