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LOL.How do you access this stuff on a Mac? I just loaded the latest 10.10.3 and wanted to try.
He's been on my block list for so long I could be wrong, but I seem to recall you are correct.
Thanks for all that fascinating information.
Oh look, my Mac's clock went from 10:09 a.m. to 10:10 a.m., it didn't go to11:00 a.m.! There goes another applecart! Gosh, it seems not all things progress in base-10 increments, who'd have thunk eh? Hopefully you are too young to have been around to use the pre decimal currency in the UK. Your applcart would have been screwed up big time. Try adding one penny to nine pence, or one shilling to nine shillings. If you were around perhaps you were happy exchanged...
I was surprised the price is so close to a basic Watch, I was honestly expecting to see a price of around $100 for these things at the end of the article, I guess my preconception was colored by already knowing the starting price of an Watch..I also notice, reading this and other threads on similar devices, that many folks have tried several makes in the last year or two so they have paid far more than the entry price of an Watch.So, if these copy cats have to come in...
It this related to the issue of self installed non Apple SSDs used on older Macs not supporting TRIM? OS X 10.2 removed the ability of third party TRIM utilities I seem to recall without a hack.
Well they know where the money is and it sure isn't from Android.
There 'is' folks? Seriously? Didn't Google's correction checker catch that?
Just how many mobile platforms are there? It makes sense to release for their own platform first I guess.
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