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Clever ...
Sorry I got confused reading briefly a few posts on a topic of little interest. My bad BUT I'd pay a subscription to AI happily to be ad free on the main site. I use AdBlock but I know AI has to earn $ somehow so I feel bad about that. It might also reduce trolls if it were a: Membership site for posting / guests for free can't post ... type thing. MacRumors has a minimum 100 post requirement for anything remotely sensitive which is also a good approach. Obviously...
Can you suggest a good Android fan site that I can spend half of my life on reading and posting intellectually stunning anti-Google comments and pro Apple arguments ... Oh wait, don't bother, i have a life.
Hint: Block list
Well there are other uses. My wife, who is in her 60's, does an hour every day seven days a week at our gym on the step machine and the walking machine. She reads novels from her iPad but doesn't answer mail of calls. She hasn't gotten to the weight room yet though ...
Right ... Or do they ...? You have to wonder if the more eloquent ones are not paid. If not they need to seek help. I lasted 1 minute on an Assdroid site ... I couldn't take it let alone learn enough to troll.
That is so politically incorrect on so many levels I had to laugh ... SNL standard.
Look, I really don't have any personal knowledge on this subject. You seem to, so do you have published papers and research to back up these statements? When was your last tour of one of these factories? You have comparable studies of working conditions and pay in other countries too? I am always eager to learn more so please share your expertise.
That is a good attitude. I can only speak for myself but I am always wary of those that come here deliberately albeit subtly, to undermine all things Apple at every chance on every topic they can. As I have said many times, what on earth are they here for?
If only the quotes were also blocked. The funny thing is the really angry, outrageous and spontaneous anti- Apple stuff is fine with me. It's the calculated, subtle and relentless trolls that are the worst IMHO. You know they have an agenda.
New Posts  All Forums: