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You explained yourself with 'too awkward for me'. That's 90% of the problem, you simply don't yet know how to do many of the things easily you think are lacking or missing most likely. It takes a while to learn and wean yourself off the knowledge you have and feel comfortable with from 7. I am sure if you persevered it would all click into place and in no time at all 7 would seem clunky and limited to you, as it really is.BTW Please post the details of hardware (obviously...
Right. Time to narrow the term Android when used in the same sentence or comparing with iOS. I'd suggest only including any Android version that is on par with iOS >7. That would seem fair.
Excellent news. Still far too much of that Microsoft crap in use, it's still registering on the graph! EDIT: Next article does show that the minuscule slice that is Microsoft does in fact yield zero profit.
You forgot the /s tag.
That is a good point, there is no actual storage space used as such, it's just pointers. That is unless iTunes does't have a particular track, such as something you make on Garage Band then it really uploads it. I wouldn't mind if the limit was on those uploaded tracks, that way Apple could almost make the virtual tracks they point to unlimited. Of course there maybe licensing agreements to deal with.
LOL, true, and I note you said 'England'.
Funny how people differ, I never take my Rolex off. Had it for 35 years. Swimming, showering, kayaking ... snorkeling and even scuba diving once off the Florida Keys (bad I know, shark bait, I totally forgot). I suspect it probably has about the same water resistance as the Watch will have.
Good question. An iPhone seems to charge amazingly fast these days, so with such a tiny device as the Watch it's hard to imagine it taking more than .. what ... half an hour?
The 'greater water resistance than expected, and may be wearable while in the shower' comment is welcome. I guess that also means a quick dip in the pool too or kayaking? We Floridians are still doing such things while the poor folks up north dig out, so sorry to bring to up.
A fair comment.
New Posts  All Forums: