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AI isn't public? Damn!
I am finding the whole 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend' wearing a bit thin. Apple will beat them both, no need to take any sides.
Solipism is my first guess ...
IMHO, I think you have milked that one enough for one day. Let's be clear, most Apple users and especially Apple fans on an Apple Fan site are perfectly happy to see the failure of both CurrentC and Google Wallet. In fact most fans probably have far more wish to see Google go down in flames (or is that up?). Pay will destroy CurrentC all on its own, rest assured.
Right and i would hate to be the lawyers for Walmart fighting members wanting out. They'd have some pretty compelling legal ammunition for no penalty withdrawal I'd think. Fighting that would be so embarrassing to Walmart.
Now why does my loss of money in GTAT stock come to mind here? Walmart may find they are going to lose members, contracts may end up being challenged on the grounds of unfulfilled contractual promises ... you know like security ...
Have some heart ... it must be getting pretty depressing being a Fandroid these days. I wonder if membership is down 60%?
Oh I realized that right away, but never-the-less I see 'current' C and 'see' electrical inferences immediately if subconsciously. In fact I see AC not C too. But that's just me. It is all moot I suspect ... can you see this even being launched?
Exactly. My wife says it's age but Apple development seems to accelerate to me. I just want Holodeck up and running while i still have a few years left.
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