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How long to an Apple Store in Havana I wonder!
LOL, I haven't seen that movie.
I specifically said "it is a complete overkill IMHO for in-house LAN use"
I agree with you on all points.
Agreed. Talking of Siri, that's where I want to see the next batch of advancements. I added my large collection of home ripped movies to iTunes on my nMac Pro yesterday for fun, to see how well the new Apple TV handled everything. It does beautifully. It automatically added a new section called Home Movies and all played very smoothly. The only snags are, Siri cannot find them and secondly navigating through them with the swipe on the remote is painful. If you so...
We have all ours automatically buy more AAPL, have since the dividends started. It an amazing form of compound interest! We are in the same ball park as you too. I did sell a few thousand dollars worth last year and buy Netflix and that's doing very well too. Other than that I leave well alone but I keep thinking about Fred's advice to spread more like that.
Hi there Slurpy!Is the Canadian version of Netflix different from the USA one?BTW I just discovered Dr. Who season 8 is on Netflix so I am a very happy big kid
I keep learning new things it can do. I just found how to replace three different remote controls with just the Apple TV remote. It now controls the TV, the Sound Bar and the Apple TV itself. Amazing!
Can you say that in public places? 😳
Maybe Apple should bring out Siri for Microsoft's mobile platform, just think of the extra devices Siri would be on ... Oh ... wait a minute ...
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