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Dude you forgot the /s tag. Hillarious post though, congrats ...
OMG ... You think it's the Kirby Vacuum cleaner concept? That ranks right up there with [EDIT] Jehovah's Witnesses at the door, if not worse. That would be very scary on so many levels.
For the purposes of this post, I live in Portland, OR I've noticed that with a lot of on-line material. Even our local newspaper's paid subscription only system. You cannot get past the front page other than just the first section of every article. Their limitation fails if you access from their own daily, email using Constant Contacts or the like. It lists all the day's articles and all can be read, better still one accessed the whole paper is available..
100% agree. With Amazon, deliveries within two days for free, always to the door. If the product isn't right for any reason, what can be simpler than printing the return label and dropping off at the local shipping store? No cost to me what-so-ever, labels and packaging all provided. Refunds in days. Incredibly responsive system and no judgement.I wonder where this 'wild west' is? If they are in USA they must not be using Amazon Prime or haven't discovered the return...
You'll be telling me you are old enough to remember Hiram Holliday next!
I wish him well but between Amazon and the Apple Store I'm pretty well all set. I have to wonder if he regrets leaving Apple.
Instead of using the name Knox, presumably based on Fort Knox, Scamsung should have used Fort Courage as their inspiration, you know, the home of F Troop. That was a farce too.
Right, I was replying to the post from @patpatpat
That a very interesting and very true train of thought. Most actors are basically always the same in each movie. It is rare as you say to have one that vanishes behind the character. Some actors are specifically successful by always being the same, indeed i suspect writers actually write to the known character ... examples would range from Bruce Willis to Cary Grant. The audience would find Bruce not playing Bruce a let down (and he may have done of course and i just...
Now that would be a great place. I actually had never thought to ask if there was an Apple Store in Korea. For some reason I assumed there was.
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