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I can never keep up but are any of the NBC shows on Netflix? I think CSI is but I could be wrong. Back in the day we used cable I used to like Chris Mathews, CSI and JAG ... that's about it I think.
Once we dropped cable and went purely Netflix we watch more shows than ever. That said, it only takes a fraction of the time without ads and we have more time free. It's been a win win for us.
... if you look like you don't have long left your details of what parts that could be harvested on a donor list with ads.
Gatorguy will be volunteering for a few test runs I am sure.
Jam makers mostly.
That was my first reaction ... 'they sold some?'
It should not be only the personal attack that gets a boot off. It should also be anyone making relentless posts against anything Apple and always promoting Google's agenda, even if always subtle.
When will Apple TV have some sort of Keychain system? The Apple TV should just 'know' if a user has a cable provider once the data is added a single time. Enough with this having to go to web sites and typing in codes for every damn channel. That said, if CNNGo requires a subscription from elsewhere forget it. This is 2015 get with the program CNN we want to cut the cable..
New Posts  All Forums: