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[quote]Originally posted by applenut: I seriosuly think you should consider the dual 800 either from eBay or from a reseller new. it's a great machine. and for the money you save you can buy the Geforce 4 Ti. ...
Thanks for the suggestion AppleNut. Unfortunately, there are limitations from the store where I'll buy my stuff. It's one of the very few stores in Montreal where I can get the education prices (big difference), and there is...
Matsu, dear Matsu, By your writings, you're showing you're jealous or a perfect moron. Why are you replying anyway ? I'm seeking info, and all you're able to do is bitching me. If you don't like my posts, just go elswhere. Who do you think you are, smart ass ? Who are you to judge others like that ? My guess is that YOU ARE the teen here. It is the last time I'm replying to a message from you, Matsu, because you're not mature enough to help ppl. Get lost.
[Hmmm] The last two posts were very interesting. Thanks folks. I didn't knew about the ADC missing on the 8500 card. I confirmed this a minute ago, by reading the ATI specifications on their web site. For me, this is killing the card as I'll have an Apple LCD (I don't have a choice, for reasons I wont explain here). So this leaves me with the NVidia cards only, without the advanced features. This is really sad. ...
What are the drives we can put in the Zip bay, on the QuickSilver case (G4 towers) ? Of course, we can put in a Zip drive. But what else ?
[quote]Originally posted by Kali: There's something irrationnal here, I'll admit it, and it has something to do with our emotions with the Macs we know and love. Stupid, isn't ? It's just a machine (but is it ?).
Do you think PC users have this kind of problems with their machines ? That's what may happen when you are using the same Macintosh for a too long period of time.
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: I've played with a 933 at the Apple Store and it was very fast. No problems that I saw. Why are you even worrying about that though? It will be 1000 times better than your old computer.
Ok Eman, you putted the finger on the right spot. I'm worrying because my old computer was so good, so robust and reliable for 10 years that I can't believe I'll found something comparable for the next ten years. I'm...
[quote]Originally posted by applenut: 1.) I don''t understand you facsinaion with jaggies and FSAA. if you play at 1024 x 768 jaggies are almost never there. and I have a Radeon (original). Keep in mind that Apple's LCDs won't work with the 8500 without an expensive adapter though
Apple's LCDs won't work with the 8500 without an expensive adapter ???? Is this a typo ? You mean the 800 ? About jaggies and AA, I played with a G4 with...
[quote]Originally posted by Kali: Any 933MHz owners here ?
I guess it's a good sign if nobody is responding to my message :cool: So, heh, post nothing here !
Any 933MHz owners here ? What are your deceptions, complains ? Did you experienced any glitches, lags, sound problems, DVD playback problems ? Hardware failures, defects ? I just want to hear feedbacks on the 933MHz tower.
[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: Honestly I was impressed with the speed of that 933 and nearly got it, but I wanted top of the line I guess.
Ok, then I have some questions for you. 1-What configuration do you have in your dual ? 2-What apps are you using ? 3-How do you feel the normal uses of this comp, compared to the 933MHz ? Do you feel a real difference ? What exactly make it appears faster than the 933MHz ? (please,...
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