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I agree 100000000000000%Photos is great and very useful for the masses but it's not Aperture. Aperture could so easily be kept up to date. It is so much better than Lightroom and there is really no other option.
Check if this is the same. This is my developer's version.
Apple had the nerve to drop floppy disks, abandon CDs and then DVDs change the charging connecters on iDevices, good dog, will it ever end? They should have left OS X at Lion! /s
I would suspect Tim has been active as well.
I agree to some extent and you could be right but I think iOS will be able to support features on the iPadPro not applicable to its smaller siblings easily enough without requiring a new hybrid the way the Apple TV and Watch did.
I agree with you. It isn't only profit though IMHO, it's also the total control Apple would then have without Intel involved.To have some speculative fun, I'd suggest at some point an Apple chip will be put in a MacBook like product running OS X or a variant of OS X, I am pretty sure they have early prototypes already just as they had intel Macs years before the public knew. When they do there is another possibility not mentioned so far. No convergence of MacBools and...
Sometimes a joke doesn't need explaining. Rarely on AI I admit.
Totally agree.
Hey no need to apologize this is all useful to any Apple TV user.Plex doesn't even need any conversion, it can play .mvk no problem.However, if you have .mvk already you want as .m4v you can convert it very quickly with an application called Remux.http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/35968/remuxThis is useful as you can burn English subs for non English dialog on an otherwise English movie. Something neither Plex not iTunes can deal with.
Handbrake, it's free too! : https://handbrake.frhttp://www.macworld.com/article/2362781/how-to-rip-a-blu-ray-disc.html
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