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Ok I must be missing where the 'laptop' part is explained ... is that a Mac?
That's very true.That said, I'm thinking Apple's foray into medical uses may be related to this rather than rejigging iTunes etc.
I think you just insulted twats though!
Absolutely and I'd add in some not Netflix own ones such as Damages and Scandal. I have also enjoyed many old series, it is amazing how many there are never heard of let alone didn't see. Just don't tell anyone I got hooked on Charmed too
Welcome to 'binge watching' It's not the movies we love, it's finding TV series we never saw. No ads, end to end ... years and years worth in a few weeks or even days. Better yet the wife can watch the stuff she likes and I can watch the good stuff (hehe) at the same time.
What's a 'DVD'?
No argument, you just described the current industry PRE a possible paradigm shift. What that might be I have no idea of course. Your list is very similar to lists made pre iPhone as to why Apple could not / should not enter the phone market. I am simply saying if Apple could disrupt the game industry your list is moot.The last point is the most valid but perhaps they can multitask.
I think that rant should be under the heading 'Good parenting'. No one would disagree with you in general but it is hardly the problem for Apple as such. You could aim the same rant at Jigsaw Puzzle makers. There are snow days occasionally ...
Yes Apple need to aim far ahead. Apple are good at entering markets late, changing the paradigm and disrupting the industry entirely. I can't see how, if Tim wants to, Apple couldn't do this with games on a future Apple TV.
I also suspect Tim has taken all possible road blocks, barring the far east dropping off the planet, into account.
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