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That 33% 23% are just plain wrong though.
Yet many of us are now, here the USA ... preferring to pay for a subscription to the likes of Netflix to avoid ads on live TV. Life goes full circle for me ...
I'm seeing an iPhone you can shave with in the near future ...
Eloquently said.
Partial Quote:In traditional print advertising that use to be known as 'Post Sale Reinforcement'
As someone that grew up with the BBC and no ads, I used to be incredulous that (in clips I saw) Ed Sullivan interrupted his show to do a dog food ad. In the US you had become used to it and never blinked an eye. Now I find waiting for an ad about Car Insurance to finish before watching an important update on some world level catastrophe still weird but I am becoming used to it. It still reminds me of a science fiction film set in the far future somehow. I totally agree...
It always hits me that in all this dislike of Scamsung, at the end of the day, when handed a total iOS rip off by Google, their designs inevitably had to be pretty similar to an iPhone. The evil is really Google, and always has been.
Ask Marc Andreessen his opinion on Al. It's worth reading up on the history of High Performance Computing Act of 1991. It would help dispel all the utter drivel so many folks, ignorant of the industry history, have come to be brainwashed to believe by equally ignorant media outlets. Given this depth of involvement in what after all, even Microsoft utterly and totally missed as salient to the computing industry, he is a pretty important person in this field. Let's not...
Yes, Apple need to have some presence in this terrible game, as a defense mechanism and for truthful information dissemination. The latter would probably be a first!
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