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Loved the comment below that article by this wag BensonBenson ... "I always use Microsoft products, to avoid any sort of fraud or hacking issues..." I nearly snorted my coffee down my nose.
I guess that was Bill Gates thinking too. The problem is as others posted earlier, it is deliberately calculated that by the time the courts do anything it is too late and the fines are more than covered by ill gotten gains. Only major players can do this, Gates with IBM's backing and now Google and Samsung. If you or I tried to sell a rip off we'd be crushed. There is something not right about the big boys stealing and profiting just because of the system.
Oops sorry, I do that more and more these days ... I need new glasses or another coffee. Apologies...
OT a bit but ... I listened to a report yesterday that discovered in Florida they (not sure who 'they' are) are now adding red-light cameras AND reducing the time the lights are on amber so as to catch more people and make more money! I suppose until someone is killed due to shorter amber time this will continue.
Hey, what's up with the Mac mini as is for now? It makes a great little server. I'm not sure what else I'd ever use one for though.
Here you go ...
To be fair it is a rumor site.
I like the chats with smart folks here but for content I'd rather read DED and PED.
Normally I'd agree with the concept there, but I've enjoyed insulting the taste of any PC user since the 1980's. Sometimes the truth is best even if it hurts.
Ah ... OK sorry, I am using a Mac as I read and assumed .... my bad.
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