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Why did I suddenly think of bungee cords?
You exhibit a slightly limited sense of imagination IMHO. You could ask others to put it in their pocket.I co-produced a few years of bike racing TV shows for ESPN and ESPN2. The only way to film riders over some of the terrain (hell most of it) was with a helicopter, pilot, camera man, high end camera and gyro mount. Have you any concept what that costs per hour? The promise of this sort of technology is beyond staggering. Ask a rider to stick a puck in his or her...
"The time will be shown after these short messages, tap once for ad A or twice for ad B ...."
For me, and for many of us it is not just because of the business model, i.e. give stuff for free with a lot of advertising (you know the old TV model so many of us are escaping with Apple TV) but also because the once friendly relationship that existed that was so betrayed by Google. Microsoft too, back in the early 80's, a good friend of Apple, Steve hired young Gates to create the first Mac's Office suite. So for those of us that have always been close to Apple we...
Is anyone keeping score you with you two? Then again who am I to talk with my somewhat undermanned and futile crusade to try to illuminate Gatiorguy's constant pro Google crap!
We cut the chord and have used Apple TV exclusively for three years or more, never looked back.
Fear not ... they will ... (no /s)
Claris was a company (owned by Apple) whereas AppleWorks was a product, never a company name. Hypercard ... what memories... Remember SuperCard?
You are correct, I apologize. I recall using PFS a lot and then Claris came out with their database Somewhere along the line I must have missed the memo that Claris acquired the database code. Of course the company 'Filemaker' as we know it now is Claris rebranded."FileMaker began as an MS-DOS-based computer program named Nutshell - developed by Nashoba Systems of Concord, Massachusetts, in the early 1980s. Nutshell was distributed by Leading Edge, an electronics...
Well that was low fruit. How about Final Cut Pro X? Even Aperture in its day (after the price drop) was very reasonable for its power. These last few years the cost of Apple software is amazing. FileMaker remains at the old mentality pricing IMHO.
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