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Just out of curiosity, as I have no idea, can one of these religious puppets refuse a heterosexual couple just on a whim? If not could they sue him/her? Personally I always went for marriage at a civil service as it is a legal matter anyway and nothing to do with religions or myths IMHO.
Well said.
Source: "he came to the realization that he could help affect change by disclosing his orientation"IMHO ... When used as a verb it should be affect. He wasn't trying to effect change (as in have an effect on the change) rather create change, thus 'affect'.
I was trying to think how to say exactly that. Well done.
I'd suggest it is the same context since neither should be used today. That said, I repeat in a historical setting such as film or game set in that period of course it should be allowed as is a swastika. Anyone flying it today, be it a State or an individual is deliberately sending a message as to their refusal to admit the south lost and all that went with that it seems to me.
Where would the world be without you highlighting alternatives to Apple? Well done sir, well played.
Surely anything relating to historical usage such as book or a game set in that period should be able to use the flag just as a movie about WWII uses all the Nazi paraphernalia. However, any use of that flag in modern settings is as ridiculous as displaying a Swastika. It is all about common sense surely.
Google's Android R&D team get new instructions ....
Bono's a good negotiator
Yes, that's definitely unfair practice on Apple's part.
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