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I already tested the current MBP 13" with the apps I'm using, and it's working well. The 9400M that I have in my late 2009 mini is barely working well for my needs (I'm experiencing some textures weirdness with it). I'm using Celestia (full 3D OpenGL astronomy app) with large hi-res textures and some heavy 3D models, to teach astronomy in a classroom with a wall projector. I'm also using several full HD videos in QT. The 15" MBP is too large, for a portable. The 13" is...
How reliable is that information ? Should I buy the current MBP 13" instead of waiting for something with a less powerfull GPU ? I need a 13" model with a strong GPU. The current 320M is just powerfull enough for my needs, but this is the limit. A less powerfull GPU in a new 13" will be a no-no for me !
A question : Is it technically possible to match a Core 2 Duo processor and the NVidia 330M GPU in a 13" MBP ?
Personally, I find the wait extremely hard. I need a 13" MBP, but I hate the current screen on it (low resolution, glossy with unbearable reflections...). And the HD is too slow for my taste. I have to wait, but my patience is weak
Well then, welcome to the Mac World ! Once you made the leap, you'll never return to the PC world again ! Cheers !
Update to the MBP probably in mid-february.
Aah ! This is interesting. Could you give some sources about this ? I need a confirmation of this being true. Currently, I feel very insecure with SSD technologies, and this is one of the reasons why I'm holding my MBA/MBP purchase. And what is Apple doing for the read/writes on its SSD ?
An opinion is just an opinion, and it can't be false as an opinion ! It is true that I don't own a MBA and never used one for a long period of time (neither is your case, by the way, since you used it for two weeks only). Of course, I may be wrong about the MBA robustness. However, I tested it extensively in the store, and was able to bend the 13" MBA's screen very easily. Opening and closing the screen for several hundreds of times over two or three years may...
In my opinion, the new 13" MBA is too fragile. It will bend and may be damaged after some years of usage (and you can be sure it will happen just after the waranty coverage). This is why I'm not interested in the 13" MBA anymore. It's just not sturdy enough for a portable, it's too thin. I'm also a bit worried by the SSD problems on the long run (finite writes), and the limited size (even 256 GB may not be enough).
Well, it's really obvious that the 15" MBP will blow the MBA out of the water (except for disk access). You should take the 15" MBP instead of the MBA. In my case, the 15" is too large. I need something like the 13" MBP. I'm still waiting for something better than the current models (I hate the screen on the 13" MBP).
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