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What am I missing?
Yes I had to read that several times ... imagine being beaten with a spotify! The mind boggles.
They always made great pro video equipment, I hope that division doesn't get dragged down by the consumer side of things.
Exactly. As I said earlier, the divisions of Apple people are concerned about are all gigantic and successful by any metric in of themselves even if dwarfed by iPhone.
Hopefully we can get back to the new attire and away from smoke discussions now? Did I read somewhere she's dropping the name tags? If so that is a mistake IMHO, I like being able to see their names.
Hopefully there will be lots of thrashing around and gasping for air before the end.
I was at a meeting at Apple HQ in the UK when they announced Apple sales world wide had surpassed the $1 B mark. It seemed an amazing achievement at the time.
Someone dig up all the posters of note that claimed China was a total no-go for the expensive Apple iPhone. Let's have a laugh.
nearly 115 after hours.
Apple's smaller divisions make more $ than most other companies on earth so i wouldn't get too upset.
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