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Off topic but It does from what I read on Ars but if you read what he said he is not meaning that the way you took it, he needs it fixed on older due to hardware constraints he has.But about 10.9 and 10.10, I'm not too concerned (I did switch my Mac mini's 10.10 web server off for now), I'm sure OS X will get patched ASAP and it isn't something that will trouble the average user. It is however a major concern for Linux servers and that is not a trivial number!
I'm sure everyone expected this update. The only shock would be if it used an A9 ... kidding ...
The results as to be expected ... AAPL down just as intended. Anytime now the bash bug will hit AAPL too. Should be a good time to buy sometime next week.
I'd bet most if not all were phishing exploitations in the so called celebrity hacks.
The dev beta is so stable I am now running it on all my Macs it's gorgeous. You will love it.
Is it breaking everything for you? It seems fine for me.
Or perhaps the translation of the initial apparent sales success ... the shelves and stock rooms are full of them ...
All new Apple products do is make you want more Apple products in my experience!
I am staggered that many still want a PC in this day and age! Poor kids with a PC must feel really uncomfortable and out of touch surrounded by glowing Apple logos these days.
I have a large workbench vice in my garage. Send that Scamsung plastic thing to me.
New Posts  All Forums: