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Where did I ascribe or not ascribe credit? Where did I mention innovation? I realize a lot of things, it is my area of interest above all other. I stated I hoped Apple to bring these things to market in their inimitable way. Many of the technologies I mentioned have been around a while but not getting traction, take Field Lens systems for example. How are Nokia doing by the way?
LOLThen there was Johannes Vermeer who seems to have had the best of both worlds.
It isn't on Delta from what I can gather (flying to Vancouver and back soon and it says optional extra when I checked). These bozos need to realize they are saving money with these systems and share some of the savings with the passengers they torture and extort daily.
There fixed it for you.
I wouldn't be shocked if Apple come out with a lens that focuses not by traditional movement but by shape shifting like the human eye lens. Then again there is the Field lens technology I hope they pursue with multiple focal planes embedded in one RAW image. That would be fun!
Noooo it's going to drop precipitously to around $100+ a share ...
My read is that the misalignment issue is being taken care of by the AI that stitches. The IS is making sure the low light images are as stable as possible of course. Good IS adds two or three F/stops in a pro lens, not sure what Apple will be able to gain in speed but I suspect they may in the same ball park. I have been predicting Apple will take on the high end camera makers for years. Sapphire lenses, AI, IS and so on. If they could start using massive or multiple...
Have you any idea how much more we photographers are willing to pay for IS on a Canon pro lens? Do you think they dumb down the DSLRs?
has the great Scamsung mis-information machine stalled all of a sudden? Have the media bribes stopped? It seems all these folks are suddenly discovering what we all already knew all of a sudden!
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