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I seriously doubt it. In fact I suspect you hit the nail on the head. Thanks to this shared base, there is a continuous move to allow iOS and OS X to work seamlessly together not converge. I suspect these folks are adding 2 + 2 and getting 7.
Of course this is true, that's why we have developer versions of the new OS ... Oh wait a minute ....
Well you are being sarcastic but staggeringly, that is Wall Street's actual position ... sans the '/s'!
You have to feel sorry for the poor folks that are given non Apple tablets at their place of work. I didn't hear any more about those Delta pilots that got the MS crap dumped on them. Anyone hear how that is going, I have to fly to Alaska soon on Delta and this worries me!
Not that I have tried it in years, back when I transferred all my own DVDs to disk, but have you tried Handbrake?
Imagine ... you could buy just one PC computer with all the malware, trojans and viruses known to man, mobile and non mobile, all in one place. Sweet.
Those IDC guys sure are really smart. . ROFLMAO
Are you sure about that? It would be nice and what needs to happen but I suspect you'd have to verify your HD Cable subscription with whoever you use for it to work just like almost everything else.On a side note, I know there is a lot of chatter about Netflix feeds slowing since net neutrality law change, but NBC's attempt at streaming the Olympics seems to be a disaster for me. I have FiOS 75 Mps download speed, Netflix is working pretty well, I get the Super HD 99% of...
mmmm... I'll have to think about that one. Sign of MS's inability to get into the mobile market maybe so they bring it to their PC world ... ?
The nMP is freaking awesome but I could always buy another if someone wants to make me a silly offer ... everything has a price in life ... yeah just kidding ... well unless it's a very silly offer ...
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