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That was a partial, accidental inclusion in the post, it was from way up the thread. No idea how that crept in. I was only responding to Mstone's post I thought.
Got to say Detroit doesn't exactly spring to mind when I hear the word 'design' cars and manufacturing but design infers soIf this were Apple which I doubt, I'd bet it would be closer to San Fransisco.
It seems to me Soli touched on the solution earlier up the thread. Have a locker room area where staff can leave their bags before entering the Apple Store itself. If they need any items from the bag during the day they can obviously go and get it.
Nope, I am the same as you. I'd wait for the next beta update if I were you. I was going to say delete everything on Keychain and start over but that can be a pain. Maybe the first aid will be back next update.
Something weird going on for sure ... I am trying to research this Yes, it seems to have vanished in 10.11.2!
Thanks for the intel, I know what you mean on MR, I gave up there along time ago for that treason. oops I mean reason Good job pointing out the agenda of the stooges here. Newbies may be mislead otherwise!
The betas are pre tested by developers too, we take the arrows in the front for you all but I would not want to be on the support line for the public version!Not that I have ever had a problem with betas except one on a 2010 MBP a while back but it was pretty much alpha and I half expected it. Note: I do always have a Carbon Copy Clone of any boot drive before ever installing a beta, on any Mac.Good tip on Safe Mode,(note to newbies on Macs) plus don't forget Recovery...
Apple just changed the interface, you must have upgraded from a an older OS X recently I assume:Resetting your keychain in Mac OS XIf Keychain First Aid finds an issue that it can't repair, or if you don't know your keychain password, you might need to reset your keychain.Resetting a keychain sets aside the original default keychain file and creates a new one.To reset your keychain in Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or later:Open Keychain...
I see that as like saying therefore Insects will rule the planet ...
Fixed that for you ... Android and Google are sinking to the bottom
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