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Is there a way to define a password on any USB key, so the computer asks for a password each time the key is mounted on the desktop ? Will it also work on any PC (not just Macs) ? I suspect it isn't currently possible. If it isn't possible, how do you protect the files on a USB key ? I don't want to compress the files and encrypt them...
I don't agree with the opinions expressed here. I, too, was concerned with the "right time" or "wrong time" to buy a new laptop, some times ago. After a long and painfull hesitation period that lasted **several** months, I finally ended with a new 13" MBP last month. I'm very happy with it, even if I know that something better may come out during the following month. Firstly, whatever which computer you buy, it will already be obsolete few months after. Just buy what...
I need some help to write a special command in the console. I want to call the size of files in the trash, with some suffix formating (sorry, my English sucks). This code works great : Code: du -sh ~/.Trash/ | awk '{print "Size of files in the trash: " $1"B" }' I added a "B" at the end to write the size in "KB", "MB" and "GB". However, when the trash is empty, it gives 0 BB, which is odd. I tried something like the following code, but obviously it doesn't work...
Spark is a freeware keyboard utility (shortcut manager) which I found extremely usefull : http://www.shadowlab.org/Software/so....php?sign=Sprk Despite the fact it's an old beta version only (3.0beta9, 2008), it's totally stable on my system (10.6.5). This is the kind of stuff which I can't live without it on my Mac !
Well, it's a bit hard to explain (my native language is French). I don't see anything related to attachements, in the Mail preferences.
No, I'm just using the standard Mail of OS X. Single account. Like I've said, quiting Mail solves the problem. But it's a pain in the a** to do this each time I'm sending an email with some attachement and that I want to trash the original file that I've sent.
What is Gmail ? I only have one account in my Mail.
It's happening with simple emails. I try to empty the trashcan, but the Finder tells me the trashcan can't be emptied because there's a file in use in it. Well, the culprit file is there, but isn't (or shouldn't be) in use anymore, since the email is already sent. I don't understand what is happening here.
There's an annoying thing which occurs systematically with Mail (OS X Snow Leopard) : I write a message to a friend, and put some file as an attachment. I send the message. The original file is located on the Desktop, and put it into the trash. Then, I can't empty the trash can ! This is systematic and I have to quit Mail just to empty the trash. Is there a simple solution to this problem, without having to quit Mail ?
I HATE Apple's way to do macros and keyboard shortcuts (preferences -> keyboard -> keyboard shortcuts). It's ackward, non-intuitive and inefficient. ** C'mon Apple*! ** So I'm now looking for an utility (a prefs pane ?) that define keyboard shortcuts to cycle through all open windows in OS X. I didn't found any yet. Any suggestions ?
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