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I'd have to check but a while ago. It was a surprise to everyone on AI that they pre announced so far ahead I seem to remember. / 2 minutes later ... OK here you go ... the 'One more thing' moment, September 2014.http://www.apple.com/live/2014-sept-event/
Ask the question ... Had Apple never announced way back it was going to make an Watch, would Microsoft and the rest of the copycats gone down this road? Had Apple announced they were going to make a health necklace or a hearing aid with Siri in your ear, I am sure they'd all have them ...
Did they hold a mock funeral for Watch yet? I hope they do it seems to bring good luck to Apple.
I hear if you die using it the screen goes blue ...
As AAPL touches $130! Wheeeeee.
I still wonder if that is to do with extricating Apple from Nuance's grip. Wasn't Nuance in talks with Samsung last year?
I think my unclear was more unclear than your unclear ...
I was a beta tester of Andy's video editing software when he was with Radius which had both hardware (Mac card based breakout box with component IO) and his Radius Edit software (not mentioned in the short bio above). He was always responsive and helpful and a really nice guy to correspond with. He is one of the giants in digital video's brief history. I had two Radius Telecast systems back then plus the Macs, RAID drives, DLT back up. hardware companders and so on. ...
Yes I agree, hence my comment was agreeing with the post I replied to:Originally Posted by TheWhiteFalcon View Post"...NIH died with the NeXT acquisition"Right. It is strange how these untrue myths about Apple get perpetuated. [as in after the NeXT acquisition]
Honesty is the best policy. I prefer to pick and choose the cases I agree with based upon personal preferences I loved the one that took IE down.
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