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Meanwhile I really hope Apple is testing Search behind closed doors and makes it the default search on all iOS and OS X devices when it is running smoothly.
Well said on all counts ... Re Microshit, Don't leave out stealing Quicktime then making their version create files that would not run on Macs making Macs look like they were not up to snuff with multi-media in many users eyes. Oh, and making web sites that only worked in IE (IE hahahah) and all those damn databases that only worked on Windblows. Mircroshit just die .../rant
Yes if not their eyeballs, I just saw they are tattooable too ... ugh! I wonder what the iHaters will turn to next, we've had the Windows nerds that hated Apple (they are pretty quiet these days) , the Scamsung clueless that hate Apple (soon to be quiet) ... Maybe they will all rush out and buy Timex watches and say they are far better than Watch?
The sweet thing is that strategy is going to bite Google in the posterior. It's one thing Scamsung going down the tubes but hopefully the entire Android adventure from its initial theft of Apple's IP to now, is soon to be another footnote in the history of Apple, like Microsoft.
Sounds like a plan to me. If it is bi-partisan maybe it stands a chance. It would nice to see something achieved by Congress.
But ... but ... go back a few years and read AI ... Trolls here stated no one in China could afford an Apple product. Apple they said could never succeed in China!
It depends on the application. How would you do a three finger swipe with a stylus or pinch and zoom as easily? Multi-touch is awesome for many things especially the Finder (or whatever it's called in iOS) but I agree doing something detailed and requiring precision a stylus would be better. I'd say using both approaches is a good idea.
Explain the logic there I must be missing something. If you say, you only had 15 Mb/s and the cable company was billing you as having 'broadband' before this change, then that would surely be a reason for users to demand either an increase to at least 25 Mb/s at the same price or get a price cut. I am trying to think of a scenario that fits your interpretation.
It's not got iMAP? Seriously? There there must be some alternative technology for sharing synchronized access to an account across devices then?
Does TEZEN have an eco system? Maps, Search, docs, photo sharing a cloud and so on?
New Posts  All Forums: