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Oh come on, we, AI members, can't laugh at Microsoft without you calling us trolls? If we were mocking on a Microsoft fan blog site I'd agree, but here ... really? This is sport
I bet it runs a mini version of Symantec or Norton Anti-Virus and you have to wait an hour before using MicroSoft Pay while it checks for any malware.Mock Funeral sounds in order ...."Here next to Zune, lies the body of MSWatch ..."
I can't get the image out of my head ... a Micky Mouse watch only with Ballmer and his arms swinging round ... It's like a nightmare!
You are correct of course, but to be fair, with three decades in business based on basically two things they ripped off; Mac office suite and Mac OS, what else can they do but follow Apple?
Not sure I follow ... what are these 'window decorations' you are upset about? Can you explain?Even in Full Screen mode Photoshop CS6, FCPro X and quite a few other apps all use the dark menus. Aperture doesn't support it correctly and we already know Apple is not keeping it up to 10.10 specs fully, sadly. iTunes doesn't either so I agree it is a work in progress.BTW I kind of like the way Dark Mode still picks up the colors on the desktop influencing the dark areas...
I prefer the Option Key and having the green button change function than double clicking but you are correct to point out that is also another way to use the previous green button action. My problem is there is rarely enough top bar real estate in my Safari to click on! I tend to have a lot of customization taking all the room up.
This link lead you to an old version ...? If so must be a screw up. I've not tried it yet so no idea if you are hallucinating to not ... https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dropbox/id327630330?mt=8:D
Hey, how do you know TheOthergeoff doesn't have a source for To back up your excellent post: http://www.geaviation.com http://www.ge-energy.com/products_and_services/products/nuclear_power_plants/
I was just playing with a demo of Dropbox as this this article came up. The problem I have is with a new Mac Pro and its very small SSD I have learned to live with 90% of my working data and most programs residing on an attached Thunderbolt Drive. Dropbox info states it is possible to relocated the dropbox folder to an external but warns if ever that drive is not online at boot time or goes off line Dropbox will delete all the files. Both those scenarios are highly...
New Posts  All Forums: