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OK I didn't know that, my MBP is 2009 with a DIY pair of regular SSDs... so a bit out of the loop. So any idea when I can buy a larger PCle SSD for a nMac Pro?
This obviously the small screen version.
Believe me, after all these years, I'd be thrilled if Microsoft's claim to fame ends up being for a good piece of software for the Apple devices called OneNote.
I already said what I want ... die Microsoft die ...Of course I am kidding! I really want a long slow painful decline into obscurity and oblivion and over at least a decade.
How well does the HP workstation without any hardware add ons, just an NLE software package, handle 4K?
Yeah ... but there are such better software companies out there to choose from to run on our Apple equipment ... just die Microsoft ...
I follow this closely as I own GTAT as well as AAPL. Given GT Advanced Tech are mainly the makers and suppliers of the equipment, not manufacturers of sapphires themselves, I keep wondering if the media / rumor mill has this wrong a bit. That in fact, Apple have had GT Advanced Tech build them their own plants and supply the technicians to run them. Rather than the way it seems to be understood at the moment, i.e. GTAT would be supplying sapphires to Apple. So, in my...
This is all to do with manipulation of GTAT stock i suspect.
That's a heck of a speed difference between the 13" and 15"!Meanwhile ... if only SSD price / size would get to the same place as HDDs ASAP we'd all be happy campers!
I can't get over how much like the view I get lifting the hood (bonnet) of cars these days is like the view you get when you take the bottom off a new MBP! My wife's last car, a Merc 350 SLK looked almost identical! I wonder when MBPs will get PCle SSD technology?
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