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Not sure I follow ..? This is unbelievably inexpensive or is that what you meant?
I'm ordering one for sure, the Black waterproof version. It will be great fun for kayaking and shooting the wild life in 4K.
Probably a very nice hobbyist 4K video editing station. New Hero GoPro 4 anyone? I would not be shocked if a stand alone 5K monitor for the nMac Pro isn't coming soon too.
I may be one off but I like the edge feel of the 5 series. There is something satisfying and somehow firmer and more secure about feeling it my hand compared the the rounder edges of the 6 and the earlier iPhones that were also rounded. Not a deal breaker just saying.
13 year olds?
Hilarious really. They manage to get over (as in pretend it didn't happen) the unbelievable success of the iPhone 6 sales by watching a fake, edited video. Simple things please simple minds I guess.
I agree but remember the scam video about the 'bent phone' was made after those fantastic initial sales. Who knows the damage done yet? I know several people that said 'they were having second thoughts as iPhone's bend so easily'. Hopefully articles like this and folks like us passing it on to the gullible people we know will mitigate the damage.
Way to miss the joke ... /sighJFYI There was a multi thread discussion about English as opposed to US English and 'math' vs 'maths' came up.Hence joke; one could postulate mathematic abbreviates to 'math' and mathematics to 'maths'. I was poking fun at the American word 'math' which doesn't really make sense since 'mathematics', not 'mathematic' is the study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change.It was all tongue in cheek as I don't mind...
Totally. DED is right behind J.K Rowling in my list of top ten writers. (That is a complement BTW not an allusion to fantasy)
I knew that The thread is being renamed Pedants Unite.
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