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I would agree, if you need a higher pixel count for genuine reasons you also need better hardware all around. Most people need neither. That said, as i have just posted I can bet Apple will up the MP count when they have a technological reason for it, not to impress people.
Unless you want to have a digital zoom with almost no quality loss. Apple will use a higher count when they feel the time is right it it won't be anything to do with marketing.
There is more to the MP count that simply perceived quality. Agreed in consumer products it is irrelevant unless you want digital zoom ability with no loss. Example, thanks to the 20+ MP on a Canon Tn range and others, you can digitally zoom x3 to still have a genuine 1080p video image. With the spread of 4K over the next few years 50 MP and up sensors will be required to allow digital zooming and still hold full resolution in video. It isn't about one up-manship at...
No doubt this article will illicit the usual comments from both sides. None of this would be necessary if people only understood that larger pixel count equates to more flexibility in post rather than quality per se, that assuming all else is of the highest quality. The reason I like my 22 MP sensor on Canon bodies is because I can crop and still hold high quality. On a consumer level camera where cropping is most likely mostly for straightening purposes and therefore...
That would take us over the $1,000 per share pre split if my fuzzy math is correct. Nice
Yep, the my mentioning charging stations was simply a lead in to my timely Tesla 'head hunting' related joke only ... Right ... walking is far healthier and you are right great potential for Watch use Can you see all this from your window sill?
Blue / Red blah blah blah ... Please enough of your politically driven psycho babble. I'll leave it to others to no doubt point out the flaws in your overly simplistic analysis of the 'State' of the economy.By the way, you seem to imply home prices are a function unto to themselves. Surely it is a matter of supply and demand. If silicon valley has high demand they prices will reflect that, if not they wont.EDIT: removed his drivel from quote
Is there going to be some futuristic monorail type thing from the car parking area to the campus building? I also wonder if the parking areas will all have charging stations for Teslas ... Oh wait probably not, all those wanting Teslas are already left Apple to work there.
Photos uses extension to share so even if not in this beta I see no reason why not very soon, there are currently a ton of places to share with, some i have't even heard of.
I don't know why exactly but you intrigued me. I just spent a fascinating half hour or more reading all your posts from day one. My, what a journey! The entirety should be published and called 'A journey from the dark side". Your early posts show an amazing excitement about getting your first Mac, as an ex Apple retailer it was a great read. Just for the record. No way is this guy an Apple hater. Uber geek maybe ... You totally won me over with this post and I say...
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