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The present queen's father was King GeorgeVI while his wife was Queen Elizabeth. I'm sure the English language was just as mangled by the great unwashed then too ... When these posts are dead, some OT rubbish is fun ...
Irregular verbs do strange things to be sure ... It occurs to me a simple analogy might help here.The verb 'To Go' [I went] ... add 'have' and it becomes [I have gone]The verb 'To Be' [I was] ... add 'have' and it becomes [I have been]So in your example that 'went is interchangeable with 'gone' it would follow it should be acceptable to say ... "I have was."
Better than the alternative ...
The same thing happens in England too. Past tense seems to be confusing for some reason.
It's not actually. In any form of English, it is a matter of the tense. 'Went' is part of the verb 'to go' not a different, optional word.http://www.verbix.com/webverbix/English/go.html'I went to the shop'I have gone to the shop'.And so on. It's called conjugation.
Just checked here in central, west Florida and all is working for me.
Should have 'went' ...???
Good to know but I was really plugging Florida
I'd agree totally except people still buy Windows PCs, so there are exceptions.
You dislike the Pebble that much?
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