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I can't wait to see it take off!
While agree people on blogs should always either state their evidence for being adamant or at least admit they are only voicing an opinion, but people posting on blogs don't generally have the impact outside of the blog. Industry leaders that make such sweeping statements can and do have effects on the real world.
I am sorry you felt I was off topic. The paragraph: "In addition to new iPads, the event in two weeks is also expected to focus on the company's revamped Mac Pro high-end desktop, and the forthcoming OS X Mavericks operating system update." and subsequent comments about the Mac Pro seemed just as on topic as all the iOS product chat. I'm glad your iPad is important to you, but some of us also look forward to a new Mac Pro and like the rare mention in a post even if it is...
You are so right. The alternative is the Adobe Model ... no need to elaborate there!But I also agree it's time for some leaps in the iWorks and iLife products, they are what most folks use, we Aperture and FPX types are not the main stream I suspect.Edit: Almost every time I edit a post on AI, Safari crashes ... no other web site I use does this! This is using 10.9 GM and Safari Version 7.0 (9537.71)
You beat me to it. Apple already solved this issue folks with 10.9 and way better I would suspect.
I'd like to see the Nest folks get into this area (and more), their products and software are always taken the the 'next level' and the most Apple like of anything out there.
Or if Bill had a problem it would be Gates-gate ...
My iPhone 4s ran all the beta iOS7's as well as the Golden Master and Release Version without a hitch. I'd be interested to know if this is related to the method of update, after all mine was backed up then wiped and freshly installed using Xcode not the over the air update regular users use.
Well said. The only thing I'd disagree with is the multiplier on life span, I suspect the differential is even larger. Plus of course the value of an older Mac is incredibly high. PC users always forget to factor in the Mac's residual when comparing prices. It's like the difference leasing cars, you can lease Lexus for less than a Ford costing half the price. It's all about depreciation! Point being, as you say we can keep our Macs longer whereas a massive...
If you give them $100 they'll take your Android phone .
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