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Look it's obvious why. It's so in the future they can remember when their launch was.
Then the obvious answer if they need a hologram of Steve doing it.
I'm not 100% sure but aren't the Mac Pros manufactured in the USA and if so, perhaps that might also explain the better kept secrets?
OMG LOL. I was kidding. I have to get that.
One can just imagine some really (politically incorrect) cruel TV ads. Sad, teenager sitting in corner trying to hide the fact she only has an Android phone .... "What are you doing BettyMay?" "Nothing just looking for my makeup" ... hides Android in handbag while calling ... "Pa, please, I have to have an iPhone I can't go on like this ... "
It occurs to me kids could hook up an Android to a guitar amp to use as a reverb or echo device ... (That is a 'latency' joke just to explain to non musical folks)
Love the posts like that. Of course decades ago he was hard at work testing 64 bit ARM technology hence his ability to say this. :LOLReminds me of KDarling that says in every other post he worked for the last 30 years on advanced touch interfaces ... so was qualified to criticize Apple at every turn. I always wonder how come he didn't simply beat Apple to it, being so smart and all ...
Good one.
He can at least be safe in the knowledge that he has been added to the list of those who made dumb anti Apple statements that will live on in history. There should be annual awards, perhaps 'The Dell Award' for the stupidest and most hilariously wrong, disparaging statements made about Apple.
Now there is a great idea, an iPad app for a cat, 'catch the mouse' ... plus bringing a mouse to the iPad would make headline news too!
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