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So much so I think he and John Dvorak maybe colluding.
Great stories. .. both ...Funny how we old farts, who have been with Apple since the very start, seem to be able to embrace change better than many isn't it?
I doesn't really matter, I'm sure Eddy has plenty to do and would be happy to have Jimmy run iTunes, these are not children or bloggers, they are senior Apple Executives remember. I am very excited about the changes and uptick in the things happening at Apple, from new exciting prospects in camera technology to new approaches in music. Both happen to be my hobbies so i am thrilled.
I would think Jimmy would report to Eddy.
I suspect you are correct. Jimmy will a huge asset to Apple. I really don't know anything about Dr Dre, but if Jimmy partnered with him he is obviously one smart guy too. I am getting pretty sick of the knee jerk reaction against all this for all the sadly, obvious reasons.
Wow, never knew that. My admiration for him just went up yet another notch.
Your honor, it's coincidence those 7000 lines look the same, honestly!
True, my bad.
That crossed my mind. I wonder if the Android fanboys would just go along and become Tizen Fanboys or might that feel too weird, for even them.
Is that you Gatorguy?
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