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I can understand anyone buying in to AAPL mid way though Tim's reign feeling that way, but to be fair check out AAPL since Tim became CFO, he has been been pretty involved in Apple's success. I certainly would like to see APPL back where it belongs on merit but I doubt there is anyone that could do a better job just now. I often wonder of a guy like Elon Musk might do the trick and Tim go back to being CFO but who could do it?
LOL, thanks, to be honest I don't think he is or was being a troll, somehow he totally misunderstood my post and it was probably my fault for not using an emoticon. I have tried to explain to no avail.
I agree but but I think world domination is ... I worry one day, one of the Boston Dynamics' Googled robots will grab us by the neck and says in a cold, hard voice "You will be assimilated ..."
Classic what? Everything you said was irrelevant to my post, hence ignored. I never once attempted to delve into Cramer's ramblings other than add him to your '80' list, intended as a humor. 'For the umpteenth time, all I did was try to go along with your original joke. Go back and look. Perhaps my error was assuming you were posting light heartedly when perhaps you were not, in which case, my bad. I seem to have touched a nerve accidentally.
Totally agree with you, I am well aware of the dire straights Apple was in at the time. Huge shame about the ARM investment too.I just always take the opportunity post such links anytime this issue is raised to battle the entrenched urban legend of Bill saving Steve out of the goodness of his heart . Gates was a thieving bastard.
LOL Where did I say I trust Cramer? Far from it! My OP was simply a link a post here on AI to discussions about someone claiming they did. It was posted in support of your comic comment about 80 posts regarding stock manipulation would follow. It seems you did a knee jerk over the fact it was on a show by someone you seemingly dislike. I tried to point out it was not about the host ... OK moving on ....
My bad, I totally missed that! LOL
Twice I point out the obvious, that Cramer condemns himself and twice you try to deflect. I don't get it. I was simply posting a reference to at least one jerk admitting he tried to manipulate AAPL in reference to your OP about that very thing. Why the sarcastic attack?For your information, I don't trust any analysts. I make my own stock decisions.
100% agree and I am in the same boat.
I couldn't care less if it was the Sara Palin show, it was what Cramer said that matters.
New Posts  All Forums: