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All good points but I still would bet we see a continues increase in RAM usage not to mention .... I'm still banking on the Holodeck becoming a reality one day and boy will a load of RAM help that ON a slightly more serious note ..cough .. . when we start being able to 'jack in' and 'download' a mind, we will see the RAM needs escalate ... (see Richard K Morgan ... trilogy). Brilliant novels. Takeshi Kovacs is coming!
Loved your post , however I am certain OS X will allow and improve upon applications' abilities to max out far more RAM very soon making it a must in these industries. but .... " I'd say 128GB is more RAM than anyone will ever need." ... you serous? When most Macs had 512K at most, and I loaded up my IIfx with 8 MBs I was told I was crazy and no one would ever need that much RAM. I am sure we will be looking at the same discussion over TBs one day. However, I assume...
To be fair he is correct if not too tactful although not if the RAM is slower, I missed that part! While working full time I had very Mac. I ever owned maxed out, such as the II fx which had 8 MB LOL, that thing loaded cost more than the current 12 core Mac Pro! One of the companies I ran was in high end scanner software and always needed as much RAM as possible. Today some one editing 4K might seriously benefit from tons of RAM and no doubt 8K is on the horizon. It's...
" ... recent indications of a shift in Apple's living room go-to-market strategy " Can I get a link to something that states it ever was their strategy to sell an HDTV please?
You might be right in the long term regarding everyday consumers. As to the use for a larger tablet, there maybe a pro market in music and graphics just as there is with the 'Mac Pro' for Mac users.
Heck I felt spoiled with 128K and no need for a language card to add an additional 16k as with the Apple ][. I had to get a new Mac Pro in 2013 so had to settle for what was shipping early, a six core. I really would like more RAM that I was able to get stock so this is great news. Now I just want to see the same for the SSDs from third parties, larger and less expensive but 100% compatible ... (I hope)
He didn't have to hire any outsiders, he just had the 'Reverse Engineering of Apple Products Department' work on it for a few days.
It's the burgers not the buggers many have to blame ...
I agree about the power outlets, but in service streaming isn't the same as internet connection which I'd prefer even more. I have a lot of flights this year and I see Delta are pushing a $20 surcharge on each leg to have wifi. Hopefully, one day soon, with savings from eliminating in seat entertainment systems airlines can offer the wifi at a lower cost or even including it for free where possible as well as streaming options. I assume wifi is limited to areas with...
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