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I read a ton of posts a while back when this last came up saying because the transmission and reception devices are tuned to a specific what ever they don't affect pacemakers. Not that I'd know, perhaps some physicists can chime in.
Perhaps the patent folks had more information that we do to make such a decision.
I agree! Sign me up. I have a re-chargng station next to me and swap batteries in and out for recharging for several mice each week, I don't use my wireless keyboard anymore as it ate batteries and my wireless track pad is dead as the batteries leaked inside and fused it.At least we haven't had the 'Tesla did it first' whiners on yet.
It would seem to me the profitable chip making division should have been more important to Scammy than the unprofitable 'copy everything Apple does' division.
I am not sure what there is in Aperture to break as OS X moves forward it's working fine in Yosemite for me. Final Cut 7 partially works but I agree it is already failing in Mavericks and Yosemite but it is a far more complex animal than Aperture. That said, hopefully Photo will be more than many expect.
All great suggestions. Currently I am playing around with DXO's software and so far I am very impressed (I love the one click lens corrections for all my lenses). if this, Photomatix and Photoshop integrate seamlessly into Photo along with your suggestions, it might be all that is required as the filesystem. I just don't like Lightroom's file management approach.If you haven't tried it yet, DXO provides all the specific lens corrections imaginable and for me was THE...
Check out DXO if you haven't already. http://www.dxo.com/intl/photography/dxo-optics-pro/photo-software
I bought GTAT a long time back. Nice to see the after hours spike tonight.
Ok my meaning got totally lost ... Remove American and Korean and replace with Apple and a 'another company making a lower quality product' ... my point was these Apple haters will buy anything but Apple even if their life depended on it.Any discussion that brings 'Korean made' up always brings out the Kia drivers defending their beloved cars en masse. I always forget and make the same mistake and mention 'Korean' simply because they are. I feel the same about Microsoft...
New Posts  All Forums: