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The sooner the UK tells Brussels where to shove it the better for Brits IMHO.
Of course not they use magic!
I actually purchased an Olympus to Canon adapter just for the fun of trying all my old Olympus M1 and M2 lenses on my Canon 70D. Obviously full manual but the glass is still very good and the F/1.8 prime is very nice. That said I prefer my L lenses and IS Nostalgia just goes so far, as I discover every time I fire up a Mac Plus or an Apple ][.
I only mentioned the two most important, especially Canon as the pre eminent lens maker. Obviously all would get on board if this ever came to pass. I don't want to even think about the file sizes though! Then there is 4K and 8K video with RAW and a fly's eye lens ... !
At some point this technology will surely advance to a point where many more lenses will be used akin to a fly's eye giving RAW images extensive post DOF and POV adjustment as well as exposure. I hope Apple lead the way in this and I also hope Canon and Nikon are on board for the pro end,
I am not convinced it isn't yet ....
It does't hurt that Apple sell the Rolls Royce of consumer computing technology hardware too though.
I agree in general but in the case of Microsoft they have a big problem ... that they have nothing out there (as in any measurable market share of hardware) to run their 21st Century mobile eco system on!
This is probably one of the most import (tech) news items there is today. I hope the Apple /IBM partnership is looking at secure medical systems too. Not just health-kit type things but secure patient record systems too. The sooner all medical information is securely centralized the better IMHO. I am so sick of having to fill in the same paper work over and over again every time I visit a medical office and the potential for forgetting something and/or transcription...
Well as an Apple share holder I do give a shit. I like to know the supposed competition that copies Apple's look and feel as far as they dare, running Google's ripped off iOS, is a heap of steaming turds once you get under the hood. But that's just me.
New Posts  All Forums: