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Maybe 'pushing' was really 'asked nicely' and the distinction lost lost in translation ...
Yes, all things are relative. You are correct, you can't map point to point. Most centrists i know from originally from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada here in the US find this out the hard way. This is mainly, IMHO, due to the ever increasing polarization over here as the right has moved ever further right in the last 20 years.
Do you have the dates and details of the HTC patent on that device? Obviously any discussion slamming Apple by you is pointless with out an expert analysis of both sets of filings.
Yes, that's what the Cyclops family said about the Greeks.
I already disable everything from Spotlight except what's on Mac. But a nice feature for those that need it. I wish the Spotlight window floated free and was resizable.
Sounds like a misspelled blackcurrant drink!
Very hard to say. I am more worried about external factors damaging the market than Apple's risk of failure. We'd sell other shares before AAPL to be honest.
Now we will see this technology done right.
Way too high ! More like 50%. But time is running out for me sooner than you.
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