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It is Scamsung's 'fantasy league', after all.
He turned out to be the poster child for the current tech media reported currently in the pay of Scamsung though. Other than PED and DED it's been hard to find any news not slanted against Apple in the last two years. He just showed them how not to do it ...
Durability improvements are good obviously. I'd suggest Apple look at the water-proofing aspect in the light of the Scamsung advertising onslaught currently under way regarding this. I have heard many folks after seeing that bitching about Apple refusing warranty repairs after they retrieved their iPhones back out of the toilet etc. Scammy has definitely hit a nerve with those ads.
This is all obviously some plan to capitalize on Microsofts domination of the mobile market ... oh wait a minute ...
What amazes me is Microsoft have the stupidity to try again ... and call it Surface Tablet Pro 3 ... They may as well come out with Zune 2 while they are at it. Let me see ... Why didn't Ford try again and call it Edsel 2?
Me too. I told my Boston Dynamics robot he was fired and to go back to factory the second they were bought by Google.
Or should is simply be Goggle now?
The irony in your post is is the second iteration seems to be causing more issues than the first. I've been testing on a new Mac Pro.
Microsoft ... the company based on Mac OS (ripped off by funny hair cut man Gates) and Steve Jobs' Office (which Microsoft was hired to develop, for the Mac, by Steve). In other words, the company that should not exist.
Ok I am going to delete all the Kane West music from my iTunes music catalog ... Oh wait a minute I never bought any. ... who is he again?
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