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Some of Finland's politicians already claimed Apple destroyed their country's economy, next is it to be the Swiss? Surely not.
I bet he also said iPhone in white was for women too.
Where's the fun in that?
Regarding swapping out batteries. I wonder if the entire guts are not easily replaced. Having watched (no pun intended) the videos showing the machining of the cases, the innards must just pop in it would seem so presumably can just pop out? Maybe easier to swap out than fiddle with if there were a problem. I was tempted to say new versions could be installed too, but Apple will no doubt want to make a newer thinner design in the next year or so.
Don't use it to send classified information for now.
Nothing showing up on any of my 10.10.3 beta machines. Maybe already fixed?
Perhaps the US military and Government agencies should be using OS X and iOS exclusively then there might be less of this type of story: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/mar/13/f-35-secrets-now-showing-chinas-stealth-fighter/?page=all
Obviously a CIA code cracker frustrated with his job...
I wonder if it allows user log in like Netflix so different users can simultaneously share the same account and watch different shows?
I use a new Mac Pro for work I get paid for with three large screens. I use a MacBook Pro if I need mobile and limited power. I don't get your point, this is a MacBook.
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