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Well yes, prior to Apple adopting Intel, if there wasn't a an intel card involved it it was pure emulation and yes it sucked big time. Hence my suggestion that some sort of optional add on Intel processor dongle would be needed for VMs when (and I truly believe this is coming) Macs go native Apple and drop Intel. By the way, what ever happened to RISC?I assume you use Bootcamp for games, other than that I see no need for forgoing the side by side convenience of a VM in...
So, in a nut shell, the best possible Android device was a flop whatever the motive for its creation. Interesting when you think about it isn't it?
One of the all time classic series of comedy.
So, let me be clear on this, you don't think it is a good idea to have a phone with you when out running?
partial quote from above ...Come on, Microsoft just don't do things like that.
I repeat my point, I think we are fast approaching the times when a Mac doesn't need compatibility for the vast majority of Mac users even if I do. If Apple were to come out with a powerful CPU/ GPU set up that was totally optimized for a version of OS X I think it would be a huge step forward, not back. The performance gains could be significant. It would also be a bonus to me that the Wintel world would cease being able to piggy-back Apple's improvements and designs...
I'd like to see some reviews of such products testing more varied life styles. For example, what would the readings be like watching Dexter as opposed to watching Dr. Who? Is one more beneficial than the other. Is driving to the Mall better for me done slowly or faster? How is my heart rate when setting up OS X Server 10.10 drinking coffee compared to scotch? There is so much more I want to know about my lifestyle, I hope such devices can help.
I've got a Mac II fx sitting here if you want to upgrade?
Oh thanks, so it wasn't performance issues, simply DRM ... didn't know that. No wonder Air Parrot works well. Actually I had noticed it works with many videos my other Apple devices don't ... DRM hadn't dawned on me!Is the iPad Air OK with continuity? We have two of those as well as several 3's and a 2. I quite honestly don't keep up with iOS tech that much other than buying them for family.
Of those you mention, I am actually finding myself a lot warmer and rooting for IBM. I have long got over IBMs outright attack on Apple in the early 1980's with the removal of VT emulation support from main frames and minis. IBM was punished ironically by Microsoft when they stabbed IBM in the back with the clones. I am very hopeful the iBM-Apple partnership could be huge going forward and IBM have no reason to stab Apple in the back. In fact I even have hope as well...
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