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Back on topic ... Maybe the updated algorithms will enable deeper Siri use.
I agree, hence I am waiting. I just don't like the aesthetics of the current model's depth. Of course to sell to Samsung fans Apple need one four times larger in the other two dimensions ... I'm not counting time here
I haven't been following this ... but really, you think they are sold out for Christmas already? if so wow! My best guess is this will be a 'self gift' for any Apple enthusiast that can find justification somehow as they are graphic artists or own their own companies, the latter like I always have, just kid themselves about the need 'cos they want a new Apple toy' LOL. I don't see this under the tree for little Johnny or Susie.
I might if it's thinner otherwise I'll wait. Sooner or later there will be an Watch Air
Ok then, if there is that misunderstanding it is a large one on my part it might be fun to explore how this occurred after so many years but perhaps not on AI.
I appreciate your comments. I have always tried to be polite even when pointing out I have hard time fathoming why anyone, not just you, who is clearly here to knock Apple, bother? That's all. I do agree you are always civil and would be a wonderful contributor to an Apple centric fan site were you one of us
While I agree the price of AAPL is ludicrous, it is hardly Apple's fault. I'd draw your attention tho this:http://fortune.com/2015/06/11/fortune-500-most-profitable-companies/
Why the invective? Jeez I am close to giving up on AI so many people have lost the art of civil conversation. I agreed with you it was odd but wondered if Apple might not consider them critical to iOS. Then again maybe there is something we don't know about the keyboard yet.
With no axe to grind on this guy either way, I agree with you. Deeper intent of so called journalists, from any persuasion, is often easily gleaned by the photos of people they select.
Good question ... Is it perhaps because iOS isn't dependent on those keys the way OS X is?
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