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Just waiting for Gatorguy to explain, with copious links, that Google is deliberately keeping its market cap low to encourage its OEMs like Samsung.
All the people that criticize Tim should be either running multi-billion dollar companies making massive profits or explain how they know better.
That is not what i meant and I suspect you know that.
That's a great idea and they could use the real footage of Steve and stop with all this 'scripting' and 'actors' crap.
Just give it up. Maybe in 25 years but for now just stop with the Steve Jobs movies.
Or those unhappy because they are out of the loop.
Rivalry? Too funny.
Don't even answer such nonsense and block it in the first place. I agree with your totally on this. More anti-Apple bait click crap.
This is AI descending to the level of tabloid news IMHO.
Thanks, I enjoyed your post.
New Posts  All Forums: