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I'm sure you correct. Cough cough ...
LOL. Très drôle
Out of curiosity the EU ever go after the BBC Micro, Sinclair or Allan Sugar for anything like that (I already know about sheep!)? I would imagine the French would have blocked all of these given half a chance.
I would not be surprised. The French have been known to kill English sheep being imported.http://www.nytimes.com/1990/09/17/world/french-protest-of-sheep-imports-turns-ugly.html
I'd agree with both comments here.
Excellent review. Thanks.
I am not sure but maybe Magman1979 was referring to the Office document creation (second part of article).
I did several years ago. I dropped TV and Land Line but retained a 75/50 FiOS internet service with them. I have been told by several people lately that now if you try this they charge more for just internet than their 'triple' play' service. Anyone here got any experience of this?
I nearly suggested an Aiport device but all too often it isn't centrally located and is in a room where the cable or TV enters the house as opposed to next to the TV. That's been the case in four of my homes. But I still have a suspicion the system might be a networked and iCloud type thing with Siri and be independent of any one device. Instead being accessible from any device like iTunes Match for example.
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