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Of course do. I love traditions of all sorts. I embraced the US ones when I emigrated and sadly lost some good British ones in the process. It is often these traditions that act as bonds and memories throughout life. Plus I was always in a family that didn't agree with me but we all agreed to differ. I don't attend religious ceremonies as such but I have on occasions to please others. I always say I don't believe in Santa either but I'd be the last one to spoil a kids...
What a great way of looking at it.
Well said.
Not this atheist. Tim, as are all people, welcome to their own beliefs IMHO, sadly it seems we atheists are not seen as normal or granted the same respect by many on the side that do believe in gods. I have lost count of the 'how do you know right from wrong?' type questions .... pretty funny really.
OK maybe that was a bad analogy ... but you know what I meant. Let's save that for another discussion another day Being from the UK educational system during those 'decades ago' I am not qualified to pass an opinion on the current state of affairs there now to be honest.Let's not derail this thread now though.
Exactly, and how about not being admitted into visit their partner in intensive care after an accident because they are 'not family'?
It's good you don't care and I am sure you are a meaning nothing untoward by your comment here. The thing is it's quite surprising to find in 2014 just what a problem it is for so many and it's easy to say this is '2014 Most people don't care'. I wish this were true but sadly its not. I agree it should not be a news worthy item that a minority gets a position of power and so on. The fact it is 'news' should tell you something. It's not the person usually writing the...
At our age that means antacid pills and prostate pills sadly! / wait why am I laughing ...
Hopefully dry English humor ...
News headlines 2016 "Walmart and CVS block signals to stop cars from being opened or started with Apple equipment in their parking lots"
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