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"Apple's Tim Cook plans to give away all of his money" So do I.
I can never keep up but are any of the NBC shows on Netflix? I think CSI is but I could be wrong. Back in the day we used cable I used to like Chris Mathews, CSI and JAG ... that's about it I think.
Once we dropped cable and went purely Netflix we watch more shows than ever. That said, it only takes a fraction of the time without ads and we have more time free. It's been a win win for us.
... if you look like you don't have long left your details of what parts that could be harvested on a donor list with ads.
Gatorguy will be volunteering for a few test runs I am sure.
Jam makers mostly.
That was my first reaction ... 'they sold some?'
It should not be only the personal attack that gets a boot off. It should also be anyone making relentless posts against anything Apple and always promoting Google's agenda, even if always subtle.
New Posts  All Forums: