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Wow, it seems to me this really shows how the PC (as in Wintel Box) is all but dead as mass market product. If the once much touted dominance of Windows PCs amongst everyday users still had a shred of truth this would not be happening. Microsoft simply no longer has a platform a lot of people use.
I'd suggest logging out / turning Match off, and starting it again. It only takes a few moments. I just started iTunes Match on a new Mac and everything came in fine.
Especially when you think how really bad the owners of some toilet paper making companies really are.
I guess it takes an Apple share holder to see the upside of that!
Exactly what I have been saying. In the context of historical games or for that matter any historical setting anything from that time should be seen for what it is and be permissible. The display of such things anywhere in modern times is ridiculous and insulting to the memories of those that fought. That's not to say the poor souls caught up in the US civil war in the south necessarily wanted to be there or even understood what it was all about.
I agree but Apple failed to take into consideration the apoplexy they caused here on AI ... what were the Apple team thinking, don't they know they have to clear anything slightly politically charged with the members here first?
I agree with you, I have been utterly shocked by many responses on AI these last few days.
What a brilliantly clever cartoon!
Hear hear.
Hello World. (I just felt sorry for this post getting zero comments).
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