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Gosh that's a surprise.
I was going to mention the apparent resurgence of the colored Mac logo too. I spotted it more than once in that video I think. AI seems to have used it a lot in recent months too.
Sorry I wasn't more clear, I meant previous beta Yosemite versions, not previous released versions.
What people are you referring to?
You wrote all that in response to a comment about beta software? Rest assured those of us with developer accounts are not totally without a brain cell.
A bit OT but nice.
I like the dark mode menus. OT .. It maybe imagination but I am feeling the whole experience seems faster. It had a laggy feeling in the prior version. This not a Safari joke BTW ... I am being serious
It is installed along with the latest Yosemite update, no need to down load from the app store. Liking it so far.
My wife almost watched every episode of Orange is Black, or whatever the show is called, on a iPad because of this I am sure!
Freaking awesome!
New Posts  All Forums: