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There seems to be some people in high places in the USA that would have Joe Public think that it seems. This on the heels of that press release about Apple's last trojan. Where are all the Official warnings about Android and Windows? 'Follow the money' would seem the only way to find out IMHO.
No, Google is considered scummy because it report your interest and as much about you as possible to vendors who can then drive you nuts. That's hardly the same thing as allowing someone to be shown ads of stuff they want to see. I would cite Amazon's store as an excellent example of doing it right. They show me once in a while (and not too often) stuff I really am interested in and related items. I actually enjoy getting them. Amazon do not, as far as I can tell,...
I was just thinking that all those failed chunks must be making a lot of jewelers drool ...
Good question. It would be interesting to know how well companies that bought their furnaces make out. What is their success rate? I can't help but wonder if the claimed 'advanced new process' wasn't a scam intended to sell furnaces to Apple and Tim was too sharp to fall for it but hedged his bets with the way he arranged things resulting in GTAT having to prove it on their own dime as it were.
A 'burner' isn't it?
I am sick and tired of everyone and his dog wanting to cash in on Steve's name. Drop the movie, let it go.
As someone that lost a load of $s in GTAT stock I totally agree with you. In fact I feel the management of GTAT are the ones that should be in the dock not Apple.
Well said.
Me too, I tried that once only and i had to pick GTAT Luckily my AAPL keeps adding $'s by the bucket truck load.
Well 'Aids' would be fine. It's AIDS that I suspect you were thinking of.
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