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Meaningless really without net profit data.
Switzerland is that far behind in technology?
The person?
What will that do to the numbers .... as in loss.
Wow that's deep ...
Call the vet, the animal needs putting to sleep.
It's a big assumption that had they not adopted the afore mentioned POS mobile OS from Google that they would have forged on as boldly after iPhone. They could just as easily thrown in the towel or kept a far lower profile.My reference to being an Apple 'partner' was a reference to a potential future they missed out on not a reference to any current status.
Let us not forget Microsoft's mock funeral for the iPhone .... there has to be a MS Health band joke there somewhere ...
All hail Arik Soong.
I know i am just doing a Duane Eddy ...rebel rousing Of course these things cannot end overnight nor does Tim burn bridges too soon. However, I am pretty sure the Apple / Samsung chip relationship isn't what it could have been and will only become weaker ASAP as far as Apple is concerned.I have a feeling that there will come a time when the money they make from Android is offset by what they are no longer making as a Apple's premiere chip supplier. Plus with such...
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