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My first reaction was ... "What ...? It didn't already?"
Exactly, Scamsung should think about moving into Mattel type toys soon. I can see a massive way of selling their unsold crap that way.
I'm thinking that $165 is doable with in 18 to 24 months. What say you oh wise one?
Clearly it depends on which field of human endeavor you look at. By effecting the human race with technology Steve has to be up there near the top.
To be fair, now with the new nap mode and other efficiencies, Mavericks is pretty darn good at using lower RAM. That said it depends on your needs and obviously for the likes of Photoshop and other graphics and video related work more is always better not to mention a new Mac Pro.
I can vouch for the fact that that the SSD is the most effective upgrade (assuming 'enough' RAM to start with which IMHO is 8 GIGs for Mavericks but then I use CS6 and FCPro X so for office work 4 GIGs may well suffice). I had two 8 GIG MBPros and in one I added an SSD in the other 16 GIGs if RAM and did a ton of comparison tests. The SSD equipped MBPro trounced the other every time. The difference was astronomical.
I've got a white iBook G4 sitting here next to me in perfect condition, make me an offer
There is a good chance this is a pre new model clearance sale, so a good bargain for many that don't need the latest and greatest. Calling them crappy seems a little harsh.
Not sure I understand what you mean there. Can you explain?
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