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Perhaps i should have said 'who needs it ' on a consumer Mac. I already stated I think higher end Macs will be Intel for a while so they have VMWare.
Don't you ever get bored hanging out on an Apple enthusiast's blog constantly saying silly things?
Rag ... ? Oh dear, I remember when Mac World and MacUser were THE go to Magazines for Mac enthusiasts. How times change. RIP MacUser.
A very interesting article. I'd throw in a few points here ... Not just CPUs but also Apple GPUs from Apple is key for me. Apple getting away from third party GPU vendors would (hopefully) remove one of Apple's worst Achilles heels. The cost of Intel chips would have to increase if Apple stopped or reduced using them I would think and help kill the remaining Wintel Boxes. That or Intel is doomed even sooner. Plus Intel would cease getting help from Apple in...
It occurs to me that Apple have pretty much managed to get the magic of visiting Disney World for many, in the Apple Store concept. Perhaps they should look into building one in a less urban setting with Apple themed hotels around and lush landscaping. Large car parks with shuttle trains that look like a Mac Plus... Themed rides ... Hands on training... Educational Lecture Halls, IMAX theaters ... Apple characters to have photos with kids ... Steve and Steve large...
Hypercard seems to have lost ground ...
Either way and I suspect the latter, he hasn't got control of the eco system or the software. Apple's success is about all of this and more. Jony could go to Samsung or anywhere else have zero success, just as Ron Johnson discovered, no offense to Jony, I am sure he is aware it is the sum of the parts.
It isn't beyond possibility. If you time Apple from the second coming, which you may as well in terms of this discussion, that would be 1998. So 2032 is only 34 years. There is no reason why Apple could not stay and indeed continue to expand (Bernoulli's Law be dammed) for that long.
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