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OMG, your favorite singer in high schools was ********** too? What a coincidence.
Thanks! I would never had thought of that not being a golfer. It just looked weird to me but obviously it was a deliberate model selection to send the subliminal 'Look even a left handed golfer wears one' message to golfers.
You just described the creation story of every iWatch wannabe out there. I seriously doubt most of them would exist had the rumor mill not been relentlessly grinding out the 'what will Apple come up with' stories daily for what seems like forever.
Okay, I just want to know how the model got his hairy arm tanned while keeping his hand milk white?
Not disagreeing with you about Tim and perception but for all we know the Apple teams may have many Steve innovations up their sleeves and under development or simply waiting till technology reaches the point were are some are even feasible. I maybe totally wrong but I really suspect Steve left Tim with a thick portfolio of projects, enough for the next decade or maybe two.
I am not greedy ... I would settle for $142.86 for now, a nice round $1,000 pre split.Next year it can go to $200 + ...
I am the other end of the USA from home at the moment so can't install but are you saying the fonts changed with this latest version or earlier? If they are illegible on non retina screens I would have thought there would be a user option to cover this.
If one did capture said intruder I wonder if there is a way to crack the software so as to be able to remove the owner's access and GPS tracking and take control with your own iPad or iPhone. If so, I see a whole new sport developing! I can imagine quadcopters with capture nets they drop over another quadcopter as they hijack it.
I'd say not.
I am not surprised this has happened. Numerous phishing emails have gone out in the last few weeks that looked like Apple asking for people to verify their user name and passwords to iCloud. People stupid enough to answering these phishing attempts is not Apple's problem.
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