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EDIT: Sorry wasn't intending to step on the joke ... good one.Seriously though ... My 2010 15" MBP i7 had the identical issue weeks before the extended warranty expired. I was fortunate to deal with the online tech support team out if Texas who replaced the motherboard. The MBP, now with an SSD running Mavericks is still runing likes champ. This was never an Apple hardware issue in my case, it was Nvidia's problem.
I'm thinking of the more mundane record keeping for a moment here. There are trials currently under way for an open access to medical records by allowing the public to access portals into the new digital databases. From what I have read, this project is already getting tested on disparate systems. I would hope the Apple IBM partnership could gain some serious traction here and iOS on the front end, perhaps with some IBM help, could become the default medical system.
Running Windows is oh so 1990's!
Classic Comcast thinking.I had a GP for a while with that concept. Her great new idea was ... 'Pay extra to see her within a reasonable time or don't pay and always move to the back of the line of those that paid extra. She called it the 'Concierge Program'. I changed doctor
Ouch ... grandfathered in with 2G You make a good point.I am more than happy with the plan as is, I have never noticed any speed degradation personally and love the zero $ for data on our two iPhones. As usual some folks always take advantage of any system and ruin it for the others.
I hear you on the reasonableness, but in the same vein, in the situation where the unlimited data plan is causing a constraint and they have to throttle, it would seem reasonable to offer a discount or rebate surely to folks they contacted with and accept money from, for unlimited data?The water analogy doesn't hold water ... see what I did there? .... You don't specifically contract for an unlimited amount of water in the first place. We did contract and for...
Yes, sorry I was ambiguous, I mean an annual road trip plus several air trips. We probably have three of four vacations a year where we fly as well as the road trip. I think I just convinced myself we are better off with the unlimited data plan. Shame I can't use the tethering to an iPad or Mac with it though!
I am not defending the FCC for one second here, rather thinking out loud ... We are also have the original grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T and keep wondering if the apparent high cost is worth the 'unlimited. The reason we have not bailed is it's nice to look at the monthly $180 bill (for two iPhones) and see $00.00 next to every single data entry whether full speed or slowed ... (I have not experienced any slowing but then we don't watch Netflix on our...
He was, and did.
Oh what a creepy looking SOB Schitt is.
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