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I am sure Tim had a long shower after that. It was clever marketing that's all. Tim certainly knows what a snake oil salesman Cramer is but a little charm and flattery works wonders on such creatures and better to have Cramer propounding 'buy and hold' these days. On that he finally said something right.
If they want to bring Cortana to 'rival' mobile platforms Microsoft have a problem, how many are there out there with
It depends on what the definition of is, is. But no, I'd say that was apples and Rolexes I mean oranges.
Just wow.
They should partner with Finland.
But ... but ... the dock is white!
Shit happens.
That made my eyes water! 😭Seriously though I am hoping Apple have a small area Wi-Trcity type charge solution for iDevices in the not too distant future. No wires and no induction pads required. A few feet is all that is required so devices may be charged within that area. Most folks I know would simply plonk such a charger in the kitchen. .... And no, people with pacemakers do not need to worry and no Tesla didn't invent the current tuned system (although obviously...
Reminds me of my first drive over the border to Mexico many years ago. Fake Rolex watches were the main exchange currency.
I suspect a drive with a built in USB-C port expansion will be more popular (as opposed to connect-ability to other standards as with this one). The problem with the Apple shipped USB-C port expansion dongle I can see is it will get pulled out too easily. The expansion ports on an external device with a little heft would be less prone to being dislodged just like a Thunderbolt connector. I love my new Mac Pro but those small Thunderbolt plugs are very easily dislodged...
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