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I lost track of the story about an education department in CA that cancelled the order for iPads due to some internal politics. Anyone know waht is the status of that situation now? Please don't tell me they supplied the kids with third rate technology.
Your are right. It has been historically a pretty useless game. Ask Scamsung.
Tell me all about MS's 'own Windows OS'. I only recall the the OS with a GUI they reverse engineered from the Mac. Was there another? Are you referring to 'Interface Manager'?
Exactly. Next quarter is going to be stunning ... new Macs too!
Used as roofing material?
Oh the memories ... now you have me pining for my plastic submarine that when you put baking soda in, it went up and down in the bath ... Free with Frosted Flakes in the late 50's I seem to recall. Probably more original and better made than the MS Watch ... but your idea is a good one.
Oh come on, we, AI members, can't laugh at Microsoft without you calling us trolls? If we were mocking on a Microsoft fan blog site I'd agree, but here ... really? This is sport
I bet it runs a mini version of Symantec or Norton Anti-Virus and you have to wait an hour before using MicroSoft Pay while it checks for any malware.Mock Funeral sounds in order ...."Here next to Zune, lies the body of MSWatch ..."
I can't get the image out of my head ... a Micky Mouse watch only with Ballmer and his arms swinging round ... It's like a nightmare!
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