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Brings a whole new meaning to 'butt crack'.
I've never used a case on any iPhone yet and they are all (except the first model) without any scratches even though they have been carried around in pockets. I just can't stand not seeing and feeling Jony's creations directly. The only exception is a waterproof case when kayaking but I remove that when back on dry land.
Then of course we now hear from the horse's mouth 'Blackberry is not about phones anymore ..." Maybe that leg kicking is BB treading water.
A dish best served cold.
Has anyone figured out what Apple means when it states iOS 8 can now seamlessly work with PDFs created on the Mac and shared via iCloud Drive. I am well aware of Good Reader but this sounds like it can now be done between Preview on the Mac and something on the iPhone /iPad from Apple as with iWork docs, not a 3rd party app. I have the Developer OS X 10.10 and can see no way to do this so far. What seems to be missing is an iOS equivalent of Preview!
I wonder if the IBM alliance also plays into this. I would think back end suppliers / programmers for such a potentially gigantic undertaking could be a perfect role for IBM.
Good point.Meanwhile I would really like 'Hey Siri' on my Macs running Yosemite.
I wonder why that is required?
Any improvements in hearing technology is welcome as far as I am concerned. I just hope Apple push more into actual hearing aid technology. I know they have partnered with companies in this field but as I age and my hearing goes south, I am really hoping for genuine Apple hearing technology complete with AI, auto adaptive systems and iOS integration sooner than later.
New Posts  All Forums: