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It's magic ...
Why is this attributed to Kasper ? ... This has DED written all over it. Excellent article.
I agree 100%.
Err excuse me, she is one of the reasons Apple is where it is today.
Nice tip on ~Library Remember you can drag stuff there too but not off externals that dismount sadly. Well you can but they vanish on dismount and don't come back unlike to dock.
Sorry I wasn't clear, the link was where I found some data. The path you gave just opens the iCloud again, same as Finder left side, not the hidden data in the ~/LibraryYes I'd love a larger internal SSD for my new Mac Pro ... alas still waiting for such a thing.Booting to an external isn't an option really. The speed loss would be too much of a miss.Meanwhile ... I discovered another thing about iCD. As you upload from one Mac, iCD is not only uploading to the cloud...
EDIT:Yep you are right. The files are renamed and in mine are in the f folder
~/Library/Application Support/iCloud DocsI doubt there is a way to fool this with symbolic links to get it off the boot drive, do you?
That's why I used Carbon Copy Cloner AND TimeMachine. I didn't try but I suspect you are partly correct. It's not that it wouldn't work, it just I'd guess a Mavericks back up would not restore to the now Yosemite drive. I could be wrong but it's a hunch. However, if you were to wipe the drive you could now install the Mavericks backup from TM.The really cool thing is most times in my experience, I don't need to go back to the previous state for any reason other than...
I'm still trying to find the data in the ~/Library. I looked in Users ▸ ~ ▸ Library ▸ Application Support ▸ CloudDocs but I can't see any stuff I manually place on iCD show up there. The weird thing is sorting by date added doesn't help either! You'd think that would immediately reveal the location of a file being added to the ~/Library. By the way that reminds me ... a bug in 10.10 is if you alter the sort type in ~/Library, 9 times out of ten it crashes the...
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