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And it sounded faster than normal despite not being the full system!
I doubt Soli is interested in entering into your school yard game on this, so please just take your ball and go home .. ... That said ... Isn't being attacked what you want here on AI? Just asking ... trying to make sense of your raison d'ĂȘtre.
That would be Tim's MO I'm happy to say. Far too smart to ever be dependent ... you listening Scamsung?
My thoughts exactly. It would be more typical though for Apple to prefer to have others manufacture. No reason why they could not fund such a venture though.
Did you actually read what I wrote or scan it and read what you thought I said?I applaud the program on OS X and iOS and look forward to the day it can support the needs of people currently stuck with Adobe to meet their needs. That's all, sorry if I worded it poorly.
Better to go back to the web site and use AdBlock's iOS web browser. AI probably just banned me ...
So I wonder will Apple go DIY or find another manufacturer.
I suspect a boycot will occur naturally so to speak, people will take to this like ducks to water and go where the water is so to speak ... the dry areas will get dryer ... I think I am getting too carried away with my metaphors this morning ... I need more coffee!
sshhhh .... you want to get her fired? They are Samsung cameras.
It is one of the great conundrums of the modern age isn't it? Is it better not to trade and engage with a developing country (and I realize China is a strange example having been so advanced in the past) for fear of being seen to take advantage of them or better for the first world to leave them alone stuck in some agrarian and feudal system from the past. There are so many arguments both ways.I happen to think Tim is trying, better than most, to strike a good and moral...
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