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Let's hope we don't need an Ebola tab soon! I can't help but wonder if the types that can strap a bomb to themselves (or a brain washed acolyte more likely) are not thinking that with a 21 day window before getting sick yet being contagious, self inflicted Ebola and a few weeks in Paris (name your city) would be pretty catastrophic!
You took the words right out of my mouth. In a few years people will be talking about Pay and Watch and Health as the bedrock of Apple's trillions of $s and iPhones and iPads and Tvs will be just be the everyday bread and butter products.BTW I just installed Windows 10 in VMware on a new Mac Pro for laughs and noticed how many OS X features, not least of which is skipping 9 for X, err, I mean 10, it has ... and a guess what ... a Health Kit App. Microshit are so...
Because a lot of peripherals only have one TB port, e.g. a TB dual HD dock, and some things don't daisy chain ... e.g. an older monitor with a VGA to TB converter cable and afore mentioned TB dual HD dock..Yes TB plugs suck to be honest, it is far too easy to dislodge them when fiddling around. I wish they had a 'clip' mechanism of some kind. When you are pumping 4K video to a TB RAID 0 the last thing I need is my cat jumping on the my desk and managing to dislodge a TB...
I am not into trying to find right or wrong or be a pedant ... I got his meaning ... not enough and a lot of stuff those of us needing TB ports don't need. USB 3 sucks!
I tend to agree.
I assume like me you are only interested in Thunderbolt ports hence writing off the other ports you'd gain in which case you'd be correct. I think there is a need for such a device with a TB on the back and 4 on the front. Then a TB equipped iMac or MB would be up there with the 'well ported' new Mac Pro.I suspect the rumored 5K iMac will have more than two, if not such a hub will be essential if that new iMac is aimed at prosumer 4K editing. USB3 sucks for serious...
That continuing to 'ring' on the other devices long after the phone call is picked up on has been driving us nuts. My wife has a MBP, two iPads and an iPhone 5c and being a realtor the phone never stops ringing ... on everything! I have looked for some option to select the incoming phone ring to see if it can be lowered in volume (alone) but not found anything yet. If they all stopped at the same time it would not be an issue. I agree dialing out is needed on the Mac.
For some reason I had a flash back to Polanski's Dance of the Vampires.
Especially as 50% are being rejected in quality tests as they fail the bend test /s
"... for some users worldwide..." AND Canada too? Wow!
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