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"Android security" ... Really? Oxymoron of the day.
I still want to know how the GTAT board payed themselves millions just before filing is legal.
Hear hear.
Or maybe ´ú┐Search? Hey I can hope.
Oh good you can hear Siri say all those numbers again, she said 700B so fast ...
It is a fun bench mark for share holders. So of course it is worth mentioning as Breaking News. I have no doubt we will see it dip and come back so no need to mention it again till $800B.
There fixed that for you
Ok, I'll accept that, it just seemed to me for the IP and talent they could 'can' the management, it would be pocket money for Apple and lots to gain ... ...
She'd say ... "I just want to you and the hundreds of users of Microsoft Mobile OS out there that success isn't everything."
Can't help thinking IBM would make a nice addition to the new Campus ... no overlap in their technologies and a fabulous portfolio these days and lots of IP and talent.
New Posts  All Forums: