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Good to hear. I hope Sony stay around for the long haul.
When the day comes the Scambags have to pay up they won't be able to afford it the way they are heading!
Yes, fuzzy math! Can someone that can do math here tell me the cumulative decline since they were in profit or at least breaking even.
Same they are not available on Amazon Prime isn't it? I say this semi seriously too. I can test things out and return them if not what i want, most times for free and occasionally with a trial fee. Even camera lenses costing over $2,000. No problem with AP. I love that!I agree on the size, it's hard to know until you see it on your own wrist. I don't like large watches either. In fact one day I'd like to see a third size in-between the two that are there now. In...
Right! LOLSo instead of just waiting for five minutes for the old lady to write a check, as occasionally happens now, we can look forward to her trying to work the camera. Ha!p.s. I am not being sexist or ageist here, just commenting on my actual experience. I have never ever in the last ten years had to wait for anyone to write a check other than old ladies for some reason that escapes me.
The 'crazy ones' (and I say that with affection) that line up, do it for the fun and possible media coverage I suspect. Doing anything to try to change this is messing with tradition. That's never a good idea. As others have said, just try to find away to have more inventory show up where there are long lines.
Or at least one click!
That, unfortunately is the weakness of democracy. History shows us when the powerful extremists control the narrative, the majority of people often go along. Oft times before, science and knowledge is easily subjugated when the ignorant masses rise up,
I assume you are forgetting the /s
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