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Gatorguy will be posting links showing how Google planned all this any moment ...
Way to go ... how to derail a thread and attract the politically polarized nut job with one sentence.
I actually missed the Apple reference, thanks for pointing it out.
Analysts use a formula something like this: 50% mind games, 50% totally made up stuff and 50% rumors.
Gosh that's a surprise.
I was going to mention the apparent resurgence of the colored Mac logo too. I spotted it more than once in that video I think. AI seems to have used it a lot in recent months too.
Sorry I wasn't more clear, I meant previous beta Yosemite versions, not previous released versions.
What people are you referring to?
You wrote all that in response to a comment about beta software? Rest assured those of us with developer accounts are not totally without a brain cell.
A bit OT but nice.
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