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It does indeed. I just want to wait till Apple release the Watch Air, I'll have to get the model airplane gold paint out and make do with a tarted up aluminum model till then.
I agree but it would be nice if those anti Apple F*******s would leave this blog and stop trolling. But ... back to the fight ... I bet the Android user had a really old version of the beer bottle.
I can't speak to that example as i have no knowledge and haven't DDGd it yet but sadly many execs realize they have a limited window of opportunity either personally or product wise, so make sure they create their golden nest egg ASAP. Share holders and employees seem rarely the top priority.
Very true. Kudos to SJ for hiring Tim!
Just another example of TC quietly setting a good example.
You know, ever since the developer beta program has existed for OS X I have always run the latest betas of all the OS X iterations. Of course I always clone my boot drive and back up all data (these days with Carbon Copy Cloner's wonderful ‘make a sparce disk image’ function for the boot drives). I simply run a hard clone of all data every night at 6 p.m. for data drives.I install OS X betas on several Macs, a new cylinder Mac Pro 6 core, a Mac mini 2014 and a 2010 MBP i7...
NDA people!
I am seriously starting to feel like I was born a few decades too soon darn it.
Gosh you found something negative about Apple ... what a shock!
I agree and perhaps the two different versions are heading to two different Apple products, one being slightly thicker than the other.
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