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Oh, Apple are not going to be using Samsung? What a shame ... /s
Exactly and the exact same reason the US should allow Apple to repatriate overseas profits at a far lower tax level than currently legislated.
Apple should have such an application, after all Mac Paint and Mac Draw showed the way.
I loved Freehand and PageMaker.
I've never had a single issue installing any version of Microcrap's Windblows from XP to 10 on my my Mac Pro using VMWare. I do this for savage entertainment just to see how bad it is but it they all work, sort of. Why anyone would buy a Dell or any other POS beige crap is beyond me.
Can you provide the evidence that 'Apple leaks stuff'? Or are you just full of it?
As usual you are seemingly out of touch.
I guess I was very lucky Apple agreed to replace my MacBook Pro 15-inch, mid 2010 i7's mother board due to its NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 failure. The sooner Apple take GPU development in house the better. Apple are hopefully extracting the financial guts of NVIDEA and repaying all those who had to pay for repairs.
Fixed that for you
I think you are confusing 'initiative' with 'innovate' in your attempted Apple put down.
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