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10.11 will be out soon or at least the patch in it for existing 10.10 I'm sure.
Oh I so agree with that. It's like being tied to the 1990s. Like cable TV interfaces!
Exactly. Plus you can't access without signing in. I often use Siri when driving which would not be possible with a 3rd party system even if I wanted to be tracked and spammed. .
One step closer to the Knowledge Navigator video. "Your wife called. I didn't tell her you were lunching with your secretary but you'd better call her ASAP.'
Yep, nothing like cutting the price and reducing the profits to help profits ... Oh wait a minute ... reminds me of that saying, 'when in a hole, stop digging.'
Meanwhile white laser seems to offer potential for new technology in the next few years.
That whole area is iffy to be sure. I can sure as hell tell the difference. I have been wondering lately how good electronic view finders are in the mirrorless cameras for this same reason.
Exactly. Seems he is becoming quite the Microsoft apologist.
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