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That was hardly a surprise though ...
True but there were times in history when even though they were late, they simply stole other's IP and caught up and in some cases took the lead. Never count a rattle snake out till you cut its f^%$$#^*g head off.
Come on guys, you doubt Gartner ...? Heck, Gatorguy has 60 million Android tablets alone!
So ... all those ads I suddenly get on product 'X' immediately after I Google product 'X' are pure bloody coincidence then, good to know. I will have to reconsider my view on Google 'sharing' my interests, I obviously was totally misunderstanding Google's business model. You are such a useful source of accurate information on this blog, I thank you for your unrelenting service on Google's behalf.
.... Siri ....
I'd say you have Man and Woman labels reversed!
Partial quote:Damn, same here My reply to you Saturday where I guessed this was what was coming seems to have been 100% on the money! > Administers self congratulatory slap on back
Maybe when you buy the car you will be asked, iOS or Android? ... then the dealership they set the default for the buyer. If so, them judging by the socioeconomic distribution we see now with the two OSs, the Android users will probably find this link useful: http://money.cnn.com/gallery/autos/2013/02/06/cheapest-cars/
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