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Yes I admit I am now officially a member of the decrepit 'two handed, keep your back straight and lift with the knees' user group of Le Crueset these days! That's no joke when you recall the days you could hold a skillet in one hand and a bottle of vino in the other whilst kissing the date!
LOL ...
I did not know that.
No problemo ... I didn't know Corning had sold Pyrex off though till reading above! Could this be why a large dish shattered whilst heating gravy on the stove top recently?
I couldn't agree more. Just speaking personally, DED's editorials are what makes me keep reading AI more than anything else on AI. I must say after 35 years + personal history with Apple I find is take on that history the most accurate of any journalist I have ever read. As to new fields, I cannot judge but I certainly appreciate his hard work in bringing such a vast amount of information to these pages on a regular basis in his editorials. They elevate AI above being...
I happen to have meant the dish ware comment genuinely as a compliment. Pyrex has been the best thing in the kitchen, along with Le Creuset IMHO for a very long time (I am the chef in this house so I speak from personal view point here). When you think Corning introduced Pyrex in 1915 it is astounding. I have no idea why several people took that as anything other than a compliment. I assume there has been some derision by others I missed. I have nothing but admiration...
Hey enough with insulting me! It was a genuine freaking compliment! I am he chef in the house and I would not know what I'd do with out my Pyrex stuff, and also Le Creuset stuff.
Dang is that why the horse died?
You are right. Google must me hunting for a partner in this. Do Mattel make watches?
Yes Corning make great cooking dishes.I didn't sugest Apple innovated I said "It's worth remembering the innovation for Gorilla Glass came about because Steve kicked ass to make it happen." Obviously you are correct it existed earlier but not in the exact same form I assume, they had to rethink their original invention.Main point was, not to quibble over words rather to point out but for Steve there would not have been Gorilla Glass on the iPhone and not subsequently on...
New Posts  All Forums: