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You make t sound like a living Hell, I am glad I was the President of a company and was able to mandate Apple equipment for everyone. PCs were only for testing like lab rats just so we knew what was going on and how to convert any files.
Seeing Microsoft go from 3% to 2% is so sweet having been in the trenches back when Apple was in enterprise and IBM and Microsoft forced it out. I realize this is only mobile but these days what else makes money? Nice pay back that IBM switched horses too. Got to love that. It can't be long before Macs start pushing out PCs in enterprise too.
I agree totally, I had given up using the iPad for web use till AdBlocker came out.
Not that I don't agree Jimmy didn't mean it the way it was taken, there is still some room for not going overboard in reacting ... to the reaction. Reading many of the posts here a few days came back to mind when I read this article this morning. After reading it I couldn't help going back to this thread and rereading it. The '2000 years' mentioned in the article are not over for...
I only asked as someone who has lived in several countries, I seem to have a somewhat different understanding of many of the labels you use. That's the problem with language of course.
You accuse others of a lack of comprehension?
Thanks you. Excellent post.
Hey, my comment wasn't aimed at you particularly.
I totally agree and that has been Apple's best defense. They learned from their past experiences with Gates for sure.
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