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You have to hand it to Apple. Who else can generate such excitement for their products. Pure genius. Of course it helps having such great products to start with but their marketing is amazing.
Oh my those plugs ... what memories. If there is one thing I miss after 25 years living in the USA is getting a regular 240 volt shock ... LOL . As one of those guys that wired everything myself (but not always very well) I cannot count the number of times I got 'a belt' as my dad called it. That heart thumping feeling as you fly across the room swearing profusely. You just can't get the same rush from wimpy 110 volts here.
The article simply states the police were there with automatic weapons, it drew no conclusion as to why. You seem to have read that into the piece. I see no reason for the snarky comment, especially when it was such a tragedy you refer to.
They just posted this "Apple Watch found to be compliant with Qi wireless charging standard" so I guess we are OK without one in Europe
I can't speak for others but for me they served a great purpose back in another era. When we did pull our Macs to pieces and change parts out. Today's Apple products by enlarge are different, just as looking under the hood of a modern car is compared to the old days when anyone could strip down an engine with a few tools. In those days cars were highly unreliable, today's are extremely reliable for the most part but not for the average Joe to tinker with. The same is...
That has always been what I assumed would be the case. Although I have yet to read anything to back that theory up. have you?
Exactly and let us not forget how expensive those watches are to maintain. It costs me $500 for a Rolex dealer to service my watch, that means change the crystal and clean the watch. The costs add up from there for any replacement parts or repairs plus labor. My last service came in at around $1,000.
Gotta run Flash too!
Not to mention the lack of a USB port and interchangeable batteries.
Sell out to Netflix and join the 21st Century.
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