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I don't think it is possible to generalize that adamantly. It varies on circumstances and at least the eggs will be the healthiest possible if taken when younger. If men were the ones that got pregnant, like so many other 'birth related issues', there would be a totally different attitude to many of them.
Soooo you obviously have electricity then too? Cool! Actually, I love Yorkshire but when I was dragged kicking and screaming to London as a 10 year old, I was informed by the local tribes there that north of Watford was woad country still ... just before they beat the crap out of me for saying grass with a short 'A' and that was the teachers!. BTW I assume I can still play for Yorkshire, even though I am an American Citizen now ... right?
I think most here are taking the proverbial out of the poor man... and not taking it too seriously.
There is norway they could know is there?
Oh ... good thinking ... Now that explains you know who's posts ....
If he's in the freezer he should get a fee surely?
Ahem ... helloooo I and many lost money while these a-holes were using inside information to cash out. Come on someone cuff them!
That's COOL! Well done Apple.
Nice thought ... lol
So many happy memories going back decades. They were the best of times, both San Francisco and Boston, I worked at and visited them both for many, many years. Alas I am guilty of forgoing them as the internet matured and made so much they offered obsolete. That said nothing could ever replace the people I met, the friends I made and the business contacts I cemented at those shows. I will raise my whiskey glass tonight and say adieu. I will think of all those I met...
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