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At least Swatch didn't go on record stating something along the lines of 'Apple don't know how to make a watch ... we have been making them for blah blah blah ...' Or have a mock funeral for an iWatch.
Sorry to be late to the thread ... if this has been said, my bad, I haven't read through the posts yet. It all makes me wonder if Apple are making an intelligent 'watch strap' not a watch per se! Or some attachment to an existing watch at least. I can't see how but nor can I see why Apple would be talking to other watch makes ... assuming the rumor is true.
I had no clue Swatch had grown like this. Thanks for the education! I realize I haven't looked at watches or even thought about them for 35 years. A girl friend bought me a Rolex on a visit to Andorra back then and I've worn it ever since.
You wind it up then talk to it of course.
True, In my case I use a dedicated late 2013 Mac mini, I did also boot to an an external on my nMac Pro and it was nice but as you say, we have real work to do on our main machines. That said the Mac mini seems pretty solid since v4, as I said up the thread, Server v 4 seems good too,
Dev v4 Seems very stable and I have not hit any issues with Yosemite Server beta 4 either. Beta CrushFTP and beta Java all working well too. The fact Apple is readying the public beta bodes well. Hopefully this may all be released earlier than the rumored October release.
If Bill Gates is involved then he has surely found somewhere to copy, reverse engineer or steal the information from. Leopards don't change their spots.
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