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As I have said many times. Apple should to find a way to remove as much of that as possible. No reason to help fund your potential nemesis. The best way would be ´ú┐Search as the default IMHO.
Amen to that. Education is the solution to most of the world's problems.On this topic, 'electricity 'continuing to be generated' is somewhat different from the conception of 'pent up'.I can see venting being and issue on a roof for firemen for sure. Some clever designer needs to think of a solution to that as more and more homes get solar panels in the years to come.
Seriously? You mean the 'pent up energy' leaps out during the fire and ... OK I kid! They are not batteries you know That said, as I say in post below it all requires some new thinking.
You probably know all this but if not here's a useful tip. These days if you have an large fast external drive you can make a disk sparseimage of your boot drive very quickly using Carbon Copy Cloner. I have a 2 TB external with images of six different boot volumes from MBPs and a Mac Pro. Should you need to restore you can use this as a back up of where you were. Far faster than using Time machine. You just mount the Mac to be restored using Target mode on another...
Same here. I did see that issue of being issued new device names early on but it was fixed by an early developer version that was not long after released to the public. I am using all Apple gear, routers included. Perhaps non Apple routers still had an issue, hard to know.
Holy crap Batman, I am now seeing over 50 wifi routers from our neighborhood, I saw 4 before this update! EDIT ... oops I forgot the /joke tag!
Oh more fun ... Got to say, I enjoy participating in the dev program. I have never once had a loss of data or had to down grade. But I do back up first .
I replied but It's been moved. See above. Hope you find it fun.
Just sitting here with my MBP I can see / feel that even something as small as a single key could easily be used to act as a tiny track pad. If they work in unison it would probably work excellently.
New Posts  All Forums: