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Let's just get this accurate ...http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericjackson/2012/03/01/steve-jobs-used-patents-to-get-bill-gates-to-make-1997-investment-in-apple/
I missed where the 'free' part came in? This is a free service? Come on ...Edit: Oh, the one free movie, I get what you mean now ... my bad!
Nice idea. So it's really a store within a store.
Not that they's want to but thy probably could, for cash, so long as Disney didn't mind a good chunk of that cash being paid to them in Ireland.
You are exactly right. You can't and we shouldn't try. We are all being sucked into the same thing that happens when you open the door and try to argue with a neat looking guy in a suit from Salt lake City. It's pointless and they love to argue and don't actually think about what they parrot. This is the origin of trolling when you think about it!
I don't disagree with the basic premise you make in this reply (not the first post you made with which I disagree) but it is too oversimplified. IMHO a centrist, balanced news organization should have standards from which to establish where bias and non biased meet and where the line is. This should be established by societal norms. Sadly, currently the USA is in such a state of polarization between science versus myth, equality versus inequality and so on I doubt any...
Apple hopefully are heavily involved in such technology. Apple's love of music and massive user base of us oldies makes that a must! Regarding this system, adjusting treble and bass is pretty basic, a graphic equalizer should surely be standard. I was following the similar story about a system that used AI to match external audio to pre programmed or learned settings and change the settings on the fly. As a baby boomer with degrading hearing myself (thank you Marshall...
Good one. The hilarious thing about bible thumpers is how they can prove anything they want by flip flopping between the old and new Testament. If is says it's up in one it sure as heck will say it's down in the other somewhere.
Not to be picky and I am trying to be tactful here, but how can you ask for 'facts' and stand behind faith , the two things are quite different.
New Posts  All Forums: