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Good news but doesn't this contradict an article from just the other day. I was just reading PED on Fortune where he pointed out it PCs only outpaced Apple because they included tablets in many counts but not iPads. So, do i assume this is a more accurate count of only Macs and PCs, no tablets from either side?
I believe Murdoch actually started a lot earlier than that.
All of those, my wife is a Realtor so we definitely scope out areas for those reasons. Plus when I am going somewhere on vacation I like to explore the area at ground level. I find when I get there I get my sense of where I am kicks in very quickly from the visual memory of seeing the place for real before. On top of that I just love exploring places I will never go and seeing what they really look like and lastly I explore places I know, but haven't visited in decades...
I think we agree ...
I must admit I do use Street view a lot on Google maps and let us not forget Google Earth is pretty impressive. I support Apple 100% in dumping Google ASAP but obviously it is not because Googles mapping is bad, it's simply because Google back stabbed Apple and stole the iOS IP. So, my point is, Apple might soon be able to match basic Google maps but I'd miss Street view and Earth if I didn't have them. I don't see Apple trying to replicate either of those efforts ......
I often think buying Yahoo might be the quickest way to start the ball rolling in search and they gain other useful stuff too. Just not sure if that would be cheaper than starting from scratch though, I suspect time might be more valuable to save than money though ... just thinking out loud here ... They were quite close but Apple seems to have stepped a wee bit further away recently.
Perhaps we are seeing this from different view points. To me, starting out by saying everything has to be my way or I will stop anything happening is just not what democracy is all about. I would feel this whatever the position on the political spectrum the person saying this came from. Instead of 'compromise' which certain media outlets have changed to mean something else, perhaps the term 'reaching a consensus' would be better to use.
If you think about it though, to start out by stating you will never compromise, your modus operandi is 'my way or no way'. That is basically the thinking of a dictatorial system not a democracy. To me it is ironic that those that want only there way use the democratic system to try to gain power. History is replete with examples where such people succeeded and it isn't pretty.
Sorry, you are correct, my bad.
I could be wrong and I don't know where you are based, but I suspect in the UK you would be correct in that interpretation because of the old germanic verb's use in that context for many years. I suspect Americans simply use it in the older sense meaning to distribute as their usage dates back before the UK use changed to be associated with Government help.Many words from the English retain older meanings here in the USA whereas they have morphed into newer meanings in...
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