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Just for reference :http://www.anandtech.com/show/3965/i...specs-revealed
Thanks guys. I must add that I'm new to the portable world . I used several large desktop Macs before (Mac IIci, dual G4, eMac, dual G5, Mac mini...), and never bothered about the internal temperature in their case. But then, the portables are looking so fragile (compared to a G5 tower tank, for example), that I feel concerned about the 13" MBP robustness, especially because of the heat generated by the internal parts... O well, I'm already in love with this small...
I'm currently running an all new MBP 13" at 2.66 GHz. The tests I made today (large textures handling in 3D environnement, OpenGL, music playing in background...) gave me an internal CPU temperature as high as 83°C. Should I worry about this ? What is the max temperature a Core 2 Duo at 2.66 GHz should tolerate, in a MBP ? I need to know because I'll use pretty often the laptop to do some "heavy" 3D demonstrations, in front of a classroom. I don't want the MBP to...
Can you tell more about the reliability/longevity for the MLC SSD ? My data is precious (of course, I have several backups). But I want to be sure that all my data is safe on the long run, on an MLC SSD.
Thanks Marvin. To me, security of data on the SSD is the most important thing. Access speed (read) is also very important. I don't mind much if the writes are a bit slow. What is the current price range for high quality 256 GB SSD ? EDIT : For reference, here's a description of the differences between SLC and MLC (SSC) drives : http://www.differencebetween.net/tec...n-mlc-and-slc/ And this : http://www.anandtech.com/tag/storage
I'm looking for a very good ( = most reliable, high quality or the best) internal SSD available for a new MacBook Pro 13". I prefer to use 256 GB of SSD storage, but if the price is still too high, I may go for a 128 GB only (but this size is tight). What are your suggestions ? Please, give some references or URLs to the product.
Okay! I FINALLY got a new MacBook Pro 13" at 2.66 GHz, with its default 320 GB HD (I'm typing this message on it right now). I couldn't wait anymore. I'll upgrade the HD to SSD much later in 2011 (or 2012?), when prices are down enough so I can buy a 256 GB SSD. 128 GB is too tight for me. I'm new to the portable world. I hope that this MBP will be okay for all my needs...
I think that I finally made my decision : Tomorrow (Friday), I'll go to the Apple Store and buy the basic 13" MBP and order it with the 128 GB SSD. I'm just too tired to wait for a refresh, and I don't want to become another "beta tester" for a whole new product generation in february (the very approximate expected date for a MBP refresh).
I already tested the current MBP 13" with the apps I'm using, and it's working well. The 9400M that I have in my late 2009 mini is barely working well for my needs (I'm experiencing some textures weirdness with it). I'm using Celestia (full 3D OpenGL astronomy app) with large hi-res textures and some heavy 3D models, to teach astronomy in a classroom with a wall projector. I'm also using several full HD videos in QT. The 15" MBP is too large, for a portable. The 13" is...
How reliable is that information ? Should I buy the current MBP 13" instead of waiting for something with a less powerfull GPU ? I need a 13" model with a strong GPU. The current 320M is just powerfull enough for my needs, but this is the limit. A less powerfull GPU in a new 13" will be a no-no for me !
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