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I admit the WOZ thing worries me
Check out the iPad Pro it may be an indicator.
3 would seem odd. Normally we see 4 then 8 then 16 then 64
There is a free and very simple to use utility called ReMux for OS X that converts .mvk to .mp4 for iTunes Home Sharing or Airplay, very quickly, since it is a simple remux/recode app based on FFmpeg.http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/35968/remuxI tried Plex today and it is a complete overkill IMHO for in-house LAN use. Apple's built in Home Sharing works great with the new Apple TV.
Just wow ...
The reign of the IIfx was pretty short lived I guess. The towers came in a while after that and it was a new age of speed.I have loved my new model 6 Core Mac pro, it is a gorgeous Mac. The internal SSD size and cost of upgrade is my only complaint but I have 6TB of RAID 0 on Thunderbolt with the same again as a mirror, so it hasn't been that big of a problem. Although I did have to make many folders in the Libraries run on the external to save space using symbolic...
The costs back then were something else weren't they? I seem to recall that the total package cost with monitor,and SCSI external drives was around $25K for insuring for transit to shows. That doesn't even include $12,000 Leaf Scanner or the X-Rite color calibration equipment. Those monitors back then were real back breakers too.I enjoy chatting to Pixeldoc about those days too.
My point was it shouldn't be offered. I repeat what i said "Apple is the company that always has the clout to cause manufactures to ramp up and reduce costs. Offering HD technology is going against that. "
I agree and that wouldn't such a big deal if the minimum configuration was 16 GB.
I assume so.
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