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I agree ... when I can find it that is! I have to use my Remote App on an iDevice regularly until the gremlins return the aluminum remote. Which is always returned to somewhere in plain sight thankfully
Because they're are secretly working on the 12nm chips of course ...
I read Windblows 8 had a take up rate of a whopping 11% of all users. I don't know but I bet only half of the remaining 89% are using 7, but WTF are the rest using ... XP?
let's abbreviate that ... ... POX
I downloaded a few of the free apps on my Windows 10 from the Windows Crap Store and everyone had massive ads taking up a good amount of the screen the entire time. The good news is there is a nice large button to close them, the bad news is that throws you straight into the BUY page of the store. Pretty horrible to say the least.
Having been using Windows Ten all day yesterday I am pretty certain it is Windows 8.1 with half of Windows 7 bolted on ... it sucks so hard as to be entertaining ... for a while.I loved the web page for getting 10. It went on and on about it required a real expert to install. It even said something like this ... "If you think BIOS is a (I forget what now but something funny), and don't know how to manage an ISO file then this isn't a project for you".It took 10...
Both SCSI and Firewire lasted a long time and were used extensively by those needing them in professional editing studios for example. There were even several iterations of each. I have no doubt in years to come Thunderbolt will also be replaced but it will be around for a while for sure.
Lots of things don't chain that's the problem. I have six on the new Mac Pro and five are used up simply because they are driving things that don't chain. Only my Apple TB monitor chains and ironically I wanted to chain it with a TB to VGA and drive an analog monitor but then realized analog video signal isn't passed on from a TB Monitor's TB port.
Let's hope we don't need an Ebola tab soon! I can't help but wonder if the types that can strap a bomb to themselves (or a brain washed acolyte more likely) are not thinking that with a 21 day window before getting sick yet being contagious, self inflicted Ebola and a few weeks in Paris (name your city) would be pretty catastrophic!
You took the words right out of my mouth. In a few years people will be talking about Pay and Watch and Health as the bedrock of Apple's trillions of $s and iPhones and iPads and Tvs will be just be the everyday bread and butter products.BTW I just installed Windows 10 in VMware on a new Mac Pro for laughs and noticed how many OS X features, not least of which is skipping 9 for X, err, I mean 10, it has ... and a guess what ... a Health Kit App. Microshit are so...
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