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What about inverse in iOS Accessability Settings? Not a dark theme as such but there are some funky colors.
Being 'on AI' doesn't end the fact something is a secret surely, AI is a rumor site. Does a rumor end a secret?
Now that's what I call graphics. Not that I play shoot em style games anymore, I started to worry I enjoyed it too much. I rescue spiders and start to enjoy shooting people ... what's wrong with that picture? I do like the latest Tomb Raiders graphics I can't wait till you can't tell the graphics from Angelina Jolie ... BeoWulf anyone? 😍
LOL, 'Privacy Gate' ... you forgot the /s tag I assume. I bet selecting 'clear history' is something any porn surfer does I am sure, even after 'private browsing'.
Microsoft staff on their own iPhones so they have enough devices to test it I guess.
LOL ... you know everyone has to now try that and see if you were kidding ...
So ... just to be clear, "Clear History and Website Data..." clears it ... As in ... Wow, that was complicated! Good to know.
I was thinking the Apple shaped beam of light shone onto the clouds to get ARSA ... Apple Road Side Assistance.
I find games like this are so out dated. That said, I can see the appeal to those that remember games being so primitive for nostalgic reasons I guess. Kind of why I like Pinball games on the Mac and iPad.
As an aside, the BBC really need Jony to help with a new TARDIS interior design!
New Posts  All Forums: