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Apple really are building a space ship, that building is a double bluff.
Poor Samsung. They got suckered by Google and led to believe that POS AKA Android would be a success. Should have stuck to chips, TVs and Fridges Sammy. Just think you could be riding high as Apple's partner.
It brings a whole new meaning to DOA for Microsoft products though ...
I've often thought Cuba would have come around a lot sooner with more contact not less.
Oh that was too funny, I spilled my wine!I was going to ask if anyone knew how many viruses Microsoft had but your post was way funnier.
It's ok to be a pedant but ignorance is a sin.
You are wrong IMO. Soli's comment was correct in the context it was made. Meanwhile, enough with the condescension eh? If you can't discuss without insult give it up, i.e. don't roll your f****** eyes at me smart a**. You do realize you are messing with a Mogul Gaberator in Soli don't you?
Sorry you missed the 'implied 'charge 'em' in my 'get a jury of 12' I assumed that was a pretty obvious. That of course also implied 'an investigation is required'. I am obviously getting far to cryptic and/ or subtle!I beg to differ on my view of how this all went down. Granted Apple may have screwed up on their due diligence but something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Oh, that's an quote from Hamlet by the way.
The search is weird too. Yesterday I needed a clinometer for the iPhone and found it on the Mac looking at apps for the iPhone. Found what I wanted and went to the apps store on my iPhone. I typed the exact name in that I was looking at on the Mac and the iPhone app store search couldn't find it. I was able to down load from the Mac and then get it from the purchased list on the iPhone.
Next Ford will have running boards and a crank start.
New Posts  All Forums: