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Knocking the people that rip off Apple IP is perfectly legitimate on a pro Apple web site! Spending 100% of your time on the web site of the company you are against promoting their competition and your pet favorite is what seems f***g weird to me.Of course I don't want any Android crap running in a wrapper on any Apple device.
For god's sake go to an Android site will you and quit the constant pro Google crap. Can you imagine folks like Soli or the other regulars here spending all day on a Samsung / Android / Google fan site just to constantly push Apple's POV? Get a fracking life!
but ... but ... surely it has a USB port?
It's about time there was a 'gate' started about Scamsumg and Giiggle products.
At what point would insurance be better or not I wonder?
Well done Tim. I was just thinking, I bet there will be an after-market gold plating service for the steel versions advertised anytime now. I'm sure the same technique used to do all those Lexus handles and badges that was all the rage back in the boom years could re-emerge. Entrepreneurs were going door to door in our neighborhood with the kits to do it back then.
I cannot disagree. Welcome to the forum. I assume you have a boat?
It is indeed and the 10.10.3 betas are excellent too. Photos is really great (and yes i still use Aperture and LR too). 'Horses for courses'.
Your hive connection must be down ...Ars: In September, Google launched ARC—the "App Runtime for Chrome,"—a project that allowed Android apps to run on Chrome OS. A few days later, a hack revealed the project's full potential: it enabled ARC on every "desktop" version of Chrome, meaning you could unofficially run Android apps on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. ARC made Android apps run on nearly every computing platform (save iOS).Anything from the Android family...
I was specifically referring to Mavericks in defense of Yosemite and using hyperbole I still have the very first OS X install, it was pretty exciting and far better than BeOS the other alternative to Mac OS9 at the time.Yes you are correct, I did math at school too, 2000 was definitely in the last century.
New Posts  All Forums: