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You know, I had not even noticed Relic (she I think isn't it?) was a troll, just seeing posts as very eccentric. I will take a closer look from now on, thanks for the heads up.
Why did I just think of Charlton Heston screaming "It's people!"?
That struck me as odd, why not Yahoo rather than the old enemy? In fact Apple should have its own search, perhaps by buying Yahoo ... unless of course Tim is thinking of buying the carcass of Microshit one day?
Phil, have you really pushed the likes of Garageband or Midi Guitar on the iPad? I use Logic Pro X on Macs and the iPad ancillary app but I have used GB too and opened in Logic Pro X later. The potential for iPad in music is phenomenal, especially if we ever get a larger iPad Pro. I drool at the thought of virtual instruments on a really large iPad.The thing is though (with regard to previous posters wish lists for iPads), you have to think different (ly). Those...
You have to wonder why if that's true, Microshit don't cut back manufacturing to an as needed level. One day the countries of planet Earth will rise up against Microshit and sue them for the amount of their crap in landfills.
Got to admit I'd like to see the 5s upgraded to match the 6 hardware specs and join the line up as the baby, why not? Apple did add an iPad mini after all
Seems not so long ago all we read in the main stream media was reporting of the 'sales' of all things Samsung being off the charts and destroying Apple. Not so much today eh? Not that they ever ever checked if anything shipped was ever sold, only DED and PED seemed to question these 'sales'. I'd like to read some of those others actually eating crow in print.
But with Siri it ain't far off ... I bet the developer software tool is ´ú┐CarKit
Wouldn't a Mac Book Air be far better suited for the uses you mention? Isn't the whole point to have two products both best in class rather than the MS approach of a merged product that's poor in both? If your 'absolutely normal tasks' are done so well on either your Windows 8 or Android tablet then surely you are a happy camper and don't need Apple to mess up their tablet.
I lost track of the story about an education department in CA that cancelled the order for iPads due to some internal politics. Anyone know waht is the status of that situation now? Please don't tell me they supplied the kids with third rate technology.
New Posts  All Forums: