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Not to detract from your intent in saying that but I wouldn't trust Bill Gates as far as I could throw him.
What that pig fly by .... 'wheeeeeeeeeee'
The thing to be aware of is his continuous and relentless subtle undermining and attempts to belittle every Apple related issues by the use of what appear to be well reasoned posts aimed at the readers of AI that may be unaware of his record. Don't be fooled.Back on topic ... The new automatic 'share your wifi with no password needed' feature in Windows 10 should be fun for hackers and scammers given many PC users (especially the old time Apple haters) use Android. ...
I've been using Windows 10 ever since the beta became available. Four words ... Lipstick on a pig.
I think he's Ted Nugent really
Yes you are correct, I updated my post after I re-read but before you quoted me it seems.
That's not a bad idea. If lighter light and no way to fasten the thing down I can see it now waving around on the end of the HDMI and optical cables, the current one almost does.
So true.Then again, Sammy's profits drop every quarter so i guess they don't see this as anything new... Seriously though, it is good to see history not repeating itself for once. I did half expect this Apple vs Samsung (read Android) to become another Beta vs VHS or Early Apple vs Microsoft ... i.e were cheap crap beat quality due to price.
I could be wrong but I thing the heading is misleading. I think it means to say Apple's mobile now larger than Microsoft's entire sales ... not Microsoft's mobile market share.Or perhaps as others have said this is Nokia but that makes little sense either to me.
It seems that way. I use Windows 8.1 a lot and find with Ten (used since beta started) I had to spend a while finding where they moved things to, once done, same ol' same ol'. It's Lipstick on a Pig to be sure. With the exception of extreme gamers who build there own, Microsoft's only remaining user base is IT, Government and Business and they are not going to leave 7 any time soon any more than they did XP, many still use XP as we all know, even paying for continues...
New Posts  All Forums: