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That was a good find. Love it when facts mess with those Google / Android support posts.
It is sad this potentially world changing topic gets few posts yet an unwanted by many, free U2 album thread gets swamped!
I am missing something here ... if it were forced how come so few seem to have it?
I read that as 'Bono here' .... Oh wait a minute ...
I like that idea. I suspect many buyers, especially those that are not tech savvy such as many older folks, don't think it through and such a campaign might make many think twice.
To play devil's advocate (to use your words) what if that 'personal information' collected in a third, sorry, developing, world country, resulted in you being used as an organ donor without your consent?
By coincidence I had just finished reading this article before reading your post and it seems highly relevant to post a link here regarding Google, and in particular Schmidt's role as seen by Assange. (http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/09/julian-assange-on-snowden-parallels-why-hes-anti-google-and-inevitable-freedom/)
Try selecting 'Show Tool Bar' under View Menu ...
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