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I don't disagree, Apple like to have multiple options for sure. I have to wonder if push came to shove who needs who more in that specific question though. Who financially suffers most if Apple did stop all use of Samsung? Not saying they would but I wonder how the numbers play out if it happened?It's not a dissimilar situation to the old 'does Apple need Google or Google need Apple' question. iOS 9 seems to have started the opening of the door to the answer to that...
As a proof of concept it is very good but as others have said the issue is licensing for with most of them. So what about all the old games that ran on early Macs back in the day? Surely some of those might be licensable? There must be a load of old Mac game developers still out there who could use a few more checks in the mail?
Hey, you seem like a different person in recent months. Bought AAPL?
I want the TSMC version, we should be able to choose!
Brocken record comes to mind.
Sammy needs Apple's fab business. Got to think this plays a part.
Well I'm sure you'll have fun to say the least.My 2 cents: I have all the editing equipment required, new Mac Pro, FCPro, RAID etc. .. but I'm not sure there is a business in editing others' 4K iPhone video. Once this stuff gets down the the level of iPhone Joe Public seems to manage fine on their own with the tools Apple provide and they'd hardly pay my rates or yours I suspect. From DTP, through early non linear editing and so on, the only way to make money was to...
That's why it is so prevalent in the general public ... oh wait a minute ...Seriously that's a non sequitur, just because Linux is neat for Geeks and servers doesn't equate to Google's mess being good because it is based on it!
The iPhone 8 rumors are not far off .... liquid metal I suspect
Thanks much.I have to say it is a nice feature. For the price it is fabulous and will be a great feature for amateurs and continues to move the bar ever up and forwards in the quality of video (hopefully more of the general public learn to shoot video in landscape mode too lol). That said from what I can tell, allowing for YouTube, the image seems smeary and blocky if you nit pick, especially when any movement is occurring. That's totally to be expected IMHO and Apple...
New Posts  All Forums: