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I have to believe you are correct, I bet the Mac Pro is faster, probably by a long way.I am thrilled to see RAM and SSD are user accessible and presumably upgradable, contrary to many rumors.Anyone know if an Apple LCD Monitor can be hooked up to the TB port? I seem to recall the answer is yes if it is at the end of a chain.
I'm thinking it will be great for keeping the coffee pot warm, maybe even hot.
Developer update for existing Mavericks installations of GM version available under updates now.
I'm not seeing Garageband (OS X) in the Apps Store at all! I removed it from my drive ('11 version) in case that was preventing me seeing it but still nothing. Anyone seeing this new (almost Logic Pro X) version yet?Edit: iMovie Version 10 just showed up for me! Whoot ... I got something for free yeah...
So quad core is $2,999. I'd like to see the benchmark results, I've seen the 8 Core's recently but not the four core.
I was kidding
Actually, as those with an IQ of over 120 all know, by definition, the average IQ of a sample is 100.
I have yet to see any such program for OS X as being required. In fact most are actually detrimental.
The difference being Apple's cover (if this is true) actually has a market out there for them.
I can see why he said much of what he did but I would say that it depends greatly on what the book is about. I am sure their comment about making 'print feel stupid' is a marketing ploy and a good one judging by the fact we are here discussing it. That said, the comment that we should look at traditional print more than the web as a model might be true of a novel but not true of a science text book for example. So it is truly the content that should determine what model...
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