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That is a good point. The area lost is trivial in the broader picture. Not to mention these things can be removed and replaced when they make them x10 more efficient in a few years. That said, are we really placing these arrays where there is the most sunlight per square meter/day?
I blame Al Gore Had he stated 'there is no such thing as Global Warming' we'd have Congress acting by now!
It's what they want to hear, true, but also they have no knowledge to balance against what they hear. Ultimately it goes back to poor education. It is easy to con an uneducated person, however bright, than an educated one.
You are totally correct, it has to be a balanced judgment call and it's a tough one. However, I would wager the desert areas exhibit less potential loss of fauna and flora than some of the areas being used, that is all i am saying. Weigh that against mass pollution and catastrophic climate change.Hopefully scientists will come up with far more efficient energy producing alternatives in the near future. That is if politics and medieval religious beliefs don't stop them.
The problem is the amazingly large number of good, well meaning people that have absolutely zero science education. I have talked to countless people that don't even realize we have an reverse climate going on south of the equator. If it's cold in here it must be cold everywhere!
I'd suggest the same solar farm could be built somewhere else. I have flown many times over this magnificent continent and from the window seen that a lot of it looks like mars.
I agree, I worry the rush to build solar farms is not looking at alternatives enough or at least not looking at 'where' enough. I want to see a massive move to energy sources that are not dependent on oxidizing carbon and there are many. Wasting good land shouldn't be on the table IMHO.
Your open views and willingness to see all sides is refreshing. I agree there are extremists on all sides but far more science backs that humans are really messing with a very thin atmosphere on a pretty small sphere of rock. Two hundred years of pumping many, many trillions of tons of carbon gases into that thin wrap we breath cannot be simply wished away.
I am simply looking at the data. We could continue to multiply if we start to use our brains but we cannot continue to ignore the consequences of human greed and/ or ignorance on the balance of the planet's eco systems.
New Posts  All Forums: