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The one with a sense of sarcastic humor I guess...
Those Delta execs that accepted the hand out of MS tablets must be feeling a little out on a limb right about know ....
You had some? I haven't for about the last 40 years.
Thanks for link. That is great news. Wish SJ was here to see his patents upheld.
My theory is either it's deliberate manipulation or they are die hard Microcrap/PC users that hate Apple has shat (UK past tense) all over MS. Sometimes they might be both I guess.
Half way to my goal.
So I have to assume that the vast majority of the billions of Android phones sold every three seconds are bought to use as paper weights
Plus, unlike a good virtual car, you can step on these and break them
I am sure their technology will used somewhere eventually and make them very successful, but I think they have still to find the perfect use. Amazon's storage and shipping warehouses for automated carts maybe?
Have you tried training rather than skipping?
New Posts  All Forums: