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So you are saying that; Soli pointing out 'people that are making statements, based on no information, are speculating' is in of itself speculating? Which school of logic did you attend?
They should have gone in with Microsoft to share their store space.
OMG you are right! I have two older iPads in a cupboard collecting dust and I bet they run a lot cooler than a regular monitor. My normal three monitor set up on my new Mac Pro is such a heat generator I have started switching two off recently as it's like sitting in a bloody sauna.A couple of iPads would be great for 90% of my usage which is having Mail on one and Safari on the other while working on the main 27" Apple screen. Now I just need a neat desk clamp set up...
Yes, I bet you are correct. I was trying to think of a rational behind declining Sony's request. It wasn't that Apple didn't relish the business ... rather they were worried it might take down iTunes over Christmas by sheer demand.
I agree, seems odd.
That's probably going on right now!
Congrats Tim ... I'm sure you will sleep better tonight now ...
Hell yes.
Right and Happy ... every other holiday either invented or elevated in importance so as non Christian folks don't feel left out during Christmas period in western countries. Personally I like the good ol' Yule Tide / Winter Solstice versions
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