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Does she sing or just look good?
He has a son?
So I'm guessing Julio Iglesias doesn't qualify?
What's hip hop? Is it a form of dance or music? I know rock 'n roll, country and folk .. and that that thing where they just talk .. rap .. which i always switch stations when it comes on .... that's about it.
You'd also be telling the black hats. Common sense would dictate it is essential to notify the software developer first, be that Google, Microsoft or Apple etc..
From what I read if you upgrade to El Capitan beta you would be.
Really? Wouldn't you have preferred he shared with Apple first?
With interest.
Fixed heading "HTC, Lenovo announce job cuts as losses mount in smartphone market battle rout"
You could be right, but I suspect that won't be the case. Apple's MO for any given product is traditional, roughly same price with better specs and more features.
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