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I'm not 35 any more and the list goes from there ...
He's either a born again Apple guy ... or taking the piss the last few days... don't think too long Edit: My guess he's been told by his masters to be cool it for awhile. You can't influence newbies if the regulars are pointing out your a troll after every anti (albeit always subtle) Apple post.
10 .2 is a major update. How come your app didn't auto update?
I never had that issue but good to know it's fixed.
For heaven's sake get a grip, that was a joke, hence the second line beginning with "Seriously" .... Jeez!
Well said, I think a few of us here agree with that sentiment.
Hence "Seriously" on the next line ...
Pure altrusim, what else ?... Seriously, it has become a great selling point for Apple to be everything Google isn't.
Sweet! I have the 60" Sharp and would love to go larger but my wife thinks it's already way too large! What is it with wives and large TVs? There is NO TOO large!
Got to add my 2 cents. It was nice when I was able to get back with BCBS (self paying) after years of being refused due to a pre existing condition.
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