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Amazon is not evil, that's Google! I might not use any Amazon digital product offerings but I live from day to day waiting for the Amazon boxes brought by Fedex. I agree Apple need to up the numbers, as I said earlier, even if they cap data that is uploaded or charge more at least. The content that is 'matched' and doesn't upload could be increased one would have thought with little impact on Apple's bottom line (which I do care about).
YES! In a year or two we may be saying goodbye Apple hardware Achilles Heel. EDIT: I am referring to GPUs in MBPs here only. Sorry I thought that was obvious but obviously not.
I hope Apple can benefit from some of the billions the US send there each year.
That is true. Maybe Scamsung will read your post and try that approach.
If they wait a while Apple can just buy Microsoft Sorry, their history being what it is, Apple should let Microsoft die. Other competition will rise up, fear not, but helping the devil is never a good idea.
Right on Bro' 100% agree.Video SearchI like that ... "Go for the head". Watch Google buy up all the small search engines soon if Apple don't move soon.
OK you just got the job as a top Wall Street analyst. 100% of the total profits from a tiny percentage of the market will no doubt escape their Google / Samsung paid for mind set.
It will worry Google more and more as Apple continue to expunge all things Google from iOS. I know it's been debated many times here but I want to see Search ASAP. It doesn't have to be perfect as there will be options but over time it would improve and better yet could be better integrated in the eco system. As the default on iOS it would remove a huge revenue stream to Google as most iOS users will use the default most of the time. Apple can buy in a starting...
Based on your posting history i am shocked at the lack of irrelevant links in your reply. Please provide evidence that Apple monetize me directly from my iTunes Match account. I can understand they need to track use of songs anonymously so as to pay royalties perhaps but that hardly would fit with your characterization of a Google like use of my information for self profit.
I think Microsoft's profits are being overstated there... I can see why they want Office on iOS though!
New Posts  All Forums: