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The example he gave was simply illustrative of 'a store you know no one else does', try substituting one and re read.
Sadly your probably correct. Anything with 'Apple' that is remotely bad news is prime click bait. It's a shame the good and positive don't seem to attract the same attention. I guess, given this is only true as Apple is the most successful company on Earth we shouldn't complain.
OK, sorry to hear that, then I bow to your better ability to interpret legal jargon. There was a day difference in the two articles I think, along with the different emphasis in the headlines, hence it seemed a logical deduction on my part that AI was lagging. Surprisingly I often see the BBC hours or even a day ahead of the likes of CNN on many major stories related to the USA, so I probably jumped to a false conclusion.
Interesting. I was questioning if the assertion (and used as evidence the Government was trying to abolish cash) that it was only cash transactions subject to this action. I think your point helps refute that concept ... right?
Sorry, I am stupid then. I love a Scotch or Gin and Tonic and I used to love a cigar too (but quit).
Just to pick up on one point, if you deposit or withdraw >$10,000 now it is true it is flagged, but that can be via check or wire transfer, it need not be cash per se, surely?
Citing extreme examples doesn't change the facts. The vast majority of middle to low level crime in drug related cases would be removed at least. Heck i used to buy Codine in Boots the Chemists for a headache, now people get arrested for selling it. Of course the Mafia types would find something else.
Hear hear.
This isn't even remotely funny so I hope we get no 'clever' posts. I hope this was an accident.
I think the modern kids would love such a shop (now I think about it, Harry Potter's Diagon Alley was pretty spot on lol). The large stores such as Michael's lack any staff with a clue and sell too wide of a selection. I am sure crafts will make a come back (as opposed to electronic toys) as people realize there is a reason crafts have been around for millennia.
New Posts  All Forums: