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Good one, probably true too!
I agree totally, in fact they needed this dose of reality years ago but the PR is going to be horrible. I would have said the stock will tank but of course Wall Street loves layoffs ... but how long can that go on?On a lighter vein ... Who is going to be the one to suggest they close up and give the share holders their money back ...
It was inevitable, 'the catatonic state' that is, the entire success of Microsoft was built on the ripped off Apple OS (pre OS X) aka Windows, QuickTime aka Windows Media Player and Apple's Mac Office (conceived and commissioned from Gates by Steve for the original Mac). They have flogged those horses to death while Steve continued to move with the times. Their demise has taken a long time, they should be grateful for the free ride they have had and go away.
I agree and I mentioned higher up the thread that, that is what I was half expecting from my readings thus far, this new thing (if I understand correctly) seems a disaster in the making. However, they would then be up against IBM, Oracle and SAP, but I agree perhaps they could do well there, they already do in fact. Yet that isn't what this guy is saying. He wants to put moble first ... unless he means supporting mobile on iOS ... then that I would applaud. Or perhaps...
Being serious for a moment, I have a feeling this guy is too honest about Microsoft's terrible position and at some point he will get yanked out of the big chair by the powers behind the scenes.
And therein lies their problem in a nutshell. Without Gates ripping off Steve they have nothing left that can succeed. As others have mentioned they might have been better off staying with their true and tested MO and jumping in and reverse engineering iOS from the get go and facing the courts later like Google. For once in their existence they tried to do something themselves ... the rest will be written by historians.
I once read somewhere that those ribbons would be the death of Microsoft ...
He has been on the hot line to Blackberry for tips on this obviously ...
How many people do you really need to maintain Windows and Office? Neither will be needed in the near future so he may as well cut back.
If it were explainable as easily as saying these are not really 'Microsoft' jobs he'd have done that I would think, that or he sucks at PR.
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