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I agree on the rivers etc. but it is not a different matter at all. Do you realize how thin this planet's atmosphere is? How fragile the balance of just the right / lucky amounts of various gases made it so that life (as we know it) exists? It's worth looking at photographs taken from space and actually see this tiny, thin layer contrast against the earth's edge and outer space. It's only then, if you check the amount of pollutant gases man has pumped into it since...
I'm not a liberal, simply a common sense centrist that see both right and wrong on both sides of America's two sided divide on most matters. In this matter I only have problems with extreme right wingers who don't understand science or don't want to for idealogical reasons, as there are simply no other explanations for deniers' rhetoric.
You beat me to it! LOLA team of folks with fake money should go in and buy all their stock.
That's good, they are doing France. Asking for directions in Paris isn't a pleasant experience most times, unless you are lucky enough to meet a foreigner. This not said out of any malice towards the French, simply personal experience. Anywhere else in France is fine but those folks in Paris sure seem to have a strange attitude to any one unable to speak French.
I've seem to recall reading about a system that was embedded in gloves to somehow tell you if your are right or wrong, can't remember how it worked. Luckily I play guitar and don't even have to look, my fingers somehow know where to go, beats me how, but they do. I am sure it's the same for pianists but I just can't get the hang of a piano beyond 12 bar blues lol.
Yep brilliant device and it is pleasurable for sure not just as it makes the pain go away for a while but in of itself it is an amazing sensation. I still have mine from a back injury decades ago and even today if I get a muscle lock up (which seems to happen every few years due some daft reason like reaching for something in the back seat of a car or stepping off a curb I didn't see) it is the perfect answer, that and some good Scotch.
An add on pack could include sticky electrical pads (think Tens machine) to deliver small shocks to the player in places that help correct some of these matters. To truly emulate my piano teacher it would need a robotic armed with a ruler to strike your hands when you play the wrong note too.
Just for clarification, you seem to be inferring Steve did steal something on his tour of Xerox, or are you simply meaning others believe this myth in this scenario you paint?
"Apple reportedly eyed BMW's i3 electric car as basis for branded vehicle" ... Now had it been an i7 things might have been different ...
I am still half expecting some TV maker to release a vertical oriented 60" TV especially for the idiots that shoot video that way.
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