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I see there is now a 'word' for this ...It's called "Negging" : Verb: Wrapping a putdown inside a few complimentary words.
Absolutely getting a $100 Yamaha would be infinitely better for a new student. Just one of many reasons ... I remember when I was about twelve or thirteen spending countless hours with a $75 Yamaha learning all the inversions of all the chords I could play. Being able to move your hand and fingers between three inversion of all the common chords seamlessly without looking takes a long time to master but pays dividends. On a far more serious note, during my entire...
Oh come on ... how would nearly half of the American population know what to say or even think without being told by FoxNews every day
While that's true FM isn't what it used to be ... there was a time the DJ (I assume we are talking music here) used to play a CD or even and LP (in my day). Today they have ripped to CDs into a computer and multiple stages of conversions and compressions have occurred before transmission. Sadly it's the FM content that is terrible these days, the actual technology is going to waste it seems.
Or a gold and stainless steel. The nicest watch and bracelet Rolex make IMHO is the one with both. The all gold Rolex always looks OTT to me.
Yes as do most digital interfaces. My reference to doing it in post is because when we recorded many sound tracks for TV shows and commercials and the bass player didn't show up we just faked it in post, that was before all these new goodies such as Midi Guitar and such. We live in amazing times. There was a time you know when altering pitch without the speed was science fiction
Yes, sorry that was a bit obtuse ... I meant, I was assuming the older Android ones would still work ... as if not that's the majority!
Never tried a Mike but a mic yes ... I only discovered by accident. You will not get the best results but yes you can. I am able to sing a note and get the Midi Guitar, interfaced with Logic Pro X, to record a soft instrument single note or a chord. BTW this isn't rocket science to use, you just have both apps running and it 'just works'. Obviously use head phones to avoid feed back if you use a mic. If you use a Mike all bets are off. LOL.
I am so excited ... wait a minute ... I didn't order one yet, Damn!
I can understand this, (/s) ... it's not as if Google's clients don't all have the latest version of Android is it? ROFL Stand by for Google's resident advocate, Gatorguy, to post links to prove Android user update ...
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