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Way too high ! More like 50%. But time is running out for me sooner than you.
At the point I "questioned", he had made a simple statement (see below) that didn't explain what % of his holdings AAPL represented. " ...If you are not too heavy ..." is a bit vague. Hence I asked for clarification. I have no argument with the answer to my question when I read it in fact I totally agree that is sound for a low risk taking approach. As I said, I continue to buy AAPL and I am in a more aggressive strategy."Good time to buy if you are not too heavy in...
What are you talking about I've more than 20 x times that and don't feel too loaded and still buying more!
Not that I am unbiased here, but an excellent post sir.
Exactly, Apple telegraphed it way before the official launch, heck it was a major topic on AI.Let's be clear, this listing of other smart watches is a rerun of the anti iPhone arguments when people list all the 'smart phones' that predated iPhone. Thus trying to diminish the iPhone's status for some reason. Like the iPhone the Watch is a paradigm shift and everything else that follows from other manufacturers is no longer what they would have made without Apple's example.
Wouldn't that be an imperial boat load in the UK? Oh wait, you mean they went metric after I left?
I tried Chrome once and Little Snitch went haywire with all the attempts to talk back not to mention all the crap-ware that got installed without asking.
Good of you to leap in to defend Google.I have tried Scrollmaps, it doesn't work. I wouldn't put Chrome on a Mac (again).If it is the mouse why can every other mapping system work fine. How come the same mouse used to work with Google map, at some point this started, I have the same mouse ... I don't have the same version of Google maps ... you do the math.Sorry why am I replying! Sheesh ...
One for the ages ...
The words Android and Original shouldn't be used in the same sentence!
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