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Plus, unlike a good virtual car, you can step on these and break them
I am sure their technology will used somewhere eventually and make them very successful, but I think they have still to find the perfect use. Amazon's storage and shipping warehouses for automated carts maybe?
Have you tried training rather than skipping?
I agree and not only that, the whole point of a game like this is that all cars are driven by people. I simply don't see what point having some of the cars self driving. Having said that, when no friends were there as a kid, I used to race against the slightly slower car I turned into a drone. I'd put a weight on top so it would stay on the track and with a rubber band holding the throttle fully down. Oh the memories, I can smell the spark's ozone (yeah, yeah I know...
I agree. I'd rather have a genuine Scaletrix ... again!
I have joked here a few times that 'Find My Friends' must be a homage to Scott. It is truly terrible isn't it?Regarding Garage Band's icon ... I wonder if the entire application has also gone flat in the next iteration? I sincerely hope not. That is one of the few applications where it works great. Using an amp or a synth and seeing the real look and feel is very productive IMHO (and I include Logic Pro X which I use daily) and I'd be very sad if all internal graphics...
I have often wondered why I always write and say iWorks but have no problem with iLife... you are exactly right, It is because AppleWorks is still deep in the gray cells.
"...advertisers see 1,790% higher returns on iOS than Android" One has to wonder if many Androids actually have internet accounts! Or are most of them used to walk around with pretending they do? I mean, after all, there are a trillion sold per day.
It does seem reasonable to assume the typical Android user would buy some cheap knock off from South Korea rather than genuine Nike product.
Given that you make new stations in a few seconds I doubt there is much of a problem. If it starts to happen just make a new similar one by artist or song.
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