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Yep, about as well as any Windows ever did. Nuff said ... I judge it in comparison to OS X so obviously that's unfair. I still would advise those whose livings depend entirely on Windows to buy a Mac and start learning.
I wonder if this new white laser technology may be on Apple's radar. Better than LED and OLED apparently.
Meanwhile every tech journalist out there, other than the very few Apple aficionados, are writing ten page articles in praise of Windows 10 to try to save PC sales in hopes they will have a job in a few years. Having used the aforementioned OS since it first came out in beta and found it to be 8.1 with things moved about with a Siri copy, the same old crap otherwise, I would advise them to buy a new iMac and start learning.
I agree.
Lazy Days Of Summer, I wish ....here in Florida it's the Sloshy Days Of Monsoon! But for GTA V (running on my Mac Pro) I'd be going nuts.
Maybe their break even point would have been lower without the greed that often accompanies contracts with Apple. Has anyone looked into their recent financial activities especially executive compensations.
Anything reported Apple is doing Google and Samsung will be trying to preempt as usual so I assume they are talking to Kia given so many Americans prefer to buy South Korean goods over American. When I say American here I am taking about the companies themselves not where various parts in various products are manufactured or assembled.
Right, as can any decent programmer including those making and selling knock offs (see fake iPhones and fake Sammycrap too) and / or distributing malware and viruses. Android is a nightmare of epic proportions. It will end up the pariah of mobile industry and shunned by all. Remember Google already makes the largest amount of its ad revenue from iOS not Android so I wouldn't be shocked if one day Google quietly drop it and move on to their next big rip off from Apple...
So Googles success thus far giving away this crap maybe a flash in the pan?
A large number of people lease cars these days in western societies (never own a depreciating asset and so on ...), and it's not just businesses but private folks too. So that's between two and three years mostly. Then you have the massive second hand business that follows for those vehicles. If that was all part of the same business, i.e. you simply turn in the lease for a new one and then Apple deals with it a second time. There might be a good business.Of course if...
New Posts  All Forums: