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Then set Jimmy up with his own version of American Idol brought you you from Space Ship Apple.
Ah... you cracked it, Spotify started this rumor ...
I am guessing the difference is you can't download from iTunes Radio ... I'm a bit puzzled too. I think Spotify and Beats Music allow a DRM shackled, limited time version to be downloaded. Crazy stuff if true!Wait ... for kids with limited or no data plan they can load up music via wifi on their iPhone and then take to go.
Oh .... soSo this all about Beats Music.
That's probably the copy they are sent from Scamsung as part of their marketing package along with a check.
Holy Crap!
Terrible indeed. It wouldn't be much of a shift. A Ruby is actually an instance of the mineral Corundum as is Sapphire. In fact the only difference between a Sapphire and a Ruby is the color. A Corundum of any color other than red is a Sapphire. Highest quality Rubies in larger sizes are frequently valued above even Diamonds. Apple just might be on to a win win here It is interesting to note Apple's love of aluminum continues given corundum is aluminium oxide (Al2O3)...
As I said earlier, how do you draw the time line on that argument? An iPad Air would blow away a 1990 IBM PC for power. So at some point in the quite recent past, using your logic, PCs were not PCs because they were less powerful than a current iPad.
That's where light field optics (https://www.lytro.com) would be nice. Imagine opening the RAW image in Aperture (future version of course) and moving the focal plane back to your player and increasing the DOF till it was just right for the ball. I really believe that technology will come from Apple one day.
I truly hope so.
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