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I'd be very happy to see a cheap 4TB SSD ... let alone the rest!
Unusual for DigiTimes to be vague, their wild guesses are usually pretty specific.
My first though too ROFL
Well I was correct anyway
Enough 'social media' already!
Totally Off Topic ... I wish AI would write about the strangely long delay in any new internal SSD storage for the new Mac Pro appearing. Not even a rumor since the beginning of the year. OWC said they were working on last Christmas it but total silence since then.
Just for the record... I've been running a VM of the developer Yosemite since day one in VMWare, all upgrades too. No issues at all and very fast on my new Mac Pro.
'Phosphorus eh? Better keep water well away from that then!
Wow, mine qualifies! Last year Apple replaced my 2010 MBP i7 15" motherboard this year this. Way to go Apple.
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