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If they snooze they lose.
It's great, really fast and looks awesome.
'freezed' should have been a clue there Slurpy ..
I use Quicklook a ton every day with 10.10 Dev versions and it works fine. ... what bug is it you refer to? Is that the dev or public version?
Bose Sshmose ... I just duct tape a pair of Wharfedale Lintons to my head and run a wire from my Amstrad amp ... (Joke for old people)
I actually had to revert to the 4s for a week my 5 was in for repair and yes it is very nice to hold.
I love the 5 series precisely for its chunky square feel in my hand, never used a case on them and always felt they were firmly and safely in-hand. I have every other model before that and none of them felt nearly as 'solid'. The 5 series have that same tangible weight, quality, design feel a good German car has, if you know what i mean. However I will have to feel a 6 to see before judging.
Meanwhile in preparation for that EMP I'm learning morse code ... I had to look Gimbels up ... never heard of them. I grew up knowing of Sears' existence though, my Gran had a massive catalog from the 1920s I used to peruse with fascination as a wee kid. It weighed more than me and was filled with things that were from another planet compared to England in the 1950s. I recall the stockings and corset section held my fascination above all else.
I agree with you whole heartedly.
Well OK I exaggerated a wee bit ... but it is very good. I have had a few minor issues, such as after a reboot it gets my three screens on my New Mac Pro reversed in the arrangement. It seems to reset PRAM but that could well be a deliberate Dev feature now I think about it. Of course I could switch the Thunderbolt cables over and solve the issue .. DUH! It's amazing how when you actually write down a problem the obvious solution sometimes smacks you on the forehead!...
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