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Or color ... brown maybe?
Well said.
The paradigm shift will be when more and more artists deal directly with the Apple model, that is those who haven't already sold their souls to a record label for an up front sum but a tiny percentage going forward, as is so often the case sadly.
Not an Apple thing as such but it amazes me that in 2015 the USA still does not have an equal pay law for women.
Very true. A basic DTP system with Mac SE30, Apple LaswerWriter, PagMaker and all the trimmings was £6,000 if memory serves me correctly. Not long after that a fully tricked out Mac IIfx could run that and more alone, then you had the color Barco monitor and an A3 Sharp color scanner, and often an Agfa black and white too for half tones, and you were well north of £12,000. Now, would you prefer a 1200 or 2400 dpi typesetter and RIP?
Thanks I'll check that out. I've been into fonts since the 'desktop publishing revolution'. My company sold Mac DTP systems and supplied training to many companies including major newspaper groups and magazine publishers back in the day. As part of my induction into the field Apple had me spend time in a traditional print company that still had hot lead as well as phototypesetting equipment. Postscript was certainly a paradigm shift back then.
Notes works flawlessly on Yosemite and still does with the new version in El Capitan. I have 6 different Macs here I test on. So there is something screwed up your end. I'd suggest deleting the iCloud connection to Notes in System Settings and start over, Notes may have become corrupted in setting up the iCloud side of things.
The El Capitan version of Notes is a lot like this but seems to lack many of the iOS 9 features for creation sadly, unless i haven't found out how yet! Which is entirely possible. So many new things to mess with!
My first thought but usually such stories end up not being entirely accurate and Scammy still gets plenty of Apple business, sadly.
Talking of loving a font ... I recently starting using Avenir Next for a lot of work, especially email where it is my default, it is so pleasing on the eye for me. Anyone else like it, or is it just me?
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