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Can you say 'you guys' these days? I thought that was the height bad of PC!
Get in line ...
Yep and I'd add, throwing darts at a board for stock tips would probably get higher than 5% correct.Cramer should have been legally prevented from ever talking stocks on TV/Radio/Print/Web again after his admission of manipulation and fired by CNBC. Not to mentioned fined, keelhauled and banished from the USA. Did I mention tar and feathers?
Good to hear my personal opinion is back up by someone who knows more. If Cramer were simply entertaining that would one thing. Ever since he got cornered, on camera, admitting his shenanigans with AAPL this guy should have been barred from giving stock advice.http://appleinsider.com/articles/09/03/13/jon_stewart_exposes_apple_stock_manipulation
That's the same for the Nexus and Galaxy lines ... oh wait a minute ... they can't sell them in the first place, my bad.
Cramer is a joke .... I do expect IBM to pick up once they really get going with their new Apple partnership and new iOS / Swift projects start showing up in large numbers .
.... is that the sound of self convincing I hear? ... When's the new iMac 5K arriving?
Of course you are correct, it's too early for them to jump, but boy oh boy, what a PR nightmare for them in the mean time. They between a rock and a hard place right now.
Anyone know the actual $ involved. It could be less to pay up than miss out on ´ú┐Pay.
That sounds about right. Meanwhile I'd like to see those that lined their pockets before entering bankruptcy be asked some serious questions by a judge.
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