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Ah, the siren call of pseudo-science beckons all ye of simple and easily conned minds ... here we have snake oil, say no more, here homeopathy poisons you with memory water and chiropractors X-ray your subluxations, over there pins are stuck in your energy points and low and behold, eggs standing on end, it must be ... hard boiled? No, no , keep the vaccinations we want smallpox back, we read somewhere in a retracted report they were dangerous to one in a million, Please,...
That is a dedicated system hardware add on and I believe for Mac or PC, and very nice. The nMac Pro though, is an off the shelf, straight out of the box kind of thing. That was my point, which is pretty remarkable.I've had my fair share of third party systems in Macs going back to the days of Radius when i beta tested versions of EditDV and used to email back and forth with Randy Ubillos (my hero) who wrote the software. Then through Matrox 100 for several years. Now...
To me it is silent, I can hear the ceiling fan not the Mac Pro, and doesn't even get hot. Quite amazing.
The nMac Pro may seem like it is un-upgradeable (if that's a word) and that's partially true at the moment but it comes apart in seconds and everything can be swapped out easily. The question is when will affordable parts be available? Hopefully next year. I for one am waiting for a 1 TB PCIe SSD which currently isn't available even from Apple. But a weak system? Tell my nMac pro that as it chews through 4K video with multiple effects in real time as if it were 640 x...
I must admit I have never fathomed the US versions of when summer, late summer, fall, winter etc. occur ... my wife and I often have words about this (she is a native born Yank). To me it's simple, the year is in four quarters, divided by the summer and winter solstices and the spring and autumn equinoxes, nothing to do with labor day, wearing white not wearing white or memorial day or whatever else US marketing has cooked up
It may see absurd to you in your situation but if you saw my wife driving clients around and being able to get Siri to do research for her, get directions and answer trivia questions clients ask about the area ( like ...'so how many hurricanes have there been here in the last 50 years?') you'd be amazed, especially as it is all hands free through the interface in her Lexus. She can't even comprehend how she managed in the dark ages, pre Siri. Then again, she isn't ...
You can set scroll bars to be as they always were, you can alter the direction of the scroll and you can run Disk Utilities from the Recovery Partition to format the OS X partition. Hold the option key on a reboot and select the Recovery Boot.
Plus the great thing about all the rumors is they must drive Google and Scamsung nuts running around like headless chickens trying to figure out what to copy and anticipate and beat Apple to the releases. I've long advocated that Apple should have a department dedicated to creating fake products, patenting things they will never use and leaking stuff.
Yep, Apple TV is a real looser ..../s http://www.forbes.com/sites/amitchowdhry/2014/02/28/apple-tv-revenue-hit-over-1b-in-2013/
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