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LOL, the ducks were tasty! Yes I do everything non destructively in Aperture. Any cropping is purely compositional. I meant after all the non destructive work I sometimes crop then just yesterday I tried I exporting a few in Aperture set to the same pixel dimensions as the original RAW pre crop which was purely an experiment. When I didn't do that Flickr presented those cropped images far smaller than un-cropped ones which looked strange. This was using Aperture's...
Hi Phil, it is my first attempt at wild life photography so don't laugh I have a lot to learn, big change from what I have done in the past. Sent URL to your messages and other AI regulars who are into photography are welcome to see it if the IM me, just don't want my personal info on a blog like AI.
Oh I see what you mean ... Apple becomes the bank ... yes, I have suggested that for a long time.
I must admit I will be following along to see when the ROI occurs. Any guesses on if and when Apple may see that?
Not sure what would be in your envisaged model after disintermediation? We the people with iPhone and ´ú┐Pay at one end ... ... you suggest banks be removed ... what is at the other end then? Credit card companies can go but banks? Or did you mean just bank credit cards not banks per se?
Well thank you for the compliments kind sir... made my day. Yes I am sure I am often messing up the RAW data too much in post and everything on Flickr is jpeg... some images are cropped and then exported back as full size jpegs thus enlarged so if you pixel peep they will look like crap. I find I can crop up to about 70% and re enlarge to maintain consistent screen sizes in Flickr without it being obvious until you go in deeper.I grow to love that lens more each day and...
I had a similar odd experience recently. I was passing by the Apple Store in our town and popped it to ask about a faulty Apple LCD 23", which I commented was actually in the car in the parking lot, just in case they could deal with it. "Oh bring it in now' I was told. So I did. 20 minutes later, with the heavy monitor transported by a cart they provided, I returned. Now I was told they couldn't look at it unless I set up an appointment and the next one was next...
Thanks for that ... I wondered what on earth those terms meant but never enough to research. I better go back and check if the iPad air was super high or just high, I really didn't look that hard.
I'll check it out, thanks. I have struggled on with Flickr, but discovered snags with the Aperture upload not maintaining full size. I spent yesterday re uploading many images again and new images (check them out) by exporting as full size jpegs and using the Finder's Share with Flickr feature which is very nice and supports batches, what a shame this can't work within Aperture.
Sorry for the delay in replying ... been too busy eating and drinking My iPad Air is the first one that came out in time for last Christmas, I think the version 2 is more recent (I can't keep up lol), that shows up as being connected via the 'High Speed USB', not the USB 2, but not USB 3 as such either, so I am not sure.I have now found that my very early iPad seems to work just as well and is now the resident screen on my previously headless Mac mini 2013 which I use as...
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