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I'm tempted but as I said in previous post I doubt using Maps and Siri directions on a road trip would last long, then again I don't know the data rate continuously using Maps when driving, I wonder if that is even knowable?
Thanks to all who answered. Yes I gave up on the web site as no specific statement as such answered the question.I'd hate to risk the unlimited. As I have mentioned before on AI on the topic, where the iPhones (we have a buddy account too) with AT&T unlimited really shines for us, is on a long road trip (as in driving from Florida to New England and back) and the iPhone can be running maps with Siri guiding all the way at no charge. I should add we do not use I95 ... ...
你去添 您可以利用中國長城的一些照片,而你在那裡嗎?
Question ... Does invoking this with AT&T mean losing a grandfathered in limitless data plan? Or does AT&T simply charge extra? I can't see how they could differentiate so I am guessing it would. I know they refused to let us add an iPad to our limitless data plan.
Hopefully IBM won't turn around and partner with Google down the road too in the name of openness or some such crap. I hope Tim has them contractually sewn up tighter than a duck's ass. Apple are in the driving seat now.
Not really a rant at all, all just true. BTW what did you write that in? You have some seriously over-worked color tags in there!
Actually after reading that I am not so worried. No reason to think she will be biased towards Google in her new job. If she can reign in the patent trolls that's good. I assume they will have to close some courts in east Texas to do that.
I'm still hoping ... but I'll be surprised if it's for pros.
Really? I'd say Apple's recent filings and the expected next quarter ($60B??) compared to Samsung's 60% decline answers that one. Google = Android. What part of that escapes you?I have been reading your posts to date. While in advertising and a Mac user you seem to have been unhappy with the iPhone and iOS a lot. I am sorry that has been your experience.
New Posts  All Forums: