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Good point. I was shocked to read the cost if fraud in the US alone, ´ú┐Pay could dramatically help the overall economy I would think.BTW she is one very talented lady.
The term 'made out like bandits' comes to mind.
Totally correct, add in so many people's greed, flipping and spending, going bust then not repaying .... it was a perfect storm.
I even read it as tenaciously! But for your comment I would never have picked up on that.
Wireless mesh network abilities would indeed be very viable in education and WAN access could be gated.
To the last paragraph first. DED's work serves two purposes, firstly it is almost always mostly correct in the facts and secondly it also is intended as entertainment. I feel he succeeds in both areas very well for most AI readers who are Apple enthusiasts.As to the educational aspects, I was also a teacher. In fact it was from that role I got into computers in the UK in the mid to late 1970's and went onto own Apple dealerships. I witnessed the educational systems...
All very interesting. I suspect you are correct about a fight back to relevance by Microsoft in mobile. Microsoft still have their not so secret weapon too, hordes of Microsoft certified IT people itching to be able to throw their weight around again. Anecdotally, I just witnessed my wife's local (and very large) Real Estate company start pushing Microsoft Cloud and OWA on all their Realtors' iPad and iPhone users. After decades of forcing the use of PCs, Macs have...
Do you see a time when Chrome might emerge as a full blown touch interface mobile OS and start replacing or paralleling Android as a free (or maybe not free this time) product for OEMs the likes of Samsung et al? Last I checked they have Android apps running under Chrome.If you already wrote about this just give me a link please
Yep, this guys mistake was not simply working for Google or Samsung then he'd be a free man today.
It always saddens me that Color-It, the all American company out of Des Moines never really succeeded as a Photoshop alternative for those needing less power at a great price. Hats off to Pixelmator but Color-It offered so much back then and if it could have made it through the dark days of the almost death of the Mac, should have risen again and by now would have no doubt been a huge success with the App Store model. It is a shame the programmers didn't manage to...
New Posts  All Forums: