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How can E-bay do this? What about the Silicon Valley No Poaching Pact? Oh ... wait a minute ...
On a parallel issue ... do any of the tech experts here know if there are plans in the works to improve the nMPs use of the dual GPUs? Those Applications from Apple that utilize them scream but third party applications are not using the potential. I wonder of there is any progress along the lines of non compliant applications being able to use the dual GPUs with the help of Core technology in the OS with a 'Grand Dispatch for GPU' type method? I believe this is already...
What headache? That entire process is move the Library (s) where you want it (them), and use Option when opening iPhoto to select the new location. What on earth could be simpler? I think my cat could manage that.
I totally agree with you, another great article from DED. I don't know this as a fact but I strongly suspect the number one reason for MBP failures over the years has been caused by failing third party GPUs.
Or someone else at least. Anyone else!
And you think Microcrap would be offering anything 'for free' if it were not for getting floor wiped by Apple? Let's check history ... mmmm .... nope.I've used the term Microcrap since they you lot stole Mac OS and Mac Office, that's my polite term. Go back to a Microcrap blog and be happy.
There is no accounting for taste.But right ... The Zune 2.0 did well, and the Slate and the Surface ... Oh wait a minute ...
Reminds me of the Microcrap funeral for the iPhone sketch, maybe the same actors?
No of course not Microcrap could have made a fortune supplying Office to Microcraps's mobile solutions ... Oh wait a minute .... How's the weather in Redmond today by the way?
That's the truth!
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