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Yup, we know.
iThink you are correct.
Google unveils 'Android Pay' mobile payments API to try to rival Apple Pay
I think this is gong to one heck of a partnership that will give iOS and even greater lead that no other mobile OS can compete with. I just hope this is all exclusive and we won't see version of anything for Android or Microsoft, from IBM (aka the Adobe approach to partnering with Apple).
Hear, hear.
Use your Amex and pay it over a few months ... get fly miles and the Watch and strap you really want
I can't recall now but did Apple do a lot a marketing prior to the iPhone's original launch or did Steve spring it on the world on stage live?
Wow ... that's a thought!EDIT: after thought ... if that's possible could this mean gold that is scratch and wear resistant? If so, I hope Apple has filed a patent assuming that's even possible. There would be more than watches that would benefit from gold as tough as that.
18k is 18 k. 75% gold and the rest any alloy you want that works. You can't 'craft' 18k gold into something else with additional metals that reduces that 75% gold and call it 18k.
Perhaps the quote means of the three alloys only the gold they use one hasn't been used before, i.e. some new blend. Appledium maybe?
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