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AI was just setting up the joke ... you know, playing the straight guy, for all of us actual Apple folks here to mock.
OT but man are these new LED lights freaking awesome. I just replaced halogen spots in our kitchen and running a fraction of the power they are like 10 x as bright ... we have to use the dimmer or we'd go blind!Back to Pay ... I fear getting it as I might want to go out again shopping. I've just gotten used to buying everything on Amazon!
Pretty old video tech. 16 x4K video cameras would be more 2014. Now that would be some data stream!
You for got the end of advertisement for Google tag ....
Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'music tracks' ...
Flogged to death metaphor to be sure.
And not one Pay joke yet ....
With all this in-house GPU expertise how much longer must MBPs have to suffer the woes of third party GPUs with their notorious failure rate and lackluster performance?
Probably better idea to listen to music with them ...
New Posts  All Forums: