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Check this out. The system works all the way to the end then I get this ... this was at the point of selecting what time they called me back. It is the same on live chat or email.
Yes that was good to see. But 'supported' is not 'continuing to be developed' sadly.
My wife and I are grandfathered too and we can't even add our iPads to that. I also fear we'd lose the limitless data on the iPhone if we added tethering. The great thing about the limitless data for iPhone for us is driving around the USA with maps and Siri... all free. We once tried that with an 4G enabled iPad with Verizon and ate a months data in under an hour!
£ = Option # on US keyboard ... might not be the same there in darkest Europe Yes, I have that boxed 5 but the plug in seems to be cloud related only ... I might be missing something though. But I couldn't download it locally.
LOLI do force myself to use my 2013 Mac mini each day just so I never get accustomed to the nMP and continue to appreciate it. It's the modern day equivalent of an hour with the hair shirt.
Well I didn't but he was pulling my leg saying "Whoah. Careful there. Wasn't that always the Windows mantra, that more options were always better?".This new hot spot thingy ... it is only available if you pay your carrier extra for the privilege of tethering I assume?
Then if you have problems on a one month old iPhone that isn't cured by such steps, I'd use your warranty immediately if I were you, and call 1-800-My-APPLE
I am in the same boat as you. I can guess though, 3rd party plug ins are probably already on the 'no more development' shelf. That said, I currently just right click and export to PS and use plug-ins there and save back to Aperture. With a new Mac Pro using RAID 0 over TB this is close to instantaneous even with full sized 5K RAW images using TIFF or PSD 16 bit export.
I partly agree but there are examples where Apple has (eventually ... even if they did at first) not just simplify a pro product. FCPro X is now spectacular and so it Logic Pro X. I am extremely pissed off that there is no Aperture Pro X though.On your last point I am happy staying with CS6 for the time being and don't want to pay rent when I can do everything I need with CS6. So what do i do about this plug in that seems to be only for the CC version ... any...
I see it is only for LR 5.6 CC not the previous pre Cloud version that ran on your local drive, 5.0 I believe. If that is a limitation that's a bummer for those who are happy staying with CS6 and 5.0 locally and don't want to get into Adobe's cloud rental scheme.
New Posts  All Forums: