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Sleep tight
That really intrigues me given the last four years on line sparring! LOLbut .. but French ... thousands of years of animosity towards the English! That said I am more Norse.
My question was more if you knew the meaning, my bad for calling it location, sorry 'bout that. The words intrigued me for some reason.
Helloooo...BY the way your post rate is 4x mine so I assume you are retired or institutionalized. St Pete?
You didn't know what your location meant then?I have a friend from Portugal too.
Fornecedor de verdade is Portugese isn't it? 'Bringer of truth.'
caught you editing there ...Hey are you Portuguese or of that origin by any chance? You know why i ask of course.
Ok so one of three ... got it. Actually that could even be a new definition of parallelistic ... all three are on the same parallel! (Give or take ... )
Reference your loction: "Location: southern part of the western edge of a northern continent"What is a 'northern continent' when it's at home?
Thanks I'll check all that out.
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