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Out of interest doesn't the developer menu option in Safari to clear caches help?
OK, so it's simply an explanation then. That said it is potentially going to mean nationalists will see Apple as the cause. That's the problem with pointing fingers when the economy is in bad shape. History shows us targeting escape goats is the tools of dangerous people.
That, to say the least, is pretty unprofessional of him. If Finland depended so much on Nokia then they had larger issues.
I can see your point, but the public beta is more of a marketing/ PR tool I suspect, the developer test releases and their timings are more likely relevant to the final release date, I would have thought.
True but .... Shhhh , Rupert Murdock doesn't want his followers to know the truth ...
Maybe the BBs was openable by RIM if needed whereas not even Apple can open iPhones data as I understand it... ?
The latest version, the one coming to the public next, is so stable I did bite the bullet and have it on all Macs. That's after I made clones of all boot drives with Carbon Copy Cloner of course. would never, ever upgrade an OS without a bootable backup.EDITE: I'd even clone the boot drive of any Mac before an official update let alone a beta.
I can't find anything buggy that's note worthy with this latest dev release, did you? By the way, I upgraded my iCloud Drive to 500 GIGs and it shows in settings but my actual iCloud drive went from 25 GIGs to 50 GIGs not 500! I suspect this is teething trouble or upgrade still only related to iCloud of old (Mavericks) as opposed to iCloud Drive itself. Weird it did double though.There is virtually nothing in the folders BTW, The Folder, 'Aperture Vault' is ready for a...
The Patriot Act was certainly a turning point.
Was the famous BlackBerry phone's encryption system different in some way?
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