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[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: Well I just called Apple. I told him .... but I really expect this machine to be perfect after all the other problems we've had in the past with Apple.
I totally agree with you Tiger. That's exactly why I'm still waiting a bit again, before buying, just to look around and see. I'm really pissed off with this video card (ok, I'll admit I don't know much about it
This is a stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway, just for the fun of it. What will be the next OS X version after 10.1.3 ? 10.2 ? or another 10.1.x with x > 3 ? What are the known OS X bugs still present in 10.1.3 ? Is there a discussion group about this subject ?
Damn ! This problem is annoying me a bit. I may suspand (or delaying) my purchase just because of this ! It's let me wondering again about the damn video card. Is this flashing problem affecting the GeF4 MX card only ? Or all the NVidia cards ?
Do the new towers (933MHz and dual GHz) have the sound hiss (weak noise) problem, like before ? Any trouble with sounds ?
Maybe the flashing problem has something to do with the LCD screen itself ? There are some fluorescent tubes inside LCD screens. You often see fluorescent tubes flashing in real life. Could the ones used in the LCD do the same ? Anyone has the same problem with CRT ? This could rule out the fluorescent tube phenomenon.
I've read somewhere about some kind of "flashing" problem on the dual. Please, can you describe in details the problem found on the dual 1 GHz ? What is it exactly, and how universal is it ? I'm thinking about getting a dual soon, so I'm interested to hear more on this potential problem for me. Thanks.
[quote]Originally posted by NoahJ: Ok, Let me state that there is no hack required and I have a 100GB WD 7200RPM HDD in the ZIP bay.
MO disks are only 3.5", like the Zip floppies. What kind of connection inside the tower ? FireWire ? IDE ? Fujitsu are selling an IDE internal MO drive compatible with Macs. Do I need to hack something to put in an internal MO drive ? Any idea ?
Fine! My mind is now totally clear about my purchases. All those posts and replies were very usefull, finally. Here's exactly what I'll buy : G4 933MHz with 768 MB ram, Apple 17" LCD, default GeF4 MX. Educationnal price. After a while, I don't know when exactly (september ?), I'll upgrade the card to the Titanium. The only thing I must do for now is to wait until more cash go to the bank. Mid-march, I'll pass my command. If my revenues are better than expected, I...
[quote]Originally posted by applenut: apple kind of limits ya because its only a 3.5 inch bay
I would love to put some MO drive inside this bay. Is it possible ? I'm using a MO drive on my old Mac, and it's totally reliable. Fast, strong, efficient. IMHO, it's the best daily storage and backup drive. I could hook a new external firewire MO drive to a new G4 tower, but I much prefer an internal drive.
[quote]Originally posted by applenut: I seriosuly think you should consider the dual 800 either from eBay or from a reseller new. it's a great machine. and for the money you save you can buy the Geforce 4 Ti. ...
Thanks for the suggestion AppleNut. Unfortunately, there are limitations from the store where I'll buy my stuff. It's one of the very few stores in Montreal where I can get the education prices (big difference), and there is...
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