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Well my interest in video and photography makes a quad copter very appealing to me, for the ability to say, capture wild life and scenery from a higher altitude than my traditional gear or from a safer position. I am not quite sure how Google Glass would be of any use in any situation I can think of for high quality photography or video. If I wanted a first person view I'd use my Canons or if hands free a GoPro. The only reason I can see for Google Glass for...
LOLEven that *&^%%$# Cramer is saying 'buy and hold AAPL don't trade'. Could have told him that a while ago. I'm running at a 10x gain.
Now if GE could make kitchen appliances that actually didn't fail all the time through bad design and shoddy manufacturing. Not that I'd limit that criticism just to GE in the white goods arena.
I would not be shocked if Rick Scott in Florida issued a new law allowing the shooting down of drones or people wearing Google Glass if you feel your privacy has been threatened. The "Stand Alone" Law.
If you stop and think, if one had a limited imagination, one could say the same thing about a camera or a video camera. Using your logic, or lack thereof, all cameras are for spying because some are used for that. There are a million, non spy related and fun reasons to own one for photography or videography alone.As to regulations, I can see the logic behind some rules for public safety reasons. I notice there are already plenty in place regarding American football...
Once they are up to Apple's quality standards, I'd rather see a white  on them and they be called Apple Headphones. Time to bury the old name and identity.
That's a gift.
Yes indeed. Gatorguy uses that too I am sure.
I think he should shove it back in.
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