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Please let us keep off politics!
IMHO I think the best minds here have all said there is something other than the obvious involved, all else is speculation.
I saw that live and had totally forgotten. Steve was sure up on his music knowledge!
Hot Tuna memories ...This guy is a local here and I help him fix his Macs. Talk about talent, and a really nice guy too.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O56I2Zuok70
Wow! Nice! So, to be clear, you take my wish that science was more prominent and racism was less, as a reason to suggest I give up my US citizenship and leave? Really? So, what does that say about your views on those subjects exactly?
Ah but we have digressed a wee bit now and then ...
Now there's a fashion to revive ... burlesque ... OMG that's probably sooooo not PC these days!
I don't know for sure but doesn't the leap in the US's lead, date directly back to WWII and have a great deal to do those that came here. Also in the following years to the GI Bill and also the brain drain, i.e. when many scientists and mathematicians left Europe for the US in the mid 20th century.? I could be wrong and I have not looked this up, it was just one of those things 'I just thought I knew' ... Whatever, we are in serious danger of losing it unless we get back...
It is like a Sherlock Homes episode isn't it? 'We know there is something more afoot, but Damn, what is it Watson?'I wonder if Apple helped finance the HTC buy back hence the real cost is lower by that much.
That's great fun, here is the direct link to the interactive graphichttp://research.google.com/bigpicture/music/EDIT: Note you can double click any area to dig deeper.
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