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Close to shouting .... temper, temper ...BS is BS even in (gasp) heavy black fonts.People I think we have the man on the defensive. (I assume he is a man ... no idea to be honest. I've known just as eloquent ladies who hate Apple).
Oh is that the latest , good to know... I gave up at spam sandwich, scham schamwich ... I cannot keep up with all this Gargle / Adenoid baby talk
Thank you so much. My eyes glazed over. No it wasn't the G & Ts
I was pandering to your raison d'ĂȘtre ... no I'm kidding, I'd never do that. I was serious.In fact it was a relevant question. How is the supposed main opposition, spam sandwich or whatever the latest name is, doing in adoption rates compared to the stellar adoption rates of iOS? Like its sibbling OS X, iOS is adopted like dew vanishes before the sun. We here, on AI, like to look at Windows and other inferior operating systems' adoption rates when they are released. ...
What is Andy Ihnatko up to these days ( I know I know, I'll Google him). I remember Andy from the very early Mac days along with Guy Kawasaki. Respect!
I like that, excellent allusion there.edit: missed out that pesky 'l' in like!
Do Google supply a leaflet explaining that Nexus devices are just test dummies and should not be bought?Does this look like a web site for a designed to fail product? https://www.google.com/nexus/6/It actually looks exactly like Apple's web site ... but ... Oh gosh that's a surprise isn't it?
I could care less about that! (I bet 50% of readers don't even get that joke!)
So, in layman's terms, he is basically saying the 'zip' file was screwed up.
Is there a joke afoot here I missed?
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