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Okay, I think I figured out that it's indeed the best scheme to link the MBP to the Mini. The Mini is still linked to the internet via an Ethernet link to the DSL modem. The MBP is usually using the AirPort link to the internet from the DSL modem and it doesn't have access to the Mini. Very often, the Mini is sleeping anyway. When I need to exchange some files between both computers, I awake the Mini and turn ON AirPort on it. On the MBP, I then select the Mini from...
Yep, thanks. I'm testing all these options now...
Marvin, your last suggestion is working. But what about security ? When I connect my MBP on the Mini (using the AirPort menu), I don't get a password protection (there is no padlock icon next to my Mini AirPort server). Does that mean that any neighbor could connect to the internet while using my Mini as the server ? The security protection isn't clear in this case.
The DSL modem is probably acting like a "router", since I'm using the mini's IP address. The MBP is using AirPort from the modem (wi-fi connection).Yes, it's pretty slow. I didn't made any comparison, but it may be like with what I got using BlueTooth.
I've found a better way : My mini is hooked on the DSL modem with the Ethernet cable, while the MBP is using AirPort. On the MBP, I simply have to use command-K (connect to server) in the Finder, and enter the mini's IP number. Once done a first time, the MBP remembers the IP address and password. The MBP then mounts the mini's HD on its desktop ! Can't be simpler than that ! That way, I don't even have to disconnect the MBP from the internet !
It's working. Thanks a lot for your help, Marvin.
I'm trying it right now. I created a new network using AirPort, but then how do I mount one HD on the other computer ?
Is it possible to connect two Macs at home, using AirPort, without an external AirPort server ? More precisely, I have a Mac mini and a MBP (see my signature below). I want to define a small network using AirPort, if it's possible. I don't have an external AirPort server. Is it still possible ? I don't want to use an Ethernet cable between the two computers, since one of them is a portable. Of course, I can connect them using BlueTooth, and it's working very well...
Well, that's the problem. I already tried Fluid, and it adds a lot of useless menus, and needs internet access. It's not what I need.
I need to transform some web pages into a desktop app, independant from the internet access. How can I do it ? Any idea ? As a specific example, see that astronomy web application : http://astro.unl.edu/naap/hr/animations/hr.html I need to have it as a standalone application on the desktop, fully functional even when the internet access is OFF.
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