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And as to be expected ... tons of media reports stating 'Apple' has overcharged .... Google's / and or Samsung's money hard at work I assume.
Or save up for an AAPL share and guarantee a win
I'm sure some do but I am guessing they carry change for the pay phones instead ...
I admit I was surprised at first that the Watch didn't have GPS. Then i started to think of all the things Apple missed out of other products that the Microcraps and Assdroid types added and the media were all over. Stuff like USB connections and HDMI on iPads. Funny thing is Apple seemed to win out all the same. It's almost as if Apple somehow figures out what is really needed in the things it makes. It is amazing really, you'd almost think Apple know what they...
I have said that many times about a block should work on quotes as well, As to the second idea ... problem is the trolls could get together and ban all the good guys.
I'm tempted but as I said in previous post I doubt using Maps and Siri directions on a road trip would last long, then again I don't know the data rate continuously using Maps when driving, I wonder if that is even knowable?
Thanks to all who answered. Yes I gave up on the web site as no specific statement as such answered the question.I'd hate to risk the unlimited. As I have mentioned before on AI on the topic, where the iPhones (we have a buddy account too) with AT&T unlimited really shines for us, is on a long road trip (as in driving from Florida to New England and back) and the iPhone can be running maps with Siri guiding all the way at no charge. I should add we do not use I95 ... ...
你去添 您可以利用中國長城的一些照片,而你在那裡嗎?
Question ... Does invoking this with AT&T mean losing a grandfathered in limitless data plan? Or does AT&T simply charge extra? I can't see how they could differentiate so I am guessing it would. I know they refused to let us add an iPad to our limitless data plan.
Hopefully IBM won't turn around and partner with Google down the road too in the name of openness or some such crap. I hope Tim has them contractually sewn up tighter than a duck's ass. Apple are in the driving seat now.
New Posts  All Forums: