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Oh that was bad!
Wild guess here ... perhaps the rumor means + for plus size?
The potential for scuba could be amazing with the health kit and biometric monitoring and some specialized app. > Is it because I am running a beta safari or is anyone else seeing funky graphics loading on AI the past few days? I see weird, colored vertical lines as images slowly load in.
Tell Tim I'm back so the launch can go ahead as planned.
Me me me me! ...
lolJust glad that didn't turn into a media frenzy .. "iWatch Launch Delayed?: Eminent and respected Apple Blogger Solipism reports Apple contemplating delay to launch..."
Just a thought, having seen that, have you re run the 'Instal VMWare Tools' option again? It fixed that issue for me.
I have used emulators going back to the stone age of computers and then VMs. I love VMWare and it is very useful for running other versions of OS X such as the developer Yosemite and before that all the OS X Server versions post Intel. Today I use a dedicated Mac mini with partitioned drives for OS X betas rather than VMs mostly. There was once a time when I needed to run Emulators and then VMs for Windows XP (I won't mention Vista) and later 7 almost daily for either...
Any comment / prediction about an Apple venture 'not earning much money' has to be made by someone who is pretty brave. Even their 'hobbies' usually end up making more than many Fortune 1000 companies. Not to mention the increase in sales of other Apple products that so often result because of these new ventures.
I've got to get from Maine back to Florida in the next few days! Tell a Apple to wait if I'm delayed will ya?
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