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Yes, sorry I was ambiguous, I mean an annual road trip plus several air trips. We probably have three of four vacations a year where we fly as well as the road trip. I think I just convinced myself we are better off with the unlimited data plan. Shame I can't use the tethering to an iPad or Mac with it though!
I am not defending the FCC for one second here, rather thinking out loud ... We are also have the original grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T and keep wondering if the apparent high cost is worth the 'unlimited. The reason we have not bailed is it's nice to look at the monthly $180 bill (for two iPhones) and see $00.00 next to every single data entry whether full speed or slowed ... (I have not experienced any slowing but then we don't watch Netflix on our...
He was, and did.
Oh what a creepy looking SOB Schitt is.
All this music talk made me remember I had a box of old Apple stuff in the attic. I went up (it was only 200°F up there) and found a box in which were old iPods and even one of those boom boxes that charged and played the iPod. I brought it down, waited for it to be cool enough to touch and plugged it in and popped a 60 GIG iPod in. It worked first time and plays as good as new. Now that is quality manufacturing. It's been up there for years.
Almost, I traded my shares for a subsidiary company, software for the printing industry, which I relocated to the US and got an H1B visa. That lead to a green card and eventually full citizenship. I sold the software company to a larger one, the name I forget, they were PC only rival to Photoshop 'kind of' back then. Then went into video and photography. Yep, almost 25 years since I waved bye bye to UK, ... seems like about five though! First few years were in Boston...
I must check how how he is aging.
Remember the phone dialing device those two scallywags had? The young Jobs and Woz would have been selling such an app themselves.. EDit: I just checked US / UK translations as I have to do all the time ... and the US version of scallywags is different from my UK background meaning! ... I mean as in the pirate sense...
Yes, I heard that too. It's a shame they can't stop trying to make money out of these things by reducing the amber time and use as intended and reduce both kinds of accidents. Of course those newer cars with auto collision detect / breaking would help too. Now I think about it, auto detect amber in cars would be a good idea too! With all these morons driving and texting or talking on a cell phone, the cars need this.
It is surely an error as what company and its products is greener and more energy efficient than Apple? Especially if you stop Flash running on the Macs!
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