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Why are we even talking about a company with
Well I raise your 24 years by 12 years and disagree...
I would suggest most often your so called 'bugs' change from machine to machine due to the different levels of directory corruption and thirds party apps etc.. As to the interface, it is the best OS X version, hell best modern GUI there is IMHO, that opinion based upon 36 years using Apple equipment.
Hate to go with that old line it but ... it is!The only problem I have has with 10.10 has been a delayed effect in typing in Safari and mail on occasions. This on five different Macs including a new Mac Pro. It was not there in the golden master, it started on the release version, I am hoping that is gone. It was sporadic so may take a while to know.
How long have you personally used 10.10 and on what equipment to have come to that conclusion? I've been running on 5 different Macs since the first beta and have had very few problems, nothing major. Also please list the bugs.
Oh good one ...
I have a feeling Apple are timing it just right, that isn't to say it won't get a lot better YoY for some time to come, both in ecosystem support and technological advances.
I use all search engines, I am well protected from Google and Flash type snooping, I have digital condoms with Little Snitch and AdBlock ... I tend to read sites I like, not search that much unless specifically researching something, hence only just seeing the Firefox escape story.
That will sell well .... /cough cough .... I wouldn't worry too much.
AAPL has a long way to go yet. I think many are underestimating Watch sales potential as well as its spin off technologies we have yet to see. IBM and Swift just starting in Corporate, plus with and Pay and I really hope Search next year too ... and who knows what else, all while the opposition crumble. GO APPLE!
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