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I would not know where to start on your post!
I suspect you are right there ... I think I translated the lysdexia correctly . There is something intrinsically wrong about 'working' the law that way around, it seems ass backwards to me.
Assuming that chart is accurate and I have no reason to doubt it, you hit the nail on the head. The law suit is going after the wrong company even assuming it made sense which it doesn't.That said, IMHO no iPhone should be made with less than 32 GIGs these days witness the update mess iOS 8 caused for many with over the air failures, which is so un Apple. Storage costs at those low levels must surely be way down now. Heck, all my Camera flash cards are 32 and 64 GIGs...
I have both running and I am staying with Aperture.
I'm back to Aperture. Lightroom is very limited in comparison. I would find life very hard without stacks for a start! I have both running and can do a side by side comparison. Aperture is far and a way a better work flow, easier controls and far better file management. Apple are absolutely crazy to drop Aperture!
LOL, Actually I used Google too but that 550 I now see is 2013. It really annoys me how Google doesn't sort results by most recent ... is there an option to force that?
Na ... you can see the color in his eyes still.
A quick DuckduckGo shows this "City set to collect $550 million in parking tickets this year".
Excellent perspective.
I think that's a lazy question mark ... not an upside-down exclamation mark and I have no idea how to make either! I must be so uncool!
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