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That was my first thought!
So, the 4th Feb os_x_server_3.1_preview_13s4090c install results in Server 3.0.52 Build 13S4090c, which is not what I was expecting ...
Scott was more iOS than OS X wasn't he?The irony is South Korea also has a rip off of Apple's IP fueling their technology, AKA Android, and here we have this in the north. Where would Korea be without Apple?
LOLWorks fine in the the 10.9.2 versions, hang in there.
Was Bill Gates their consultant?
NASCAR next?
That and every other 'idea' Gates had was Steve's of course.
I am waiting for prices to come down and more options to go TB2 RAID. In the meantime, to answer your question, I bought a $35 EZ Dock dual bay USB3 dock on Amason, used a couple of SATA 3, 7200, 2 TB drives I had lying around and used Apple Disk Utilities to create a 4 TB RAID 0. I also have a 6TB set also. This all took about two minutes start to finish. Not much use for editing 4K maybe but pretty snappy I think you would agree. By the way the Mac Pro (a 6 Core...
Even Boing Dreamliners have had issues.
Meanwhile Google is working on metal bodies to house your brain after they remove the free will part. I just fear for Steven Moffat's safety.
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