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So if Ireland is found to have violated EU regulations and loses any appeals. Would not Apple have a damages case against Ireland if it is forced to pay retrospectively? After all, Apple might not have been running its operations in Ireland if not for Ireland's tax laws.
Yes I can well imagine the powers that be at VW preferring to work with a company that will not share information ...
It has the reverse effect on me, I fail over laughing.
Already 'crippled'.
He didn't say credible people, his point was surely that the majority of the tech media certainly love to slam Apple at every chance as having failed. It is their number one click bait strategy after all. Then you have the Wall Street types deliberately doing the same to manipulate APPL to their own advantage. So all in all I'd say ikrupp's point is very valid.Of course the reason Microshit isn't held to the same standards is they are failing underdog these days.
You have obviously never played around in Second Life. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-2e0mNcRtE
Errr... never?All they ever did was rip off Steve's products and ideas and make them available on clones and thus cheap. It's the business model Google copied once they turned evil.
Yep, Apple abided by the laws in that abode.
I fear that is going to join Aperture. I am a die hard Apple fan but really wish pro apps were something I could depend on going forward.
Better and less hassle to help fund Affinity.
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