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It took 23 posts before a mention of mention U2 ... Lol
I'd say you are the one dribbling on ... Microsoft is irrelevent in the modern computing age, get over it and move on. Oh of course you did but now Android is crashing too ... what a shame ...
This is all great news. Quadcopters (I hate the term drone) and iPhones using this technology will make finding people trapped in earthquakes, lost in woods etc. not to mention hostages and kidnap victims, a lot easier for the fire and rescue services and police. I know they already have far better technology but expensive and often requiring manned helicopters. The cost of a fleet of small quadcopter with these would be relatively low and deployment very fast.
There are other ways of enlarging your iris!
It is, if nothing else, a nice response to that company that sells a few tablets now and then and makes a fuss about an optional keyboard, what is there name ... Oh, I remember Microsoft.
It depends on the circumstances. My wife travels a lot to visit our new granddaughter from here in FL to NE and she has a MBP and an iPad and iPhone However, she carries as little as possible as she has to fly the last leg; Boston to Martha's Vineyard on a puddle jumper. As a realtor she has to stay in touch even if away for only a long weekend. Last trip she tried just taking the iPad Air and iPhone to save weight and it was fine except a pain typing a lot. ...
To all those doubting 4K being worth it, check this out, even on a non 4K monitor the results put 1080p to shame. Viewed at 4K on a standard 27" Mac cinema display it is breathtaking. http://box.houkouonchi.jp/4k/4K-Chimei-inn-60mbps.mp4 You can download the video if your connection isn't fast enough to play on-line and mess around with it. It loads into FCPro X easily enough.
I think this may well be on my Christmas shopping list as a gift for my wife. I will re read in case I missed it but I assume they can be charged easily along side the iPad, with the micro USB I assume.
With Microsoft's market share being
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