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As someone that lost a load of $s in GTAT stock I totally agree with you. In fact I feel the management of GTAT are the ones that should be in the dock not Apple.
Well said.
Me too, I tried that once only and i had to pick GTAT Luckily my AAPL keeps adding $'s by the bucket truck load.
Well 'Aids' would be fine. It's AIDS that I suspect you were thinking of.
She is lucky big guys from Disney haven't come knocking. They are notorious at brutally stopping anything containing anything 'Disney' that others use to profit from.
While you are correct, I have read a few articles by people claiming to have found a way to get the native data from iPhones. I am surprised, especially with the HDR ability there isn't an app for that!
I only have a cigarette outlet powered Garmin for my Jeep so no such option. So, you can download various different places you have been that day and then add the correct ones to batches of photographs as you travelled around? Does it have like waypoints? Or am I not understanding correctly? What is the Garmin device model, I will look it up on Amazon. The cost of a dedicated third party GPS attachment for a Canon is anywhere from $99 up to $230 for a genuine canon...
That's a nice web site ... I will be reading all day, glad to have it to read as it is too freakin' cold in Florida to go outside ... it is below 60°F! (yes I know that's not really cold but it's a shock after 90°F!)Why the effort with the Garmin when the iPhone trick seems easier?
Jeez ... you just reminded me. I I have a collection of $50 Apple gift cards in a draw, from several years worth of Xmas presents from family members I have never gotten around to using ... I hope they don't expire that would really piss me off. So many gift cards do (which i think should be illegal but that's another discussion).
I agree about the risk to life and limb ... But remember ... That's what on-line shopping is for
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