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What competition?
Maybe it's a decoy. Apple will be using the A9, A10 or whatever and they are being made elsewhere and the A8 is just a temporary chip ... Oh well just dreaming ...
I guess a lot of the $s I get in dividends and share value increase I have enjoyed is thanks to folks who like this stuff so I'm all for it. I don't have to watch. Now back to listening to Heart at full blast.
I hope they bent over so far the shaft came well out the other end.
I have both and they are different in their approach and uses. I have used Disk Warrior since its inception and it has been invaluable. Nothing else comes close to it for fixing damaged disk directories and it is blindingly fast and safe. DW isn't trying to do much, just do what it does flawlessly. I have fixed so many Mac users' unsolvable problems in two minutes with it I have lost count. I like to mount the subject Mac with Terminal Mode and run DW on my MBP or nMP...
Isn't it amazing how so many people don't understand that 'Mail' is an application and the 'mail system' they use is up to them, be it iCloud or Google etc. The name 'Mail' may not be such a good idea I am starting to think. As it is Google f^^*ks up and they moan 'Mail' is broken!
Not to mention abandoning projects on a whim. I gave up supporting all their various in web utilities for web masters as I spent more time having to remove them for clients then trying to explain why than I care to think about ... Totally untrustworthy.
For heaven's sake beware of assuming if your issue is on that blog it is genuine. That blog is full of self-fulfilling tails and even tales of woe that feed upon themselves in paranoid frenzies. Like any google search, if you search for problems you find them ... and lots of people with the same one, it proves nothing. True there are some smart folks there but by enlarge not so much. Also don't assume anyone from Apple is contradicting total rubbish posted there, they...
Again, all I can say is Mail is fine for me. Then I am using iCloud and Me not third party mail severs so I can't speak to those situations.
Without the rest of the make up of the 100% this really tells us nothing. Apple's growth isn't coming from the companies shown from what little I can see.
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