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Apple ][ will have a fit. I can see it now ... 'Only the elite should own an iPhone but any other make it's ok'.
Well as long as they don't cross correlate with the CID I'm ok
Truthfully I don't know, it may not be legal these days to include actual name, maybe someone else here knows. Certainly anonymously.EDIT: Gatorguy seems to be on top of that question.
By being on a list of their customers (I assume you are since you asked) that they sell, that simple. I would bet that list has as much information attached to each name as they were able to legally garner.
Re 'Get better friends' ... I had to chuckle at that. My wife was berating me recently for trying to limit our friends to Apple using, well educated, scientifically minded people. A friend from the west coast who was there at the time suggested we leave Florida! LOL
As a semi-retired person these days I hardly ever use the phone as a phone, so I'm OK I always let it go to VM so i can think of a good excuse reply first. If I want to contact my wife I use iMessage. After so long using email I find instant communications annoying, as I say, I prefer to contemplate anything before replying, emergencies excepted of course.Of course in voicing support i am hedging my bets. In case Google achieve world domination I want it on record...
Can you post or IM me bench marks please?Having a 6 core since 2013 I won't be doing this for a while yet, but one day I might ... it is nice to know I can. That was one of the main reasons i stayed Mac Pro and didn't go the iMac route so many of my friends in editing did. Here is a how to video for anyone wanting to do this or even see how ... looks like a fun job for a rainy...
In truth, if Eric hadn't stolen the iPhone IP I would still be a Google fan. I am happy enough to use their services when I want to and with Little Snitch and AsBlock I'm happy to fight for my own corner. Plus I am not paranoid about being tracked anyway. My tin foil hat is used to let steaks rest. I'm not against this latest move it if creates the competition required to force Verizon et al to upgrade to Hong Kong type speeds and reduce prices. There is something...
You are on a roll, excellent posts.
What bugs have you suffered?
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