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I can well imagine AI's very own Mr. Google, AKA Gatorguy, walks around wearing one strapped to his head with duct tape, and very proudly too. It's the new Glass don't you know ...?
You have to wonder if most of the 'other' even qualify as a smart phone in the sense an iPhone is! What the data does show is most of 'other' is running some form of Android. I hate to imagine what version. Of course if 'other' didn't qualify then Android OS (as used on phones that did qualify) would not be in the lead by very much at all. But then Gartner et al probably wouldn't get their monthly checks.
I just posted a piece related to that last weekend, I used a VM to do this. It got moved to the Software Forum. In essence I now have Windows 8.1 booting from my Thunderbolt dock in which I have an SSD (but it worked with any bare drive I had). It was very easy to do, no hacking and runs like a champ. No Boot Camp used other than I installed the drivers for my Mac Pro after it was all running. Yes Parallels 10 did see the TB drives and did what I needed whereas VMware...
Meanwhile Google's R&D team eagerly await Apple's WWDC so they can learn what to develop next.
I suspect this report says there is something ... shall we say ... a wee bit strange about Android users than it does about anything amiss with iOS and / or its users. I agree with many here, I have only notifications set on for a very few things and even them I have Do Not Disturb override from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. AAPL is the top of my 'On' list
PageMaker of course ... Oh wait a minute ...
I wonder why the reverse didn't take place, was Broadcom in trouble?
Whoa ... you totally changed your post in the fraction of a second I must have hit reply and didn't notice ... and therefor my reply has to go.
Thanks for link, will definitely try this out. I see it imports and exports .psd too. So I assume full layer support. I like that they have a vector and layout package in the works too, and that they are separate, I find apps that try to clunk all this into one are clumsy. I use Adobe CC daily and have used Photoshop and Illustrator (and Freehand) since they were all early beta but always looking for alternatives and supplemental applications. I wonder of they have...
So what stops this from happening by a joint agreement to all watch the stream at the same time? They need to be limited by a cable company to the time? That seems a little zombie esque ... oh wait a minute ...
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