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Maybe Rick Santorum will start a new tech for for Tea Party types. LOL
Excellent attitude.
Cool! My last marriage (and hopefully 'last' in every sense) was by our pool in Florida.
Good news indeed.How are the other countries doing on equal pay for women? The US still doesn't have it.
Ok sorry my bad.
Freedom is Fish 'n Chips any day!
You say 'No more'. That's huge. Just for comparison in numbers (and no other) the entire Jewish population of the USA is far, far lower, I'm sure you recognize their influence and importance in the US.
We should probably not care. Let those folks that want to dress up funny and chant and swing incense, play their medieval games and ignore them (just keep them out of government and schools). It's a new business opportunity for civil weddings I'd say.
The USA slowly catches up. Equal pay for women yet to happen! Unbelievable in this day and age. Not doubt the right wing believe they should be at home, barefoot and pregnant still.
The French!
New Posts  All Forums: