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Hey I was the first to say 'Go for it Apple'
By the way, 'lobbying' is an essential part of the process. It was intended to be how we the people communicate with our elected representatives. It is not the fault of the concept that it is abused. It is those that accept some financial gain in return for the lobbying efforts that should be locked up first IMHO. That problems is not limited to the US, check out the UK's history. Little boys in backrooms is a form of payment and keeping it hushed up certainly is too....
It's a well worn meme for sure, and yes money buys power in the USA but just look around the rest of the planet. How many countries are run by those that attained power without substantial help, be that military, political or wealth.
True but somewhere along the line this part of a Republic's functions has gone astray ..."By conventions of representatives, freely, fairly, and proportionately chosen . . . "Now we have many representatives at the highest level (and most likely other levels), bought and paid for by minority interests, albeit the wealthiest, in both parties or so it seems to me.
The vast number of those, at their price points, probably don't actually make phone calls. They are probably used for playing games at bed time.
It's all about curation. Actually those artists would be all together in my list, the LPs were certainly all in my collection. What am awesome set, I must try that! Such memories of the 70's, (Jimmy lived on through the 70's too to me).
I must say I am surprised too. I can only think it must be due to licensing restrictions, why would Apple withhold a service if it didn't have to?
A very interesting set of reasons. By the way, those specific extensions vastly speedup your browser, there can be no debate over that.Regarding ClicktoFlash, I didn't know about what you say regarding false reporting, if indeed the case. Maybe someone else here does. That said, if so, then your worries are assuaged, they will get their revenue as if you did. You are on that page after all so what's the difference other than your own suffering. If they are not...
So you 'concur' with my interpretation?
Humor aside, why don't we ask the writer of the article:"Morgan Stanley sees Apple's strong holiday sales continuing into 2015"Does this mean sales continue as good as they were during the holidays? ... My contentionOrAs Ben's rant took it to mean ... and I quote "We are now post-Christmas, so, by definition, Apple cannot continue their Christmas sales."Any discussion about political correctness is not at issue. If that is your angle then it is not what my initial...
New Posts  All Forums: