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Ideal in high winds for photographers wanting to get from point a to point err ...well somewhere else ...
You should add yourself to that list. Happy New Year.I'd add a special thanks to Corrections for all his insanely great editorials. Keep up the amazing work.
Right back at you!
This is what blogs need too ... the latest thing in human evolution ... 'curation'.
I don't disagree the buyer should understand their needs but let's face it, most don't. As to you not needing more than 8 GIGs I'd just say my assertion that 32 GIG is a good minimum currently, is only based on the premise of the 32 GIGs costing very little. If that were the case, then making extra lower capacity versions would hardly be worth it. At any point in computing history a new base for minimum RAM and storage continuously moves upward as cost comes down. ...
I think everyone here is getting too caught up with the age thing. Apple have to keep the barn as the horse has already bolted!
Well I had to say this It's always possible ... ... if it were not for the Brits there would not have been a US as you know it to start with ... you'd have been speaking Spanish or French most likely. I seriously doubt Britain could have seen any help from this side of the Atlantic had that been the case. How's that for an alternative history too?
I trust you are meaning the evil of 'totally rewriting history' there and not assuming that movie was remotely based on any facts?
There has to be a quote from Hitchiker's that would be good here but it escapes me for the present ...
Good one ... LOL
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