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I'd hope TSMC gets first crack then Apple use Scamsung for any shortfall. Why ..? Oh because Scamsung are scummy servants of the evil Google.
Ever considered this is a Tech site not the Daily Mail? Try reading it contextually, you will get less agitated.
LOL, well at least that is an honest comment! You should be making good money for a long time to come.
I suspect he thinks the earth is flat so he must be confused by DED's writing ...
Miss the sarcasm mark in Soli's post or reinforcing his point?
IMHO I don't think this is another '...gate'. I notice the part where the article says "which center primarily around OpenCL-driven color corrector DaVinci Resolve" and references to staff at Blackmagic commenting on hardware problems with Apple. Anyone reading Blackmagic blogs knows that company has been plagued with their own 'issues' relating to vertical line sensor problems. This all points to an industry on the bleeding edge of development and all sorts of issues...
As usual I take great delight in emailing via Reader Daniel's latest master piece. I love rubbing salt in all the wounds of those I know that reveled in all the 'Apple is losing' type stories. I hope this article is picked up by PED and the few writers out there in the main stream that are not part of the anti Apple, click-bait media or eating from Samsung's trough, which I assume is less well filled these days.
Believe me I will parallel Aperture and LM for the time being and see if I can learn to love LM. It's possible, after all I love PS CS6 and can use it in my sleep. A lot of this all has to do with what we are used to I suspect. I started with Premier in the early 1990's before moving to Media 100 and eventually FCPro, and I used to be able to use After Effects before I used Motion. My problem is I seem to only have enough gray cells to know half a dozen apps in real...
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