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Isn't that getting close to the Trillion Dollar Company level? Around $170-ish isn't it?
Good heaven's man, it's 20% these days!
Interesting move. So I wonder this is any connection to the recent EU attitude to Apple's tax set up there. Is this a possible way to mitigate potential higher taxes?
Sorry the came out ambiguously. I meant a joint selling 'dealership model', not vehicle model.
I agree on the dealers. As to service, I don't know for sure but I bet the vast majority of service requirements vanish along with an internal combustion engine. What's left other brakes, steering and electronics? Perhaps Apple and Tesla could be talking about a joint selling model?
I think you are correct, Apple would be far more likely to go with the Tesla approach but not to say there couldn't be a hands off mode one day much like the new trucks that just came out.
I always liked the shutting down part best ...
Well said. I'd add, the old memes 'Apple doesn't know this or that market' or 'the market cannot be improved upon' are a proven false time and time again with Apple. Only when Apple bring out a new concept of a car (and assuming it does) that is a paradigm changer will people say,' Oh that was obvious' and only then will Google and Samsung copy it (as in change their directions to Apple's). Actually, correction, Google and Samsung will have started work as soon as the...
Fitted with Michelin - OS X Radials I assume?
The iPhone can make phone calls ...? 😮
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