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It is, if nothing else, a nice response to that company that sells a few tablets now and then and makes a fuss about an optional keyboard, what is there name ... Oh, I remember Microsoft.
It depends on the circumstances. My wife travels a lot to visit our new granddaughter from here in FL to NE and she has a MBP and an iPad and iPhone However, she carries as little as possible as she has to fly the last leg; Boston to Martha's Vineyard on a puddle jumper. As a realtor she has to stay in touch even if away for only a long weekend. Last trip she tried just taking the iPad Air and iPhone to save weight and it was fine except a pain typing a lot. ...
To all those doubting 4K being worth it, check this out, even on a non 4K monitor the results put 1080p to shame. Viewed at 4K on a standard 27" Mac cinema display it is breathtaking. http://box.houkouonchi.jp/4k/4K-Chimei-inn-60mbps.mp4 You can download the video if your connection isn't fast enough to play on-line and mess around with it. It loads into FCPro X easily enough.
I think this may well be on my Christmas shopping list as a gift for my wife. I will re read in case I missed it but I assume they can be charged easily along side the iPad, with the micro USB I assume.
With Microsoft's market share being
Why are we even talking about a company with
Well I raise your 24 years by 12 years and disagree...
I would suggest most often your so called 'bugs' change from machine to machine due to the different levels of directory corruption and thirds party apps etc.. As to the interface, it is the best OS X version, hell best modern GUI there is IMHO, that opinion based upon 36 years using Apple equipment.
Hate to go with that old line it but ... it is!The only problem I have has with 10.10 has been a delayed effect in typing in Safari and mail on occasions. This on five different Macs including a new Mac Pro. It was not there in the golden master, it started on the release version, I am hoping that is gone. It was sporadic so may take a while to know.
New Posts  All Forums: