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Ok but that doesn't address my comment. I'd like to see a non Intel Mac Pro etc..
Good to know but does that preclude Apple from having developed their own CPU capable of running OS X ?
Then we are in agreement.
No it isn't and Apple would agree with me. An iPad and a Mac are for very different uses with a lot of obvious overlap. I don't think i will be editing one of my 4K videos, with many TBs of Thunderbolt RAID storage and three screens on my iPads anytime soon even though I read email, Netflix (used as a verb) and web browse on both.Sorry to disagree, but as I have stated earlier, my reason for asking about an Apple foray into a desktop CPUs and GPUs (not a just Mobile...
So, you are stating for the record, that Apple has knowingly released a device with their own in-house processor that isn't optimized for their own web browser? Just checking ....
Maybe if iOS and OS X merge one day in a way that allows the best of both worlds. I agree a 30" iPad might be awesome for FCP X and Logic Pro X if I can have multiple monitors, 64 GIGs of RAM and unlimited TB of on line storage over Thunderbolt. However, I'm thinking a continuation of the two Apple OSs is here for a while.
If iOS could run Final Cur Pro X maybe ... I suspect it is more likely Apple have chip development underway that will blow Intel out of the water for OS X. Few need to run Windblows in a VM these days, so Intel is not needed if Apple can improve and surpass.
So I take it you are happy and content that Apple stay with Intel for Macs for ever? My drift was to suggest this was not a good idea ...
I'd prefer if Apple let us swap it for something we like, I'm thinking the Max Bruch violin concerto in Gm played by Christian Ferras. If you haven't heard it I thoroughly recommend it. This from someone that used to play in a rock band.
You can sell one of your kidneys too but it isn't wise.
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