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Right, everyone knows it's 'gaggle' when referring to Google.
I am not totally shocked. Video on DSLR has only of late gained auto focus and they are mostly limited to 1080P, and yes, scaled down 4K looks stunning at 1080p way better than any native shot 1080p. That said I am sure it is a somewhat silly comparison when you think of all the other factors such as lenses etc. and the point was just that, this is not about a hardware head to head, just the fact the video is so damn good. As an aside, IMHO DSLRs tend to make lousy...
This is the first parallel release to Developers and public testers of the same beta isn't it? I seem to find I am usually a week or two ahead of the public version.
I was asking as I have no idea. If you are right, that's fine with me.
Even if they did and I am not sure they could, what happens to those of us hanging in for the long haul with a lot of AAPL?
LOL, good analysis.
Hence I said 'find' as in one day ... . I fully understand the issues. I merely hope down the road others step up maybe with Apple's financial help.
I don't think you understood my post the way it was intended.
Especially as Microsoft is taking the phone market by storm with their ... Oh wait a minute ...
And all the more damaging to Samsung if and when Apple stop using them That's called leverage.
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