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errr .... Safari / Extensions / AdBlock ....
ROFL(relatively ordinary funny language) Damn, now what does that mean ...
Ah, but when a writer uses an anacrnym, the results on the graph can be made higher than when they don't as no one knows WTF you mean It's a simple case of UAMMFS (using acronyms make me feel smarter).
My guess is Best Buy is a moot discussion, I mean how much longer can they last? It is just a showroom now, as you say, it's where to go to see and touch before ordering on Amazon Prime! Although these days most shelves are empty.Personally I never really liked Best Buy, too many sneaky sales tactics. I've seen MBPs on the floor stands for sale and only a knowledgeable person would spot they were not the latest models, Canon camera bundles that were the same price as...
Rewards Curation ... great idea.I wonder where Amazon will fit in to this. My daily Amazon fix requires that they will support Pay or I will be in trouble.
I totally agree with mesomorphicman, your original post was
Anecdotally only but I've heard several older folks mention they'll swap to Apple now as the only reason they had Scamsung phones in the first place was the size.
I buy every generation of all Apple products it seems looking in my office closet.
Isn't this oxymorinic? "I love standards; there are so many to choose from"
Is that still the case? (Sorry can't be bothered to fire up VMWare and try ... lol). If so Watch will look a wee bit odd.
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