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OK what is an Eight-Track player? Kidding ... but they never made it to UK thank heavens.
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Given this is a thread about cars and you mention plasma ... ... http://www.tomshardware.com/news/bill-gates-car-engine,7517.html
Maybe it is a good question. My wife and I (me?) are 'grandfathered in' with AT&T for unlimited data on iPhones, YEAH!. They refused to add iPads to the plan understandably . So we can drive all day and stream anything we want for free via iPhones which is great in my wife's Lexus which supports the iPhone or my Jeep which does too. However, if such an after market device were added I think, if I understand this, it is independent of the iPhone and hence its plan ......
Kind of like how the US TV cable companies operated with network TV broadcasts. Intercept for free, rewrap and sell.
This always has been Microsoft's secret to success. Reverse engineer Apple's IP. Hopefully this time Apple said it was OK.
Talk about over simplification! Of course there were 'touch screen's long before iPhone, that is hardly the point. The 'no ones' that don't give a crap are presumably Apple haters. Everyone I know especially Apple share holders and many Apple product users that follow the tech news certainly do care.Try studying all the smart phones pre iPhone, read what Google's plans were to have been and so on. Then look at the earth shattering effect iPhone had on the industry. ...
Nicely said. For a lawyer you aren't all that bad
Talking of which ... Watching the two seasons of Netflix's House of Cards recently, I loved how Macs are always seen used by the powerful (if sometimes evil) go getters. When they portray some low life, in a darkly lit scene they have a Dell.
And which company has the most successful eco system with the most proven high paying customers in the galaxy Universe? Oh, wait a minute ... let me think?
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