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Damn I can't get that tune out of my head now! , "lalalala, lalalala... Hey ...."I remember watching that on Top of the Pops live and wondering if it would extend the show ...
I had never seen that broadcast before. I was struck what a good live performance it was, even some variations from the released versions. Hat's off to those guys. You have to listen to what was the norm when they started to really understand the gigantic leap they made in music. Something a certain 'someone' foul-mouthing his way through this entire thread failed to see, and probably is too young and immature to appreciate.
Isn't that 'dag' up?
Plus time is definately running a hell of a lot faster now.
I loved the Lisa, I can remember my training session on it like it was yesterday. First part of lesson ... "This is a mouse ..." Does your Lisa still run fine?
'The Nightmare Trifecta' LOL
Yep, of course Apple makes money because of their robotic technology saving them money, but not by selling it yet, to the best of my knowledge ... and yes of course Google will be copying everything Apple develops and selling (or giving) it to anyone that competes with Apple. That's par for the course.
I seriously doubt it. In fact I suspect you hit the nail on the head. Thanks to this shared base, there is a continuous move to allow iOS and OS X to work seamlessly together not converge. I suspect these folks are adding 2 + 2 and getting 7.
Of course this is true, that's why we have developer versions of the new OS ... Oh wait a minute ....
Well you are being sarcastic but staggeringly, that is Wall Street's actual position ... sans the '/s'!
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