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You guys gotta remember that a title like that is meant to get more clicks and ad revenue. What he said was cherry-picked out of a conference, and then made into a big deal to get people like us to read the article. Bah!
The iPhone will fail just like the MacBook Air did...
Is "planogram" actually a real word?
I suspect he will still only own three of each.
As GUIs get more processor heavy, i.e. RI, and people realize that computers are useful for much more than gaming, I think these will be a great asset, especially for a companies with software-hardware integration like Apple.
Perhaps you failed to notice that the M1330's price was a "limited time offer"? I don't expect that that will last; it's likely they're selling this machine at a loss, probably to let this kind of chat happen.
I'm kind of amazed at the response to the event, even if you hated it. You all seriously need to chill out. There are much more important things in life. Is your entire retirement portfolio invested in AAPL? Apple still makes all kinds of other options. And there will be plenty of buyers. This machine is still more powerful than my laptop, which I use for very serious graphic design. Go outside and get some air. These kittens can't even use Macs.
THe cost of replacing batteries will probably not be a problem for people/corporations dropping $3000 on the machine. Swapping will be.
It has mono sound in a very small speaker. That is all. I don't even listen to music on my laptop speakers now.
Hating it is the only thing they can do to keep themselves from buying it. It's not a very healthy defense strategy. Post #213. Don't tell anyone.
New Posts  All Forums: