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It isn't the same class system obviously. How can it be? We don't have John Cleese and the Two Ronnies here https://youtu.be/K2k1iRD2f-cHowever, people being people, there are always groups that feel they are better than others. Tribal instinct and ignorance prevail. That or my pet theory ... people often suck (witness the mentality it takes to troll a web blog).Very good article in Time references this topic, albeit not the main thrust of the...
I left in 1989 as I couldn'r abide the UK weather anymore. The politics and class system came in a close second and third. I'm stuck with much of the same here but the weather is fabulous.
I keep getting flash backs to my Amstrad IC2000 Hi-Fi amplifier, Garrard SP25 Mk3 deck with Goldring G800 cartridge and Wharfdale Lintons I had when I was in the 6th form. All paid for by years of a paper round!
Thanks for the insight.
You see this as a product rather than purely for in-house use then?
Sorry ... what did you say?
I left the UK a long time ago, would this be the Sinclair ZX Spectrum?
Ok I must be missing where the 'laptop' part is explained ... is that a Mac?
That's very true.That said, I'm thinking Apple's foray into medical uses may be related to this rather than rejigging iTunes etc.
I think you just insulted twats though!
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