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You are so right! That said the challenge of using the UK currency back then probably lead to such genius.
I am not stupid bastard, stupid maybe ... but I stand corrected, it's been a while. After reading what you say, for some reason Marian Faithful comes to mind.
Three years, two months, one week and two days here and no regrets. My name is Digitalclips and I was a cable user ...'
Good for you. I learned my lesson when I missed out on investing in Apple the first time around. I was heavily invested in a business selling Apple computers but never bought Apple stock. When Steve came back I said .. 'this time!'As to Ben, it is amazing he wants to keep parading his ridiculous comments. Outside of of his hatred of Apple, his bigotry does seem odd for a Brit, we are mostly open minded, well the educated ones are in my experience at least.
Agreed, but Congress seemed too preoccupied with the whims of those whose grandparents lost everything and wanted revenge. My grandparents' business was 'taken away' by post WWII nationalization in the UK. So I speak as someone in the same shoes as many Floridian Cuban exiles. My advice is get over it.
There goes my night's sleep!
One day all this high resolution photography is going to reveal my equipment package!
I liked the company so much I bought it ...
Poaching is legal surely? Isn't that why the anti-poaching lawsuit won?
I think it is almost here. The cable companies' origination was stealing from networks and reselling that content with their own ads. It is high time they went to hell.
New Posts  All Forums: