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Not really a rant at all, all just true. BTW what did you write that in? You have some seriously over-worked color tags in there!
Actually after reading that I am not so worried. No reason to think she will be biased towards Google in her new job. If she can reign in the patent trolls that's good. I assume they will have to close some courts in east Texas to do that.
I'm still hoping ... but I'll be surprised if it's for pros.
Really? I'd say Apple's recent filings and the expected next quarter ($60B??) compared to Samsung's 60% decline answers that one. Google = Android. What part of that escapes you?I have been reading your posts to date. While in advertising and a Mac user you seem to have been unhappy with the iPhone and iOS a lot. I am sorry that has been your experience.
OMG that is a thought I hadn't had ... Apple and access to Watson! Awesome ... So long as they never rename Siri as 'Ken' ...
That is not an intelligent reply. Apple started way later and obviously have catching up to do before they go into the lead. Just don't forget Google's map revenue comes from selling information gleaned from map usage. iOS is so dominant now their income is dwindling.
All I am saying is go back in time and check out Google maps at the same point in development. Rest assured Google is not going to come close to Apple in the long run ... at anything. Their theft of iOS ended what was great, mutually beneficial business arrangement. Eric's betrayal will be their undoing. A few years ago I said the same thing about Gates and Microcrap when they ruled the world ... not so much now eh? Have faith grasshopper.Meanwhile we use Siri day in...
Well we bought in several tranches but the major buy in was at $70 pre split so those are 10X. I had bought a nice chunk at $30 pre split and we added at $200 pre split.By 'half way' I mean at $150 a share, i.e. half way from now to $203 roughly. Once we pass $150 it's 7 figures over all . We were not brave enough to go all in but it is one hell of a return. We intend to leave it all untouched and have all dividends reinvested. Once at $200 I might believe it and cash a...
Right, let's be serious here, Jony is on Mount Olympus part of the inner circle and should be.
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