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I already mentioned that, it is caused by the optic nerve's junction with the retina, known as the optic disc. I am well aware what the Golden Section is, I meant you lost me in trying to link that to the area of the retina that has no rods and cones. I am assuming you didn't stay awake in biology class when you were 11. Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blind_spot_(vision)
I think they put all their cash into AAPL .. Seriously having watched the video I seriously think they have another fail. Windows users (the normal folks, not gamers and nerds) are not too computer savvy by enlarge and anything much beyond XP and 7 (which is XP cleaned up) will be far too much for them to take in. I see more iPad sales.
So there is one of the pillars of Microsoft's income shot away. Next give Office away and it will be well on the way to oblivion. The guy with the annoying hair in the video say's "With Windows 10 we want you to love your PC ...' You can almost hear him thinking ... 'as opposed to hating it!'
That would depend if you mean literally or not. We all know and understand the eye's optic disc issue I am sure assuming one was awake in first grade biology ... the psychological version ... now there is a discussion! As to the Golden Section ... you lost me there.
Come on, where is the cartoon to go with that ...
Now if only F1 racing, Football (the FIFA variety) and Tennis would follow that example and be available on Netflix I'd be a happy camper.
I'd suggest you are incorrect and it was purely licensing issues.
As Edward deposits his check from Eric.
Talk about walking into it ...
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