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Agreed but let us not forget all the discussions here on AI at the time that Apple probably felt going after Samsung was easier than the going after the real cause of the problem, Google. Especially as Google gave away the shit for free. It seems to have been repeated too often here by the pro Google troll that 'nothing was ever stolen by Google' and it seems to have worked. How easily history is rewritten.
You kind of miss the point. Even Apple's hobbies make most companies' major divisions look small. It's all relative. But then again maybe you were trying to be negative.
If he's correct then I for one won't be complaining. Better to read someone positive about Apple in the tech media than reading all the doom makers' comments.
Not to totally disagree but to put forth a slightly more open minded view point. What you refer to as a note book, but I refer to as a MacBook Pro, can be plugged in, that's always something to consider. I did a load of edits for TV shows on a MBP when on the road but only when plugged in. No reason why dual GPU could be available only when connected to a power supply. Not saying it will happen just saying it would be very useful to professional video folks using FCPX....
I wonder if a new Pro MacBook might emerge with dual GPUs given that the Pro Apps have all now been tweaked to be able to use the extra GPU on a nMac Pro?
So, just to be clear because I simply don't understand, are you saying you are for insurance companies being able to dictate what you can and cannot be covered for and at what point you can either die or go bankrupt? I apologize if you are not saying such a ludicrous thing.
All the anti types seem to totally ignore the major reasons for the Act, no more of the insurance companies' shenanigans such as caps (as in ... 'sorry you've had enough coverage, get out of hospital or sell your home) and refusal to cover you at all if you have ever had anything wrong as I did. I can only assume they have corporate coverage, those of us (you know the back bone of America who are self employed) were screwed at every turn before 2014.
I never had a crash but with a new Mac Pro maybe I wasn't affected. What are you running it on?
There is also a Motion update.
Let me guess, the top Google brass have told you to ingratiate yourself for a few weeks?
New Posts  All Forums: