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It is that too, big time. Image stabilization, high resolution and more. We are in for a fun ride with photography and video technology over the next decade.
I worded that poorly, I was meaning I wonder if it's worth saving a set or not.
There are those that don't think Schoenberg's work is music either. It certainly doesn't fit that definition. I would assume you are one of them? I don't like his work nor rap but I'd hesitate to claim to be able to define what is or isn't music based upon my personal taste.
Sorry doesn't ring a a bell.
Oh dear what to do ... Do I keep my old 4s, now in my collection of every iPhone there has ever been, or sell it ....
PC Mag ... really? I bet The Scamsung Daily News is a good read on the topic too
I re thought my first comment on this ... Now i think ... More likely side by side ...
I agree with you. By the way, on the headphones. I suspect there is an age issue here. Most of those hating Dr. Dre are most likely past 18 years old. As we age we (most people that is, I am sure there are exceptions, luck bar-stewards) lose a massive amount of high frequency hearing (especially those of us who like loud music) and need bass cut and treble boost in EQ. Cans made for kids are radically different obviously. I have my Audio-Technica Pro Studio cans for...
I got to touch an early Apple ][ in my capacity of working with brain damaged kids. No background in computers what-so-ever. It was is if I had met Dr. Who and shown the future. I knew immediately, with every bone in my body I had to get involved. A few months later I ditched a very well paid and promising career, held hands with Apple and walked off the plank into the future.
Off Topic sorry,... but what is 'creepy' about back tracking over some idiots stupid and consistently wrong statements on AI over the years? Look up John Dvorak in Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_C._Dvorak), they have all is classic stupid comments right there for all to ROFL at. I think we should have a similar hall of shame for AI. I have no problem with people talking about what they think or feel but we all know the same old A-H0les that state...
New Posts  All Forums: