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There is all that ... plus once you use one the horrible truth sinks in ... I bet many iPhone sales (and a few iPads sales) are switchers from Android crap. I say' a few 'iPads sales' as the sale of Android tablets is hardly registering on the charts (excluding channel stuffing data from Scammy and Gatorguys collection).
Such mixed points there. Google rooting for iOS over Android? Can you post one of your famous links for that?Meanwhile, to the other slippery comment, Apple has by far the lions share of the profitable market share in Europe already. So your 20% figure is just market share including all the crap and therefore pointless and irrelevant.EDIT:In fact, after reading this article, I'm guessing Apple's % of the profitable market share must be at almost 100%!
Sadly, I had to correct that... "You Scamsung can fool all of the analysts and tech bloggers some most of the time, except DED & PED ..."
Seems quite large, five minutes to install it says.I know they have that in Yosemite, I was not aware they do in Mavericks too. I learn something new everyday.
LMAO, good one.
That's a good description. Imagine with Siri and that with various add on attachments like arms and mechanical fingers .... "Bring me a G & T Siri!"And people think only Google are planning an entry into robotics!
And we ain't see nutting' yet!
This is DED we are talking about here. That's like having Don Henley writing editorials on a pop music blog and also as a blogger, it would be pretty neat eh? Have some respect will ya!
I meant on the built in onscreen one!
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