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Was the famous BlackBerry phone's encryption system different in some way?
Another leak ... So that's another $50M in Apple's in box I presume.
If that is what happened here, are there no legal repercussions or actions share holders can take through the courts?
So roughly a 10% penalty on the contract in this case. Can you explain why that seems 'too far'?
Cool, thanks for that, so will that work with an iPhone 5 or 5s? I am happy with the iPhone 5 and 5 s for now but really want Pay so a (or is that an) Watch might be the solution ... he says hoping.
How will the Watch do the payment? There is no fingerprint touch on that is there?
No, didn't you hear they need larger NCF units for the plus ...
That was fast! No doubt other stores will soon follow. I'm going to feel left out, I can't see me getting a six any time soon and no Watch yet ...
I think I recall reading Apple did come up with the technology of putting a substrate of sapphire onto Gorilla Glass though didn't I? I could be wrong.
I am used to a US 24 hour delay in most news reports. I read the BBC web site to see what will be on CNN tomorrow. Good going 9to5.
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