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Those iOS devises are fast. I don't care if they are Microcrap, Scamsung or whatever, throw them out and get Apple, I want my pilot using the best. "Hi, this is your Delta pilot speaking. We will fix the problem causing this aircraft to plummet as soon as our non Apple tablet manuals respond and we can look up what to do."
Oh let's all go over there and stir the proverbial! Remember, always start off stating you own several Androids and PCs and love all things Google. Microsoft and Samsung (careful with that spelling ... ) but ... then slam everything about them. Oh and make up really cool troll names.
I don't know. If it was spectacular enough ( and not leaked already) it would be an amazing homage to Steve to do a 'one more thing'. I think he'd approve.
I replied to the wrong post ... my bad.
I miss that too. Sadly it is impossible to keep anything secret these days, although they did do a pretty good job with the Mac Pro. Perhaps the move to manufacturing that in USA helped there.
Yep, see my comment to Eric. If the pictures are pre cropped I'd rather make that decision later Instagram or not. Especially if I trekked all over the highlands. Which I have done many times I should add To me, it's like folks taking black and white. Why, when you can have both color and black and white if you shoot color? These days you can have so many black and white variations too with digital filters. Why ever limit data capture. With a DSLR I shoot auto ...
I could be wrong, correct me if I am, but on square setting in the iPhone, the software isn't adding image data to make square rather internally cropping, isn't it? If so, I'd rather retain the full image data. and crop later. If I am wrong, I see I could crop the square to create 2 x 3 or 3 x 4 etc. which you could do with your Hasselblad, but I am dubious this is the case.
I really don't like the square format, it's just me probably, but I don't. Other than that, beautiful pictures for sure ... and yes, it is one hell of a wee camera.
The video was interesting, I like the technology I must say, however, it was interesting to hear how many times words like 'truth', 'verify' and so on, were used. It seems they are trying to allay fears that perhaps those are words not normally associated with them. I've never watch this station's news so I have no idea.
New Posts  All Forums: