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Joseph, I did not call you an idiot, I was suggesting Apple's current advice often is better than the likes of articles in Mac enthusiast magazines and blogs, many of which are online yet years out of date.I have been helping folks fix Apple computers since 1978 so I have certainly done some time in the trenches. At one time or another I owned seven Apple dealerships all with in-house repair departments several looking after large corporates, several universities and...
Sorry, I was trying in a humorous way to ask for more information so we could offer help.i realize my humor often misses the mark ... 🙃
Seriously though, you should approach AI to be ensconced as the official opposition to all things Apple and all things pro Google, kind of anti-DED. With an official position your posts would be then editorial and no one need see them as anything but that.
I give three years tops. :I can't wait to visit personally speaking, Havana that is not its Apple Store:) I wonder if Jinx still swims there?
Wait, a few of us will use our telepathy powers then teleport there to help you
Or you could believe Applehttps://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201560
Nice! Maybe a watch for Watson and Homes;)
So Watch is just another typical multi billion dollar Apple hobby. Not a real business like Pebble.
So to be clear, your only reason to spend so much time on AI is to jump to the defense of Google whenever required? Out of interest, do your typical pro Google and Android fan sites have Apple stooges that devote their entire working day monitoring and defending Apple? There might well be I just don't know since I wouldn't waste my time on a Google Android site.
Shop doors go 'ding dong' when you walk in no doubt.
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