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Exactly! You have to wonder where so many folks negative on Apple actually get their information?
Agreed, plus there's a major push into digital data and patient access through portals coming to the US health system soon. I have to believe this will help Apple and I suspect Oracle also favors Apple of they who shall not be named.
I don't like Google but I'd have to put that on hold if they can damage Microsoft, then they can fail ...
'No grandpa?' Seriously? You are new to AI it seems and you disrespect one of our best and most knowledgeable members? Way to ingratiate yourself! Not!!
I disagree, it was always this way. Microsoft devotees are totally different animals from Mac OS X users. They for the most part fear change, OS X users love it. Price be damned. Of course OS X users have the advantage that change is good, Windows users have had to live with the Mac OS lousy rip off and all the iterations since then for thirty years.
Ill gotten indeed. Nothing that company has exploited for three decades wasn't stolen. From MS-DOS to Windows to Explorer to Windows Media. May MS rot in hell.
Why so? The Apple anti IBM days go way back to IBM siding with Gates. Funded by IBM, in the early eighties Gates stole the Apple OS to create the crappy Windows OS and IBM stopped IT departments allowing Apple ][s access to main frames. Then, not long after, slime ball Gates having won the battle for main frame connectivity thanks to IBM, stabbed IBM in the back with the 'napkin deal' with Compaq and later all the IBM clones. No wonder that a-hole Gates is so into...
LOL Good one.This is huge news!
Really?I'll grant you, the Five Year graphs of BB & Apple are remarkably similarly shaped .... except in the reverse direction.
And I'd say you'd be correct.
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