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LOL I can't imagine even how you ever found that!
Exactly, they wouldn't with a better offer. Maybe the top execs intended to go into bankruptcy, avoid their debtors, cream the share holders and exit with a fresh start and take home massive bonuses. Then start over with the same staff ... except they some key players left for Apple ... oops.
They are both EOL so it's just a matter of time I guess. Hopefully Aperture can work for many OS X versions to come. Who cares about iPhoto since Photos is superior?
They remain independent.. Aperture supports visible iterations of edits, Photos doesn't. That's why I will keep using Aperture for professional work, I love the purely math based iterations and stacks. I just hope both features gets added to Photos in the coming months along with more control in the smart folders. The other major requirement is for all the Aperture plug-ins we use to be Photos compatible. Hopefully at little extra cost.
I'd suggest paralleling the experience.
I have already suggested that Apple make the Auto and the down arrow expansion option visible all the time as the hover requirement might elude many newbies. I assume now you have had them pointed out to you, you are happier with Photos' abilities?
I concur.
I have for weeks and he is correct. If you set Photos up with the local Library holding the high resolution data you won't get the delay, if you set it up to store the high res on the cloud obviously there will be a delay if you have a crappy slow internet connection. Reading the manual is always a good idea. What isn't working for you in Pages and Numbers? I had to laugh the other day when i saw thousands of blog posts claiming Apple had removed the layout function. ...
No they work together very well. I have found Photos perfect for family and vacation stuff and continue to use Aperture for my business work. The EOL of the latter grieves me profoundly. There are many features in Aperture i depend on for my work flow, especially stacking and the extended Smart options plus brushes. That said i see no reason why they can't be added to Photos if we scream loud enough (as we did with FCPX).
I do agree the tools are a little too well hidden for those with an IQ
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