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I wonder if Airplay will go 4K with this along with supporting Apple TV soon.Anecdotally, I've seen AirPlay improvements on the nMac Pro (which sucked under 10.9.2) too and I 'think' FCPro X 4K handling but that may be other factors my end.
How did pirating come into that conversation?
It's got to be tough running Microsoft's mobile division.
That sounds a bit defensive to me. You over estimate the general public, they don't read the manuals, they don't know what their iPhones do, they just take pictures. They are not trying to be pros so relax Wait a minute .... DARK ROOM????? WTF?
I was responding to a comment that IS was a gimmick, I think you misunderstood my intent. I was defending IS as being a seriously great thing.Regarding the unknowing (lol, good term)... They have had AI controlled HDR in iPhones now for a while. The public take better pictures and don't even know what HDR is. It will be the same with IS. It is all good that tech trickles down IMHO.Oh I get it it.. a Nikon guy ... no wonder you are defensive ... (from a Canon guy) ...
BTW, have you seen the new film regarding the likely use of the camera obscurer in his work? I know it has long been a theory but this new documentary, which in no way tries to diminish the art, seems to confirm it pretty much. It explains the super human ability with perspective not common in the day, I suspect a chap called Leo in Italy a few centuries earlier also figured this out.
I think optics is exactly where Apple seems to be working the hardest just now.
Get your design to Kickstarter ASAP.
Couldn't agree more.I never got my hands on the sort of camera you describe, I'd have loved that. Yes with 35 mm it was a lost cause. The only work a round was taking many shots and hoping you nailed one, not exactly a very artistic approach plus as a poverty stricken student I could't afford the film, paper or chemicals for that approach. The other problem was I was trying to use real subjects such as a mossy bank by a river and natural light, of course there was...
Me too. Personally, if he used science to help, all power to him. It doesn't distract from the work to me at all.
New Posts  All Forums: