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OMG NOoooooo never do that!
That was my point, Apple surely had to know, if not then I would have thought it could effect the agreement. If they did then what gives? Fascinating isn't it?
What on earth did my post have to do with what you are saying? Please don't aggregate my post in with non related ones. In my post I simply speculated that Apple most likely were informed of this Beats law suit. If not then ... wow ...!
Where did I say I did?
I was thinking, one it determines you are wasting your time in bed, it could via WiFi, set your Nest to a different temperature, switch on the Apple TV and tell your robot to fetch your slippers and make you a martini ...
The Christmas buying season is what matters.
There is no way IMHO Apple were not made aware of this. Any company take over such as this would have very specific limitations on what Beats could do from the time of the initial agreement to when it is concluded. If my suspicions are right then one wonders how this factors into the whole deal.
Could AI just use the correct Apple Logo please!
That's so true, there is often official full length versions on Youtube!I was reading an article the other day about the history of music and it mentioned that we have come full circle. In history, there was the live music, almost from when time began ... then not that long ago musicians and their 'industry' found ways to make money without playing live; it all started sheet music then onto player piano rolls, wax records, vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, digital...
So, once you know you sleep terribly ... what next? Personally I've found it's all about getting the exact right amount of alcohol into your system. Too much bad sleep, too little bad sleep ... Just right, sleep like a baby all night
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