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Tim, too many eggs in the earthquake potential basket IMHO. Expand in Florida instead and have endless sunshine for those new solar arrays you could build. Perhaps you could lean on our current Governor while you're at it and get solar policy fixed here.
If these folks read AI they'd be so much better informed!
Oh that's bad!
Totally agree. Heck the internet itself to name but one.
And the evil empire has already added it as if it were exactly that. (BTW I knew you meant the original Vew-Master to some new iteration).
Of course you are entitled to your opinion. Just not sure why you read a blog by and for 'tech nerds' as you put it. You seem to have all the answers you need. Personally I care about facts because one, I've made my living with Apple products directly or indirectly since 1978 and two, I have a pretty large investment in the company. Hence I listen and learn from those that know. It's stood me in good stead over the years. Thanks for the laugh though.
Agreed but let us not forget all the discussions here on AI at the time that Apple probably felt going after Samsung was easier than the going after the real cause of the problem, Google. Especially as Google gave away the shit for free. It seems to have been repeated too often here by the pro Google troll that 'nothing was ever stolen by Google' and it seems to have worked. How easily history is rewritten.
You kind of miss the point. Even Apple's hobbies make most companies' major divisions look small. It's all relative. But then again maybe you were trying to be negative.
If he's correct then I for one won't be complaining. Better to read someone positive about Apple in the tech media than reading all the doom makers' comments.
New Posts  All Forums: