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Microsoft really are keen to find away to get into 'mobile' aren't they?
Even if you go for the Phantom, don't get the standard supplied camera if you are serious about better video and photography.
You nailed it. Microsoft should just stick to writing apps for Apple ... and give up on everything else.
I am seeing all new iWorks Apps for Mavericks too.
LOLAnd here I was hoping they'd use the Canon mount so I could use my L lenses in my iPhone.
I just find it weird that AAPL ends up being valued on the basis of how well a bunch of morons guess as to Apple's sales / profits / new ideas etc. rather than the facts.
That jury photo is stock footage from 1970 surely? Look at the hair styles and clothes!
I couldn't agree more.
I think you are right. I was just about to add a post saying that I suspect Google is the main enemy of Microsoft these days not Apple. Add the fact the Ballmer-Gates duopoly seems to have lost some power and so the hate Apple mantra is fading.
I'd wager you are correct. That said, hopefully lots of enterprise customers will now go for more iPads.
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