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nearly 115 after hours.
Apple's smaller divisions make more $ than most other companies on earth so i wouldn't get too upset.
Bloody amazing!!!! Well done Apple. Watch the lower than expected iPad and Mac sales lower AAPL thanks to Wall Street! 'Too dependent on iPhone' ... just wait and see! EDIT: I hope I am wrong and APPL soars of course.
Thanks. I thought mpantone's comments seemed wrong.
Correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the reason Adobe gave up on mobile precisely because iOS didn't support it so zero market? Didn't early Android mobile devices brag about supporting Flash?
And AAPL will fall whatever, no doubt.
Check out Carbon Copy Cloner as well as Time Machine.
Some posters' glasses are always half empty. I must say I enjoy the other kind more.
How can E-bay do this? What about the Silicon Valley No Poaching Pact? Oh ... wait a minute ...
On a parallel issue ... do any of the tech experts here know if there are plans in the works to improve the nMPs use of the dual GPUs? Those Applications from Apple that utilize them scream but third party applications are not using the potential. I wonder of there is any progress along the lines of non compliant applications being able to use the dual GPUs with the help of Core technology in the OS with a 'Grand Dispatch for GPU' type method? I believe this is already...
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