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I agree. We use to use Barco CRT calibrated monitors with color densitometers . The cost of the monitor system was around $4 - $5,000 per seat excluding the cost of the high end graphics card then add in $12,000 each for the Macs (loaded) cost, external drives, back up systems, networking and servers and so on ... extra. Costs are dramatically lower these days for high end Mac systems. I dare not even mention the cost of a drum scanner and a high end RIP and 2400 LPI...
Well you are such a pleasant fellow aren't you. I will explain.I was referring to the fact that iOS totally dominates internet traffic yet is apparently out numbered a zillion to 1 if you believe the media by Android devices. Hence my comment ... it was poking fun at the media ...think about it, simple math means a lot of Android devices seem to not be connected ... get it? It's a well known joke amongst Apple folks, that given the internet data, most Android devices...
Oh there you go again, selflessly looking after Apple's interests.
If you says so.
The at same idea worked well to introduce Windows users to good software, and accelerate switching, perhaps it will work again. Then again how many Android users are connected to the internet?
Suffice to say the list is pretty silly!
"Employees at Minneapolis-based FirstTech, the world's first Apple reseller, learned on Wednesday that the store will be closing its doors at the end of March after 73 years in business." Heck I thought I did well opening an Apple Store in 1978 to sell Apple ][s. These guys must have had a damn time machine which i consider cheating.
I agree with much of what you say, but aggregating those five companies.... really? Not sure what point that was supposed to make? I could aggregate a lot of lesser company's market caps to come to more than Apple's, so what? My point was simple by mentioning their 'individual' caps ... Apple seems to be doing OK, that's all.It's also a strange thing to think a company, by your inference, might prefer a product that isn't updated over one that is .... I guess the...
I would imagine the folks at Linden Labs must have been looking at VR for some time now. Now of they could just tap into the dual AMD FirePro GPUs on the nMP, SL might really rock.
You can't say 'just isn't true' either. It depends on the business model.Looking at the market caps of all those you mention then Apple's makes me think Apple isn't totally stupid to cast off and move on. It seems to be working pretty well for them.
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