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I must admit I always suspected that. Don't get me wrong I love FM but one wonders if sometimes, like many Windows applications often did (I've seen a large company using Excel as a DB!) an IT team that knows a product well sometimes takes it far beyond its limits simply due to their own comfort level. That said, better to run something you know well than something you don't.
Come on ... that was an intelligent comment ... trying to waste your time?
That wouldn't even be so bad ... it's the perpetual attempt to lower every Apple flag that is oh so annoying on this, an Apple blog. How long did you spend on an Android site today lowering their flag at every chance? None I bet! Me neither.
Posted to no one in particular... "RadioShack will press on with its plan to sell its customer data, despite opposition from a number of U.S. states. The company has asked a bankruptcy court for approval for a second auction of its assets, which includes the consumer data." So hardly 'moot'. No need to try to diminish Apple's excellent attitude.
Yes, and probably always was a major income generator for them, a model picked up and taken to the limits by Google of course.EDIT: Not off topic nor trolling: Highlighting a sales and marketing policy under discussion and obviously mentioning the king of that policy, that Apple is clearly trying to prevent.
He didn't but he usually ducks anything so clearly altruistic by Apple, rather spending hours on the grayer areas more open to the twisting of facts and interpretations.
Hopefully, as with Sony this is a company I would hate to see go belly up (unlike some I could mention).
Sharp didn't just make displays though. They have been around a long time making many and wide ranging products. So I can't think it is just the monitor division dragging them down. It is the same for so many of these similar companies. I have to wonder if more nimble and newer companies are eating their lunch too.
I'd doubt that too. I may be remembering incorrectly but didn't Apple prop them up somehow a few years back? Or was that just by advancing payment on a large order? Whatever, I would think ( actually 'firmly believe' would be more accurate to say) Tim is well aware of all his suppliers' financial situations and will have long had all the contingencies in place.
New Posts  All Forums: