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Is Scott a consultant designer at this company? BTW to any older Brits reading ... 'Fablon', 'scissors' and ''Blue Peter not come to mind?
I think saying 'instantly' under estimates Eric the Shitts's involvement. They had advance knowledge thanks to his seat on Apple's board so were already reacting. That was Steve's take judging by his reaction. Had RIM had an equally evil person on Apple's board for a few years perhaps history would be different.
Yes for sure I feel Tim's team is representing my beliefs far better than I'd have faith that any politician, of any persuasion, was. VNAC ( Vitae nostrae Apple confidimust)
Even if that's true, sadly many so called journalists are part of the polarized world we find ourselves in these days and parse their reporting through preconceived filters. Objectivity seems to be an anachronism.
LOLWe are off to on a multi country European trip later this year (just for my American wife's sake, I'd rather see more of the USA!) and I was researching using my Mac of course. I have to say in all these map discussions I see over and over Google's wee man on the street feature being dissed by Apple fans (and you all know I am one). I have to say selecting a hotel in Venice for example is far nicer when you can walk around the area and see on the ground as Google...
You are falling into the anthropomorphic trap. Computers can parse input a wee bit faster than the wife. Try talking the way the guy / gal you replied to writes, it might work better.
I wonder if there will be a real high end 'pro' MBP for those in the FCPX world that has dual GPUs? Sort of a mini mobile nMP for on the go editing.
Must confess, while I did splurge for a new Mac Pro and a Mac mini last year, I still use two older MBPs I upgraded myself rather than replacing. I just don't see a good enough reason yet.I did find replacing the HDs with SSD's made an absolutely astounding difference more so than RAM, I'd say something like 10x the response in many cases. I even ripped out the optical and stuck in another SSD on one I take on trips for off loading my Canon DSLR's RAW images for...
The present queen's father was King GeorgeVI while his wife was Queen Elizabeth. I'm sure the English language was just as mangled by the great unwashed then too ... When these posts are dead, some OT rubbish is fun ...
Irregular verbs do strange things to be sure ... It occurs to me a simple analogy might help here.The verb 'To Go' [I went] ... add 'have' and it becomes [I have gone]The verb 'To Be' [I was] ... add 'have' and it becomes [I have been]So in your example that 'went is interchangeable with 'gone' it would follow it should be acceptable to say ... "I have was."
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