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When history is written I doubt the name Beats will be remembered any more than the product Apple bought to create iTunes.
There is another common denominator I see, they also seem to believe everything Murdoch's news organization puts out (i use the tern 'news' lightly), be it the US, UK or Australia. To understand his intent, follow the money.
Well said.
I know I know, but you have to remember he is more knowledgeable than 99% of scientists ...
For that exact reason, I also wonder if the tests are not able to measure Apple's chips accurately.
Exactly, I suspect the plan all along was to absorb the Beats system into iTunes not maintain a separate ecosystem. That has always been the Apple MO.
Damn you, I just laughed tea down my nose.
You are right, I braced myself for the AAPL drop that always follows Apple success. It didn't happen!
"After Apple's record setting launch, analysts predict iPhone 6 will win over Android switchers" I can see 'winning over an Android user' or 'winning back an Android switcher' but sure how you 'win over an Android switcher'.
Your right of course. It is going to become known as Watch Gate, just wait ands see. The answer is 'Your not wearing it right.
New Posts  All Forums: