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Wasn't he more likely born in April, I seem to recall reading that's when the census took place. Constantine et al moved the date to take advantage of the already well established, age old celebrations for the winter solstice.
Don't be a so self opinionated! My girl friend and I (or 'me' take you pick) often flew from UK to Florida for Christmas and New Year and many times we were in Disney on New Years Eve, great way to have a fun time.
Ah such memories, D.C. Thomson ....
OK, gotcha ...
What's a DVD?
Oh that's bad LOL
I am thinking Steve Buscemi for Bill Gates, he is nearly creepy enough looking to play the double crossing, back stabbing thief, all due respect to Mr. Buscemi, I am sure knows he is a bit weird looking and takes advantage of that.
Care to explain?
They do give us dividends remember, that's even better ... although a Christmas bonus in extra dividends to all those who have owned AAPL for over 5 or 10 years would be nice
Hopefully all of us AAPL owners will too.
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