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I work between Mac and Windows a lot and I have often thought that it would be a nice option to have the choice of the two variances you describe in OS X. If in an Apps's preferences you could select the default as now or to have the menu on the windows, would be nice to have. Working as I have for years on multiple massive screens there is a lot of mouse travel involved to get to top menus even with tracking on maximum as mine always is, your eyes and head still have...
I suspect there will be a consumer and professional Mac in our futures, the former running a Apple chips as you say, and I hope the professional Mac Pros still using Xeons and AMD GPUs. I am currently (well in my 'play time' that is) booting my nMac Pro into a Thunderbolt external SSD and running Windows 8.1 without any Bootcamp drivers. This allows me to use AMD's control panel and invoke Crossfire to utilize both AMD GPUs for video (OS X only uses one, the other is...
I will need to reread my history but I think X is 'Ten' as in it came after OS 9 and the X was a clever homage to Unix / NeXT. Please correct me if I am off base there. So, in theory at some point there could be an OS 11 not necessarily using Roman Numerals either. That said, Apple has diverged from many of Steve's ideas so I guess all bets are off and Tim and his team could do anything they want. It could simply remain OS X for the next thirty years and keep having...
I think you are aiming a little high there ... And meanwhile El Capitan forges ahead ... My only gripe with 10.11 is I am utterly lost without Carbon Copy Cloner (I have a lot of scripted tasks) and Mike is still ironing out the kinks on the beta for supporting it.
The thing is 'Appley' is a lot more than just looks. It is about functionality and workflow and as I mentioned Mission Control in El Capitan takes on far more importance. It is long past the time Adobe needed to get of their PC biased asses and create genuine Mac versions of all their software.
Not wanting to interrupt your on going discussion but I have to ask (and I use Adobe CC on a nMP) ... Does this 'Adobe full screen mode' work correctly with Mission Control (and let's not forget El Capitan in this) the way correctly implemented Full Screen Mode on a Mac does? Of course not. The problem with Adobe is they have foisted crappy PC interfaces on Mac users for decades now and refused to follow Apple's GUI guidelines.
The In-Brower client side editing feature Adobe offer for Muse sites, even on third party hosting platforms, is very nice and I see they have extended this to now include editing links as well as text and graphics. However, if text is synchronized between desktop, iPad and iPhone alternative sites, so they all update from a dingle change while retaining formatting (a phenomenal feature) it completely disables in-browser client side editing on the text that is...
Phil what's your opinion of the Serif Affinity products so far?I have to think if they must be giving Adobe pause for thought.http://www.serif.com
I wish there were an OS X News app too.
I was baffled until I found out you have to grab the green button. I was used to using the freeware software for screen splitting that lets you grab anywhere and drag to the edge.
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