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Hopefully all of us AAPL owners will too.
I don't believe from what I've read the Americas were anything like Australia in that respect. Many of the original settlements in the American continent were set up as trading posts. They grew and flourished over time (as they annihilated the indigenous population along the way) and many came from Britain simply to seek their fame and fortune. Much like Britain had been the similar landfall for so many from Europe over the millennia, it's something about 'going west' I...
OI agree in general, I watch and read the Beeb daily. That show was a travesty though.
I agree with everything said there except the silly last comment, I assume a poor joke. There was no 'We' that kicked 'them' out as you seem imagine. The colonists were Brits!Back OT, Yes the Panorama show should have been generic not focussed on Apple who are leaders in improving the very conditions they researched, that are so prevalent in the developing nations. This is just more click bait on the back of anti-Apple sentiment and pro Apple defense. Mentioning Apple...
It is only a matter of time before some future iPhone has DNA verification will be built in.
I wasn't aware the iPhone 6 had 4K video capability?
That's interesting to see an iOS only app cross over to OS X. Are there any more examples of this occurring?
Totally nearly off topic lol but ... Whenever I think of early recordings i think back to the story I came across decades ago, about historians managing to 'hear' Latin actually being spoken. I am not sure if it was an apocryphal story of not but I recall reading that someone managed to get the sounds from a Roman potter's workshop, talking and various background sounds, that had been 'recorded' by the stick pressing against the clay as it spun. The theory was the stick...
Did you try toggling 'Hide Menu' under the 'View' menu? Sometimes after an update I've seen this get turned off and also the 'Hide Favorites' get turned on. First time it happened to me both these occurred I thought WTF .. then realized what was going on! LOL
There was something to be said for the simplicity of iPhoto or Aperture's method. Make an Album and publish it with sharing. Go to Apple TV and there it is. I have numerous albums for various occasions to show on Apple TV as a screen saver while listening to music. from iTunes Match and I wonder what happens when the new system kicks in. A lot of work when into making them.
New Posts  All Forums: