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I'd like to prove it would not corrupt me. Make me King!
Verb: validify (third-person singular simple present validifies, present participle validifying, simple past and past participle validified)To validate.
The down side is losing, honest people with experience. I am assuming such people exist of course ... But yes, many stay way too long. That said, I am sure all that would happen is the many new ones would be puppets of masters behind the scenes if we forced a faster turn over.
To your question, "But how did you learn before you started playing inversions?" I initially had a friend of my older brother show me the fingering to all the chords in House of the Rising Sun on an old Spanish gut string that belonged to my brother's girl friend. Later he showed me how to play 12 bar in E. That lead to the need to bridge and learn inversions. The rest as they say is history I can't read a note of music sadly, despite several fruitless years of piano...
Exactly. Lobbying is fine, it is one of the important ways we the people communicate with our elected officials. It is abused when bribing is involved. Any politician found to be accepting a bribe should lose his job, healthcare and pension. Of course I doubt many politicians would vote for that ... unless they were bribed ...
Such a shame Steve had to sell Apple's ARM holdings back in the days he was bringing Apple back from the dead.
Great analogy!
I see there is now a 'word' for this ...It's called "Negging" : Verb: Wrapping a putdown inside a few complimentary words.
Absolutely getting a $100 Yamaha would be infinitely better for a new student. Just one of many reasons ... I remember when I was about twelve or thirteen spending countless hours with a $75 Yamaha learning all the inversions of all the chords I could play. Being able to move your hand and fingers between three inversion of all the common chords seamlessly without looking takes a long time to master but pays dividends. On a far more serious note, during my entire...
Oh come on ... how would nearly half of the American population know what to say or even think without being told by FoxNews every day
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