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Right, but his cars will fly too.
I wonder if Steve had been a Columbo fan as a kid.
I wondered about that, there is rather a lot of videos out there for Apple if they even care ... but as some else said, Columbo probably has more!
Tim can just say "Just 1 more thing"
Hopefully if this fails, the entire board fall on a sword.
Don't be ridiculous, it's only a hand cut of for the first offense!
It's sad, I used to be an avid Mac Rumors fan, now I agree with you, they are not worth the time to visit. OK I admit they banned me for posting individual response not aggregating them, but that's not the reason I stay with AI, it's the regulars like you that keep me coming back.
Samsung will do that I am sure.
Have you tried http://www.adblockforios.com?
In which case tests should be done over time and that factored in surely?
New Posts  All Forums: