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But it isn't Currency it is CurrentC ... in fact Currency would have been an OK name. CurrentC is stupid IMHO. Of course it may allude to a possibility of a 'current' hack if you 'C' what i mean.
"... would give Internet-based video services the same access to live content from cable and local stations as traditional television broadcasters." Always remember the cable companies were the original pirates that intercepted the networks for free, stripped in their own ads and sold it. They deserve no quarter.
DVR? Why not add in a floppy disk and rabbit ears? Other than that I'm onboard.
I prefer translucent for myself ... (sorry a poor Yosemite joke there)
I can agree Google Search and later their Maps plus getting NFC rolling have all been positive contributions from Google. I once loved the company, prior to Eric's betrayal of Steve.
Not necessarily. The 'can be bought off' journalists are already taking Sammy's cash and they'd be in a tough position having to choose.
Oh that's funny.Poor sods, it must be awful being a Fandroid. I bet if you were to use sodium pentathol the vast majority would really prefer to have Apple gear. You'd be left with the die hard PC users that have hated Apple for ever and will use pigeons rather than an iPhone if it was all that was left on the planet. The same drug on Apple user would most likely find very few saying 'Oh I really wanted an Android or a Wintel box, but I forced myself to buy Apple."
Just light weight and / or people with weak hands. Of course that first part rules out 50% of the population of the western world.
Agreed. I have two wireless mice from the mid 1990s and they still work perfectly on a Mac or a PC all these years later on the odd occasion I need them.
There is another question ... Will BestBuy be here long enough for it to matter?
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