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Apple should have thought of that idea as a cover and added a pub at one end, they'd have been welcomed!
That's the problem though. Nut jobs feel free to use their own judgement and it's not a huge leap then to a group of heavily armed paramilitary types listening to rantings from a radio host and blowing up a government building all because their candidate didn't win an election. Oh, I wasn't talking about America but you never know it could happen here.
I always thought the 'murder fatwas' were only from medieval, barbaric muslim clerics!
I still use the Nest which I bought pre Google. Yesterday Nest sent me an add for the new hardware and featured a large Scamsung phone and Android. From now on all their correspondence is auto deleted.
Were the graph's column headers left off by accident in this article? The link does take you to the full graph but it seems a bit strange to chop them off.
I'd be fine with throttling the carriers.
However much I love OS X, I must say it seems like OS X Server is stuck in Apple's hobby section as far as I can tell.
Same here, search for something using Google and suddenly I get crap about what ever it was (in my Junk Mail Box mostly, luckily but I do check it). I was just thinking yesterday, Amazon never do that, yes they suggest items I might like based on my shopping and searching but they keep it strictly in house which is fine with me and they don't over do it ... and it is scarily accurate! Yes of course I want that Canon L lens!
True, especially when you see the figures for Google's revenue from iOS. I love it ... Search, yeah baby ...
I can imagine the Radio DJ today ... "Ok this is for you listening out there, Bill in Santa Clara, I believe?"
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