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I certainly would not bother with Bootcamp for one.But out of interest as I don't run Bootcamp, perhaps someone who is on a MBP running Bootcamp and Win7 might compare the results from my nMP running VMWare. I have no idea if these are good or not, not being a Windows person.The Geekbench is only 32 bit as I only have the demo version for PC which is limited to 32 bit.
This article is about a new Mac Pro. If it were about MBPs, Mac minis or Airs then many of the posts in this thread would make sense. As it is they don't.
100% agree.
Oh please post a picture of all those glowing Apples at a dedicated MS convention.
VMware screams on my nMP with Windows 7. I'm not suggesting it is used for high end PC games but it runs X-Plane for Windows which isn't too shabby. I don't do this normally, it was just an experiment. For normal applications is faster than many PCs I would suspect.
How have you got 'previews' set up? You may need to lower the size of preview to speed it up.
That's fascinating news ... thanks, I had not heard of this.For archival purposes I can see this, I am dubious about them as a method of selling games etc. given the trend to streaming as the internet (in theory) gets cheaper and faster. I currently use 1 TB bare HDs for archival and they are dirt cheap these days but bulky obviously. I wonder what the cost of the burner and burning speed will be. I have been through so many 'archival systems' in the last 35 years I have...
Thanks, interesting post.By the way you can add my 24" ACD that I used as a second monitor to the recycling list. It powers up works for fine then suddenly goes black. This happens on my nMP, Mac mini or MBP. Some days it works all day others ten minutes. Has to be powered off and disconnected for ten minutes or so, then works right away ... for a while. Local Apple dealer says best case $400 worst $700 to fix, $75 to tell me which.
IMHO putting a tuner in an Apple TV would be like adding a connection for horses to pull it to a Ferrari.
Are you sure all HDTVs bring in a profit at all? I suspect many are sold at a loss or break even at best and no after sales. Remember, that $99 box as you call it sells stuff that Apple also makes profit on. I doubt Apple even care about making a profit on the Apple TV itself although I bet they do make one.
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