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I am guessing you were watching on an NTSC 1980's TV?
Me too, my Rolex maybe headed for retirement. I like that there is a ladies version too ... perfect Xmas gift dagnabbit!
Time to add a prefix to your handle then maybe?
Of course it will, it goes faster!
I am amazed Apple missed an 'in time for Christmas' delivery for Apple Watch after all this time.
That's the big question. We are hanging tight, fingers crossed.
Ok, well I said it was just my opinion. In Macs I always max out so I guess I am contradicting my own actions. It just seems add that soooo much work goes into the details of iPhone design that for Apple to save a few $s on a bit of RAM if it is so crucial seems counterintuitive to me. I also said whatever Apple add, I wasn't saying it should be 1 GIG, I half expect more.
Actually I badly worded my lame impossible time joke ... I should have said it is 'now' 9 a.m. EST and the folks in Papeete have already started watching Tim! Worse I now realize it is 10 a.m. Pacific not 9 ... Oh well ... But good on yer mate for getting up. I did the same for the moon landing as a kid in the UK. Some things are that momentous! (Oh my, he said expecting a spelling correction, Americans left the u in momentous)
It is always at these sort of momentous occasions the time zone thing hits home. After 25 years in the States I still get mind blown over it when chatting with friends in the UK and France. Just think, it is 9 a.m. EST and the people of Papeete have already started watching Tim!
I know we have all had this exact same conversation before many times recently but I reiterate my view that whatever Apple use be it 1, 2 or 100 GIGs they are using what they have, after a great deal of testing, found to be optimal not what will save money in production. It is impossible to compare Macs and iDevices with the other crap out there anymore and RAM is a classic example of where this is especially true. No other manufacturer controls so many aspects of the...
New Posts  All Forums: