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So, no idea about my querry ?  Should I conclude that it's not possible to download the ressources on HD for offline consultation ?
Google maps gives the ability to visit a place in full "street view" glory, but you need to have access to the internet.   Is there a way to download a complete site (in "street view" mode) so you could visit the place later, while offline (no internet access) ?   I'm especially interested in downloading on my HD the full Ajanta (India) site, as seen here :   http://goo.gl/maps/IyyRp
  I agree that this is inconsistent with the general behavior of the Finder and other properties of the Dock in Snow Leopard.   Unfortunately, they wont fix it.  Nomore update for SL.  
Well, yes and no. What I would like to see is the PDF preview of the first page (as a permanent icon), in the Dock, without using any key.   I now strongly suspect it's imposible in OS X Snow Leopard.   Here's an example, made with an icon pasted on the PDF document :  
So, nobody here has a clue about what I'm talking ?
Is it possible to show the PDF Thumbnail preview in the Dock, on OS X Snow Leopard, like what the Finder is able to do ?   Currently, I see no options anywhere to add this functionality to the Dock, but I strongly have the impression there should be some command to the Terminal, to turn ON this feature.   Just to be clear, I'm talking about a single PDF document placed in the Dock.  Currently, the file is simply showing as a dull generic PDF file.  The same file...
The next Apple design will be this : a small chip that you wear under your arm's skin. The graphical interface will be directly projected on your retina, and the source of energy will be your body's heat...
Duh ! PixelMator isn't a vectorial app. It's a paint program.
The problem I have with PDF is this : I already have several hundreds of nice figures that I've done myself using some old software (notably FreeHand 3). Under OS X Tiger on my now defunct PPC G5 tower, I converted them all to PDF (the only way I had to save my pictures after I migrated to OS X from System 7), and I can edit them all easily with Intaglio under OS X Snow Leopard on my Intel Macs. This is fine, but Intaglio has many limitations or drawbacks.I should be...
To me, the cost isn't a problem. I just want a "proper tool" to do scientific drawings (as I said, with nice arrows, maths expressions from other tools, and PDF editing capabilities). A long time ago, under System 7 on my good old Mac IIci, I was using FreeHand 3, which was perfect at that time (maths expressions were from the old Expressionist). Now, I'm unable to find an equivalent tool under OS X. WTF !!
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