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My wife's MBP is now printing to her remote office printers seamlessly after years of not being able to because their IT department is so pro Windows. Never trying to make anything Mac friendly. Today she emailed me with glee saying it's all just started working. All due to 10.10 i have to assume as not changed at the other end. All Wi Fi connections continue perfectly just as they did under Mavericks. Apple must have found away to make the Macs print to recalcitrant...
Not seen any bad magic mouse issues on several Macs running 10.10. I have seen a typing delays occasionally come and go in blogs such as AI recently when using my MBPs (wife's and mine), but that's on a built in keyboard not a bluetooth one. But I have actually noticed my MBP is wanting to connect to the MM from a lot further away recently. I leave to mouse in my office when carrying the MBP to other parts of the house.
I need to revisit PM for OS X. How is it these days at layers, masking, AI for such things as contextual fills from deletes etc.? There is something like LM of course, Aperture, but as it is EOF I take your point. After your words I am going to spend the afternoon watching tutorials on LM, as it is I have only dabbled but now I think I will try to get serious. I have TBs of libraries though and the plug -in converter from Aperture to LM is cloud based only from what i...
Totally agree, I am in the exact same boat. I was a huge Adobe Fan back in the day, Google too for that matter ... how times change eh?I don't like LightRoom at all but I am going to go through Lynda and try to learn it in depth, but don't want to be in their cloud either, so that's a problem right there. Photoshop I can use in my sleep but I am sticking with CS6. So the future for me at least looks a bit miserable for high end photography. I used to say I hoped Apple...
There are definitely times when ritual seppuku should be mandatory.
We own the exact same individual stocks! / Same here, AAPL trounced (and that is being polite) all other investments.
Given the smarts of Tim and his available budget, I am pretty confident he has his bases covered for the good of Apple and AAPL.
And it sounded faster than normal despite not being the full system!
I doubt Soli is interested in entering into your school yard game on this, so please just take your ball and go home .. ... That said ... Isn't being attacked what you want here on AI? Just asking ... trying to make sense of your raison d'ĂȘtre.
That would be Tim's MO I'm happy to say. Far too smart to ever be dependent ... you listening Scamsung?
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