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It is amazing what Apple started isn't it?
Benji didn't read the iTunes radio handbook it seems ...
With Yosemite that is no longer an issue as it uses iCloud for a bypass automatically if the file size is too big. Of course it could be the receiving end with the problem.
... and more support for Apple from MS. Sea change indeed. Is this a cloud based system? I am not up on MS products these days.
You eloquently highlighted one of Samsung management's greatest mistakes. They copied much of Apple's business models and missed one of the most profound.
right ...
IMO what Sog35 said is absolutely correct as far as all evidence shows, that i can see at any rate. Can you show evidence that a large smart phone was a success prior to iPhone 6 and 6+? It seems reasonable to believe Tim that Apple had to wait till technologies advanced to a point where they could produce a successful larger phone that met Apple's own high benchmarks. Not a POS just to sate a media clamoring, well of course we all know that clamoring media were paid by...
Just been reading through many of your back posts. I must compliment you on your ever present total confidence in all your emphatic expounding and your unwavering belief that all you say is unquestionably the only answer possible to any topic discussed.
You will have to give me time to try to figure out the connection between what i write and your responses this morning, I'm not seeing them. Perhaps i need more coffee.
New Posts  All Forums: