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Let me guess, the top Google brass have told you to ingratiate yourself for a few weeks?
One of my favorite stores. Great quality at great prices. A rare thing these days.
There working on that.
I'm not 35 any more and the list goes from there ...
He's either a born again Apple guy ... or taking the piss the last few days... don't think too long Edit: My guess he's been told by his masters to be cool it for awhile. You can't influence newbies if the regulars are pointing out your a troll after every anti (albeit always subtle) Apple post.
10 .2 is a major update. How come your app didn't auto update?
I never had that issue but good to know it's fixed.
For heaven's sake get a grip, that was a joke, hence the second line beginning with "Seriously" .... Jeez!
Well said, I think a few of us here agree with that sentiment.
Hence "Seriously" on the next line ...
New Posts  All Forums: