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I have updated that post with more information to clarify. To be honest, it is becoming clear to me Apple designed this to be very simple for the home user. Not at all for pros who will need other solutions, that said AiCD will also be fabulous for the usual family eco system. So I personally have got over my initial shock and see it for what it is. A fast no brainer for the average user. Not a tool for large file off site storage. To be fair Apple never said it was...
Apple could get search part done if they bought Yahoo and Flickr comes free.
OK more tests ... On nMac Pro I create a new folder on the iCloud Drive. I upload a 30 GIG file to my iCloud Drive from my RAID. Takes a few moments only. My nMac Pro's internal SSD's available space drops by 30 GIGs. I go to several other Macs and check my iCloud Drive. The new folder is there but nothing in it. I check my nMac Pro after not touching it for about 30 seconds and my transfer monitor in Little Snitch shows massive data upload to one of Amazon's servers...
I still have hope the info I got is wrong ...
Just turn on Wifi as well as ethernet, problem solved.
I just got off the phone with Apple support. I finally got through. It seems the iCloud free space is dependent on the boot volume of each Mac, regardless of the amount you purchase. The initial support person had to call in a supervisor and even she admitted iCloud Drive was so new he wasn't sure how it worked.The senior support person said each Mac has a folder hidden on itself that is reflected to the iCloud. So when you look at the total space free on each Mac you...
I suspect we will see a slew of apps that add extra features. How about Octave shifting with gravel voice filter to you can be a Super Hero making the call from your Mac? I wonder if there is a way to transfer a call from the iPhone to the Mac part way through?
Just enable both. I do that for using ARD yet have many Macs on ethernet to the TC.
Check this out. The system works all the way to the end then I get this ... this was at the point of selecting what time they called me back. It is the same on live chat or email.
Yes that was good to see. But 'supported' is not 'continuing to be developed' sadly.
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