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You got that right!
There is a free trial version if Midi Guitar you can download, that's how I got hooked. But the price is only $99 I seem to recall. The software is so good you can sing into a mic to create midi! I think an acoustic may work with a good pick up up but you always have the issue of harmonics with an acoustic. It might be better to get an inexpensive solid electric.
That would be a very sensible approach. No need to build inventory that isn't needed, Apple isn't Samsung after all!
True story ... I can see the uses and it is good to have this option for sure ... but I was caught unawares at first when this came out on the developer beta. Unbeknownst to me, I had five Macs and three iPads plus my iPhone ready to do this by default and I had no idea. Then it happened ... a call came in ... and all hell broke lose. I had no idea WTF was going on. I was lucky to actually find the phone amongst the cacophony, the Macs even kept ringing after I'd...
LOL. Shame Tiny Tim isn't around to help them with the ads eh?
House of the Rising Sun was the first thing I learned. Wow, what a set of useful chords there for a beginner eh?
I'd agree the feel is different. I'd argue that toy would feel pretty much the same (as in not even close) for a standard guitar too, hence I don't think they are useful for teaching. We got off track talking about software midi alternatives, my bad.
Nothing so complex. The bottom four strings on any six string are identically tuned as they are on a standard 4 string bass simply one octave higher. Dropping the octave is done in post not when playing quite often but with Midi Guitar I can actually play bass in realtime on any of my electric guitars and hear them as bass guitars.. Hence practicing riffs etc. would be identical. I see chadbag above doesn't agree with my suggestion, but I can assure you this is the case...
Just use the bottom four strings and drop an octave. I do that all the time on a 6 string guitar using Midi Guitar with soft bass instruments.
Yes the technology improves year on year for sure as they use AI. The acoustic guitar on the iPad Garageband blew me away. Using a keyboard and a guitar a lot for soft instruments (I am not using the term 'midi' in this context these days) I find one or the other will work far better for various soft instruments so I choose my 'weapon' accordingly. The soft instruments are best for backing tracks, I'd never use one for anything too up front as, as you say ... "it's a...
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