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Many on line commentators are starting to wonder if there are Beat products we don't know about yet and tie-ins with Apple's new products we don't know about yet ... which all seems to come down to there is a lot about all of this we don't know about yet ...
I am not saying this to you alone, but to all those stating Apple should not have purchased Beats:Has it occurred to all those who 'know this was a bad move' that the team running what is possibly the world's most successful company ever, might know more than you about why the bought Beats? I'd be inclined to wait a little while before potentially committing yourself to Dvorakian level embarrassment in the annals of on-line history.
Yes, that was a really bad acquisition wasn't it ... I recall many at the time, absolutely sure, BeOS was a better way to go ....
It is that too, big time. Image stabilization, high resolution and more. We are in for a fun ride with photography and video technology over the next decade.
I worded that poorly, I was meaning I wonder if it's worth saving a set or not.
There are those that don't think Schoenberg's work is music either. It certainly doesn't fit that definition. I would assume you are one of them? I don't like his work nor rap but I'd hesitate to claim to be able to define what is or isn't music based upon my personal taste.
Sorry doesn't ring a a bell.
Oh dear what to do ... Do I keep my old 4s, now in my collection of every iPhone there has ever been, or sell it ....
PC Mag ... really? I bet The Scamsung Daily News is a good read on the topic too
I re thought my first comment on this ... Now i think ... More likely side by side ...
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