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So I wonder will Apple go DIY or find another manufacturer.
I suspect a boycot will occur naturally so to speak, people will take to this like ducks to water and go where the water is so to speak ... the dry areas will get dryer ... I think I am getting too carried away with my metaphors this morning ... I need more coffee!
sshhhh .... you want to get her fired? They are Samsung cameras.
It is one of the great conundrums of the modern age isn't it? Is it better not to trade and engage with a developing country (and I realize China is a strange example having been so advanced in the past) for fear of being seen to take advantage of them or better for the first world to leave them alone stuck in some agrarian and feudal system from the past. There are so many arguments both ways.I happen to think Tim is trying, better than most, to strike a good and moral...
I like that analogy.
This is really good to know. This from someone whose wife once won a free drink on a flight for having the most credit cards .... I was so embarrassed.
Personal attacks in your signature too I see ... is this a new 'low' ? At least mine is at an Evil Empire and subtle. "... attacking his mother and sister. "This from his mother ... sounds like she doesn't think he is a bad person to me ... so perhaps your epithet was uncalled for. I will resist the 'it takes one ...' comment. "“I don’t know what happened that night. That’s the problem,” says Jenny.Jenny admits her daughter Sharon did put a “proposition” to Christian,...
What we need is a graduated block AI system on AI ( and I mean artificial intelligence the first time there)Select Level of Blocking:1) Block total morons always and quotes2) Block total morons always and quotes unless the put down is a real zinger
I agree, I used to be 50/50 with MacRumors ... no more.I was trying to think when and why this happened ...I think, IMHO, we have very good mods on AI who are themselves Apple fans and they always feel to me they are part of the forum too. On MR it was once like that then the mods became detached and more concerned over trivia like, did you use a group quote correctly or whatever, and content was irrelevant. The result was over time the whole blog is like something at...
He has many good points, no argument there. Let me ask you this ... would you spend all day, everyday on a prestigious Android blog waiting to defend Apple at every turn, researching to find any link that might put down a pro Android comment, having the patience to intelligently argue with every smart person on the blog that likes Android and dislikes Apple? If not ask yourself what would entice you to do it?
New Posts  All Forums: