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Firefox dumps Google for search, signs on with Yahoo ... and so it begins.I really hope ´ú┐Search becomes a reality in 2015.
YES I agree! Amazon need a new front end for the same Prime account, just different log in windows to that same account with their own passwords. ...like Netflix's "Who is watching' type thing.As well as family members seeing potential gifts, my wife searches for stuff and next thing I know is amongst cameras and computer stuff I am sent info about ... suddenly there are Women's SHOES!!! aaaggghhh.Just seen this on CNET, "Firefox dumps Google for search, signs on with...
I know the feeling. I can see us never selling other than in dire need or perhaps one day for a bucket list item.
Yep Duckduckgo is great isn't it?
"Occasionally" ... !!!!
If he had, I think we'd have heard the gun shot by now ...
Assembly plant for Apple][s in Cork for sure, I visited it.
Exactly. I am not suggesting Google knows my name when I am unfortunate enough to see an ad from them, (I use Adblock so i see few luckily for me) but they can assist others in targeting me if I let them based upon what I view (except I have Little Snitch that blocks this). This, I and many others don't want to happen.Please link me to the opt out page on Google that lets me stop this from happening (kind of like the Do Not Call List, my phone is on), oh, wait there...
I think you misread what i wrote. I am referring to Amazon sending me a page that says.. 'Items you maybe interested in based upon what 'YOU' looked at or bought recently'. I would say that means Amazon are talking directly to me about what I view. I was not talking about Amazon's ads. I was saying I liked the way they dealt with my personal viewing information.
He's getting where now? Close to 600 pre split? Or am I misunderstanding you.
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