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I have to think Apple have a new Aperture X coming soon to really utilize the power we have now.
It seems like yesterday at times then, like you, I can't remember the name of something that cost as much as a house!
I was going to make some comment pondering Scamsung's green foot print or lack thereof, then realized Apple still rely heavily on China for production. I wonder if Tim plans any moves to put pressure on 'greening up' their Chinese production sub-contracter's facilities or if the plan is to move more and more production to the US over the next few years.
Hey I love my new Mac Pro and FCPro X screams but Aperture? For me it is no faster than it was on my MBP i7 which I fitted with an SSD. Where are you seeing a speed increase and what are you comparing it to? I am really hoping many more apps are upgraded to take advantage of the new dual GPUs but so far Aperture, which I use every day with RAW and HD video, certainly isn't one of them ... unless you know something I don't.
I'd suspect it does given the entire stock thing is so psychological, there seems to be zero actual math involved for Wall Street. I am many others have argued that a stock split would be a good idea for the last few years only to be told it would never happen and we were stupid by many 'experts' on this blog. Oh well, it's nice to see Tim agrees with us I am disappointed the dividends are being split by 7 too though ... Tim what were you thinking?
I'm hoping for $1000 ... and I mean after the stock split ...
I think that was a jolly good idea in fact!
Exactly. As I have always maintained, Scamsung are just the mindless, fridge making drones, Google is the true evil and should be hoisted on the pitch fork. Perhaps this will come to pass. Excuse me, I watch a lot of Sci-Fi and tend to believe there is justice in the Universe, my bad.
I was thinking the same thing. I would have thought it was actually partially quantifiable. Let's not also not forget, not only Apple's losses are involved but Scamsungs illicit gains too, there are two dogs in the race when counting monies here I would hope. It's a shame Apple can't get them under the Rico Act and seize all their other assets. See, I said I watch too much Netflix ...
In all the TV shows I watch (my source of legal knowledge) if they 'didn't cop a plea and fess up at the start, it'll go harder on them' ....
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