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Being serious for a moment, I have a feeling this guy is too honest about Microsoft's terrible position and at some point he will get yanked out of the big chair by the powers behind the scenes.
And therein lies their problem in a nutshell. Without Gates ripping off Steve they have nothing left that can succeed. As others have mentioned they might have been better off staying with their true and tested MO and jumping in and reverse engineering iOS from the get go and facing the courts later like Google. For once in their existence they tried to do something themselves ... the rest will be written by historians.
I once read somewhere that those ribbons would be the death of Microsoft ...
He has been on the hot line to Blackberry for tips on this obviously ...
How many people do you really need to maintain Windows and Office? Neither will be needed in the near future so he may as well cut back.
If it were explainable as easily as saying these are not really 'Microsoft' jobs he'd have done that I would think, that or he sucks at PR.
"The job cuts are part of CEO Satya Nadella’s sweeping changes to the company, as he transitions away from former CEO Steve Ballmer’s vision of a “devices and services” company toward a “mobile-first and cloud-first” productivity firm." So he is planning to take on Apple and Google (through their evil servants Scamsung) even more directly starting with
Must have been a quiet day ...
I wonder if we'll see the next Yosemite beta as well and the beta iWork apps? I'm a little sad my beta iWork apps in Mavericks can't use the cloud to sync anymore since my Yosemite beta went and upgraded my iCloud data after the last update.
You are so wasting your time there. You can't expect people that feel the need to drag political intrigue and conspiracy in everything, to listen to reason let alone understand half of what you said. I just immediately put them in my block list and read all the well written and intelligent comments, even if I don't agree with many, they at least are food for thought. Crap like the one you responded to are not worth the effort.
New Posts  All Forums: