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Just wait till Jimmy Iovine gets some famous boy band to wear them. Tepid will turn to HOT!EDIT: I now see PixelDoc said the same thing ... sort of ...
That pesky Free Speech thingy ...
I'm sure Tim will be relieved to hear there is an expert out there he can turn to and I have no doubt he will seek your advice in the months to come.
Yes, AAA of course it's far safer to look at a crappy printed map you get from the AAA office whilst driving than listen to turn by turn direction and keeping your eyes on the road. Missing people coming to your office for maps maybe?
One of the weird things about the USA is you say that about 18 and 19 year olds, heck poor sods can't even drink (not even at feeakin'' 20) , yet you are happy to send them out on the front line .. what gives with that?
Plus they should be seen and not heard. Oh wait that's what I was told when I was one ...
Been running flawlessly for me on various Macs from a 2010 MBP, 2013 Mac mini running 10.10 server right up to to a nMP. Rest easy.
It is amazing how fast developers update the general public with their Non Disclosure protected latest updates.
No doubt everyone at Google is back at the drawing board seeing how they can copy everything as closely as possible.
You have to wonder if they ever even considered they would not get away with that. I am sure they thought just as the Japanese had done in the 1960's they could copy western technology all the way to supremacy.I suspect Samsung never expected Apple to be so overwhelming in blocking that strategy. All those court battles actually seemed to have worked. It was never about money for Apple, whatever the media seemed to think, it was holding Samsung firmly by the balls...
New Posts  All Forums: