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I feel you and I are equally correct, it is both ... that's what is so brilliant.
People, in theory at least, don't need to get a new iPhone as often as they do. The thing about Apple's user base, or a large percentage of it, is they WE just lust after a new iPhone ... or iPad or whatever Apple make. That's where trying to use logic on all of this falls down. So I suspect using the 'what people need' argument isn't a good metric for potential sales of the Watch. I also predict that even those that buy one will get a new one every couple of years...
"In my work%u2014writing" ... Just curious, being a professional writer I am sure you can explain, were you trying to print unsigned decimal type there or is it some secret message? I bet musicians are drooling over a larger iPad too.
Yes and yes, both well worth the $s, especially with my new surround sound system
The November Man, really good movie in the same class as the Bourne series. I hope they make this into a series.
LOL yes my wife and I love that type too, dinner and a movie and the good guy wins ... the Pierce Brosnan was a wee bit deeper though. James Bond with brains.
Latest ones on iTunes movies ... can't remember the titles, both 2014.
Thanks for that, I trust your judgment, I think I'll pass. I certainly am not buying into the 'to patriotic you must watch this' crap.I watched Maleficent tonight and loved it so I obviously have very simple tastes. Last couple of nights watched the new Pierce Brosnan and Denzel Washington movies ... both very entertaining IMHO.
She does seemed to have vanished for now.
So, you have used Photos for OSX? That's about the only thing I garnered from your weird rant. I haven't yet used Photos so I am not able to comment. Oh, wait nobody has yet so you are what ... ?
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