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Ah such memories, D.C. Thomson ....
OK, gotcha ...
What's a DVD?
Oh that's bad LOL
I am thinking Steve Buscemi for Bill Gates, he is nearly creepy enough looking to play the double crossing, back stabbing thief, all due respect to Mr. Buscemi, I am sure knows he is a bit weird looking and takes advantage of that.
Care to explain?
They do give us dividends remember, that's even better ... although a Christmas bonus in extra dividends to all those who have owned AAPL for over 5 or 10 years would be nice
Hopefully all of us AAPL owners will too.
I don't believe from what I've read the Americas were anything like Australia in that respect. Many of the original settlements in the American continent were set up as trading posts. They grew and flourished over time (as they annihilated the indigenous population along the way) and many came from Britain simply to seek their fame and fortune. Much like Britain had been the similar landfall for so many from Europe over the millennia, it's something about 'going west' I...
OI agree in general, I watch and read the Beeb daily. That show was a travesty though.
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