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Exactly and wouldn't their own chips, something akin to an A8 do the same job and help Apple make more profits? As I said, I realize that would be the end of running Windows ... not a great loss these days.
Right ... but a gamer would prefer a PC anyway surely, leaving most Mac users needing Windows as non gamers I would have thought ... thus my thought that VMware would suffice for the vast majority of Mac users needing Windows ... if you see what I mean. My new Mac Pro's Windows performance scores were pretty mind blowing. We've come a long way from the old emulation systems on OS 9 for sure!
I used to think it was when the presses roll but I think it starts earlier, when they paste those gallies down ready for the camera to make the plates. After that making changes are a nightmare ...
Oh ... didn't know that, thanks for that. I can see why on reflection, Nerflix wanted to be universally adopted and not compete, smart. My original thought (i.e. not Netflix) stands though, I bet some large player is thinking about it.
... and that's only in the northern hemisphere ...
Wipe and start over. I had similar issues on a new Mac Pro, it was horrible after the upgrade . Soli mentioned how good it was, even FCPro X working for him and mine wasn't after updating to v3, so ... I started over from scratch. Now running on a new Mac mini and seems very solid and indeed FCPro X is fine. I am now also running Yosemite Server beta v4 and that seems to be ok too, although the FTP is still primitive (still no multiple accounts). CrushFTP doesn't...
I wonder if there might be a major player in the wings, not yet in the streaming game in a big way, about to buy Roku. One company that I am surpassed surprised doesn't have their own hardware is Netflix themselves, not that I was think of them at first.
You forgot the ... 'and sweating profusely '.
That would a real gem of a phone
That's a funny feeling. With my partners at the time, I opened an Apple Center (a similar concept to the Apple Store which Apple furnished with Bang Olufsen furniture and grey and white striped carpets) in Edinburgh in an equally old building except ours was on the Royal Mile. This was in the mid 1980s. We had a dedicated showroom area, training room and repair facility, we even had a image setter room for out-putting film from PageMaker and Illustrator etc.. It had an...
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