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[quote]Originally posted by hir: Just 2 _realistic_ products please and at what price. I would buy: 1) iPod2 running Palm OS with iPhoto functionality. Price: $400. 2) (uh, my budget doesn't currently allow for a # 2 [Hmmm] )
The dream machine : Collector's Mac IIci, with a Daystar 68040 @ 50MHz, 32 MB ram, Radius PrecisionColor Pro 32 bit video card, LaCie 500 MB HD, MacOS...
O, by the way, I apologise if I sound like a total idiot ! [Embarrassed]
I don't know if it's really making sense, but it can be interesting to describe the processors by giving them the same theoretical clock frequency, says 500MHz. What speed differences for the various existing PPC chips, 601, 604, G3, G4, all running in some hypothetical computer with the same bus, same MacOS, same HD and memory ? And what about the bus frequency ? A 500MHz G4 on some (hypothetical) 200MHz bus will perform how much, compared to the same chip on a 100MHz...
Ok, there are the G3, G4, rumored G5, and processors from the "other world" like Duron, Athlon, ... What are the main differences between them ? Is a 500MHz G4 really faster than a 500MHz G3 ? (forget about the bus speed and memory). Can you guys describe the speed difference between various chip RUNNING AT THE SAME FREQUENCY ?
[quote]Originally posted by sizzle chest: It can't be the Apollo chips, because people are reporting Altivec Fractal test scores right in line, clock speed for clock speed, with previous G4 Powermacs. So a 933 shouldn't feel faster than a dual 800 on that basis. It must be the video card in these new machines, or something.
Well then, if there's a GForce4 Titanium in the machine, does this mean it would affect (positively) the rendering...
Well, I'm a bit confused. I'm in the process of choosing a new computer to replace my good old Mac IIci. I was very interested in the dual 1GHz with the GF4 Ti card and a 1GB of ram, but it's going to cost me a bit too much. I'm now considering the 933MHz, with 1GB ram and the GForce4 Titanium video card. What do you think of this setup ? How fast MacOS X should perform on it ? Of course, the GF4 Ti will be usefull for the games, but is it usefull too for the...
Hello folks, I'm thinking about getting the GF4 Ti video card in a 933 MHz G4 with 1GB RAM. Is the GForce4 Titanium only usefull for games and multiple displays ? Can the other applications and the MacOS X benefit from this card ? What can I expect on windows drawing and other interfaces matters with the GF4 Ti, compared to the same Mac with a GF4 MX ? Any opinion please ?
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: I think 10.1 is great, why not just use 10.1?
Because it's too young. I heard many bug reports and complains about it. And it lacks some features, apparently. Personnaly, I found the contextual menu (when you control-click on something) to be almost useless. It's lacking something there. But what should we expect in 10.2 ?
Hello folks, can you tell when (approximately), in your opinion, should 10.2 be out ? And what to expect in it ? What changes ?
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: Well if that's true, it's probably Macintosh.
What the ???? What contradictions ? English isn't my native langage, sorry about this. My question was a serious one, and no, I'm not Macintosh (what a silly and confusing name for a person, anyway). I just learned on another thread that the GForce4 Titanium video card will soon be an order to option at Apple, that's great. Can you ppl say when...
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