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ROFL got to agree on that!But seriously ... I have to say, if religions can't update their basic philosophies (dogma) to take account of the fact we are not living somewhere in the first few centuries AD (or older in many cases) then they should only be allowed to be paid in goats and hens etc. Seems fair to me.
You are partially correct, the limit is for your own music at the moment and does not include iTunes purchases
I use the amazing and free utility XLD to convert anything I need to first, it is blindingly bast and works in batches simply by dragging a folder onto the icon, totally idiot proof.I must admit I am puzzled why Apple hasn't introduced tiers as they have with Photos for storage rather than the single fixed limit. Maybe that's in the works now they have really got iCloud up and running full tilt. The limit is only for your own music remember, not iTunes purchases.Over...
Time to update this news. The BBC seems to be ahead of AI. Case Settled it seems. The question is what is Apple up to here?
I have often wondered if some Kickstarter business plans start and end with 'Make lots of money out of Kickstarter'.
It sounds like this is a toy at best but kudos to them for the simplification they've started with 'follow the puck', it is brilliant. Someone, be it this company or another, needs to take this to the next step.Avoidance of its own kind should also be something on the to do list. This kind of product for filming sports events could be huge for TV and film companies, forget the consumer market for a moment, some company needs to create a prosumer / professional market...
mmmm ... where do I begin ... ?
I wouldn't doubt it. Maybe when Google finally get around to paying the fine for stealing Apple's IP, it will be claimed by Google acolytes as Apple's saving moment.
That was deep ... I think I need another Gin to help think about that .
Yep, you sinners stick to archaic dogma damn you, but pay us as much as you can via new fangled electronics. Got to love religions.
New Posts  All Forums: