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So the feature I am most interested in is the sync between Macs. So do you think iCloud will allow me to keep both my Macs completely synced? As in, going onto my iMac will be the same as going onto my MacBook Pro at any given moment? If that's the case, then I am super excited for this service. If not, then
Hi Everyone -- it's been awhile since I last posted, but I would like to know what you guys think about my predicament. In 2009 I bought a 15" MacBook Pro with the following specs: 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo 3MB L2 Cache 4GB 1067MHz NVIDIA GeForce 9400M But this year, my school sent me (at no extra cost to me) a 13" MacBook Pro with the following specs: 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 4GB 1333MHz Intel HD Graphics 3000 This is my dilemma: So my old MBP still...
there is absolutely no way apple will release a phone without internet. thats just like 3 steps backwards. the iPhone is mostly an internet device, and the iPod touch as well has many uses for the internet. Apple clearly wants to be the front end for the internet as Jobs has said many times before.
well macworld has come and gone. new guesses for new iPhone slash capacity upgrade? i want to order one, but something is just holding me back for a 16GB version...
That has been on here for a couple of days now, and it is definitely fake seeing as the Mac Pro has already been upgraded, and with different specs to boot! Besides, the way it is written just indicates that it is the hopes and dreams of a fanboy.
hmm very interesting, i don't ever remember them advertising the keynote like this before....should be big?!
we'll if steve demo's an iPhone SDK and or 3g then there could be many booms. i was going to put 5, but that wasn't an option above (at all) so i'll just say that here. 5 booms.
all i want is a 16gig model of the iPhone. just one thing steve!! what do i think will happen? (in addition to the iPhone of course) - Penryn in Macbook Pro - Mac Pro update - Cinema Displays (with TV functionality??) - iTunes Movie Rentals - iPhone SDK announcement / demo (available february) sounds logical, no?
i dont think the current price will drop, that would make it too cheap (for an apple product). i think a 16 gig model would fill the gap left by the 8 gig model when it took the place of the 4 gig one.
thanks for the advice instead of just shooting my head off.
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