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I beg to differ in the extreme on your opinion of DED. So to your point ... Android is not a steaming heap of unsafe crap in your opinion? Please do elaborate.
I am always puzzled when there are references to a particular POTUS when there are discussions about the USCIS, TSA, CIA, FBI, NSA etc. As if they really change with the POTUS or are doing things all that differently from when under previous administrations of either persuasion.
Remember all the posts back in the day? ... "Apple's 'walled garden' is never going to be a success..." ROFL
"Android security" ... Really? Oxymoron of the day.
I still want to know how the GTAT board payed themselves millions just before filing is legal.
Hear hear.
Or maybe ´ú┐Search? Hey I can hope.
Oh good you can hear Siri say all those numbers again, she said 700B so fast ...
It is a fun bench mark for share holders. So of course it is worth mentioning as Breaking News. I have no doubt we will see it dip and come back so no need to mention it again till $800B.
There fixed that for you
New Posts  All Forums: