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And that a day before they actually know anything!Wow my post burped and I got two!
And that a day before they actually know anything!
That made me freeze in my tracks for a moment ....
Of course there is really only one iPhone 6 but it has a flexible sapphire screen and you can stretch or shrink the phone to suit your own needs.
Well obviously it was sarcasm, he said 'waiting' ... you lost it a long time ago!
I wasn't endorsing the notion, just explaining what the poster most likely meant using a + in response asking what it was for ... I assumed you were kidding as was I.
Be careful ...
In which case I will wait for the iPhone FX.
Best yet!That reminds me of the gag ... Man walks into Starbucks and asks for a coffee flavored coffee ...
Yep, 'The New Six Minus' has a real ring to it ... NOT!
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