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Exactly not to mention, that is what has happened with every new Apple product. It is all a matter of expectations from idiot analysts that color these things.
$170 starts to get very close to a Trillion Dollar Apple doesn't it?
I'd agree. I dropped HBO after the free period as I found that pretty lacking other than you know what. I find between Netflix and Amazon Prime (which is free to me really as I pay that fee for shipping really) I have all I need. I can always swap HDMI inputs on the very rare occasion I need Cable (we get Comcast HD in with HOA fees) such as watching the amazing US Women's Football Team win the FIFA World Cup again!
Yes, I guess that's true, his strong defense of Samsung was always Android related, he'd probably sell Samsung down the river if any other company actually started making a profit using Android OS.
"Android licensee with premium handsets." That's an oxymoronic statement if ever I heard one!
I refer to many consecutive quarter losses. They pile up!
Heck, 8.4% is a fraction of the truth ... the cumulative slide over the last year few years is getting pretty enormous! I await Gatorguy's positive spin on this.
When did Samsung last turn in a good financial report?
Is that related to the fact their writing is graphically based and harder to read on smaller devices?
For once I actually agree with most of what you say, but I don't follow the last sentence ... what has the Windows Phone got to do with a duopoly (or anything else lol)? Or do you mean the lack of its sales shows consumers are happy with the iOS / Android duopoly? If so that seems to run counter to the rest of your comments hence my confusion.
New Posts  All Forums: