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Yes, TeXShop, LaTeXit in some cases (huge equations), and mostly Latexian.I must say that the output is extraordinary beautifull ! MUCH better than anything you could get with the standard WYSIWYG tools.But it may be a pain in the butt to edit the code files in some cases...
Yes ! Thanks a lot for your help. The answers have comfirmed my fears, unfortunately. So I'm now learning full LaTeX edition. I can't stand anymore the WYSIWYG approach, in the case of scientific documents with equations. Too much troubles with alignments, formats, and all the rest. No wonder why about all scientists are actually using LaTeX ! Too bad I now have to code !
Strangely, I tried to register there, but never got the registration email confirmation messages. I tried several times, and of course I checked my spam/trash boxes just in case. I'm yet unable to post anything on this forum.
I'm trying to paste some LaTeX equations made with LaTeXiT into a Mellel document and I'm having troubles with inline equations : They aren't properly aligned with the text. I'm getting something like a pasted picture (bottom of picture aligned with the text, which isn't right for an equation). How am I supposed to make the baseline equations properly aligned with the normal text ? I checked all the preferences (in Mellel and in LaTeXiT), and I don't see any parameters...
Actually, this article doesn't answer my query about stoping the automatic slideshow display. I know there's a Terminal command which turns OFF the default behavior of the slideshow (the pictures are changing after few seconds). I prefer to have a static pictures display, with the slideshow option at the OFF state by default, instead of having to click on the "stop" button each time I trigger QuickLook on several pictures. I want to change the pictures myself by...
Thanks Marvin.
Under SL, it's easy to setup a nice fullscreen slideshow of files using option-spacebar on the files. This brings Quick Look to do the slideshow. However, the slideshow automatically begins after few seconds and I have to stop it each time to take control of it. This is annoying and I want to change it permanently. I know there's a Terminal command to stop this default behavior, but I can't find it anywhere. Someone here know what the Terminal command is ?
I also experienced this problem a few times with an Mac mini. I never knew why.
and is that the new Mac mini, in the lower left corner ?
Haaaahahahahaha ! This update to come is turning ridiculous ! I'm soooo glad now that I bought my 13" MBP two months ago.
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