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I agree to some extent and you could be right but I think iOS will be able to support features on the iPadPro not applicable to its smaller siblings easily enough without requiring a new hybrid the way the Apple TV and Watch did.
I agree with you. It isn't only profit though IMHO, it's also the total control Apple would then have without Intel involved.To have some speculative fun, I'd suggest at some point an Apple chip will be put in a MacBook like product running OS X or a variant of OS X, I am pretty sure they have early prototypes already just as they had intel Macs years before the public knew. When they do there is another possibility not mentioned so far. No convergence of MacBools and...
Sometimes a joke doesn't need explaining. Rarely on AI I admit.
Totally agree.
Hey no need to apologize this is all useful to any Apple TV user.Plex doesn't even need any conversion, it can play .mvk no problem.However, if you have .mvk already you want as .m4v you can convert it very quickly with an application called Remux.http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/35968/remuxThis is useful as you can burn English subs for non English dialog on an otherwise English movie. Something neither Plex not iTunes can deal with.
Handbrake, it's free too! : https://handbrake.frhttp://www.macworld.com/article/2362781/how-to-rip-a-blu-ray-disc.html
The part that had me baffled was that to share Albums in Photos on a Mac you have to launch iTunes on the same Mac having started Home Sharing. Once in iTunes the way to do it wasn't obvious to me! See attched screen shots ...Once checked these now show up on the Apple TVs. being on the LAN they are instant and none of the annoying iCloud issues. For Movies I have locally, Plex running on the new Apple TV is the best solution I now feel. I prefer using Plex over...
You just described my exact feelings when looking at Canon's line up of DSLR lenses they make!
Is it just a demo version? I download it and it seems to be pretty large but I couldn't even understand how it worked! Then I have zero experience in that type of game, I prefer the GTA V type games.
Sorry, yes I mean available via iCloud but also locally (see next paragraph). I was asking for more info not disagreeing. I did purchase the new Apple TV with the maximum storage assuming this might come in useful. I don't think you will ever see an Apple TV with mass onboard storage though.Re viewing Photos photos: I've found one can avoid the drop outs and occasional lags of iCloud photos by using Home Sharing as the source of images for the Apple TV. My main Mac...
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