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Come on, tell him how you really feel.
Maybe it is a joke. Is there an equivalent of April Fool's Day in Japan? Or maybe it's the Japanese Buddy Holly fan club behind this.
The same thing had occurred to me. Even Gatorguy, the least offensive supporter of the underbelly of tech we have, is very quiet these days. We do still have a hard core few but they end to just be obnoxious for the sake of it and probably feed off being disliked for some mental disorder reason.
I think this article unnecessarily insults flounders.
Oh dear.
Well although not a wimpy agnostic , and am full bore atheistic, I find that a very funny post. It has a certain Star Trekian feel to it ... 'one day in 2615 when the planet Apple (formerly known as Earth) inhabitants enter the glass temples they will read the word of Job and of his disciple Ive from the book of Breen.
Note to Royal Bank of Scotland customers ... 'Just you be remembering to wipe the kipper grease and porridge of yer fingers afore ye push it, ma bonny lads and lasses, ya ken?'
You beat me to it, I was just going to point out the fact everyone seems to have missed the obviously hidden race track! Not to mention the CERN collider under it.
Not to mention Guy Kawasaki.
Your bigotry is unusual for a Brit. Are you in exile from some bayou over here?
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