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I always instal the latest Windows OS in a VMWare VM on one of my Mac Pro's external TB RAIDs just so i can test everything. I have all Mac OS X Intel (pre intel I use PPC Macs or earlier) and Microsoft versions except 95. It is quite a trip down nostalgia lane to run these versions now and then on a 'snow day'. I have to say Windows 7 always seems the most straight forward version to me to come out of the bowels of Redmond. What is it about 10 you look forward to? I...
Doesn't VMware do the trick? Or are you meaning any VM doesn't work out too well?
I'd say there is truth in both view points. They are not mutually exclusive IMHO.
Yes, and despite the media belief to the contrary at the time of SJ's death, one of his many great talents was building companies, and teams to run those companies, that were not dependent upon him.
As Nappy famously said, 'An army marches on its stomach' ... It's just Apple getting its priorities right!
Yes, I said the same thing after the last post on this subject that had the same footer. I had mental images of swarms of amateur drones, in clouds like mosquitoes flying everywhere.
Yep, I resisted buying a another one for the same reason.
That could be an insult to retired people, teens not so much ...
Yep another Industry Disruption is underway. 20% of Apple's revenue is one hell of a chunk to extract from the hides of the cable companies, I look forward to watching their demise.
True and many act like teens.
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