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True but Apple also moved on, Apple never fear abandoning a standard even if they created it, which was the point of Soli's comment and mine earlier.
but .. but there may be religious people in this blog and you will offend them.
Ours has been flawless and a joy to use. It depends you you believe I guess.
I doubt God myths have any stories about helping with wireless but I guess people can make up what they want lol. But ... Have no fears, Apple has never allowed the lowest common denominator to set the bar. If the Bluetooth Consortium don't do as you say Apple will either do it themselves or come up with some new protocol that will, probably with other interested parties. As an example USB was crap and content to stay crap (and still is mostly crap) until Apple...
I agree. Remember the outcry over the lighting connector ... all the moaning about legacy chargers etc. In the last 30 odd years of using Macs at every point, when Apple make a move to the future, there are a load of moaners wanting Apple to leave things as they were. We'd all be still be using 400K floppies, Appletalk and SCSI, if Apple had done as these folks wanted. I'm pretty sure too, the PC industry would have been happy to stay in the 1980's had Apple not...
Hopefully if any such wireless move were to ever take place from Apple they would make it as seamless as mice and keyboards. I've no doubt Apple will use the Lighting connector but I see no reason that BT or some other wireless protocol would not be coming soon. Wireless is inevitable in most things including local charging IMHO.
I'd suggest you get a better wifi set up. Using several Apple Airport extremes solved any such issues I ever had. In truth the only one I had was that the Christmas Tree lights blocked half the house from the original AE but adding a second one cured that and never had a problem since. They auto connect seamlessly.Of course BT isn't yet up to wired yet but we are talking earbuds here. Also newer bluetooth set ups are a lot better than the past, my rear speakers and...
Wireless is the future. My surround system is, why not headphones? Wires are so 1990.
"Sorry Dave, I can't do that. I deleted the bitch."
New Posts  All Forums: