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Tim is doing what needs to be done for Apple. BTW I don't recall Apple software being better in the past than it is today and I started using it in 1979. It was excellent then and it is phenomenal now. Are there things that could be better like iCloud Photo-sharing, yes, am I confident it will continue to get better yes. Is there an alternative I'd consider, no.
Even if a Samsung whatever matches or bests the latest iPhone on Geek-bench scores it is irrelevant, it is still running a crappy OS in a crappy eco system.
Answered already but the two are hardly comparable in the context of Apple which is what this is about.
Doing the best job he can for the share holders isn't being opportunist!
Worst comment so far! Calling Tim an opportunist? Really?
Excuse me ... you are calling Tim an opportunist for being cynical about the making of endless S J movies?
How about other carriers?
I understood you to mean that, as opposed to you now being free to sell it. I had assumed that originally but was corrected (incorrectly) on a blog hence I asked. I think my wife and I will go for the new Apple plan and shop for the best deal from a provider and finally let go of our AT&T grandfathered in plan's limitless data. I suspect we are paying through the nose for that plan now.I wonder what price Apple will sell the reconditioned returned phones for?
Not so different from Google and Microsoft over the years using Apple for their R&D department. Sadly that's the way the world works.That said I'd like to see Tim ask for a closure of the fake Apple Stores selling fake i-devices in China, that's beyond the pale, even Google wouldn't do that! LOL
Oh, OK I had read many comments going both ways on that. Good to know, darn it.
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