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Speaking purely about Apple's involvement .... All I can say is have patients grasshopper, Tim is slowly working on it ...
Right, plus the Edinburgh police denied me a permit to carry ...
sssshhhhhhhhhh .... don't give them ideas.
So that's why my bank was always moaning about my stock levels!
ROFL, that was after a hair cut too! It is funny seeing ourselves from past eras of fashions ... not that I look much different now ... lol
Really? Wow and I probably had a few in stock too. I had forgotten what they cost. The Lisa always stuck in my mind as the costliest beast. Not that a fully loaded Apple /// with Profile and all the trimmings wasn't getting up there too. And people moan about an iMac or MBA costing $1,000 today . We bought in £s of course and back then I seem to recall the exchange rate was a tad better, I could be wrong I have't checked.
My OP has become reversed in its intent lol ... I was asking if people did not want to use Windows wouldn't a low end Mac be able to run OS X with some new Apple Chip in the not too distant future? VMs came up as I was suggesting low end Mac users don't need Windows anymore and if they did, Apple could offer either a BTO Intel chip or obviously retain Macs with Intel for the higher end.
And I still look exactly the same too .. It's a cx I think ... I'll blow up there image and look ... I wish I'd realized what a part of history all that was back then and taken more pictures. Heck before this place I had a another in England with 5 branches around the country selling Apple ][s, ///s and Lisa ... then Mac of course. I have only hand full of pictures from over 36 years of being totally involved with Apple. That really annoys the heck out of me now! ...
Exactly and wouldn't their own chips, something akin to an A8 do the same job and help Apple make more profits? As I said, I realize that would be the end of running Windows ... not a great loss these days.
Right ... but a gamer would prefer a PC anyway surely, leaving most Mac users needing Windows as non gamers I would have thought ... thus my thought that VMware would suffice for the vast majority of Mac users needing Windows ... if you see what I mean. My new Mac Pro's Windows performance scores were pretty mind blowing. We've come a long way from the old emulation systems on OS 9 for sure!
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