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Talking of which ... Watching the two seasons of Netflix's House of Cards recently, I loved how Macs are always seen used by the powerful (if sometimes evil) go getters. When they portray some low life, in a darkly lit scene they have a Dell.
And which company has the most successful eco system with the most proven high paying customers in the galaxy Universe? Oh, wait a minute ... let me think?
Exactly, and we all know Apple knows how to make a profit!
No mention of Adobe supporting the new Mac Pro's dual GPUs in this article. Is there any such news?
Oh darn those NDAs
What's worse ...? The thief or the receiver of stolen goods?
I've been saying that all along. It's Goo-thieving-bastards-gle that should be in the dock.
Microsoft really are keen to find away to get into 'mobile' aren't they?
Even if you go for the Phantom, don't get the standard supplied camera if you are serious about better video and photography.
New Posts  All Forums: