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haha you are on good form tonight.
LOLI must say that $203 mark is something I look forward to. My initial gamble in AAPL will be well into a 7 figure return, at about half way there.
It seems like there is more to this than being reported at present.
That had to hurt.Hopefully on rebid Apple is still the supplier of choice. Meanwhile I wonder how Delta pilots are enjoying their, what was it, second generation Surface tablets?
Oh believe me I remember the big blue days. That said I never felt the same sort of animosity towards IMB as I did Microcrap and co. It is kind of nice and fuzzy to think of little blue cozying up to Big Apple though
Thanks for explanation, I kind of guessed that's what you meant but wanted to be sure it wasn't a curtain / decorators term lol. I've personally not come across it in Mac context and I was CEO of a Mac Software company for quite a few years. I honestly never heard the term used once in Mac programming circles I frequented. Is that a term common to the MS world I wonder? All those samples on Wikipedia seemed like old Windoze shots.
I guess it is possible they initially were, but after three years trying to sort them out .... you gotta wonder!
Haha ... I did didn't I. We started with Barnett when we moved here in 1992 so i have lost track! Barnett / First Union / Wachovia now Wells Fargo ... All were OK BUT ... once WF took over it was more like WTF! They changed all our self administered trading accounts on take over of Wachovia (of which we had four) and turned them into Wells Trade run accounts, charged fees us and spent years finding ways to not release them back to us. The annoying thing is they are...
Wells Fargo ... Ha! Ever since they took over our bank, First Union here in Florida we have had nothing but screw ups and errors.
That'd be nice but I suspect the IBM partnership will address that likelihood. We will however, see continued growth in sales of Macs I am sure. It is getting to the point when I travel that seeing anything but glowing white Apple logos is the exception, airports being a great example. The occasional person in a corner with some ugly PC laptop usually looks embarrassed as passers by look to see what on earth it is.
New Posts  All Forums: