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I understand the humor there, butI doubt it, good news the stock falls and bad news the stock falls. Only Apple buying AAPL seems to work. I fully expect to be one of a few (probably mostly AI contributors) left holding AAPL other than Apple the way things are going!
LOL, that was my response, you beat me to it. Looking at that graph, I have to wonder if the owners of the Microsoft crap have figured out how to turn them on?
Yet, I must say your command of my mother tongue is better than most natives!
Apple should offer an option, receive all in dollars as now, or select a percentage of dividends to be paid in Apple Store credits valued at 1.5 x the dollar value.
Thanks APPL Best return on money out there!
I hope Scott is a happy camper in all this and not too pissed at Apple management.
Tonic water, well the quinine in it to be accurate, is excellent at stopping muscle cramps too. The gin seems not to interfere with that property I am happy to report.
Always select a female proctologist, they have small hands.
Well said. Mr, or perhaps Ms saarek seemingly doesn't own an iPhone or he/she would understand that!
New Posts  All Forums: