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Not to mention there must be tons of Scamsung users switching to the light given all the sales data we are seeing.
I wonder if an iPhone 6 or 6+ with an Watch as a combo package, at a special price, might makes sense.
Not wishing to sound harsh but the people you are asking that know, read the literature.
Look it's not Aperture, on that I agree mainly due to lack of stacks for me, but get your facts right before posting.
Was that drive- l?
While on the subject of the old days, I miss a decent relational Apple owned database for Macs. I don't any longer consider FMPro an Apple product despite the ties and Bento was EOLd.
My first thought regarding the new interest in Apple products by Microsoft is 'beware of the Trojan Horse' (in the traditional sense not some new malware meaning). On reflection, why wouldn't a software company want to sell its applications on the most successful hardware platforms?
I don't need it but Mellel looks great for those needing that level of power and a good price too.
It is all quite fascinating. I never gave it much thought till this. The whole way cars are made is going to become far more well know over the next few months I suspect. That said when my Jeep Grand Cherokee needed a new AC, thankfully under the full manufacturer warranty, I was told mine was made during the days Daimler was involved and the AC and many other parts were far more expensive on my model than the days before and since Daimler's involvement. I now assume...
New Posts  All Forums: