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I got in at around $9 and intend to hold for the long run ... it's been an interesting ride so far ... lol
Kind of. Sorry if I wasn't more explanatory. Those things are what matters and if Apple can (and this is a rumor only) do everything they need in less RAM than other manufacturers of Android devices, I am sure it will work very well. I don't disagree with you, more is always better.
I said the same thing more succinctly at the start of the thread and got a strange response from you.
If true I am sure Apple know that is sufficient.
No ... this ...
God help my back muscles if I have to work all day on touch screens the size I use for video and photography, and three of them!
Anecdotal I know, but I spend a lot of time in US airports, all over the country. My bet is few Galaxy users will see these ads since by far, the vast majority of people out there in airports seem to have iPhones and iPads.
I think I said I did. But I like both. Street view and fly mode are great fun and very useful to me, I wish Apple would implement similar features then i'd be very happy. But ... my point was it was weird for Google to intentionally screw up Google Maps for most OS X users at a time when Maps is there ... just weird!
Your critisism noted and your un-directed question is answered, hopefully, if you read my post above to TS. Maybe you'll be able to grasp my reason for using at least .... Used in the context I meant, it is very appropriate for a word play referring to a new Safari ...If not watch The Mask.
You know, I never even notices he/she was smoking! Then again, in my mind .. I always hear the immortal words from 'The Mask' ... 'Smokin' when I use it ... so at some level I must have been aware it was. But ... 'Smokin'' doesn't mean 'smoking' to me, it means ... well ... 'Smokin'! If you see what I mean.Hey I didn't fake my version number!
New Posts  All Forums: