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I agree mostly, IMHO DED's most salient point in the article is that we are looking at pre split price of $783.23. Day by day is neither here nor there if you are not day trading, but that price is pretty good considering pre split so many of the so called experts here on AI claimed APPL could never get much above $700 due to Bernoulli's Law. Ha!
Just speaking for myself, I admire (along with a few others ) how DED has been one of the few tech writers in the last few years who cried "The King isn't wearing any clothes' while all others fawned over Samsung's supposed ascendancy. His stream of editorials continuously shot holes in everything the main stream media swallowed whole and regurgitated ad nauseam. Following his insights my stock portfolio isn't looking too shabby. So you will forgive me for thinking...
I bet they have a green lizard all ready fired up and raring to go.. I'm just surprised they are not getting Samsung to front for them.
As I am sure you are well aware, I can buy a bottle of Glenfiddich here in America for a fraction of the price you can buy the same bottle in Scotland. Stop and think about that for a while, then go back and check out Apple's price differentials. I filled up my Jeep today for the equivalent of £1.25 a gallon (that would be an imperial gallon) today as well. Prices do not correlate the world around, life isn't that simple. Excuse me while I pour another single malt and...
I don't think he was but 'compared to what and who?' ... That's the question. Compared to Google and Microsoft? My answer would be 'Hell yes Apple has privacy settings!'
Oddly I don't see any actual reference to educational qualifications, in the normal sense, anywhere on that page.
Or you could wait till they are available, go to the Apple Store and try on a real one to decide if you like it and save yourself the price of the fake.
I wonder if at a prestigious Watch show the organizers would allow a stand for fake Rolex watches? I doubt it. Seems to me some policing at C.E.S. is in order and I don't care if it isn't called an iWatch.
Is that it for the official Google News Update today? Or are there more scheduled?
New Posts  All Forums: