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I bet Tim is too!
No problem.Excellent observation. No I am not a paid subscriber to Music, I am only a iTunes Match user. So I ask Siri open the App Music and then select My Music and so on ... I have no idea about the paid service obviously. The nomenclature gets very confusing at times with these things.
I wrote the following and I quote: .."Yep I can open music on my iTunes Match now verbally and find artists by name! This is awesome." I can do this, I don't make things up. If you need step by steps instructions let me know. I will refrain from using all caps to shout back at you. I also added a caveat stating, and I quote: "My Music if a bit iffy. I can select some artists or albums no problem, while others it will offer me something off of iTunes store instead"I...
I can almost imagine the amazing Car showrooms.... Good to know she isn't messing with Jony's tables, even if Microsoft stole the idea. The again what haven't Microsoft stolen from Apple?
What, you don't plan to take your TV on the road to shop?
Agreed. Despite many new abilities Siri has, she has a long way to go. I tried dictating into the ID and password and no luck but I suspect it might come. As of yet she is weak in third party apps. Plex for example is fully Siri compatible all the way until you try to back up. I found no way to go back a level having vocally drilled down to a specific movie for example. That all said, the promise she exhibits is exciting. I was able to vocally navigate the App...
That link was the key to unlocking the information, I am sorry if "here is the skinny" didn't translate. You and others stated there was no change, I didn't think there was either till I read that info on 9.1 and tried a few things I might not have thought of without that article. So to reiterate, I do not have 9.1 I have 9.0.1 and Siri is a new woman in 9.0.1. I stated this over and over again in the thread. I suspect Siri will get a whole lot better quite soon too.
Yeah, the optical port joke was funny.
Who exactly here is talking about 9.1beta? If that's another comment with a barb aimed at me for some reason, I just remind you, he who chuckles last chuckles longest ... I assure you all those features I mentioned in my post to you are in 9.0.1.By the way, the 9.1 versus 9.0.1 has been addressed several times in this thread! Can’t some people read?
Get what? Just cut the snide attitude dude. I only have 9.0.1. Why are you telling me what I have?
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