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Remind me ... who or what's Microsoft?
Did anyone read if Tim bought a load while it was down? I haven't been paying much attention as i agree with everyone here this is nothing but shenanigans. That said, it must be great for Tim I'd think ... wait .... you don't think??? ... nah ....
I assume you don't own any AAPL? Mine is up several thousand percent so these minor fluctuations are not of concern but I have total confidence the price will get back on track. This is simply yet another of the many blips created by the analysts and media that are so predictable it is amazing how many morons spout doom, every time. Fear not
I was thinking Apple should have bough Switzerland
In real terms it won't be long. That said, there are so many old beige boxes, less powerful than an iPad, out there that I suspect get included in the 'PC market' by Gartner et al that it would probably take several decades for Apple to get close if ever. As to how many are in use is another matter, and I bet most run XP! If these 'market' numbers included all devices above a certain level and included iOS devices that qualified Apple probably lead by now.
IBM need to run easy, low level courses for IT nerds and give them little certificates and a pat on the head to make them feel important so they can move over from being 'Microsoft Certified' people to 'IBM Certified' people and retain their self esteem. Then we might see more IT support for Macs from these types that historically block Macs at every turn from their backroom desks at so many small to middle sized companies the world over.
An apparently Apple supportive post from you? Ah, but I suppose you accidentally failed to notice the sting in the tail of that link /s ...The last part of the article Mr Google linked to is this ... "By itself, that (stock's history of bouncing back after falling below the 200-day moving average) is probably not the best reason to go out and buy the stock," according to a Bespoke report."Which is in fact, IMHO, BS in the case of Apple due to the unending stock...
She'll probably appeal her own decision
Plus Developer Beta 6 today.
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