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I don't want to use the Zip ddrive, so the Zip bay is useless to me. Can I put something else in there ? I want to put an internal Magneto-optical drive (3.5 " disks) in the Zip bay. Is it possible ? Is it true that we can't actually put anything else than the zip drive or a floppy drive in this bay ?
[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: Sup Kali, I will try and getmy hands on some and give some benchmarks/observations of the GF4 MX card in my dual GHz G4 (that felt good ). I am also planning to get a Radeon 8500 & one of the GF4 Ti cards to test out (not going to keep the GF4 MX in this computer).
Kool ! Shoot the FPS rates and all the stuff. But try to enable the antialiasing feature. I wont buy any Macintosh...
[quote]Originally posted by applenut: Antialiasing is not enabled in the mac drivers as of yet (AFAIK).
What the ... ? Are you sure of this ? No antialiasing in Mac games with OS X ? I can't believe this I NEED Antialising !
Hi, is anyone using a G4 with the GeForce4 MX video card ? How is it ? Is it fast ? Any complains ? Can you compare the video performances of this card with the GF2 MX ? And what about the antialiasing in games ? Thanks.
Are the new PM able to do realtime antialiasing (AA) in games with the GF4 MX video card ? Can someone tell if the AA in Quake3 is really nice, and what is the FPS rate with all settings to best ? Thanks.
[quote]Originally posted by jamiemarshall: I generally use iTools to backup smaller files and burn a CD for larger files. AND when my new iMac arrives I can backup everything to one DVD-R! Floppies? Who needs 'em?! J :cool:
But is it true that you can't use the same CD disk more than 50 times ? And is it slower or faster than the old 1.44 MB floppy disks ?
The Macs do not have the floppy disk drives anymore. What are you doing to save your data ? Are you using the CD drive ? Is it true that we can't use each writable CDs more than 50 times to write on them ? Is it true that writable CDs are slower than the old floppy disks ? I refuses to use the Zip drive in the QuickSilver case. Can I put something else there ? I want to put some Magneto-Optical (MO) internal drive into the QuickSilver. Is it possible ?
What about games (Quake, Oni) and video on the LCD screens ? LCD drawings are slower than CRT. So how do you feel the games on the LCD ? Jerkiness ? Lags ? Ghost images ? And what about DVD playback on the LCD ? Is it smooth ? Laggy ?
Can someone tell the differences in real world/real time performances between the GF4 MX and the GF2 MX on the same machine (say, a 933 MHz tower)? Is the GF4 MX (not the titanium) able to do realtime antialiasing (AA) in games like Quake3 ? What are the FPS cost in Quake, at full quality and details, when using AA with the GF4 MX ? Any Quake3 benchmarks on the 933 MHz ? Thanks.
I'm seriously thinking about getting the new 933MHz G4 with 768 MB of ram, and the standard GF4 MX video card. How fast is it ? Please, describe your impressions. What Quake3 performances do you get ? How many FPS at best details ? Do you have antialiasing (AA) in Quake, with the GF4 MX card ? Which FPS with AA on ? How much time to do a typical Bryce picture ? What are your problems, difficulties or bad stuff with the 933MHz ? Any bad experiences ? I need to...
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