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Me too, I was trying no be polite and give the chap a chance to explain or back down graciously.
I don't disagree with you on the overly cult like feeling of 'blessed' and 'adorned' but I think you are over reacting on the others. The first three phrases you quote happen to contain words you associate with PC (politically correct as opposed to personal computer ... ) but are not used in that way here. The word diverse has been around long before current PC use and means, well .... diverse. The use of the word gender is very relevant in this case, would you...
Can you post links to where you found that Apple are getting "their share from Apple-Pay" please. I was under the impression that Tim made it clear Apple were not getting any share. I thought the point was Apple-Pay would sell more Apple hardware but by staying out of the process, which I took to mean 'not taking a share' Apple made the system far more seamless that other attempts to enter this market.
If not decade.
RIP Classic. I still have two working 60 GIG iPods. I better mothball them now, they are going to be collectors items in about three centuries I bet.
He wants to back up his 4K videos.
Don't judge a book by its cover. My Rolex is better looking but it does squat.
So we will see price reductions / adjustments for existing account I assume, I just paid last week the old rate.
Heck I want it for the entire Apple range and not close contact either, I want WiTricity tuned resonance inductive charging.
Good one ... ROFL.
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