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Agreed, for one thing this would be the first experience of integrity at Samsung, he would not rip off one of Jony's designs as all his predecessors have. That said, I don't envy his position. If he doesn't pull off some massive successes pretty quickly he will be told to go back to copying Apple or leave. In truth Apple's success is not just the design it is a that and all the other things that Samsung can never copy so ... basically he is screwed.
Where the hell is Pascal?
The good news is that means they eventually want to see AAPL back up there after they buy following their doomspeak. Hence I just hold for the long term.
Totally. Then wait for the YouTube videos showing if you bake it in an over at 500°F for an hour it stops working. Fornogate. Fornogating videos will be all the rage wait and see!
Seems Google Nest isn't needing him now.
Just off the top of my head ... first thoughts ...To be honest I have a feeling it is the sports car and the big truck discussion, as in each for their own purpose. I do carry both most times and will use the iPhone where appropriate but nothing beats an L lens on a high end Canon Body and a 30 MB RAW image for playing around in post for me . That said when I don't have anything but an iPhone I am happy to use it.It is also like comparing iPads and a new Mac Pro ......
I read that as 'driverless car springs' ... I was about to google that!All incremental, nothing that is utterly ground breaking though. Yes WiTricty is exciting and break through but not at this CES ... I've been following it since it started and fully expect it from Apple in the next few years. Have to chuckle, remember all the posts here on AI stating it was nothing new and invented by Tesla! Hopefully those folks have gone back and read a bit more about the...
I forget she was there she's been so low profile ... unless I missed something. Good to see she's up and running.
Sometimes when a user has a myriad of issues such as you describe, it is natural when they hear about updates that they gain reinforcement in the view it is something wrong with the OS behind their specific issues. Simply based my 35 years plus experience in this industry, I would suspect you have something else going on. Have you tried running Disk Warrior on your boot volume to check the catalogs and directories for example? Sadly, Apple's Disk Utilities is far from...
10.10.2 seems to have fixed all DNS issues.
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