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Yes, maybe Apple were helping them but then again maybe it should have been a RED album. Why does U2 need the money anyway?
WHAT? He's not real????
My only Scamsung product is a fridge. I put an Apple sticker on it and kick it every time I walk past.
The sooner Apple can end using any Scamsung manufacturing the better. Apple need to put a large gap between itself and this heap of steaming turds and stop being one of Scamsungs main revenue streams.
Part of me wishes Apple had a proprietary set up that was fast heading to being ubiquitous. If what you say is true the also rans will simply copy Pay and cash in as per usual, pun intended.
Yes I also kept noticing 'i' has given way to 'Apple' or '' throughout the presentation, I was surprised AI didn't headline that fact. Good move IMHO.By the way did they ever name the new OS for Watch specifically? It isn't iOS nor OS X, it has Watch SDK and a soon to be Watch AppStore so is it Watch OS?
Let the iPhone 7, Watch 2, iOS 9, A9 and OS X Big Sur rumors and leaks begin .... (damn, wasn't supposed to say that last thing)
So we were both wrong earlier today! I am pleased it is a revenue stream.
Using Apple computers for 37 years has already destroyed my hand eye coordination /ability to write with a pen. I can barely do my signature on the rare check i write now. I can well see me ending up reduced to caveman symbols in a few years of this, especially if it comes to iPads and iPhones too.
I care deeply ... I was thinking AI type blogs I don't even think of FB as a blog ...just a mind numbing, ego centric, lunatic asylum for lonely or deranged people .. ... I cancelled my account ages ago too.
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