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Excuse me but tell that to my Windows 8.1 and 10 beta's (all run in VMs or external booting Windows drives - I don't own a PC) that can easily be infected with malware unlike my OS X installations. Heck even using the Microsoft uninstall utility to remove malware can spawn additional malware installations when used. That's with all Microsoft's built in protection running.
I'm not convinced he is.
I wonder if this may be used in EVFs or is that a different type of technology? I suspect the growth in mirrorless cameras will drive the need for far better EVF technology at the higher end.
but ... but ...
No way José! I always cut off any of Parallel's sharing with Mac in setup. Who on earth would want anything in Windows having access to OS X drives or your Mac in general? The great thing about running VMware or Parallels VMs is sandboxing fracking Windows! I can drag between desk tops when I want to, that is quite sufficient. Play with Cortana within the VM and be safe.
Apple should have a yellow iPhone for India. Turmeric is one heck of a good way to give white plastic permanent yellow fingerprints.
I agree, I hope Apple get Siri to use a bit more 'local AI savvy' too. Sarasota seems to be plagued with street names Siri simply cannot fathom. Bee Ridge Road throws her completely for example. She assumes the letter 'B'. Her AI should be able to take into account that B and Bee are possibilities in a town with a major road named Bee Ridge Road.
You'r right, I forgot the wonderfully friendly Quebecois .. That said we have a great friend who is one, so perhaps as usual, it is probably the few getting the majority a bad name.
Perhaps they run an Android variant, that's an iOS knock off after all.
99% of scientists disagree with you. Of course the The Heritage Foundation pays a few scientists to write the stuff you mention here aimed at those without any scientific training to try to win them over by sounding reasonable.
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