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I ran Yosemite on a 2010 15" MBP for a month and loved it. I don't understand your issue.
I keep waiting SpaceX to go public.
I was the same but they have really improved X dramatically and it is far easier to learn now than when it first came out. Now 7 seems archaic to me and that is from someone who used every version since its inception for real jobs such as ESPN 1 hour shows.Larry Jordan is well worth following. http://www.larryjordan.biz
Thanks, that's interesting. My reason for buying a lot of AAPL way back when was simply faith in the company after Steve's return, not anything to do with numbers. So far so good
Good to know. I am holding for the long run. Heck I get great interest on my money in AAPL even if it never goes up.
Anecdotally I've heard and read many saying as soon as it hit 100 they'd sell, especially those that had just bought in, and got caught by not selling, when AAPL went over 700 last time. The fact 100 didn't trigger a sell off was a relief to me.
I agree. If folks just think back to the smart phone before the iPhone they should get a clue. I suspect many have forgotten exactly how radical the iPhone was at the time.
Not my area ... but shouldn't there be some sort of formula that corrects for that, else how can you ever compare different companies let alone situations like this?
I was shocked it didn't drop like a brick after hitting 100! Not that I am complaining of course.
... because [?] time ... ?OK ... Just Kidding ...
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