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Wasn't he into robots?
Ah, schadenfreude served cold ....
Why on earth do they care? Do they qualify their whining with any justification?
To be fair I didn't say it was, nor propose it should be. What I said was I think of it that way because of growing up with it that way.Please re read ...."You also have to forgive someone from a different culture who thinks of health care as a right but paid for as a nation with taxes not risk management run by for profit organizations with share holders. It's all down to what you grow up with I guess."I didn't say who thinks it should be a right.Words are important and...
Awe, I'd never have said that ... but ... Well I think Soli and SoliX should be rejoined. Are we to expect SoliY any time soon maybe?
And all this mostly pre iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! It's going to be a far larger blood bath next quarter.
Now we need a thumbs down weighted the same way and minus 100 means being *floated*Term to throw out of an airlock on a space station.
I haven't heard that said in many a decade.
Thanks i really had never given any thought to any of that. But, see I knew i was right to think you were one of the greatest minds posting on AI I must ask Soli why he bifurcated.
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