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LOLBut whatever ... I'd say Apple should sue the little sh!t that made the fake video for every $ he made from hits on YouTube and more for damages.
Yep whinge rhymes with and sounds like hinge, very common UK English phrase, not internet only at all. So not used in USA I gather? I am continuing to learn American English as best I can but actually dropping words seems a shame. They have subtlety different 'feelings' when used. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/whingeAs to dived vs dove, as I say, I accept what is considered 'correct' in the USA as the way to go, it is just hard to change after half a life...
I'd say, IMHO, DED backs up what he says with a lot of good, verifiable data.
Well if true Apple should sue his ass off .... surely this is some sort of liable / slander case?
Ah yes, the wonderful world of Wincrap's 'Plug And Pray'True story ... A PC using friend of mine actually believed that his PC was only able to have one peripheral attached and working, which was why he ended up buying a massive combo printer/ scanner/ fax back in the day they cost a lot. He explained that whenever he had his tech guru add a new device to his PC anything else attached stopped working. 'This was just the way it was'. So the guru had suggested this...
While what you said their is absolutely true, it's kind of like extolling 1080p as it made for better NTSC 640x480 video. 4K is a great format watched at 4k! I look forward to 8K.
That's very true, actually I do hear from my Apple using friends but only when they need help ... or advice.
I think that's the same for me. Especially as several of my anti-Apple friends laughed at me buying APPL between $30-$70 back in the day ... Nothing like a smug I told you so at times The die hard PC/Wintel / Apple haters seem few and far between now though, either morphed into Scamsung fans or perhaps it is a new breed and the PC ones are dying off for real ... as in literally. Stress related I'd imagine ...
Right, which was what made me think I had to learn another change, which I am perfectly OK with (I hate whinging limeys complaining about US English) but I now think it was a typo.Great article eh?
Thanks for info, probably a typo then. I wondered as I hear 'had ran' and see it written a lot and began to think it was another of those changes I just have to learn. After all I still say 'I dived' not 'I dove' and I wince trying to say 'dove' ... but I try hard to be a good American
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