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Oddly I don't see any actual reference to educational qualifications, in the normal sense, anywhere on that page.
Or you could wait till they are available, go to the Apple Store and try on a real one to decide if you like it and save yourself the price of the fake.
I wonder if at a prestigious Watch show the organizers would allow a stand for fake Rolex watches? I doubt it. Seems to me some policing at C.E.S. is in order and I don't care if it isn't called an iWatch.
Is that it for the official Google News Update today? Or are there more scheduled?
I wonder if that's true ... if so ... wow
Best served cold ....
Meanwhile Lollipoop reaches what %?
I'm not sure you can lump birthdays in with 'certain holidays' from a date perspective, they tend to be pretty spread out randomly.
I think you are on the wrong bog. Edsel jokes are for the Microsoft blog.
And that would be for the exact same hardware so what's the issue?
New Posts  All Forums: