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Yes, I agree, I could have done with another dozen of the underside and perhaps some from high above and perhaps even from outside the room.
Which is why I don't use an iPhone for games, I use my new Mac Pro either running OS X or Windows 8.1 (for GTA V mainly) and two 27" LCD displays. Then I'm old fashioned. If I'm bored and only have an iPhone I'll read or listen to music.
Give the Gatorguy a break, he's just doing his job promoting Google and knocking Apple on this Apple user web site.
OT a bit but I think Apple should stop using 'streaming' as a descriptor and find something that sounds less 'out there' especially to the older generations. I'd suggest 'On Demand' or 'It's Just There'.
Which might appeal to a customer base that is pretty large
This made me chuckle, as Brit transplant I used to use the phrase 'Rolls Royce quality' until I was corrected by a native here who explained in the USA you say 'Cadillac quality' ... having seen GM cars I decided I'd simply stop using the phrase rather than adapt to such a terrible alternative LOL.
Something doesn't seem right here to me ... for a device with the most advanced touch interface and motion detection and an accelerometer running software specifically designed for that touch interface, motion awareness and accelerometer, the answer is to add a mechanical control box from the pre touch screen era.
Yes try to wean them away from Google's YouTube ASAP for music. They are not being stalked with Apple.
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