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Thanks for the feedback. We probably don't need unlimited to be honest. Probably the only time we use it is when we go to New England to visit family and we use Apple maps via cellular. Other than that I doubt we use it that much. Then again given we never paid for it it's hard to know for sure.
You quote a book written by people who had an agenda how long ago? Yet you hang on every word. Do you realize how many religions there are and have been on earth since man learned to con his fellow man. Had you been born under the influence of anyone of them you'd believe every word they spouted. You'd be quoting what the oracle at Delphi told you with total conviction or swearing that Mount Olympus was where all the Gods hung out. Religions thrive because of the...
Ok, thanks, but to do the math do we know the value the trade in Apple will offer?
LOL. I was trying to tally up all my belief systems based upon the premise that atheism is one. It's quite staggering how many belief systems I have it seems I don't believe in so many things I don't know where to start!If the person saying that only stopped for one second to think, he or she might realize a belief system requires time and effort to be put into it. Where as I really don't expend much energy not believing in the tooth fairy or mythology.That person...
In an arena ... I'd hand DED a sledge hammer and be done with Daisey once and for all.
I usually like the Guardian but this is ridiculous.
So I look forward to seeing if this might solve our dilemma. My wife and I are with AT&T and have been since the original iPhone so grandfathered in with unlimited data and I am on a buddy phone on the wife's account. Obviously we are stuck with the AT&T two year update cycle with this and we always update my wife's as she is a realtor and I am retired, so I get her cast off every two years and we switch the numbers over. Trying to see how both of us on the Apple plan...
I am only responding to the opening statement here. If atheism is a belief system, is not believing in the tooth fairy one too?
You are right. I'm sure you have noticed all the TV characters seem to type into their lap tops too, you rarely see a mouse used and they manage to do things while typing that are totally impossible by just typing. It is pretty funny .. but that's show biz.
Jony Ive is Q!
New Posts  All Forums: