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That jury photo is stock footage from 1970 surely? Look at the hair styles and clothes!
I couldn't agree more.
I think you are right. I was just about to add a post saying that I suspect Google is the main enemy of Microsoft these days not Apple. Add the fact the Ballmer-Gates duopoly seems to have lost some power and so the hate Apple mantra is fading.
I'd wager you are correct. That said, hopefully lots of enterprise customers will now go for more iPads.
You got that damn straight!
LOL, that was my reaction too.
That was my first thought too ... so the Roku is either a piece of cheap crap, or they lose more money than Apple ... which is it I wonder?
That 33% 23% are just plain wrong though.
Yet many of us are now, here the USA ... preferring to pay for a subscription to the likes of Netflix to avoid ads on live TV. Life goes full circle for me ...
I'm seeing an iPhone you can shave with in the near future ...
New Posts  All Forums: