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I bet a mini airbag would be the easiest solution of all ... but being Apple I vote for TheWhite falcons's idea of hovering
An object won't fall faster on the heavier side, correct. I suspect you are talking about air/vacuum with regard to air resistance in your examples. Center of gravity/mass change on the other hand has effect on rotation, for example, in a vacuum or an atmosphere.
They should give Apple an award for freeing up music!
LOL ... I actually suspected exactly that and thought we'd see it today, but perhaps tomorrow? Aways good to read another episode of DED the Slayer on a Sunday with coffee.
The EU seems to be trying on your behalf. I can't believe AI hasn't done an article about the latest news from the EU on wanting to chop Google up over there. It is relevant to Apple enthusiasts.
Big data is not in Apple's DNA my ass ... to paraphrase Phil That is absurd in the extreme. Everything Apple about is 'is big'. From stock value, to the market cap, to sales value, to profits, to money in the bank, to maps, to data centers, to solar energy, to retail stores, to retail stores sales per square foot ... heck even to a new HQ. Apple = BIG!If Apple started their own search it doesn't have to be perfect over night. There is an easy option to switch...
I beg to differ in the extreme on your opinion of DED. So to your point ... Android is not a steaming heap of unsafe crap in your opinion? Please do elaborate.
I am always puzzled when there are references to a particular POTUS when there are discussions about the USCIS, TSA, CIA, FBI, NSA etc. As if they really change with the POTUS or are doing things all that differently from when under previous administrations of either persuasion.
Remember all the posts back in the day? ... "Apple's 'walled garden' is never going to be a success..." ROFL
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