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"The job cuts are part of CEO Satya Nadella’s sweeping changes to the company, as he transitions away from former CEO Steve Ballmer’s vision of a “devices and services” company toward a “mobile-first and cloud-first” productivity firm." So he is planning to take on Apple and Google (through their evil servants Scamsung) even more directly starting with
Must have been a quiet day ...
I wonder if we'll see the next Yosemite beta as well and the beta iWork apps? I'm a little sad my beta iWork apps in Mavericks can't use the cloud to sync anymore since my Yosemite beta went and upgraded my iCloud data after the last update.
You are so wasting your time there. You can't expect people that feel the need to drag political intrigue and conspiracy in everything, to listen to reason let alone understand half of what you said. I just immediately put them in my block list and read all the well written and intelligent comments, even if I don't agree with many, they at least are food for thought. Crap like the one you responded to are not worth the effort.
I bet he is already working on that. Not that Apple bought Beats for their head phones but luckily Scamsung reads AI and came to believe they did.
True that, it served them well for thirty years. it was only when they finally tried to go it alone and be original in Mobile did Microsoft fall flat on their faces
They are just too funny, never an original idea from those guys. I'm not holding my breath for Scammy to copy Apple's energy strategy but I am waiting for them to announce they are partnering with a major database and server company since the Apple /IBM deal. I guess they could cozy up to Oracle .... oh ... then again perhaps not.
You are sooooo transparent!
I think the answer is as Dick points out, Swift ... the timing is right for all this now, not two years ago.
Exactly right. MS are getting squeezed out from all sides and deservedly so. Good riddance!
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