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I agree with you whole heartedly.
Well OK I exaggerated a wee bit ... but it is very good. I have had a few minor issues, such as after a reboot it gets my three screens on my New Mac Pro reversed in the arrangement. It seems to reset PRAM but that could well be a deliberate Dev feature now I think about it. Of course I could switch the Thunderbolt cables over and solve the issue .. DUH! It's amazing how when you actually write down a problem the obvious solution sometimes smacks you on the forehead!...
... Because it's Apple.I confess I figured if they were going to do it live and knowing, or at least having a good idea, of the interest, they'd only do it if they had their act together and make bloody sure all would go well ... or at least a lot better than it did. That was why for a while I was thinking this was a S. Korean VO and Apple were the victims of an organized assault by Google and Scamsung. As to "It's been way too long ..."I have to think this means,...
Judging by the intonation and timing with the visual, it was simply a commentary ... but what do I know, I have the linguistic ability of a door knob!
I agree whole heartedly. Theft of IP that took time, sweat and tears is terrible. Yes Googke looking at you too!
LolYep, we move on and very soon we forget ... Like pay phones. Remember telegrams anyone?You are right though, one large global EMP l and we will be in deep sh!t.
Ok you are right and thus far I would agree with you. When he jumped on the band wagon trying to help increase fear over the OS X supposed 'virus' I was really ticked off.
Come back in a few years and ask again.
Great idea.
new Mac Pro 6 Core (running all Apple Pro Software and Adobe CC and CS6), Mac Book Po i7 2010, Mac Book Pro i5 2011, Mac mini i7 2013. The latter running OS X Server 4.0.
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