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I have to confess I didn't even know Apple had their own headphones!Edit: Oh sorry, did you mean the buds? I wasn't being facetious, I just never looked as i use high end Pro cans for studio work and earbuds for poolside.
In the context of corporate use: I hope Apple + IBM can update and reinforce iWork to create a 'pro Works' with IBM secure cloud networking and syncing and get rid of any dependence on Microsoft. If said product can open and translate anything from Microsoft, that's all that is required. IT and MIS need to be weaned of thinking Microsoft, this is 2014 and Microsoft has zero mobile presence, it is a relic of the 20th Century.
Actually is was more the lack of a wink, not /s, that was the mistake. I was meaning, in jest, a unique Apple format since iOS is so dominant in the real world. However, I fully understand .pdf is a universal standard now (as per Phil's post).
Thanks! Oh cool, I didn't see that. Soooo I can assign the arrows myself ... awesome. I truly am surprised no one else has brought this up. Trying to get that pesky cursor where you want it when trying edit a chunk of text by having to use a finger and a magnifying glass can be a royal pain, especially on blogs where for some reason, on many occasions it just doesn't work!The question I then have is I wonder of the custom set up will be sophisticated enough to allow...
Agreed ... hey wait .. from one of those people down south ... where are they?
LOL, yes along with Flash and USB those Android and Microsoft devices are gong to have oodles of fun!Apple has pretty well long since reduced the use of USB to the bare minimum when you stop and think. Even my printer is now wireless. In my case the only thing left using USB is my keyboard on the nMac Pro as I cannot stand changing batteries in the keyboard, the mouse is bad enough. Everything else I am using us 100% through thunderbolt on the nMac Pro and my Mac mini,...
I think it is high time Apple developed their own version of a portable document format and yes, once developed it should be built in to OS X and iOS.
I appreciate your concern but no I am not missing any points. 'Gatoraid' is a schil for Google and takes every opportunity to pretend to write articles that seem supportive of Apple but are actually designed to sow seeds of doubt. I just enjoy calling him out on his crap.
Agreed but I'd add that those with no problem dropping Android, many that are higher educated and better off will be going iOS, i.e. higher priced.
There is all that ... plus once you use one the horrible truth sinks in ... I bet many iPhone sales (and a few iPads sales) are switchers from Android crap. I say' a few 'iPads sales' as the sale of Android tablets is hardly registering on the charts (excluding channel stuffing data from Scammy and Gatorguys collection).
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