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I agree about the power outlets, but in service streaming isn't the same as internet connection which I'd prefer even more. I have a lot of flights this year and I see Delta are pushing a $20 surcharge on each leg to have wifi. Hopefully, one day soon, with savings from eliminating in seat entertainment systems airlines can offer the wifi at a lower cost or even including it for free where possible as well as streaming options. I assume wifi is limited to areas with...
I don't see the need for the /s!
I like all the changes so far. I'd add an optional 'to burst or not to burst' mode for the camera.
I agree with your comment both times you made it. It was perfectly clear what you said the first time. I find it very strange the default is backwards too, very un Apple and un Tim like.
I miss VisiCalc.
Because it's free with iTunes Match maybe?
What competition?
Maybe it's a decoy. Apple will be using the A9, A10 or whatever and they are being made elsewhere and the A8 is just a temporary chip ... Oh well just dreaming ...
I guess a lot of the $s I get in dividends and share value increase I have enjoyed is thanks to folks who like this stuff so I'm all for it. I don't have to watch. Now back to listening to Heart at full blast.
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