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Not getting political here, simply factual. Read the history of the GI bill, America's great experiment with free higher education. You will find it fascinating how money spent educating people better is repaid over time handsomely. That is why most every first world country there is helps with it. That's not to say standards should not be high and entrance only to those that qualify.
OK thanks, i suspected it was tied to Apple ID. I just deleted all the Google Chrome and Chrome DR stuff of my Mac Pro ... way too much stuff for my liking.
I have to say, since the last update to Duet my old iPad is now a pretty useful head to my previously headless 2013 Mac mini. An old iPad is perfect for the occasional tinkering on a Mac mini (in my case it is a server) although I still like using ARD (which is now all working properly again since 10.10.2) but never-the-less, better it is sitting proudly on a Mac mini than in a cupboard collecting dust. They have feelings you know . Anyone thinking of using an old iPad...
Well at least aluminum is recyclable, so not a total waste of materials.
If this is the case then it's a lot of Egg on CNN's face. They made a big deal of this.
It seems not ... except make a profit that is ...
Yep, I tried it with Little Snitch monitoring and sure enough I had to temporarily allow masses of Google connections just to get the daemon running, and I am pretty sure a ton of them were nothing to do with the actual intended purpose of remote control. Several were obviously tracking and analytics. I assume they keep active round the clock. My test is over and Little Snitch has now slammed shut all doors. Gotta love Little Snitch!
You know, I've never even tried Back to my Mac as I use ARD! I must try it. Can it be used to access someone else's Mac that wants you to, such as in a remote software service call for a client? Or is is it specific to your own Macs only.
You would need the appropriate desktop client from the Chrome app store. The not so obvious part is you need to do this from the Chrome browser not Safari as far as I can tell.https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-remote-desktop/gbchcmhmhahfdphkhkmpfmihenigjmpp?hl=enI would not touch this without Little Snitch running ... but that's just me
Me too, I just came across all my Timbuktu install disks this weekend in a cupboard, we had a 20+ Mac network and a bunch were in another city 50 miles away. Fond memories ... and we didn't know what the 'net' or 'email' was back then either, yet had instant communications between all Macs. We had a BT 'tie' line between the two cities.Regarding this from Google ... It is a web service I suspect, I've yet to try it. If so it fits into Google's portfolio nicely. It will...
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