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Same here on Aperture and iWorks. Yes that seem one big weird mess dealing with box v online versions. I have a mix now and it drives me crazy at times.
But I didn't have an eligible device! I have iPad 2 and 3 and iPhone 4S and 5 ... all got all free updates. Not that I am complaining, just wish my Macs were too, but I did just get iMovie 10, it popped up as available. Nothing else yet.
I think it was a jest.BTW do you have links for the monitors you describe that have Thunderbolt 2?
Jeez that's a f*****g big screen to sit right in from of! But I want one! Hell two!
Sorry bad joke .. ... but so was I, that's why pre retirement I used 2 x 30" Apple Cinema Displays (and a 23" ACD too) and a high end fully loaded Mac Pro. If it's business then the equipment pays for itself in no time and is tax deductible. Why limit yourself to a measly 17" MBP? Oh I missed the 'on the go' part ... well that's tough!
I just got them for iPhone 4S and a 5.
Magnifying glasses?
Oh well at least I now have a collector's item!
They were purchased from the Apps Store right, not on the DVD? I seem to be out of luck as all my iLife and iWorks were purchased on disk although the exact same version that was on line!Update: I am seeing OS X iMove v10 now in free updates. Hopefully the rest will show up. I suppose only iLife though not iWork ...
So I wonder if you buy a new Mac can the free versions then also be downloaded to your other older Macs as they could be pre this free version when they were purchased?
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