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I agree but maybe Scamsung will buy Kia / Hyundai and have access to the massive number of Americans also buying Korean cars as well as phones and tablets. There seems to be a strangely large number of folks in the USA hell bent on making South Korea rich even when there are far better products from US companies.
You have never posted in support of Scamsung in any situation where they were in an adversarial position to Apple? I must apologize then, I could have sworn you had on many occasions.
Totally with you there.This will be difficult one for Gatorguy ... on which side will he write a calm, well supported post, explaining why they are in the right? True colors may have to be shown ... Oh, I missed it, he already has ... Google through and through. Even inferring Scamsung would hurt Google and Apple if they could ... so all the support over the years of anything Samsung against Apple was just what ...? Humor?
I can't help feeling that had Bill spent more time focusing on his own company rather than coaching others, perhaps after all these years the Mac version could have been on par or even better than PC version. In all the years I have worked with Macs the biggest complaint from PC switchers (and I say this anecdotally as I have never used any product from Intuit personally) has been that Quicken and QuickBooks suck on the Mac compared to their PC versions. That was often...
Is that something rude about Donald Trump?
Yep there sure is a lot of fragmentation out there for that crappy Android OS, shame for Google no one seems to use them for e-commerce.
I was going to say ... "Lenovo's news adds to what has been a bleak month for Microsoft as it seeks to reinvent itself under new CEO Satya Nadell," but Kasper's slave said all ready. A few folks have suggested that Microsoft go back to being a software only company in the last day or so, and pull out of hardware. This points to the fact if they did they'd be up a creak without a paddle. Someone has to make the hardware for their crap OS so as to be able to fill storage...
I don't just 'claim'. I owned an Apple Dealership so I didn't just use them I had a warehouse full of them. I suspect from your grammar you are not a native English speaker so perhaps you misunderstood me.To correct your grasp of history, I remember Gates buying into APPL in return for Steve dropping the law suit agaist MS caught red handed reverse engineering Quicktime for their Windows Media Player. It was a mutual win win and good PR.
Block list fodder.
IBM would be quite the head turner!
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