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That said ... as an ex Brit in the US for 25 years, I do have to admit I suspect the average American thinks that island off France is London
... and not even an America ... /s
It is easy to forget how complacent MS , Nokia, BB and the rest were and how they all sneered at Steve's new concept of a smart phone. IMHO they didn't recognize it at all. It took quite a while for the reality of Apple's total take over of the industry to sink in. Only Schmidt had an inside track and steered Google in the only direction possible, i.e. rip off Apple before it is too late. Microsoft should have stuck to their usual MO and done the same, not doing so was...
I've found the historical accuracy to be phenomenal, it's that aspect I find so enjoyable in his specials. There are so many that rewrite history, especially where Bill Gates and Apple are concerned. Or believe urban legends such as 'Gates saving Apple' when Steve came back. DED always gets it right.Yep, a Jag XJS, a SAAB Turbo and the Jeep GC Limited are the best three vehicles I have ever owned and all for very different reasons. My wife is the one with the latest and...
I see he removed 'Cook' from your quote, I hate that when people edit what someone posts then make some snarky reply to the now totally different meaning.
I'd guess zero.
Thanks, I'm gandering now ...
When have DED's specials not been editorial? Speaking for myself I would add, I have yet to read one that wasn't spot on either, having lived and worked through the entire history of Apple with close connections to the industry myself. As you obviously take the opposite view would you care to explain on what basis and your personal qualifications / experience on which you base this to find them untrue?
What's FB? I opted out of FB, Twitter and Linked in a while back, I feel liberated. I can post pictures using iCloud to show me real friends and use email or FaceTime to talk to them. Really novel ideas eh? I recommend others try this. My email and iCloud pics are not subject to being used by advertisers 24/7/365.
Best first post ever ...
New Posts  All Forums: