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Have you tried the Windows to Go approach I use? No Mac side influence that way, it may solve your issues. You can use a demo version of Windows Enterprise for 30 days to play and it keeps working after that, you just have to reboot once in a while after a few annoying messages. Windows to Go is a wee utility that comes with Enterprise and simply makes external, bootable Windows drives that run on a PC or a Mac, they are how Windows should be! You can do all this from...
Don't shoot the messenger .. the answer is probably clueless users of course. My suggested solution would seem the obvious answer. Never leave it on Everyone and iOS should flip back to Friends Only after a certain time by default. I guess you could add another option in settings ... "I want to be flashed' LOLhttp://www.bbc.com/news/technology-33889225
Yes between Macs is it is amazing and very fast.One small thing I would like to see fixed and it still isn't yet on the latest 10.11 dev beta, is having the extra step of saying ... "I can't find what I am looking for' then 'Search for older Macs' so my older MBPs show up too ... why??? Just show me new and older Macs at the same time please!
Is this an industry first? Being shipped a new product because the manufacturer knows the serial numbers of all the defective ones and who has them, just wow. Talk about common sense, kudos to Apple yet again. The norm by manufacturers is to make some convoluted process for the customer to prove they have the 'known' defective product in such situations and hope only a few take you up on it.
I have never used Boot Camp so I am asking this out of curiosity, there may be a good reason What stops you adding the drivers you need once in Windows? I have to add all my own as I don't use Boot Camp or any Boot Camp drivers. I create my own Windows boot drives from on a new Mac Pro using Parallels or VMWare and Windows is on an SSD in an external Thunderbolt Dock and then simply select that as the start up disk on rebooting. Actually I do go and pinch a couple of...
So long as this stuff cannot be 'planted' without you knowing by accidentally leaving your phone able to receive. I'm sure Apple will think this one through though unlike Airdrop!On a related subject ... Meanwhile Apple should seriously think about altering Airdrop's functionality, so as to default back to 'friends only' automatically with in a short period after setting it to everyone manually. There is a headline news of a woman getting 'flashed' (as in sent indecent...
I wish Boot Camp enabled booting to an external drive for those of us with new Mac Pros. I have to use Windows to Go to enable this so I assume it is a limitation imposed by Microsoft on non Enterprise versions but it is damned annoying since Mac Pros have such small internal drives being designed to utilize externals for all but the OS and a few programs. OWC have the larger ones now but the cost is still OTW!
Talking of S. CA, I keep wondering if using the oil pipelines from Canada might one day be put to better use to bring fresh water to the wester USA. OT, but I worry this coming El NiƱo might be a disaster for CA due to rapid run off / soil erosion. I hope they are taking measures already for this.
Thanks good info. I came across a similar piping system when i added central heating to a very old stone and brick building, it was termed micro-bore at the time and was small bore plastic piping as easy to install as electrical cable. Obviously a larger pump was required but it was very good, the heating of the water radiators was very fast. This was back in the 1980s. I hadn't thought of it in the context of showers etc., makes perfect sense though.
All true and extremely good insulation on hot pipes too. In a very cold climate I wonder if the cost of maintaining some level of warming of the hot pipes might cost less in the larger picture too. I agree I never liked instant heaters. To be honest the one I had was in one of my businesses and was simply over a sink for washing hands, not showering. It was gas powered and it fired up by turning on the tap and you burned your hands seconds later ... lol Seriously...
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