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Right but Apple can't innovate ... /s
OT but what the heck ... I am far more excited about Hype 3 Pro for OS X. It is getting ever closer to a Flash replacement for creators.
I was in the UK in the early 70's. Datsun was very popular. They had quite the sporty image. The Datsun 240Z was very nice. I never understood the need to change a well known brand to Nissan.
I have never used a case on any iPhone I have owned either and only had one accident that resulted in a slight dent. They look and feel too good to me to put in cases. I feel the same about my iPads. I have put an Apple case on my old iPad 2 that now is the screen for my Mac Mini server. BTW as an aside: using Duet it is amazing how much of OS X works with the touch input!
Wow I haven't heard the name Datsun used for decades ... I had an old Datsun 1200 Coupe as a student. It was fine as long as I didn't have to stop.
I was just about to write, it should say 'Android Inside' and play a silly jingle every time you use it ... 💀
Oh come on, 60 is the new 30! 👴🏻
You naled it.My first thought was ... then Pay has 85% more market to grow but like you I suspect a lot of those folks never will or will have to be coached.I always get cornered at parties or by neighbors in the street for help with Apple stuff. The St. Paddy party was no different this week. One lady was frustrated she could no longer open any folders since updating her old Mac to a later OS X as 'as soon as she opens a folder on the dock it flies up contents and then...
I hope Adobe can make electronic signing more understood. The cost of this seems a little high but not that far off many current digital signing systems such as Docusign or similar, used by many Realtors these days that I come across.My wife is a realtor and I run her Docusign system for her and it has been extremely frustrating at times . It is quite amazing how many people cannot understand how to simply click through a document to sign it digitally even with clear...
Maybe this is tied up with buying Boeing Communications. Apple satellite receiving rabbit ears and no internet required. 🚀
New Posts  All Forums: