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In which case tests should be done over time and that factored in surely?
Come on Google it's the same with slightly more rounded corners!
So more evidence Apple has yet again totally revolutionized an entire industry even if most of the players are only just starting to realize it.
Hopefully Apple won't get upside down in this deal. /
I'm seeing no dev update, strange.EDIT: Oh I see what you meant now, you just found a dev version that has been there a while, not a new one today ... gotcha.
I'd not mind as I'd probably glance at them them to help AI as I do feel a wee bit guilty using ad blocker but I seriously cannot stand blogs littered with ads. Each to his own I guess.My reasoning is simply that ads disguised as articles and left up to the user's brains to know this, as you prefer, can lead to misinformation being taken as genuine. Then again on a Rumor site I guess that's OK! LOL
I'd agree but I'd prefer such articles are marked as 'sponsored', perhaps with an icon too. I don't mind reading those, that like this are of genuine interest to me, and can skip those that are not. Pop ups and flash ads are a total no no for me. Some sites are unusable on an iPad, no I take that back ... MOST sites are unusable on an iPad where i don't have Ad Blocker. I know I can use Ad Blocker's own wee browser but I forget most times.
Regardless it seems a valid article of interest. It is great that parents would rather get a second hand Apple product than a Samsung / Google / Android POS new.
My only recollection of 'muffin' in the UK was the old saw about 'muffin the mule' protests from the NSPCA.
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