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Time to break open the piggy bank!
I agree. For me it was a new battery and logic board. My only regret is I can't buy another three years!
I had the same issue on my 2010 MBP 15" i7 not that long ago and only weeks before the warranty ran out, I had extended AC. My motherboard was replaced by Apple I am glad to say. The guy I worked with extremely helpful.
I have been running iOS7 on multiple devices since the first Beta, zero problems and that includes on older iPhones and iPads. I suspect your installation may have gone wrong. Simply assuming there 'is a problem' because 'you have one' is the stuff of legend and unfortunately trolls, sorry if I took you for one, and as you say you are not, I believe you. Try backing up, wiping the device and installing from scratch.
I think you missed the ... 'Oh wait a minute' which is a long hand way of saying /s
that was aimed at me?
Using the physical button on the side of the iPhone is far easier.
If course it did, I believe you, really i do, all your posts seem to back up that you are a genuine ... Oh wait a minute ....
I've used iOS7 on multiple devices since the first beta, it is fine, don't be a pussy.
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