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I agree in general but in the case of Microsoft they have a big problem ... that they have nothing out there (as in any measurable market share of hardware) to run their 21st Century mobile eco system on!
This is probably one of the most import (tech) news items there is today. I hope the Apple /IBM partnership is looking at secure medical systems too. Not just health-kit type things but secure patient record systems too. The sooner all medical information is securely centralized the better IMHO. I am so sick of having to fill in the same paper work over and over again every time I visit a medical office and the potential for forgetting something and/or transcription...
Well as an Apple share holder I do give a shit. I like to know the supposed competition that copies Apple's look and feel as far as they dare, running Google's ripped off iOS, is a heap of steaming turds once you get under the hood. But that's just me.
Remind me ... what's Microsoft again? The name rings a distant bell ...
So you mean kind of like iTunes Match? A single Library seen and shared by all. Only one Mac would keep the master library in that scenario. I had not thought of that way to use it.
I doubt they do. 😊I agree with you on everything you say.
I'm running it on four Macs ranging from a 2010 15" i7 MBP, a 2011 13" i5 MBP, a 2014 Mac Mini and a new 6 core MP and no beach balling on any of them. Something is going on your end I suspect. Networking maybe or perhaps a need for Disk Warrior to fix the drive?
How exactly do you expect two Macs share the same Library other than what is on the cloud? Are you Macs logged in using the same Apple ID? I have several all able to see the same cloud data but obviously not each other's Libraries.
I just hope Apple can get the price down for Photos storage.
"Apple's Tim Cook plans to give away all of his money" So do I.
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