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Hear hear.
Hello World. (I just felt sorry for this post getting zero comments).
No doubt one day soon we will be able to use an iPhone's front camera for a retina scan.
Excellent comment. Not all political but certainly people that exemplified thinking differently. (My spell checker actually tried to change differently to different then LOL). I think the frog was top of my list.
But does she promise an after life with the receipt?
Perhaps you got too far off topic. AI mods are very good, especially compared to other Apple blogs I could mention.
I was kidding (in part), I am sure there are a few good folks out there of the cloth so to speak. In fact as disinterested in organized religion as I am, I kind of like much of what the current boss over at the Vatican has to say. Certainly a first for me.
I'm quite sure when those that don't believe / understand science eventually have to face to truth on that subject they will convince themselves God did it to punish humans for gay marriage. How's that for topically on message?
That's weird I was lucky enough to take part in a massively long very intellectually stimulating from all sides thread last year, that was all about religion, Christianity included and nothing was deleted.
Right and there goes most of the scientific community. I'm guessing you don't read too many science journals though.
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