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I only send this to you as you are the AI resident Google representative.As recent spate of very public lists like this seem to be more marketing attacks by negativity given the way the tech blogs pick them up, perhaps MS & Apple should set up a team to do detailed reporting of all Google's software issues and report them very publicly too. After all Google could send them to MS & Apple but keep them private but don't.
So have they manage to stop all those multiple activations of Android devices being counted at last?
You are obviously very smart, welcome to AI ...
Ok, missed the facetious mark. LOL
I the areas Apple has, DED has. Apple's not 'beating' everyone in the same tech sector perhaps, but a lot if not most. That's the whole point. Look at the financials of all concerned. What's your problem with that? Would you prefer others were beating Apple?
Well I would certainly like to believe that. I was meaning that perhaps the volume didn't warrant the investment. Then again flag ships are flag ships.
Thanks.What Apple has not added which it should and soon, is the option to offload much of the larger support files to an external drive as part if the install process. Yes it is easy to offload manually after the fact but it all has to d/l to the Library first. I just squeaked in with Yes I am writing to Apple but I really shouldn't have to, this should be a no brainer!For those in a similar position with new Mac Pros, move EXS Factory Samples and Ultrabeat Samples to...
Right, my 'few years time frame' meant from starting to think about it and could be any time now, not necessarily 'from' now.
With all the fuss about VR again and now holograms, I was just thinking ... I wonder if this might be another of those market places that Apple will keep out if for a few years ... then 'do it right'?
Great article. Speaking of Macs, as noted in the article, GPU manufacturers have hurt Mac adoption in the past and continue to be Apple's Achilles heel to this day. I would love to see Apple's in-house expertise not only dominate mobile but also take the laptop market under their control. It is probably expecting too much to expect Apple to worry about the Mac Pro market segment though.
New Posts  All Forums: