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I read that as 'Bono here' .... Oh wait a minute ...
I like that idea. I suspect many buyers, especially those that are not tech savvy such as many older folks, don't think it through and such a campaign might make many think twice.
To play devil's advocate (to use your words) what if that 'personal information' collected in a third, sorry, developing, world country, resulted in you being used as an organ donor without your consent?
By coincidence I had just finished reading this article before reading your post and it seems highly relevant to post a link here regarding Google, and in particular Schmidt's role as seen by Assange. (http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/09/julian-assange-on-snowden-parallels-why-hes-anti-google-and-inevitable-freedom/)
Try selecting 'Show Tool Bar' under View Menu ...
Ok, so are you suspecting web browsing per se is on Apple's hit list? It could be, Apps are the answer to killing Google's ability to monetize the web on iOS.That said, I prefer to believe Apple know what they are doing.
Ok but that doesn't address my comment. I'd like to see a non Intel Mac Pro etc..
Good to know but does that preclude Apple from having developed their own CPU capable of running OS X ?
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