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Especially when you consider Apple has been 'up' in all things, profits, leading technology, beating Google, Samsung and Microsoft at every turn, all along. I'm sure that's what you meant by silly, and I agree too.
One thing's a sure bet ... Samsung's profits will down yet again next quarter.
Totally agree. Lipstick on a pig. In fact 8.1 only improved over 8 when they made it simpler to escape the new interface back to the 7 hiding underneath. Same applies to MS OS 9 errr... sorry I mean let's pretend it's OS X for PCs ... MS OS 10.
What? Your sources failed you? 😮
Actually I willingly starved as a student so I could have my cool Hi Fi system in my flat in Jesmond. Well, not for long as I worked night shift at the Newcastle railway mail bag department for the Christmas holidays several years running actually and every summer holiday I worked on anything from farms to BR census taking. Between my guitar and Hi Fi and girl friends being a Newcastle Uni student was a blast, a loud one thanks to The Eagles and Led Zeppelin Computers...
Haha but you forgot the /joke
I agree, and I seem to recall just about every Apple iOS device had as slow start including the iPhone itself and Steven even said he'd see 1% market share as financially worth while, I bet a similar figure is true for watches.By the way I hear Apple is working on a wedding, nose, and engagement rings as well as earnings, pendants and necklaces that are fully functional iOS devices using Siri.
Here's another rumor "iPhone 6 will be on time and a huge success, but whatever happens the shares of Apple will rise pre launch and tank afterwards due to targets always moved higher than Apple's guidance by manipulative analysts". Source unknown so you can trust this.
A question ... these "tens of millions of PCs" out there are running what CPUs and what OS by enlarge do you think? What percentage of these "tens of millions of PCs" are in fact less powerful than the iPhone in your pocket? Remember those same data surveys touting the "tens of millions of PCs" choose to exclude iOS devices as even being 'computers'!Microsoft is in a hole and digging. I say, send them more shovels.
I just had to break this post's duck. "Hello World"
New Posts  All Forums: