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Exactly, but there are a solid few doing that here on AI too but sadly it is being deflected too often by histrionics. Then again, what new thing from Apple doesn't bring this characteristic out on AI from all the usual suspects? This had the added advantage / disadvantage of being red meat for racists.
I'll check it out soon. But I have to say, in the end it is very subjective. No AI can ever know why I like say, a Buddy Holly song for example. It's not because I want a string of 1950's music it is because my older sister played them when I was a very young kid and it brings back happy memories, same with the Everly Brothers. I love Kris Kristofferson, not because I like country, which I don't much, but because it reminds me of a great summer with a certain lady who...
The Verge seems to be far ahead of most in seeing the upsides to this.
Ok, thanks for explaining, I suspected I was missing something. I'll try when I finally get over this bronchial pneumonia that's kept me in bed this week ... my headache makes music listening less attractive just now, but AI, Ars Technica and Verge have kept me sane. I must say though, iTunes radio has proven amazingly adept for me at selecting music from my initial starting selection. It too learns as I reject some and gets better over time and it's free as I have...
forgot quote
Good idea, except iPods are really falling by the way side in sales in favor of iPhones. Do you think that might bring sales back up? It could I suppose.
I suspect loud car radios (and I don't even mean those ridiculous systems, just a good in car stereo) on a long journey are as bad as a rock concert. You turn up the volume to overcome wind and engine noise and probably are way over a safe dB level. Low frequency is going to create far more pressure on the ear drums but high frequency is rattling those bones really fast ... I am no expert, just a victim of my own stupidity, but I bet both are really a bad idea.
So you as a child, were subject to the dangers of second hand volume ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_weapon
That's how I used to do it but iTunes radio is far easier, just select a song you like and your done. Not 'as' personalized, sure but faster.
iTunes Radio does that for me now though (or am I missing something?)... by artist, genre or specific song as the start point.. and I can save them. I have unlimited data pan so that's easy for me to say ... I can use them once saved from any device at any time anywhere. I have many for different moods, and Apple Tv serves them up over the Hi Fi system, such as Italian opera for a snobby dinner or 1970's European pop for a romantic evening and so on
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