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Now there is an idea! But then I am biased against Samsung!
I for sure don't know but if I had to bet my money is on your theory. They may well have obscured their tracks deliberately leading to the erudite article claiming they are innocent.
Folks like TS wanting NK to 'cease to exist' is surely a metaphor for regime change, not the annihilation of the innocent inhabitants. What sane human would not wish the end of that regime? Do you support it?BTW that video is way out of date. I'm not religious but the new Pope is no replica of most former Popes.
I agree with everything you say. If I am not mistaken Nuclear power stations' safety systems have already been attacked.As you say, it is just a matter of time before something nasty this way comes. How long before some country thinks another did a really bad cyber attack and retaliates with conventional weapons? We have to remember many countries that are not exactly stable have nukes.
As I said I read this and I still don't know enough to know one way or the other. I learned along time ago; 'being on the www doesn't make it so ... 'I can point you to articles that defy the four laws of thermodynamics or Samsung is out selling more profitable than Apple and people believe every word ... just saying ... But I agree with TS, any excuse to stick it to the moron running NK is OK with me guilty or not ..
I was shocked how big Uranus is if you don't mind me saying! http://youtu.be/fgF7DwjDMyc
I didn't have an opinion, you read that into my comment yourself. I simply stated I've read the same article you did. I do not have access to sufficient information to know who is right either way.
Long? I tidied it up recently and removed half the stuff!
OK gotchya.
I have now come to the conclusion I will stop griping about the import creation date in the internal library (after using LR I will never criticize Aperture again lol). In the actual user interface it is very simply to create Albums by anything you want, if the date they are taken is important just create a series of smart folders."What about when you go into an older album and make a few touch-ups and edits to your favorite photos? Why should those photos now appear as...
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