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I'm curious if any other modern day OS also infringes? Is it only Apple's?
"The best camera is the one you have with you" So, as i often do, I have my iPhone, iPad, prosumer level Canon 600D and lenses and better level Canon 70D and L lenses with me ... what do I use? To be serious, I have started doing my own side by side comparisons of all those options. I am lucky to live on a lake in Florida with an array of exotic birds wading 20' to 50' from me all day in brilliant sunshine. So it's been fun testing. So far, all evidence I have points...
Same here.
They really do need to offer both a single device and also a pack for a larger zoned set up at a special pricing.
Having recently moved up in the Canon DSLR line and am certainly enjoying that extra bit of crop ability for stills from a higher pixel count. Yes zooming in HD, up to 3 x with no quality drop, requires these high numbers but imagine what will be needed for a 4K video crop zoom!
... maybe we should just start leasing home level technology rather than buying, even a family plan ... Apple should start this and allow a trade in as soon as the next great model comes along.
They should offer a trade ins for Nests, I'd gladly ditch my in house Google spy.
Wow, Apple certainly has some 'clout' in China, to use an English expression.
I was asking Rogifan about these crashes / reboots yesterday. I have never seen an iPad or an iPhone reboot on its own. Nothing made for iOS should get passed validation for the App store that is not 100% compliant. Unless these are apps not from the app store?
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