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That post has resurfaced from a long time ago due to a glitch in AI's database. All old news and done and dusted thanks. I was new to 8.1 at the time but have it running on an external drive on a new Mac Pro using Thunderbolt thanks to Windows to Go (as in not using Boot Camp). So all is well. The issues were all solved by using an MS three button mouse! LOL
You have to wonder don't you. So many Apple consumer apps remained cobbled when they could so easily be power user apps with a few additions. Adobe Muse is where iWeb could have been for example. Then the power apps such as Aperture get canned. iTunes changes every other month and I have to waste trying to find how to do what I did in the previous version with little help from Apple (adding a radio station for example). Photos has to actually re upload images already...
Yep, I'm going for the Apple TV Mk 4 and no doubt the version for 2016 will add 4K or higher. Apple may be delaying as they intend to go far higher than 4K when they do release support.
I'm confused, I am reading a blog posted Today, Wednesday, 23rd of September 2015 and there are posts from months ago here???
I find my iPhone last really well in the OFF mode. Life is better too
It seems Apple always manage great battery life, if not better, with each new iteration of an iPhone despite far greater power. If this keeps up iPhones will generate power as well as be better than a Cray
You didn't go for the tartan ones then?
With 4K video I have to wonder if at some point a way to record to an external storage device would be feasible. I fully get why Apple have no such feature for general use, but if there were a way via the connector to record 4K to some wee box with removable media the possibilities would be amazing. Given Apple is at the forefront of 4K editing too this would be a win win for Apple.
Fun project to test ... I know all of my old LP's that I recorded and converted from analog to digital were uploaded and treated the same way as my Logic Pro original material, i.e. not matched. I was fascinated when this happened as they were pristine quality and now digital but no match ever happens.So I suspect if you go that route , i.e. record them back in as if they were analog it should prevent matching. There is probably a quick way to do that with file...
New Posts  All Forums: