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That's exactly what I am waiting to see (maybe she already decided I have't read the latest yet, I've been on the beach incommunicado). It would the gracious thing for her to do now IMHO. I just don't think Tim planned that out come, should it happen, as part of some clever scheme as others here have suggested. I don't doubt Jimmy planned the 90 days free and not paying talent and has likely been over ruled here by Tim though. That's the back story I find most...
Haha ... good one.
That's deep ... perhaps a little too deep?
Great malapropism there
That is something I hope will happen over time. Then the artists would be like App developers and you don't hear them complaining too much about the system Apple set up for them.
I'd wager you are correct.
They should send advisors to LA!
Ireland I read is roughly the size of Indiana. Not a massive State to be sure but I'm pretty sure there is room for a few solar arrays and a couple of server farms in Indiana. In fact Indiana had a robust Economic Development Corporation trying to attract exactly such things as does Ireland come to think of it. Scale is a strange thing. The UK is tiny too by your standards but you can ride a train through hours of desolate countryside still.
I was just going to ask the same thing!
I confess I haven't really followed this all that closely but didn't Snowden leave all the information with his selected journalists before going to Russia?
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