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Holy crap Batman, I am now seeing over 50 wifi routers from our neighborhood, I saw 4 before this update!
Oh more fun ... Got to say, I enjoy participating in the dev program. I have never once had a loss of data or had to down grade. But I do back up first .
I replied but It's been moved. See above. Hope you find it fun.
Just sitting here with my MBP I can see / feel that even something as small as a single key could easily be used to act as a tiny track pad. If they work in unison it would probably work excellently.
Agreed. I can imagine the meeting at MS .. "Look the only way anyone will ever hear what's her name is if she is available on iOS or Android!"
Can you use 'I' and Microsoft in the same sentence? 'A' yes ...
but ... but ... The Microsoft BB is coming to a shop near you soon ... (maybe) ...
A debate ....
See above for my How to ... No doubt many other ways but this was is soooo easy if you have the various parts already as I did. I don't know for sure but I suspect using a Thunderbolt drive and Parallels is circumventing Microsoft's attempt to force certified USB drives? I am not up on how to post info on other forums here. Never even looked at any other but this one. If you want to copy it elsewhere feel free
OK … How to boot Windows 8.1 (I assume 10 will work the same way) from a Mac Pro on a Thunderbolt external drive. By Digitalclips for fellow AI members' fun. I take no responsibility for any loss of data or hair. Back up your Mac first. First let me say this isn’t the cheapest method but it is ‘silly simple’. I am sitting with a lot invested in a new Mac Pro set up and I already had all these required elements (I just didn't know it till this last weekend) so it is a...
New Posts  All Forums: