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Ahem ... helloooo I and many lost money while these a-holes were using inside information to cash out. Come on someone cuff them!
That's COOL! Well done Apple.
Nice thought ... lol
So many happy memories going back decades. They were the best of times, both San Francisco and Boston, I worked at and visited them both for many, many years. Alas I am guilty of forgoing them as the internet matured and made so much they offered obsolete. That said nothing could ever replace the people I met, the friends I made and the business contacts I cemented at those shows. I will raise my whiskey glass tonight and say adieu. I will think of all those I met...
LOL, that's one of my favorite quotes ... and it's true! Problem is those who are left are most often right in the USA .... and that is a double entendre that's actually correct both ways you can take it ... there are not too many of those around!
I do know exactly what I have. I tried to upload the 350 GIG Aperture Vault and was told I only had the amount shown in the Finder. The paid for 500 GIGs is not available to me via the Finder yet. I am sure it will be once Apple throw the switch but I am sad I can't test it now with the dev version.
I don't believe that. I may be wrong but I think once Yosemite is officially out there the iCloud Drive will show correctly the 500 GIGs. But we'll see soon hopefully.
Hey glad to my home county has the internet! BTW I liked the dots!
But but ... think of all the 13 years olds you can mingle and share Android experiences with not to mention the Genius bar will be so useful for sorting out that Kindle issue you have.
Can you blame them for being untrusting of change in the UK? Look at the history. They explore, find a new continent, fight wars for hundreds of years to finally totally own it ... only to have their own settlers mutiny and steal it!
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