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Sorry OT but ... Wow I just checked, you are correct. I am quite surprised what a low number that is for the Jewish population. I sure live in a part of Florida with vastly different numbers!
OK lol, but less confusing than duopsony or oligopsony in that case.
I can se it now ..."AllureGate" ... the system controls go haywire every time the dude on Youtube uses this system and an attractive woman passes by ...
Unknot your knickers. I'm pretty sure that the wording of the headline did not mean "Continue holiday (whatever name you wish) sales" literraly, rather it surely meant '.. continue at the same level as ..said holiday sales.'
Exactly. Or if Apple blow it out the park in Watch sales Analysts will worry Apple won't be able to maintain the supply or some such nonsense, so either way APPL will suffer with such morons.
My AAPL hopes there are many more that think like you, even if it was probably hopefully a joke.
The bigger picture is ... Intel didn't get into mobile and their traditional market is dying. To me that is a sort of 'losing'.
Single buyer, don't they teach Greek in UK schools anymore?
I haven't done the math but following along with your argument, I wonder what sort of revenue a third party would have made had they supplied Apple with all the chips Apple used. In other words think of Apple's chip division as being stand alone. Then see how that theoretical division would have compared to Intel et al.
It depends if you are looking at volume or profit doesn't it?
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