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I like that too.
Jeopardy with only computers might be fun though. Surely Samsung and or Google have a Watson copy in the wings?
I should have added '..in the hands of the average Joe ...' when i said that. Awesome image to be sure. That said, the same image taken using a higher end Canon body and lens would have been even better one has to think. I follow Sharleen Chao on Flickr and have for a long time. She progressed from a mid range Canon with kit lenses over the years to a Canon 5D III and L lenses. There is, as we both know, a reason for that. I can recommend her highly BTW.
Not to mention these 'professionals' cheat! What does that say about this 'sport' ... Oh yes, it's like cycling! Chess tournaments for kids though are fabulous way to help their minds develop.
Of course, that was posted early on 'tongue in cheek' as I was pointing out the L white lenses would look great on an iPhone I've only got into L lenses this last year or two after a lifetime of wondering what the big deal was. Now, in semi retirement I at last know. OMG!
You are correct, the cheap kit lenses that ship are probably no better than and may even be worse than the iPhone's latest and soon to be technology, I suspect the 9 out of 10 may be generous . I like your use of the term Home here although there are some of us at home who are mostly hobbyists now that cling to the high end simply due to past life experiences. I love my Canon bodies and L lenses but also love my iDevice technology. Best of both worlds.Great thread guys....
That is truer than people realize I suspect, even pros at times. Using a Canon DSLR in Av or Tv modes for example is phenomenally powerful, seemingly giving the shooter total control ... but it is over only one aspect of the light. That tiny brain is doing all the calculations for all the other factors. It is something we take for granted now. I often think back to the 1960's and 70's with early SLRs just so I can appreciate how amazing modern camera technology really...
Hardly surprising really is it? If I recall correctly the computing power of the moon landing craft was
Does AI have a NAB coverage blog all its own? Of not keep up the reports please ... love this stuff. NAB looks like being fun this year. The new FCPX was released for that of course. I bet Apple has a very strong presence via third parties although I doubt will be there in person. FCPX It certainly is a lot faster on my nMP. The slo mo rendering for all qualities is like lightening now and Motion has really improved in all areas. I will have to check out Digital...
I think you missed the 'SSD' part.
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