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I hope Logic Pro X doesn't get forgotten. I just wish there was a way to have a shared folder on icloud drive for collaboration in Logic Pro X. Meanwhile, where is the new 'photo' app that is replacing iPhoto and Aperture?
There is quite a lot of excellent material in 4k on YouTube. Some of mine included.
If you are not too concerned about editing 4k video (although I'm sure it can do it, not just quite like the nMP) this new iMac is stunning value for sure. If only there was Aperture X
Try this ... boot with the R held key and boot into recovery partition (or option key start, and select start up from the recovery partition) and then use the Apple ID to reset password or in your case create one..
OS X 10.10 (14A389)... and my 500 GIGs of paid for iCloud Drive I paid for running the last dev release still isn't showing up.
I seem to recall they normally do. This seems a longer delay than usual. I'm hoping it is soon before too many folk get home from work and we can beat the rush
My thoughts too, my Mac Pro is drooling for one. Perhaps they will just slip one on to the price list in the next month or two. I was trying to think how low Apple could price it ... if you extract the cost of the Mac bits from the iMac I am thinking $1,795 for a 27" 5K Apple display seems feasible.. but perhaps we may see the return of a 30" for the pro end, I loved 30" ACD back in the day.
There's your problem, you need a female wallet, they 'she'd' know such a bargain when 'she' sees one!
Probably many are old school PC users and hate Apple ... /paranoia
... and it could have been so much worse ...
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