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Good to know, I thought it was just me.
You have my sympathy. That really sucks.
I think this new interest in sports is an excellent fit. Jumping up and down, screaming, sweating profusely ... OT ... Is it just me or have all the emoticons turned into blue boxes with question marks?
You are correct, Larry covers a multitude of applications.
'Good luck'? Why the disparaging remark? VMWare has been updated many times and not that long ago. It works flawlessly. You have to realize just how large the company is and how many products they make compared to Parallels. I spoke with them about a Yosemite version recently and they said they are waiting for the GM versions. This only makes sense.That's not to say Parallels isn't a fine product also. I have used both since their inception.
I ran Yosemite on a 2010 15" MBP for a month and loved it. I don't understand your issue.
I keep waiting SpaceX to go public.
I was the same but they have really improved X dramatically and it is far easier to learn now than when it first came out. Now 7 seems archaic to me and that is from someone who used every version since its inception for real jobs such as ESPN 1 hour shows.Larry Jordan is well worth following. http://www.larryjordan.biz
Thanks, that's interesting. My reason for buying a lot of AAPL way back when was simply faith in the company after Steve's return, not anything to do with numbers. So far so good
Good to know. I am holding for the long run. Heck I get great interest on my money in AAPL even if it never goes up.
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