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Quote of the day.
I have been waiting and waiting for more news on light-field technology. It is very exciting. I dream of selecting the FP and DOF in post ... can you imagine the fun?
It is funny how that works out. I am no longer in the serious video business but back in the day when push came to shove we always ended up using Sony equipment such as BVW Betacam SP and their digital descendants for HD when it came in (I can't even remember the names now). We had Canon's video offerings to play with but never used them. However for still Photography we always used Canon. BTW Now I am reading Son's Alpha range are pretty good hybrids but I have never...
You know, you have just reminded me. I picked a 70D body a while back specifically to play with Canon's new dual pixel video auto focusing system which is a apparently a massive improvement on their previous system. I loved the camera so much I have been shooting stills ever since and forgot all about the video capability ... OK next sunny day!
I post this in jest but you never know ... I have no idea if this is true and Ken does have some far out views .... but: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/nikcan.htm
LOL. That's true, and L lenses really do make a difference too. I had convinced myself otherwise for many years. Now I own a few I am can really see the difference in my images..
Hear hear!
Yes and no. I would expect Phil will definitely expound on the reasons why they added it, if and when they do, at launch but I doubt you'll see it mentioned in large letters anywhere, simply part of the Tech Spec on the Apple web site for the product in question.
I would agree, if you need a higher pixel count for genuine reasons you also need better hardware all around. Most people need neither. That said, as i have just posted I can bet Apple will up the MP count when they have a technological reason for it, not to impress people.
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