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Good point.Meanwhile I would really like 'Hey Siri' on my Macs running Yosemite.
I wonder why that is required?
Any improvements in hearing technology is welcome as far as I am concerned. I just hope Apple push more into actual hearing aid technology. I know they have partnered with companies in this field but as I age and my hearing goes south, I am really hoping for genuine Apple hearing technology complete with AI, auto adaptive systems and iOS integration sooner than later.
Nice to this formalized at last. It was always possible to have family members split their Apple ID use between their own for Mail, Calendar and Contacts and a shared 'master' one for iTunes and the Apps Store but it was a little confusing at times.
LOL love your comment. Talking about iPhoneys, I wish Apple had managed to come up with a patentable name for Apps rather than using a name everyone could copy and rip off the concept. How few seem to remember the entire mobile Apps phenomenon is also thanks to Apple.
Oh wow, more fun to come. It is mind boggling that we sit here excited about stuff from Apple while there are folks killing other people over who has the best god! It's a strange world we live in. It's as if the 21st Century and 13th are side by side at times. I am just freaking glad and grateful to be in the 21st!
Right and now sapphire is one more component that Apple need and they control the supply of. There may well be another product we don't know about, still to come, that utilizes sapphire too. The ramp up seems to be excessive for just the Watch alone. It's all good and I am sure GTAT will do very well in the long run.
I used my Mac Book Pro and I have Flash choked off so I have to assume it played using HTML5 on the PBS site but I didn't try on an iPad.
I watched both episodes on the Charlie Rose PBS web site and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I came away thinking Steve would be very proud of his company today and the way Tim runs it.
You just made me think ... Dr Who's hearts should show up well on an Watch!
New Posts  All Forums: