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Meanwhile AAPL seems to have been unusually stable for a the entire pre, during and post cranky news reports that always accompany a major new Apple product launch. Is this the result of the DOW around AAPL's neck or some other factor at work here? I am still waiting for the "but ... but .. this is a trick to make people rush to buy before they are all gone / Or / this proves it's a failure as this is an excuse for low sales, they really have plenty"
Yes! This is what I was hoping for. This is the future of Photography IMHO. Post editing RAW images will be a whole new ball of wax. This is very big people! p.s. I hope Apple is granted this patent and has a slew more in the works. Google and Scamsung will be hard at work and willing to spend years in court to sell a rip off no doubt, all the while we will have years of Gatorguy posting prior art and spurious articles showing Google invented this already.
Here's hoping
Yeah I agree on the negative words. San Andreas would crack me up and Katrina would really blow! (sorry).Joshua Tree would be nice too and that's south of L.A..
Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion broke the two word rule and as to word origins, Yohhe'meti (Southern Miwok) or Yos.s.e'meti (Central Miwok) originally referred to the Indian tribe that lived in Yosemite Valley. Yosemite means literally “those who kill”, not exactly a word from the land of my fathers so I am hoping Big Sur is OK .
I like that too.
Jeopardy with only computers might be fun though. Surely Samsung and or Google have a Watson copy in the wings?
I should have added '..in the hands of the average Joe ...' when i said that. Awesome image to be sure. That said, the same image taken using a higher end Canon body and lens would have been even better one has to think. I follow Sharleen Chao on Flickr and have for a long time. She progressed from a mid range Canon with kit lenses over the years to a Canon 5D III and L lenses. There is, as we both know, a reason for that. I can recommend her highly BTW.
Not to mention these 'professionals' cheat! What does that say about this 'sport' ... Oh yes, it's like cycling! Chess tournaments for kids though are fabulous way to help their minds develop.
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