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Aren't they always though? Excellent rebuttal.
My wife just tells Siri what to do on her 2014 Lexus, she has knobs to twiddle but rarely does. Meanwhile my beloved 2007 V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited I have had from its birth and will keep till one of us croaks has a 6 CD changer I wonder if there is anything I can do to bring my Jeep up to speed?
Indeed. Just before Christmas a dear old friend of ours who was 92 fell in his garage, breaking a hip and gashing his head. His wife, being dotty, sat with him but didn't call 911. Almost a day later after a neighbor called in he was rushed to ICU and sadly died a week later. Such a gizmo would have more than likely saved him too.
Let's check back in 12 months .. Hopefully you are being over pessimistic.
"Cable companies remain reluctant to leave an opening for Apple, which they fear could displace them as the brand that customers associate with television delivery." Oh I would love that to come to pass!
But ... but ... wait for the cries ... 'never buy a first gen new Mac' ... (p.s. I often do! )
You may laugh but I now use a second TB RAID 0 as the target for synced cloning from my first TB RAID 0 .. I call it RAID X . That said the truly important stuff ... Aperture Libraries and Video are also on standard HDs too. I also run Disk Warrior daily on both RAIDs to check the catalogs are OK.
Wow, 40 MB! My first was 5 MB ... That said I was able to network it using fiber optics to half a dozen Apple ][es.I like TS, I want to see SSDs drop in price and I want those pesky special SSDs in the new Mac Pro drop, OWC has them at last but they are pricey. Anyone tried one yet?
Or even, ... "Hello. This is Mrs Smith's Watch. She has fallen, she is unconscious here are her vitals. Send help now to the following address or use iLocate to find my position via her iPhone which is close by "
I feel you and I are equally correct, it is both ... that's what is so brilliant.
New Posts  All Forums: