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Well said. Similar experience here and the same reaction!
My bad I read that as the El Capitan Public release.
It's quite the norm for RAM and computing stuff in general to go 2,4,8,16,64,128 etc. when you look back in history. Not so many 32's show up, nor 96's.
Remember Gatorguy has to put an Apple demeaning spin on on anything that mentions Google or its crappy iOS copy so Samsung is included.
To be clear this isn't a 'fix' to 10.10.4, this is a public beta of the next version. Think of this as Snow Leopard to Leopard not a Leopard update.I've found the current version of the developer 10.10.5 to be excellent and very stable on a new Mac Pro and a 2012 MBP but a few issues on a 2011 MBP. That's just one person's experience obviously.
I've an idea, the heat that comes of the pair of 27" Apple LCD monitors I sit in front of could probably power a steam turbine electric generator
I hope they can be powered by LED monitor light, I work in almost darkness!
Agreed. I'm waiting for Google and or Samsung to come out with a new logo any time soon, an apple with a slightly different shaped leaf.
What, talking common sense to those that believe every thing said on Fox News? Why waste your time.
I hope Google pay AI for your presence here!
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