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There's an annoying thing which occurs systematically with Mail (OS X Snow Leopard) : I write a message to a friend, and put some file as an attachment. I send the message. The original file is located on the Desktop, and put it into the trash. Then, I can't empty the trash can ! This is systematic and I have to quit Mail just to empty the trash. Is there a simple solution to this problem, without having to quit Mail ?
I HATE Apple's way to do macros and keyboard shortcuts (preferences -> keyboard -> keyboard shortcuts). It's ackward, non-intuitive and inefficient. ** C'mon Apple*! ** So I'm now looking for an utility (a prefs pane ?) that define keyboard shortcuts to cycle through all open windows in OS X. I didn't found any yet. Any suggestions ?
I fully agree with you, Marvin. I always though that Apple's way to keyboard shortcuts is ackward, unatural and ineffective. I don't understand how and why they totally scraped it, since we already got some good shareware systems to do simple and efficient systemwide keyboard shortcuts. Thanks alot for your time and help.
I tried to add a service, but it doesn't work at all (the service do nothing, while the script itself appears to be okay). I don't understand what is going on. Geez, why is it so complicated just to open a folder using a keyboard shortcut ? The script is just this :
Well, I now have a problem and I don't know how to solve it : The script is very simple and just bring the Finder to front and open a folder :I saved the script as an application. When I double-click on it in the Finder, it's doing exactly what I want it to do. However, if I launch the same script-app from another application, the script brings a window to ask the user to run the script or to quit it. This, I don't want . The script should just run without asking...
Okay, I'm beginning to understand now. My first script-app is working exactly as I wanted to.
Thanks for the reply. As for the path, I'm not sure yet. Also, the script should bring the folder or the file to front. EDIT : Currently, I don't understand how Automator is working. All I want to do is to create a small app that open a specific text file with TextEdit. How am I supposed to do that ?
I'm new to scripting in OS X. How can I build a simple script to tell the Finder to open a given folder, and to put the window in front, using Automator ?
Okay, the "issue" is solved. After a battery "recalibration", the charge is now back to 100% Apparently, we're supposed to recalibrate the battery about once a month, to optimize its charge capacity. I'm learning ....
I have a new 13" MBP (1 week old), and the battery is supposed to be fully charged, according to the battery menu and some hardware monitor app. Well, the same menu says the battery is 95% charged, while the MBP is hooked to the home's sector. What the heck is that ? Last week, the information was consistent (100% recharged). What is happening here ? Is the battery defective or is this normal ? I'm new to the laptop world, so I need to understand what is happening...
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