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I often stop and wonder where Richard would be now had he never bumped into Mike Oldfield.
And so they should. What you say is exactly what I have been saying for a long time too. If they offer independent artists a full marketing package and only take a 30% cut I am pretty sure that would make many sit up and think before selling their souls to a recording label. It is not that much difference from an App developer really. How many of the successful ones we have today would have made it in the pre AppStore days with all the overheads and risks. I see no...
Right, and I have to wonder if Disney or Carnival contemplated buying Greece with the Euro being weak . BTW I was staggered to read the entire population is about that of Miami.
Exactly. Where were these investigators in all the years artists have been screwed by recording company contracts? I was listening to the Jim Croce story on NPR a while back, now there is a classic example of this.
Well you can alternative boot drives.!
Or Florida? I walk two miles a day in the mid summer here. You acclimate after time or are a local (within reason of course). I am frozen if it is below 60F now and I was a Brit! LOL
"Microsoft releases all-new Office 2016 for Mac to Office 365 subscribers" They only have 365 subscribers?
Then fire all the Windows software folks. It's a trend at MS these days.
I'm even starting to find those hard to do! I have my signature in Preview now and can add it easily with a click as everything I get these days is a PDF or in seconds after receiving paper thanks to my SnapScan.
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