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Perhaps the Palestinians could do a better job. If they had a non-swiss cheese area to work with, they would of course, on top of all the other obstacles you mention, need a white knight country prepared to give them billions of dollars every year and the benefit of many people from all over the world with high levels of education to move there and help. This isn't going to happen.
I would think and hope there will always be competition and it will only be better with crap from Microsoft and Google out of the way.
Thanks, I am familiar with the technique you mention, I fudged some 4K like that before it was built into FCPX but there was little I could do with it back then. I was interested to know what codec would be used and the output format that was the result.Re mattes. Garbage mattes are easy in Motion. You can draw a bezier or b-spline and then turn on auto-keyframe and step forward frame by frame to adjust size and position and shape. You can also feather it out to fit. It...
Sorry I was clear enough I'm talking about a potential to use this technology source in future Macs, I wasn't referring to iOS devices.
Not referring to iOS, just MBP's. The 'nonsense' I refer to is years of GPU hardware failures on Macs, none of which were Apple's fault, I disagree profoundly with your 5 years statement with Macs. My MBP was luckily granted a new lease of life by Apple when my GPU totally failed in 2013, many were not as lucky and recent move by Apple corroborate my feelings that the GPUs have been an Achilles Heel in otherwise stellar equipment.
Your last paragraph while being true assumes there will be any land left to call Palestine. The current swiss cheese area they are left with would be hard to do much with regardless of a good government and friendly relations with neighbors.
That was my initial reaction ...but without the /s being needed .. LOL
Great news!
I agree on handouts but surely tax benefits and the like are welcome and I would think are involved as elsewhere.
I wonder if it licensing agreements that were put in place that need renegotiating. Steve had a tough time when he set all this up. Remember the music industry was very against the concept since so much Napster type music was out there that Steve's new plan gave instant legitimacy to. People forget they have Apple to thank for any of these services.
New Posts  All Forums: