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They are between a rock and a hard place. By definition they are supposed to spread to avoid risk and yet as you say they lose because of it. I was just doing the math, our original purchase of AAPL, which our broker was dead against due to over weighting, is running at almost exactly a 1600% gain based on today's price. The stock our broker retained where he wanted and invested for safety is running 3%. In the end I guess it is a crap shoot for them.
We had a discussion about the distance from the parking to the main office a while back on AI and I had wondered if there would be a moving walkway or Disney-esque tram but the consensus was 'walking was healthy'.
Probably the iPod!
I could be mistaken I thought you were referring to the latest developer release. If it is the public beta then of course it's fine to discuss.
I hadn't even thought to check. So this entire thread is redundant. Good to know even if you did forget your NDA ... I wonder if law enforcement forensics have other methods if required by accessing DNS servers or similar back end approaches based on IP and MAC addresses? Or is this not true?I know, I know, I watch too much TV.
I do agree that the clear data has been over simplified. One solution I'd suggest to Apple here would be a user white list ability (implemented like a VIP in Mail) that is not cleared by the current simple approach but can be edited or cleared in an advanced tab. That would solve the issue of losing passwords etc.. That said, don't forget Keychain can still re enter them for you.
I don't disagree at all that this should be fixed, but the private browsing could be interpreted as in; nothing is there for the casual passer by to click on the history button. Has Apple ever claimed this private browsing is up to defeating computer forensics? That would require far more than deleting the db file.
Not to mention drive through road tolls.
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