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I was a beta tester of Andy's video editing software when he was with Radius which had both hardware (Mac card based breakout box with component IO) and his Radius Edit software (not mentioned in the short bio above). He was always responsive and helpful and a really nice guy to correspond with. He is one of the giants in digital video's brief history. I had two Radius Telecast systems back then plus the Macs, RAID drives, DLT back up. hardware companders and so on. ...
Yes I agree, hence my comment was agreeing with the post I replied to:Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post"...NIH died with the NeXT acquisition"Right. It is strange how these untrue myths about Apple get perpetuated. [as in after the NeXT acquisition]
Honesty is the best policy. I prefer to pick and choose the cases I agree with based upon personal preferences I loved the one that took IE down.
Right. It is strange how these untrue myths about Apple get perpetuated.
On a Mac I can no longer use Google Maps even if I wanted to. It is impossible with a Magic Mouse. I can't move the map without it zooming in and out, it literally creates nausea. I have tried various solutions including a plug-in. Nothing seems to help! Google tech support blogs claim it is the mouse's problem yet I can move around in all other applications without this issue including 3D graphics, CAD, Games and Apple Maps.
I couldn't help imaging a possible conversation about that very point ... somewhere deep inside Apple R&D ... "Wow feel this, it is amazing ... close your eyes and it feels like you are touching leather. It would be amazing for the ...oh damn ... I just remembered."
Talking of 'iPods'. I took all my old iPhones and iPads out of the cupboard yesterday to give them a charge up just for kit inspection. It is fun seeing old versions of iOS again. I was quite surprised, as I had long forgotten, to see the app called iPod. Wow, it was so simple and intuitive to use. Am I the only one that finds the new Music app in iOS and iTunes on the Mac are both trying to do too much these days? Interface design is a very hard thing to get just...
I moved to the USA 25 years ago and have had to learn that here it is OK to make up words.
Exactly. At least they try to do the right thing in most cases, more than can be said for any other major corporation (or country) I can think of.
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