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I was pretty disappointed when in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska a few weeks ago to discover much of Alaska is not mapped at all other than a very low res high altitude snap shot. I switch to Google Maps and found the exact same areas missing any resolution. Kind of weird they both missed out the same areas! I am guessing they share similar population count / to map or not to map algorithms? So, please Apple, yes continue to refine details and add fly overs, but...
I thought your criticized response was one of the most intellectually valid in the entire thread.
They actually brought this case in norther CA? What were they thinking? Hadn't they heard of the 'pay us to win' courts in eastern TX?
Is this simply a long winded way of saying 'Tim, please buy the entire company'?
I guess you haven't gone back and read all his posts then. If so you'd be used to his inhumane views by now ... Apple][ is the resident comedian and I am sure only kidding as no one is that ... fill in your own description here .... .
Got to admit learning to play a guitar and playing in a rock group worked pretty well for that ...
OMG NOoooooo never do that!
That was my point, Apple surely had to know, if not then I would have thought it could effect the agreement. If they did then what gives? Fascinating isn't it?
What on earth did my post have to do with what you are saying? Please don't aggregate my post in with non related ones. In my post I simply speculated that Apple most likely were informed of this Beats law suit. If not then ... wow ...!
Where did I say I did?
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