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I do agree the tools are a little too well hidden for those with an IQ
Off topic but in Numbers it is amazing how many things it does in a totally different way. Having used Excel since it's inception and even VisiCalc (which IMHO it was ripped off from) I too tended to try to do things the same way only to hit a brick wall. Of late I have discovered more and more things can be done but in a totally different way. My only complaint is Apple should do a few videos for those of us trying to transition explaining the things we thought we knew...
It doesn't tie you to iCloud if you want to use a stand alone local Library you can.It can do very sophisticated edits compared to iPhoto. Perhaps you haven't seen how yet?Whoever voted for you hasn't used Photos obviously nor have you it seems.The last line you wrote is total tripe. Photos in no way stops you using iPhoto if you want to for a while. It creates its own Library. Plus you can choose where. It is highly customizable.
Yes, not quite Aperture but way more sophisticated that iPhoto.
Of course he does, or he wouldn't get paid!
What's your Google body guard called?
Damn, doesn't that always happen? I bought mine too soon.
That's the 'Watch Plus' your thinking of
Maybe they are using the curiosity trick, ... 'What is that ad ... ?' which sometimes gets more attention than the obvious.
Obviously they don't but the degree to which they do carry would depend on their particular professional focus and interests.Your last point hardly needed saying. Bread is fine for some meals and is a lot better than having nothing to eat.
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