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Seems like yesterday!
Great news ... love NPR.
You can do the same with a thumb and a finger on a modern Mac's trackpad that is set up with tap to click. Just press the thumb down and use a finder to drag.
Verizon FiOS is never mentioned in these sort of deals Netflix and maybe Apple make with Comcast. I pay for an extra fast level with FiOS 75/50 and have no issues at all but I wonder if FiOS generally less throttled or is it I am just OK due to higher level speed levels. Anyone with standard FiOS here getting bad Netflix and iTines streaming?
Doesn't this depend on whether you are dealing with one person is sitting working at the Mac or you are concerned about a room full of people viewing the screen from all angles?
I'm not old either. It's my dad in the mirror I swear!My company was selling all this stuff, hence I had endless toys whenever I wanted courtesy of the bank overdraft . I was an amazing era to have lived through for sure, technologically speaking. We had a few SupraMac monitors through our hands too, my back remembers doing exhibitions and lifting those bloody things out of boxes (grimace). In those days the biggest problem I had was stopping my best PostScript guy...
I agree. We use to use Barco CRT calibrated monitors with color densitometers . The cost of the monitor system was around $4 - $5,000 per seat excluding the cost of the high end graphics card then add in $12,000 each for the Macs (loaded) cost, external drives, back up systems, networking and servers and so on ... extra. Costs are dramatically lower these days for high end Mac systems. I dare not even mention the cost of a drum scanner and a high end RIP and 2400 LPI...
Well you are such a pleasant fellow aren't you. I will explain.I was referring to the fact that iOS totally dominates internet traffic yet is apparently out numbered a zillion to 1 if you believe the media by Android devices. Hence my comment ... it was poking fun at the media ...think about it, simple math means a lot of Android devices seem to not be connected ... get it? It's a well known joke amongst Apple folks, that given the internet data, most Android devices...
Oh there you go again, selflessly looking after Apple's interests.
If you says so.
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