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See above for RadarTheKat's full post.What an excellent post.I have taken the liberty to quote you to several friends who continually quiz me as to 'what on earth is going on where Apple is concerned' and I have never been able to come close to such a well constructed explanation.
Posts that contain a series of epithets are rarely what I'd call edifying, whether written about companies or [sic] company's attributes.
I bet the demand for degrees in 'curation science' has gone through the roof since Jimmy Iovine turned the concept into the hottest thing around at the moment. I am surprised there are not online courses advertising, with slogans such as 'become a curator of anything and get bought for millions!'
If your cans were stolen would that be a beatnik? Where is Irwin Allen Ginsber when you need him?
People should get beaten for jokes like that.
Yep thanks, that was it. I remember when i moved to OS X (I started on the beta) I missed this more than anything. Still do!
You have reminded me ... There was a wonderful 3rd party extension in the days of OS 9 and earlier, the name escapes me now (Dick will know), that allowed an amazing amount of control over folder locations in the open and save dialog boxes. I miss it to this day. In work flows such as yours and mine one could add folders you used either regularly or during a project and it would remember where you opened from and saved to but also have any others you added in a drop...
In Cupertino it's maybe October X.
That's odd, I never experienced that even from the first beta. Was that common? I started off only running on my nMac Pro but since beta 3 have been only running on a 2013 Mac mini so maybe that is the difference.
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