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I think that was a jolly good idea in fact!
Exactly. As I have always maintained, Scamsung are just the mindless, fridge making drones, Google is the true evil and should be hoisted on the pitch fork. Perhaps this will come to pass. Excuse me, I watch a lot of Sci-Fi and tend to believe there is justice in the Universe, my bad.
I was thinking the same thing. I would have thought it was actually partially quantifiable. Let's not also not forget, not only Apple's losses are involved but Scamsungs illicit gains too, there are two dogs in the race when counting monies here I would hope. It's a shame Apple can't get them under the Rico Act and seize all their other assets. See, I said I watch too much Netflix ...
In all the TV shows I watch (my source of legal knowledge) if they 'didn't cop a plea and fess up at the start, it'll go harder on them' ....
I was lucky enough to ride the Orient Express through that country sipping champaign in the piano bar, it's amazing scenery.
Naive or what?
@ tookieman2013 I agree, we should tell all the Windows XP users that!
Scary how time flies!Over and over Apple has offered things no one took notice of and years later it becomes a big deal. Remember QuickTime VR? I made my wife a load of really neat QTVR tours of high end properties she had for sale here in Florida but had to give up as back then everyone used PCs and Windows XP with IE and it wouldn't run. Two decades later Real Estate sites were filled with flash based VR, simply rotating 360 views with no portals between scenes as...
I don't see too many downsides.
I agree.Regarding the book creation, I can't get over how people are looking at stuff like this as new, how long has Apple had almost the same features in iPhoto and Aperture ... I forget now but it seems like a decade.
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