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At least this almost puts a positive spin on it for AAPL genuine share holders ... It just amazes me though that the negative crap and FUD that daily assaults Apple is even believed anymore. How many times can paid shills get to cry Wolf and get away with it?
Totally agree with those comments too. No FUD just the truth.
Possibly you do know quite a bit compared to many here about Apple, Eric probably sent you a ton of inside info from his days as a trusted member of Apple's Board ...
Thank you I though I was being delusional there for a nano second ... But you made my point very succinctly. Why on earth does he waste so much time here doing exactly what you say if not for a reason? Why would anyone crusade against Google negative comments on an Apple fan site so doggedly? I cannot imagine what a waste of time that would be if, as claimed, it is just out of wanting to clear up FUD. The term 'Get a Life' comes to mind. But if there is a material...
OK then, care to list the posts where you take the opposite view, where you totally come out supporting Apple in an Apple vs Google thread? If your sole reason for the hundreds of hours you write on AI is to prevent FUD there must be a good percentage of those posts supporting the Apple side, a lot more I would think.Also, out of curiously do you post on a pro Google fan site where you spend your time defending Apple when the FUD falls the Google direction? if so please...
LOL, that made my morning. Cheers.
So, to be clear here, and I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with you on this specific issue but obviously ... You do post on AI specifically and for the sole purpose of being an advocate for Google.I really wonder why? I cannot imagine wanting to spend more than a few seconds on an Android web site, let alone years of painstakingly written double speak constantly defending Apple at every turn.
I am not taking one side or the other but ... 'AI Readers' ... really? Way to generalize.
It all depends on what the meaning of 'harvest' is.
Yep. I switch it off the same way. I have to get my exercise some how!But seriously, the remote for the TV had the input button close to the on off and almost every time we touched it we'd change HDMI inputs. Pressing the on switch on the side on the way to get a G&T is faster than fiddling with the damn remote to get the right HDMI selected again. We only watch once a day so it isn't exactly a lot of effort.
New Posts  All Forums: