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I just don't see this being a success. If I really need or can be bothered to carry bulk I have real DSLRs when not I have an iPhone.
I'm hoping over time only Apple and I own any AAPL Then Tim and I can sit down and talk ...
It's hard to believe Sony's professional video camera division could be in jeopardy. IMHO they make the best pro and prosumer video equipment. I love Canon for DSLRs and lenses but prefer my Sony Pro video gear above all else.
Hey, don't use logic and math ... 'Google's Shares are more expensive so Google is better /bigger/more innovative (take your pick) than Apple'... all my friends and neighbors tell me this so it must be true ...
OMG Apple might be working on The Genesis Device ....
You lost me after "iPad ..." I have at least one of every model in my cupboard.
I say this all sort of with mixed feelings being an entrepreneur ... Obviously we humans should only live in centralized cities so businesses can sell to us more profitably. Just wait till FedEx, UPS do the same, perhaps electricity and emergency services next?This reminds me, as a student in England, one of my many summer vacation jobs was working for a statistics company. We had to ride trains all over rural northern England (great job eh?) and count passengers...
I have read this several times and I must be missing something. Isn't the definition of a monopoly where said entity the only supplier of a particular commodity. If so I don't follow your statement: "A monopoly cannot exist in a vacuum. It requires the protection of law to suppress competition. Without external forces preventing competition, monopoly positions simply cannot last." I am not disagreeing, I simply don't understand, can you explain this?
I get lost in all the version, but isn't there still a retina iPad 2 or was that dropped for the Air?
In all seriousness, is English your second language? If so you write it better than most many cough, cough ... Americans ... or perhaps you are a Yank / Brit living over there?
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