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It just seems hard to believe Samsung doesn't gain knowledge from the work it does for Apple, it would not otherwise. Let us not forget Bill Gates having access to the first Mac OS when hired by Apple to develop Steve's concept, Office for Mac, before Windows existed or Office for the PC for that matter. Wholesale intellectual theft was the very basis of Microsoft why not Samsung's mobile strategy?
Ohh... I am tempted to get the beta!
I was just thinking about that, I was vocal about the lack of support for the Remote app too, but if Apple could somehow link in KeyChain to Apple TV it could open the door to possible doing everything on the iPad or Mac in a different way, maybe even better than using using Remote as a keyboard entry device. If the set up and subscriptions were all gone in iTunes and Keychain simply synced this to the Apple TV it would be sweet.
Loving our Apple TV v4. I's already brilliant and will only get better. I particularly love the blue tooth controls and also the fact it seamlessly turns off and on itself and the TV and sound bar, even the sound bar's volume controlled by the ATV controller too. Only needing one remote is quite amazing after years of juggling three or four. The only trouble is my wife, who could not be bothered with all the controls and let me do everything might realize how easy it...
I am pretty sure that the local economy there could afford to bring in a few Dutch engineers and protect that entire area with a massive dike!
LOL. Microsoft is such a pile of .... isn't it?OT But, I just read many of the police body cameras shipped with a Windows trojan pre installed. It's about time Windows was simply banned for any use in the public sector.
Clearly those of us joking about automatically deploying parachutes might not have been so far off the mark after all!
"... users have said the issue can be fixed by cutting a strip of paper about six inches long, wrapping it around the piece of the S Pen protruding from the phone, and sliding it into the holding bay to allow the stylus to be safely removed." Parergate
LOL, the imagery was superb. But yes, I think MS are so out of touch they don't see that.
Well said. Hence Apple insisting a Mac and an iPad are different tools for different jobs.
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