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As Damn_Its_Hot points out, if we could utilize solar and recycle you could shower all day!
Your are absolutely right, different systems would be required for different areas ... OR a system that is adaptable. Here in Florida just now, a water shortage isn't the problem for sure! On the other hand our bone head Governor stands firmly in the way of home user created electricity being sellable back to the grid even though we (in theory) have lots of sunshine.Science fiction is usually the best predictor of the future in technology. I'm going for the T'Pol...
So true!
That's only 5 fold the water surface area per water droplet!
Here is your opportunity then, go design and sell a competitor for $50!
I I know I had one of those years ago but the vast number of homes that don't have instant hot water right at the point of the shower need such a system.
The ten fold surface area of the water droplets maybe more than compensates for the seemingly less amount of water flowing in terms of the feeling and washability .... I'd have to try one to know but I suspect so.
I've long thought that in this day and age a system that the water run until the desired temperature is reached, doesn't go down the drain. Imagine how much water that would save! You see pictures of folks in California using a bucket for this and that water goes on their plants but surely this could be internalized in the water system itself so the water than runs until the pipes warm up is automatically returned to the storage tank by the use of thermal valves. (patent...
And that one trick pony is pretty much owned by Apple, the market for their ads on iOS and OS X.
Ok you convinced me, I cancelled ...
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