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LOL, I must remember that one.
I don't disagree we need to keep researching for a better technology to harness solar radiation, that's a given. After all fossil fuels are exactly that, the snag is they are finite and break down chemically into a lot of unwanted greenhouse gasses when oxidized to release the energy they captured from the sun eons ago.
Right. Like the comments that excessive snow fall proves there is no such thing ... I guess the energy to produce all that moisture to make the record breaking falls came from .... mmm ... I can't think of anything to say there but 'from space' which would be accurate.
Our largest tranches were at around $33, $50 and $75 here and a few more at $200 Sweet isn't it? 100% of all dividends have been plowed back in too.
Don't encourage the trolls! lol
Yes that adjusted crap is ridiculous, everything else was adjusted too. It is what it is. Apple have the current crown, end of conversation.
Oh such a predictable put down.
I backed up to the main page of the URL you posted and saw some. Not used to smugmug so i could have simply been looking at stuff you liked. I asked as, I co-produced and edited a few seasons of bike racing for ESPN and ESPN2 and the shots brought back memories. I'd kill to try your 1D3, that must surely rock.
Saying ... "Look what Apple managed despite Wall Street."
LOL ... that same /s tag you use gets me every time. I can't see the damn thing unless I squint.
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