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Great idea, especially not using a paper clip icon that jumps up and down and annoys the hell out of you to accomplish this.
I confess I was specifically talking about his coverage of the Mac and its iterations, trials and tribulations and also the history of Apple, the company. I am not an expert on cell phones or there operating systems so can't comment one way or the other. On his Apple and Mac history he is very accurate in my opinion.That said, your claim is your experience and knowledge makes you are right and DED wrong, something neither I nor anyone else, that doesn't know you, can...
The only claim to fame that is warranted IMHO is the use on so many servers. For that, even as a Mac devotee, I am eternally grateful. Running remote server software with a GUI from a Mac on a Widows server was always a form of self torture. On any Linux server it was a pure joy.I do understand the fun Linux Geeks have messing under the hood though.
Only sheeps follow such rules ...
I partially agree. It was panic in some places that understood such as Google, and they had a mole, but I don't think some, such as Blackberry had a clue was was about to happen to them. Microsoft I am not sure what went on other than the obvious lame antics such as the funeral of the iPhone and so on, which makes me thunk they didn't take it seriously.
This will be lost on the noise ... Apple's iOS security is "otherwise great," Zdziarski wrote, noting that Apple has "worked hard to make iOS devices reasonably secure against typical attackers."
Seeing Blondie (Debbie Harry I mean of course) makes me sad and feel very old. It was only yesterday she was a young and very hot babe ...
That said ... as an ex Brit in the US for 25 years, I do have to admit I suspect the average American thinks that island off France is London
... and not even an America ... /s
It is easy to forget how complacent MS , Nokia, BB and the rest were and how they all sneered at Steve's new concept of a smart phone. IMHO they didn't recognize it at all. It took quite a while for the reality of Apple's total take over of the industry to sink in. Only Schmidt had an inside track and steered Google in the only direction possible, i.e. rip off Apple before it is too late. Microsoft should have stuck to their usual MO and done the same, not doing so was...
New Posts  All Forums: