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Excellent idea.
Why would anyone want ads on Apple TV? I'd rather everything goes subscription like Netflx with zero ads and no cable contract required. Once we get there think about it ... one day no political ads. So no need for $billions wasted on election runs.
Why do you think Netflix is likely to drop that much?
Got to love fractals.and ... and ... what about the Law Of Large Numbers? Anyone caring to check back on AI when AAPL hovered at 700 will find lots of experts explaining, at great length i should add, that AAPL could not go over 700 ... nor could Apple grow any more. It was all math. Ha!
Well of course it's Gator'guy' but that doesn't prove anything these days ... "Hey you guys' is said to and by women to women just as much as men. I'm sure he is too, but I was not wanting to assume without knowing. It was after his suggestion we meet I was needing to know so as to know how to arm myself ... Resident 'doll' ... Wow, that's talk that's asking for a PC lashing these days.
Love the knife to a fight analogy when arguing with DED ... 'The Gun Slinger'!In my head I hear the music of Ennio Morricone and see a Sergio Leone-esque back drop.
Can you say 'you guys' these days? I thought that was the height bad of PC!
Get in line ...
Yep and I'd add, throwing darts at a board for stock tips would probably get higher than 5% correct.Cramer should have been legally prevented from ever talking stocks on TV/Radio/Print/Web again after his admission of manipulation and fired by CNBC. Not to mentioned fined, keelhauled and banished from the USA. Did I mention tar and feathers?
Good to hear my personal opinion is back up by someone who knows more. If Cramer were simply entertaining that would one thing. Ever since he got cornered, on camera, admitting his shenanigans with AAPL this guy should have been barred from giving stock advice.http://appleinsider.com/articles/09/03/13/jon_stewart_exposes_apple_stock_manipulation
New Posts  All Forums: