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How may pop stars and music stars do anything? There are a few that try to make a difference and they get nothing but crapped on by wise guys. Please list your contributions to society. Bono has worked his ass off to help others.
I'm, interested to se if Apple have a choice in size. It would seem odd to me if Apple only offer a larger iPhone. I have no need of such a beast but I have no problem with those that do.
I am pretty sure for PC users it would be safer! Mac maybe not so much.
I agree, LED lighting everywhere should be mandated. Just fly at night and look down at any large urban area ... (or use a satellite view).
I'd be shocked if they hadn't already.
Absolutely bizarre = MO
Agreed, that should be $2 Billion .No doubt gator-aid will explain why this was all a mistake.
Well said.
Perhaps it was his clumsy way of complimenting Apple in the way they don't try to score points from such actions.
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