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He forgets many didn't get the 6 but waited for 6s. In fact many may still have a 5, 5s or a even as old as a 4s... The assumption that a successful roll out depends upon just 6 users upgrading shows a complete lack of brains.
Not to mention Mac sales are GROWING ...!!!
I'm not religious but that and seeing Microsoft crash and burn is a prayer worthy indeed ...
I think you are under estimating search. If they close off iOS to Google (legally of course) just think of the $s!
The two statements are not really comparable, one is a number based upon filings I would assume, the other is an opinion based on expectations, based upon what ... a few analysts predictions? Steve said 1% of the smart phone market would satisfy him, Wall Street always has other ideas.
So true and if only Apple could remove Google's earnings from iOS! ´ú┐Search where are you?
Chairman of Apple after Steve ... Arthur Levinson.
Microsoft made over a billion dollars per year from HTC due to royalty payments.Fixed that for you.
... What ever they think will help them screw the average investor to their benefit.
I'd love to agree but I suspect most are manipulators or puppets of manipulators.
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