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Hopefully, as with Sony this is a company I would hate to see go belly up (unlike some I could mention).
Sharp didn't just make displays though. They have been around a long time making many and wide ranging products. So I can't think it is just the monitor division dragging them down. It is the same for so many of these similar companies. I have to wonder if more nimble and newer companies are eating their lunch too.
I'd doubt that too. I may be remembering incorrectly but didn't Apple prop them up somehow a few years back? Or was that just by advancing payment on a large order? Whatever, I would think ( actually 'firmly believe' would be more accurate to say) Tim is well aware of all his suppliers' financial situations and will have long had all the contingencies in place.
I'd respectfully disagree that they are the same. "Apple has agreed to settle a case..." versus "Apple and car battery firm A123 on verge of ..."I was not criticizing AI's wording, rather suggesting they needed to update it. Clearly it was written earlier than the BBC's report.
I agree. Of course 'settled' might not mean Apple gets screwed to the wall as the media would love to spin it no doubt, perhaps something far more reasonable that benefits both parties. It will be interesting to read the final outcome.
It is certainly brutal out there for so many of these once great electronics firms. I have to admit, it is amazing how many gadgets I once bought that are now obsoleted by one or more of my Apple devices.
Right, and in fact I suspect Samsung have people leaving Japan daily (and many other places) with hundreds of Android devices taped under their coats so as to cover up the fact the shipped inventory was not sold.
You have links or proof that Apple deliberately tracked individuals without their permission for monetary gain?
ROFL got to agree on that!But seriously ... I have to say, if religions can't update their basic philosophies (dogma) to take account of the fact we are not living somewhere in the first few centuries AD (or older in many cases) then they should only be allowed to be paid in goats and hens etc. Seems fair to me.
You are partially correct, the limit is for your own music at the moment and does not include iTunes purchases
New Posts  All Forums: