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I am sure this will be the case. RIP. The thicker design had a huge advantage for those of us that love to tinker. Despite having a new 2013 Mac Pro, I'm keeping my old MBP 15" till it drops to bits. I love it as my ''go to' computer and in truth use far more than my iPad Air. For the last year I have an .5 TB SSD and a 1TB HD after ripping out its optical which is in an external case now. This year maybe I go all SSD. Thanks to Apple Care it also had a new...
LOL, good one.Most tech companies have *WAGDN divisions and invest heavily in them these days.*What's Apple Going to do Next?
I am hoping Apple broker a deal whereby I get a Ferrari for $299 and monthly roaming and data plans for the family.
Race to the bottom? and ... 802.11 dual-band a/b/g/n ... really? How 2009.
I think they are both from 1950.
RS always seemed like the Woolworth of electronics to me. That's not meant as a complement by the way.
Let's go back over the story of Apple and Corning one more time. http://www.boardwalkcm.com/blog-profile.php?ID=22 Come on Corning, thanks to Apple you had a good run, don't be a sore loser.
That was hardly a surprise though ...
True but there were times in history when even though they were late, they simply stole other's IP and caught up and in some cases took the lead. Never count a rattle snake out till you cut its f^%$$#^*g head off.
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