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My take is it doesn't matter at all. If Apple, in CA, USA want to call it R2D2 they can as far as I am concerned. Arguing about localization in the English language, baring where the words have conflicting or obscene local meanings, is of no importance. Next we'll have have requests for several 'receptacle's' for organic, metals, and plastic etc.. Many Brits have long had a snotty attitude to Americanization of their precious language. My advice is go and watch...
I use the full PS CC but I feel bad for Element users who must surely be hobbyists for the most part. Adobe will lose even more to alternative programs like Affinity Designer with such relatively high upgrade costs, and so they should IMHO.
Am I correct in thinking you retain the existing iPhone when the new one arrives each year with Apple's plan too? If true that's more offset when it sells, that said the cost of 1 year old second hand iPhones will drop ... mmmm... I wouldn't mine a reasonably priced used one year old iPhone 6s next year
I can't wait, it must be years since Apple changed the iTunes interface ... oh wait a minute ...
Good for you. I still have a problem seeing pink as a color I'd use though, struggle as I may. I cannot get past seeing the new nursery all 'pinked out' awaiting the baby girl, in my mind's eye. No doubt Apple will help remove that preconception over time as we all become gender neutral on color. .
Interesting. So any MP3 material is removed from iTunes or just Ringtones? By which I mean is this action limited to those items used by the OS or does it include content? BTW don't have an earlier back up somewhere? Even if not, however annoying, this is hardly a reason to go and buy a crap Android phone, that's called biting your nose of to spite you face!
Just a wee gripe on the marketing of these pho retouching applications; all these applications from PS itself to others that claim to select hair 'easily' always use sample images that are fairly easy to do. In reality with complex backgrounds it is still a bitch to do most times. I also think the upgrade costs is too high for the Elements applications.
It doesn't hurt to learn a new word now and then. You make it sound like the English are getting like the French which I am pretty sure they are not.
What? Has Eric Schmidt joined their board?
That post has resurfaced from a long time ago due to a glitch in AI's database. All old news and done and dusted thanks. I was new to 8.1 at the time but have it running on an external drive on a new Mac Pro using Thunderbolt thanks to Windows to Go (as in not using Boot Camp). So all is well. The issues were all solved by using an MS three button mouse! LOL
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