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Excellent pic. My Mac Plus is dead due to its HD I think I am very sad.Had to chuckle trying to imagine the cost back then of 4 GB of RAM. Maybe a Cray may have been in that ball park? I know Apple had Crays for prototyping ... and wow .. notice the cylindrical design of this Cray! Hello!image from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cray
Some good folk musicians hail from Hull ... just saying It's also it's in the best County in England, I know I'm a Yorkshireman ... haven't been there in 40 years sadly.
Good, had Apple done that to start with we wouldn't have had to read all the drivel on AI about Apple developing a Mini Van! LOL
Yes Windows has supported booting to an external drive since they released Windows to Go. I don't claim to know why it works in TB I assume because Windows supports it, but it does very well and ludicrously easy to set up on a Mac. I created the boot drive using USB external dock with a bare SSD and Windows to Go utility in Windows itself run from Parallels 10. Once created I switched the SSD to a Thunderbolt dock, rebooted and selected at start up (option key) on Mac....
You really should add the 'Sponsored by Google' disclaimer.
Anything from Google first!
I wonder if you bought two if they'd argue?
Freelance doesn't rule out being hired. Copyright in photography and video is complex but if hired to do a job it can mean all rights are the clients' if you are working as a camera for hire. If a freelance takes some footage / shots on his own time then sells them then the rights can be retained or sold but it gets murky if he/ she was on a hire job at the time. I had many a run in over this when dealing with pick-up cameramen and photographers on ESPN shoots. The...
She'd be a Buick drive most likely!
OK, maybe that ... but more chance of being seen in one though! I am just joshing, I'm sure they are fine but here in SW Florida during snow bird season, if you are stuck behind a car going 20 m.p.h. you can bet it's a Buick 99 times out of 100. Oh and you can rarely see a driver, just hands on the steering wheel, occasionally some blue hair.
New Posts  All Forums: