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Hear, hear.
Use your Amex and pay it over a few months ... get fly miles and the Watch and strap you really want
I can't recall now but did Apple do a lot a marketing prior to the iPhone's original launch or did Steve spring it on the world on stage live?
Wow ... that's a thought!EDIT: after thought ... if that's possible could this mean gold that is scratch and wear resistant? If so, I hope Apple has filed a patent assuming that's even possible. There would be more than watches that would benefit from gold as tough as that.
18k is 18 k. 75% gold and the rest any alloy you want that works. You can't 'craft' 18k gold into something else with additional metals that reduces that 75% gold and call it 18k.
Perhaps the quote means of the three alloys only the gold they use one hasn't been used before, i.e. some new blend. Appledium maybe?
They also forget that what they think is or isn't stylish is simply a matter of taste, fashion trends and what's in vogue (pun intended). These things come and go, look at bell bottoms. Watch is about to come into fashion just as the iPhone did, it didn't happen immediately with the iPhone, it happened over a year or so. Same will happen with the Watch IMHO.
Totally agree.
What a superb post. Kudos.
Oh no I am all for them. My hope is that the new partnership ends up developing discrete GPUs. That was the point I tried to make so badly in my OP in this thread.Discrete GPUs are essential in professionally used graphics Macs for a decent performance as it stands. I have never owned anything else. Whether it is Apple's design making them too hot or the maker's fault i don't know it has just gone on too long. I always buy MBP i7s (or the top MB de jour) with the top...
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