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I wish all the stations that require authentication from a cable company were on a hidden screen accessed from a button labelled 'Relics Of The Last Century".
NAILED IT. /suppressing urge to add Hank Moody's wonderful cry ... M****R F****R [see Netflix Californication if you don't know Hank)So do you happen know who our resident Google person really is perchance?
I understand you are not siding with AT&T but the term unlimited is open for interpretation depending on context. AT&T is clearly bending the interpretation to their own benefit here. Imagine (as silly extreme example I know) you look at a home for sale, in the middle of a desert that has advertised, guaranteed unlimited water on tap. The salesman shows you the water gushing out, you love the place so you buy. A week after you move in the tap only drips. The salesman...
"... actions rooted in the Bankruptcy Code and breach of contract claims." "inequitable conduct" that "resulted in an injury to creditors or conferred an unfair advantage on Apple." Them's fightin' words ...
Having had the issue I can confirm it was the GPU components not the Apple parts causing the exact issue shown in the screen shot in the OP.
Are you within your extended AppleCare period ? I am assuming you have this issue or were you being rhetorical? I ask because try taking a just about anything back with a problem out of warranty.
I hate to fuel this but it isn't limited to 2011 MBPs. That's exactly what my mid 2010 MBP i7 15" screen looked like. Luckily for me Apple replaced my motherboard after a test without a quibble. I was 2 years and 6 months into my extended Apple Care at the time. I telephoned tech support at Apple Care, I did't go to a store and I was sent an app to run and emailed the test results. Apple collected my Mac and returned it good as new. Had I not had Apple Care I shudder...
Ok I have to say this. I hope Apple continue to expand into the GPU area and come up with hardware for Macs too at some point. How many of the MBP failure issues have been GPU issues? I rest my case. Imagine an Apple GPU on a Mac that is faster than anything out there ... gamers would wet their pants. Well of course a lot of them do anyway but you know what I mean.
Oh those 'What's up guys" presenters ... Those intros have the same reaction on me as RAP ... I can't move to click the close button fast enough ...
Ironic but I'd suspect most iOS users will stick with Apple software. The ones that adopt Microcrap software will be those with a legacy need or are PC users I suspect. I admit their cloud storage makes it seem interesting even if I never used their software but I am sure the whole cloud thing is in a state of flux and it will take at least another year or maybe two for the dust to settle so we can see the best systems for Macs and iOS.
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