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If you can't beat them, join them. It's about time Apple stopped sitting back and being walked on.
True but I still think the rant from Mr. Frost was based on a miss read of the headline.
Well I figured that out 25 years ago and I'm an atheist not religious (sorry i forget that isn't an accepted position in the USA, in the UK it was almost the same as C of E lol).
That would be true judging by the accents lol.
Can you give some specifics on that? With ClicktoFlash and Adblock on, monitoring Safari in Activity monitor doesn't show Safari as a resource hog for me, far from it. You say 'on your set up', is there something out of the ordinary? I am on Safari 8.03.
Google Hand Off ... you get a copy, we get a copy ....
Sorry OT but ... Wow I just checked, you are correct. I am quite surprised what a low number that is for the Jewish population. I sure live in a part of Florida with vastly different numbers!
OK lol, but less confusing than duopsony or oligopsony in that case.
I can se it now ..."AllureGate" ... the system controls go haywire every time the dude on Youtube uses this system and an attractive woman passes by ...
Unknot your knickers. I'm pretty sure that the wording of the headline did not mean "Continue holiday (whatever name you wish) sales" literraly, rather it surely meant '.. continue at the same level as ..said holiday sales.'
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