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As long as my 'antique' continues to go up in value I'll be happy to keep it and I'll stick it in a drawer and buy an Watch The damn Rolex loses 5 minutes a week too, that after a $850 service!
I for one, certainly think Apple has the balance right and cannot be expected to cover such entities as third party TV and Movie content. A parental system is there on Apple TV I believe (isn't it?).BTW regarding your rant there, I didn't come across your theory when I did a bachelors degree educational psychology a while back ... please post links to genuine evidence. I am not agreeing or disagreeing here, that is too complex, but you seem to indicate this is all fact.
Simply far too much of that magic stuff and not nearly enough boobs!
I went with vs 🖖
It is actually that's how I got it for our iPads but I think this is moot as Apple cannot control such things, it is intrinsically different from a game app. Perhaps it needs an age verification and under 18 lock out for that channel added (maybe it has already, I didn't look). Maybe Apple could add an adult section on Apple TV with age verification.As an aside, after a few days of the trial we are now pretty well convinced we won't bother keeping HBO Now past the trial....
Never crashed once for me and I threw a 500 GIG Aperture Library at it. I suggest you check your Mac's directories and catalogs. Run Disk Warrior ASAP.
I was interested in that. How is its database functions, as in things like smart folders etc. and does it allow for timed stacks. Both key to my work flow.
It was a weird one and one out of my four Macs didn't suffer from it and i could never figure out why. Believe me I did 100% clean installs on all to test. It had to be hardware related in some way I think. The work around tip that worked was using the 'Enable Slow Keys' in Accessibility settings which I got from the Apple Developer Group but you lost Caps lock. You have to forgive those that cast doubts as so often folks do have self imagined 'bugs' and then often...
No worries, When the world ends he goes 17 hours sooner ... Oh wait a minute.
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