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I just tried EazyDraw, and I don't think it's an "easy" drawing tool. Its interface is extremely heavy and confusing. It's handling LaTeXit math expressions very well, though. However, editing a PDF illustration is a real pain in the butt.
I need a general drawing program for all kind of scientific drawings (schematics, illustrations with arrows, math expressions, etc).
I'm looking for a good 2D drawing (vector) tool for scientific diagrams. I tried the following tools, and I'm not yet satisfied with them : - Illustrator (WAY too big for what I need. Too complicated to use). - Intaglio (almost right, but a bit buggy and the interface is clumsy). - VectorDesigner(can't handle LaTeX equations from LaTeXit in PDF form, and the arrow heads are way too limited). - LineForm (a bit buggy. Can handle LaTeX equations very well, but the arrow...
ok, it is solved now, after a simple reboot. I wonder what happened, though.
My spotlight doesn't find anything today ! WTF ? What is the command line to rebuilt spotlight ?
The 10.6.8 update has fixed two MAJOR bugs I was experiencing with Celestia (an openGL astronomy software, in case you don't know what it is). To me, this system update is a MAJOR one !
I agree. I'm on FULL LaTeX now. Latexian and LaTeXit are absolutely great soft to write with LaTeX. I'm now in peace with this. My transition is done !
I'm just adding my two cents here : I was a Mac Pro user until last year, winter 2010. I wanted the most powerfull machines Apple could sell and they weren't powerfull enough for my needs. Now, this time has ended. I'm now an happy Mac mini and MacBook Pro 13" user and still can do everything that I was doing before, even better and faster ! So yes, in my case, the Mac Pro is totally and definitely dead. I'll never buy that old, costly, fat, clunky and noisy...
Here it is :http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1361 Wiil install it later today...
Any link to the combo updater ?
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