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So ... just to be clear, "Clear History and Website Data..." clears it ... As in ... Wow, that was complicated! Good to know.
I was thinking the Apple shaped beam of light shone onto the clouds to get ARSA ... Apple Road Side Assistance.
I find games like this are so out dated. That said, I can see the appeal to those that remember games being so primitive for nostalgic reasons I guess. Kind of why I like Pinball games on the Mac and iPad.
As an aside, the BBC really need Jony to help with a new TARDIS interior design!
No doubt it will be highly customizable and featuring: The, Car, the Sports Car and of course the Edition Car. There will be a myriad of Ive designed seat styles, dash board styles (you change them with a knob on the steering wheel) and wheel types. Coming in aluminum, steel and solid gold for the 1% of society with 99% of the money.BTW: I am saddened the glowing Apple was EOL on the new MacBook. I only hope that was a constraint due to thinness on that one...
Look guys, it is pretty obvious that Apple has had access to the Area 51 facility. I suspect the President gave it to Steve after the dinner at the white house. Everything has been moved to Cupertino now. Finally, after all these decades, people smart enough have had access to the space ship and alien prisoner and they have been able to utilize the technology. Apple's only problem from here on out is releasing products from alien technology in a way humans can accept...
I actually found that strangely distasteful and I grew up with Monty Python so that's saying something. I suspect Hell is infinitely customizable for those that believe. That Hell will be eternity with a Dell and Windows XP and dial up and a shared cell with a 300 pound bubba ... 👹
I am sure Tim had a long shower after that. It was clever marketing that's all. Tim certainly knows what a snake oil salesman Cramer is but a little charm and flattery works wonders on such creatures and better to have Cramer propounding 'buy and hold' these days. On that he finally said something right.
If they want to bring Cortana to 'rival' mobile platforms Microsoft have a problem, how many are there out there with
It depends on what the definition of is, is. But no, I'd say that was apples and Rolexes I mean oranges.
New Posts  All Forums: