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Any comment / prediction about an Apple venture 'not earning much money' has to be made by someone who is pretty brave. Even their 'hobbies' usually end up making more than many Fortune 1000 companies. Not to mention the increase in sales of other Apple products that so often result because of these new ventures.
I've got to get from Maine back to Florida in the next few days! Tell a Apple to wait if I'm delayed will ya?
I liked The Joshua Tree and that's about it.
Oh come on, of course Apple has created rubberized, flexible sapphire for the iPhone 6 which also has 10 mile radius wireless charging. Plus, if you grip the iPhone 6 just right, you can walk on water.Actually, give it a year or two, and I'd believe all that except the water part.
Right plus I still suspect many simply fell for phishing emails, there have been a ton recently ... and some of those celebrates were blondes after all ...
It seems a reasonable descriptive term though to differentiate the sapphire usage. After all they do say Gorilla Glass to avoid confusion
Yep, and I'm waiting for the six colors to choose from in the iPad mini range with a cover with holes in ... or maybe even a cellular phone built in option for those wanting a really big iPhone!
It sounds so logical as to seem obvious doesn't it? In fact I could imagine selecting a radius to peel away buildings around you from any point you were by dragging a circle. By asking the system to leave untouched, certain selections, it would give an unrestricted view. Mapping should even be pretty fast as there would be less to draw. It would be the ultimate 'can see the woods for the trees'.
That is pretty funny. Yet again, just like so many Scamsung celebrity endorsements, they use iPhones. Apple really should start running ads highlighting this. What a gift!
I had never noticed that, you haver eagle eyes.
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