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Anecdotally only but I've heard several older folks mention they'll swap to Apple now as the only reason they had Scamsung phones in the first place was the size.
I buy every generation of all Apple products it seems looking in my office closet.
Isn't this oxymorinic? "I love standards; there are so many to choose from"
Is that still the case? (Sorry can't be bothered to fire up VMWare and try ... lol). If so Watch will look a wee bit odd.
No doubt.
I am sure it was better written, Bono just screwed up IMHO. Nor do I mind people making money but the history and context here was U2 / Apple / RED and all of a sudden this is Apple giving to U2 ... WTF? It just came out all wrong and as I say I am sure it wasn't supposed to come off that way. There just didn't seem to be a rational explanation why this was being done ... the reason, I feel, should have been, at least in part, a charity.I probably wouldn't mind at all...
Microsoft make a phone? Really?
I bet most of those Apple bashing actors use iPhones and iPads too! Be funny if some one could photograph them in real life with iPhones.
Of all Bono's terrible line flubbing, the part where he rambled on about not doing music for free came across to me as sounding the worst. It made U2, well Bono in particular, sound like some greedy person taking advantage of Apple's generosity which is not what I am sure the script writer intended. I suspect Bono was ad-libbing when he forgot his lines and got it very wrong. IMHO It should have been The Red Album and U2 should have given all (well most) the money to...
OMG I never even thought of that ... Don't Windoze boxes have a ? Can they even see the symbol?
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