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Good question ... Is it perhaps because iOS isn't dependent on those keys the way OS X is?
Well some of us are on because we are Apple enthusiasts so it's an understandable comment really.
What tune do you think Microsoft would use behind the TV ad tag line "Samsung Inside"?
That was my first thought. There must be a reason Apple don't do that, there are even third party after sales options for this I believe, but I don't know why Apple haven't gone this route. Could it be heat related?My bet is that one day, like we now have complete systems on chips, we will one day have a single 'doo da' that is an iPhone on a chip. At which point it will be incased in epoxy resin and be indestructible. It will of course have to be implanted in the brain
At some point, especially of Apple ever do release a SOC for OS X I see no reason that more iOS type features might not creep into OS X but for it to be a full blown touch screen would go against the philosophy of two distinct tools for two distinct uses which has so far prevailed with Apple's line up. Perhaps a third category, an OS X touch tablet, is possible one day, but I don't see the current model being changed for the time being. That said, I never say never and I...
I believe you are correct. The Surface Pro is just filling the void the netbooks, the iPad killed off, left. The same fate awaits for the same reason.I'll add this which is completely unbiased ... Life is simple for us Apple user. if we want the best laptop, as I do, get a MacBook or MacBookPro if we want the best tablet get an iPad, most of us, I suspect, have both. I can see the problem with the Microsoft camp, they have to choose between a laptop and a laptop...
This fact: "That problem is only getting worse for Surface Pro, because it relies upon Intel's expensive, premium x86 chips" makes me wonder how long before we read, like Google has indicated it will, Microsoft might try to copy Apple in creating its own custom chips. No one can compete on price performance now since Apple tablets don't have to add in a profit for Intel too. It's only a matter of time IMHO before the same will be true of the Mac line up as the need to...
This thread is so typical of AI posters these days and it is sad. If everyone here was sitting in a pub chatting would the response to what others say, even if you disagree, be so obnoxious? I doubt it unless you want a beer poured over your head. Just because folks sit in their homes safe behind anonymity and a firewall doesn't mean they have to be plain rude. This thread is tame compared to many where people get called idiots and worse. Why can't we have...
Do it!
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