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Ok, that makes sense. There had to be a reason it was free, not being cynical but Adobe do have a business to run. So there is no way to export for viewing the files created other than via Adobe's cloud, I missed that. I just downloaded it so will have a play.
'Design' chief? Seriously?
Hats off to Adobe. Free too.... what is the catch there I wonder?
When my company, which had a fully authorized Apple repair division, supplied tons of Macs to a large educational department for every school in the county (this in UK) I worked out a deal (at there request) to cover the equipment (excluding user caused damage) directly that was less than extended warranty but still more than cost to my company on an 'as needed basis'. It was a bit of a gamble I suppose but it worked out as we had very few repairs and the education...
Add this to the list of classic oxymorons, "Samsung design inspiration."
I was thinking the age of those that would be interested would be quite young. Sorry not my area of knowledge.
"Download complete, return to base. Kwon out, "
Thanks. Yes I was assuming Macs and iPads were the same plan. I learn something new everyday!
Congrats on her service and a happy retirement. I assume it's retirement at any rate.
They don't seem to be doing to well in the 'other' problem category!
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