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Right you are ... people need to realize nothing on from Google is truly free ... it all comes with big hooks attached, if invisible ones.
True, but I was referring to interpreting words with vowels missing as full word, pss is itself an abreaviation. Sorry I wasn't clear enough.I tried looking it up but didn't find anything, is there a collective name now for words that are used like TRVL?
It isn't e-mail?
Design is a bit like a war, the winner re writes history. I am a European that moved to the States 25 years ago and laughed at male 'yanks' wearing silly long shorts at the beach. Today as I lay on the white sands of Siesta Beach, Florida I found myself seeing Europeans in speedos as looking very odd.
We'll see on Tuesday but my money is on OS X 10.9 being very inexpensive but not free. The funny thing about humans is they often undervalue free stuff. However, that is the least of their problems to be sure.
I assume you don't read TRVL. It could, I suppose, be interpreted as PRISS, PRASS or PRUSS etc. but in a publishing situation anyone with an IQ over 120 would assume PRESS.
In 1984 people mocked Apple's use of mice and words joined like LaserWriter.
Some pretty strange comments so far. TRVL is an awesome magazine. My first reaction was I wish I could create stuff like that, easily. I hoped they would release their creation tools as was rumored early on. I love great creation tools that are unique to the Apple eco system. I remember well my company selling and my staff training DTP systems with Page Maker, Freehand or Illustrator on Macs equipped with LaswerWriters when it was just Apple, Adobe and Aldus...
Is that you Ebenezer?
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