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This isn't the first time Al has jumped on the 'let's all attack Apple' band wagon is it? This is an apolitical comment I stress, but I suspect it's either he's an old PC user who hates Apple or it's for the guaranteed media attention he never gets otherwise.
You never lose them, they are simply somewhere else. They have this built in ability to erase short term memory of whoever was holding it last. I presume this is for some future use Apple hasn't yet revealed. You can overcome this by back tracking through all the places you have been, generally I check bathrooms and near the beer fridge or wine cabinet first.
Spot on!
"Market watchers see buying opportunity as Apple shares slide after June quarter miss" Miss????? Seriously? If anyone wants to see a real bad news check out Microsoft!
In a "friend of the court" ... shouldn't that be In a "friend of the Scamsung" ?
Yep, Sammy uses it as their inventory and shipping returns sales system.
Gator's waiting for the links Google send him about how Apple iPhones are not used by anyone really. They are having a hard time finding anything plausible. lol
Actually I find are used by people that sit in front of you at every rock concerts and use them on full screen brightness to blind you so you can't see a fracking thing. They then they shoot video the entire time in vertical orientation without fail. It beats me why Scamsung hasn't put a vertical mode HD TV on sale for these morons.
I remember when MTV was awesome. Such a shame. That Dire Straights video 'Money for Nothing' always sticks in my mimd when ever I hear that song.
Are you being serious? LOL
New Posts  All Forums: