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I was going to say ... "Lenovo's news adds to what has been a bleak month for Microsoft as it seeks to reinvent itself under new CEO Satya Nadell," but Kasper's slave said all ready. A few folks have suggested that Microsoft go back to being a software only company in the last day or so, and pull out of hardware. This points to the fact if they did they'd be up a creak without a paddle. Someone has to make the hardware for their crap OS so as to be able to fill storage...
I don't just 'claim'. I owned an Apple Dealership so I didn't just use them I had a warehouse full of them. I suspect from your grammar you are not a native English speaker so perhaps you misunderstood me.To correct your grasp of history, I remember Gates buying into APPL in return for Steve dropping the law suit agaist MS caught red handed reverse engineering Quicktime for their Windows Media Player. It was a mutual win win and good PR.
Block list fodder.
IBM would be quite the head turner!
If it is like every thing else for web masters from Google, after getting really deeply involved in it, they will discontinue it.
Just for the record ... Office for the Mac was developed for the Mac by Microsoft (I have a set of the original disks), then a far smaller company than Apple, at the request and of the concept of Steve in 1983, in time for the launch or soon thereafter of the Mac in 1984. It didn't exist for a PC because at that time Gates had not yet stolen the Mac OS to develop Windows v1. As soon as he did reverse engineer Mac OS, he of course also purloined the Office concept for...
Good one, probably true too!
I agree totally, in fact they needed this dose of reality years ago but the PR is going to be horrible. I would have said the stock will tank but of course Wall Street loves layoffs ... but how long can that go on?On a lighter vein ... Who is going to be the one to suggest they close up and give the share holders their money back ...
It was inevitable, 'the catatonic state' that is, the entire success of Microsoft was built on the ripped off Apple OS (pre OS X) aka Windows, QuickTime aka Windows Media Player and Apple's Mac Office (conceived and commissioned from Gates by Steve for the original Mac). They have flogged those horses to death while Steve continued to move with the times. Their demise has taken a long time, they should be grateful for the free ride they have had and go away.
I agree and I mentioned higher up the thread that, that is what I was half expecting from my readings thus far, this new thing (if I understand correctly) seems a disaster in the making. However, they would then be up against IBM, Oracle and SAP, but I agree perhaps they could do well there, they already do in fact. Yet that isn't what this guy is saying. He wants to put moble first ... unless he means supporting mobile on iOS ... then that I would applaud. Or perhaps...
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