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Yep. I switch it off the same way. I have to get my exercise some how!But seriously, the remote for the TV had the input button close to the on off and almost every time we touched it we'd change HDMI inputs. Pressing the on switch on the side on the way to get a G&T is faster than fiddling with the damn remote to get the right HDMI selected again. We only watch once a day so it isn't exactly a lot of effort.
Wow ... negative much? IMHO ... I don't see Apple is going to have many down times in the next few decades ...
Muse is cool for doing that, I am now building three adapted versions of every site I build and it is easy with Muse ... God I hate praising Adobe lol
Only snag there is I don't have a TV remote I through them all out (I had about 10 lol) ... I don't have a Cable subscription I pay for ... just FiOS and Apple TV and Netflix. Been that way for three years almost and loving' it. No ads, no news and I watch what I want when I want.
OMG ... get well soon!
Excellent post.
Or getting too wet to work on Steve Balmer's profusely sweating wrist ...
The Dev GM seems rock solid so far on a nMac Pro and several MBPs for me. It is a gorgeous OS to use, absolutely gorgeous ... no other word I can think of to describe it. The one and only App that fails for me is DXO and they were aware of this but awaiting the GM so hopefully that will be fixed ASAP.
Well I hope you are correct.
There are 3rd party apps that do this now, I've used them, but a genuine Apple iOS version of ARD would be nice I agree. I use ARD everyday and often check on my nMac Pro from my 15" MBP and the same ability from an iPad would be nice ... not sure I'd try that on an iPhone though. A genuine Apple iOS ARD would be better than relying on 3rd party apps for obvious reasons.
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