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Agreed. Given there is probably a few years of massive dominance and probably an ongoing dominance of some kind, what do you feel it will do to AAPL? Is it another leg on the stool?
I've embraced that since I was on my Lisa training course at Apple HQ ... then moved it to the Mac. It's rarely failed me. My wife asks me from her MBP ...'Help ... how do you do this or that' ... I sit down at her Mac and quickly try the above and 99% of the time can say in a few seconds ... 'there, like that, how did not know that?'
Is there a connection? I think you are mixing Spotlight with Pay there ... or I am seriously behind the curve here ... And yes Pay will crucify Google Wallet.
Yep great tip.BTW It's best to use quote rather than reply then folks can see who and what you are replying to.
Pegasus use a hardware RAID I am pretty sure. I have been using soft RAID since the 1990's making TV shows for ESPN with Media 100. Never had a problem. In my experience it's never the bare drives that go south, always the boards in ready made drives.Yep, HD would be fine without RAID but I am playing with 4K video in FCPro X. Actually even then I probably don't need RAID 0, I initially set it up for fun and was so impressed with the performance kept it. It's backed...
Awesome I love AI. As opposed to the Apple Support blog ... where if you find a problem instead of an answer you see 200 posts of people saying I have that too ... I swear, if you wrote in saying your Mac kept hovering above the desk and whistling Dixie you'd still get 200 posts saying their mac did too.I missed that strangely. My MO is to try option and command and shift ... and every combination .. with both click and double click on everything just to see what I can...
Gotchya ... Oh I remember having internal drives on my Aluminum Mac Pro Yes you are pushing your luck at 85%. I'd DW them asap. I run it weekly.No such luxury now of course with the nMac Pro ... but external TB drives are growing on me. I build my own using dual TB docks and bare Barracudas. RAID 0 works a treat using built in soft raid in disk utils.
If you double click the preview image it opens the image using the application shown at top (Photoshop CS6 in my screen shot). But why not allow double clicking the file name to open in Finder? You have to select and scroll down ... seems redundant to me ... Yes i agree 10.10 is the best OS X yet by a long way. Hats off to the team.BTW I like dark mode and translucent option on ... each to his own p.s. Please! It's translucent not transparent ...
Never take your drive over 85% full. Spotlight as i understand it, doesn't build previews it reads what is there. Maybe it does if they are damaged ... I'll have to check on that. However, if you are seeing a slow progression that is related to the speed of reading them I suspect, which is obviously very slow given how small a preview is. Is this reading from a USB 2 external by any chance? Maybe you see a different speed when reading images from the boot drive? That...
Right and most people haven't even looked at the settings yet before critiquing Spotlight. I reordered mine and removed many. My only quibble is it not floating, I hate non floating modal dialog boxes with a passion. Always have.
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