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I suspect t a lot of people are kidding around, don't panic. But now you have me curious ... what are you so worried about ....
Oh, you sounded a cool guy till the semi religious part ...
Well explained.
You are up late!
To what are you commenting / replying?
I know that's a favorite Apple ][ line but as I have told him, you should check out the parking lot outside the Super Wal-Mart in my neck of the woods. Top of the line cars everywhere. It must depend if you live in a crappy area or not I guess.
Don't under estimate the Apple haters from the PC era, they have no Microsoft in Mobile (ok, 1% ROFL) so many turn to anything but Apple. I bet many really wish they could recant these days. LOL
I prefer beer so I am lying low. Then again I drink it on airplanes so am I ok again?
So new definition, user access to file system defines a PC? I have to laugh though, in the years (and that's from when they first appeared) I've had to deal with end users on PCs the number one issue was the users had no clue how to save or find anything. The file system was a total mystery to them. "I don't know where it went". LOL
New Posts  All Forums: