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Ironically, if he did, he'd maybe mix the bass down a bit more on that kind of 'music'!
Jimmy is a talented guy.
Is the FT known to spread false rumors? Just asking ....
Ok, so it maybe more about licensing ... interesting. That said would such licenses transfer to Apple?
I agree Yahoo would add value to Apple.
I just read a review on headphones and they were right at the bottom. http://time.com/74886/best-headphones/ Hopefully Apple have another reason, but what, do Apple need their streaming business? It surely can't be the bass heavy headphones.
I agree totally with your take.
You made the case thank youIn the discussion you allude to then yes you would group cars and horse and cart contraptions as transportation. In this case the word is PC used in this context as a personal computer.If PC = Personal Computer what on earth is an iPad if not a personal computer?Now, if Scamsung tries to include fridges I'd have a problem with that
Not picking on you as many will say the same thing but .... Oh no, not that old saw again! An iPad Air would blow a 1990 IBM PC out of the water using any metric, OK? ... So when exactly do you draw the historical line on when a PC is a PC? Are PCs only PCs after they pass the point in time when they are more powerful than an iPad? That might be a fascinating calculation as I bet it would rule out over 50% (or more) of all PCs in the famous mantra "PCs have 97% of...
New Posts  All Forums: