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Agreed but I still say the stories of Mac OS serious infections are greatly exaggerated. Regarding OS X, a virus to me, is self installing and able to replicate. So called Malware that the press love to attribute to OS X in the hope the masses/ stock market think it is a virus, requires an idiot to install it.
As I say, we never came across any in all those years nor did our clients. I am not disbelieving you but you surely trod where no one I knew trod. I repeat we never ever ran fu****g Norton or any other Windows crap ported to Macs. Our clients were almost all business, medical, education, graphics and printing. Perhaps they travelled in different circles or the UK didn't have the same problem. OS X though is a different thing as I am sure you'd agree.
Way to help stir worries. I don't see a simple explanation there of how the Mac get's infected. While you are at it, Mr Android, care to post links to all Windows and Android malware AND actual viruses? I realize that would take weeks years, but go on give it a go in the name of 'not allowing FUD', your claimed raison d'etre.That's it with me for tolerating your anti-Apple crap. S*d off to your Google fan site will ya!I smell the non Apple people getting very scared out...
That's odd, I've used every Apple product other the Apple I and every OS Apple ever wrote going back to the 1970's and never had one, not ever. I have never used any anti-virus software either. My only concession to security other that relying on Apple's built in protection with OS X, is to use Little Snitch so I can say 'no' to attempts web sites make to talk to ad trackers and 90% of the time they are Flash based (even though I have ClicktoFlash). It only takes a...
That's like being proud that your horse and cart can't get carburetor trouble.
Exactly, they had to put in their Mac's password to install it unless the Earth shifted on its axis. There was a ready made VM of Yosemite out a while back on the dark net and we suspected it was a trojan. Unable to resist seeing if it was, we tested it .. It was, we ran it in a very safe environment but it was fun to watch it trying to open ports and make connections. If anyone actually ran it on a normal Mac they would have been naked in minutes.
Malware NOT virus ... calm down people. Last thing I'd do is install a bloody anti virus program on a Mac. I do use Little Snitch and practice safe sex err ... internet activity. Russian firm discovered it eh? ... probably Kasperky behind this in the first place, paid by Scammy and Google ... OK I'm kidding. Then again .....
I did and you're forgiven
I thought we were discussing a single stock not the market.
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