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Is this stuff already available in Logic Pro X by any chance?
ROFL ... had to send this to every male friend I have. That's what I call brilliant marketing ..viral. Being pulled was no doubt planned ...
True indeed. Anyone happen to know what the annual loss to fraud is in the USA alone? I just looked ... $190 BILLION! Apple should ask for a finders fee ...
I think you nailed it at ... ''...people (I talk to) seem mostly clueless". That would hold true for any topic anywhere on planet earth.
Agreed. It is just such a shame Apple still have to use their production facilities.
Exactly. However, then the Apple watch kicks in so hopefully AAPL can continue to climb even as iPhone sales ease off after the holidays.
It took 23 posts before a mention of mention U2 ... Lol
I'd say you are the one dribbling on ... Microsoft is irrelevent in the modern computing age, get over it and move on. Oh of course you did but now Android is crashing too ... what a shame ...
This is all great news. Quadcopters (I hate the term drone) and iPhones using this technology will make finding people trapped in earthquakes, lost in woods etc. not to mention hostages and kidnap victims, a lot easier for the fire and rescue services and police. I know they already have far better technology but expensive and often requiring manned helicopters. The cost of a fleet of small quadcopter with these would be relatively low and deployment very fast.
There are other ways of enlarging your iris!
New Posts  All Forums: