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And risk the offer ending. Other than the 5 all my iPhones going back to the very first model all hold a charge to this day (I test them once in a while). So not sure it's a very valid reason anyway.
In the USA Elon has a pretty good set up. You can wait while they charge for free or have a swap out for the cost of a tank of gas (or there-abouts) in less time than it takes to fill with a tank of gas. His network of stations is pretty extensive now. If this model grows and other companies copy this model I see a bright future here at least. I assume no such infra structure yet exists in the UK? http://www.teslamotors.com/supercharger
Can some of the experts here explain the ramifications for in general AAPL if this is true please.
Silly people, it is well worth the hassle. I have my wife's cast of 5 and before the exchange it lasted two hours on a charge. I dug out my 4s and had it switched back on by Verizon while my 5 was a way and switched back when Apple returned it. Pretty seamless really and the 5 now lasts all day.On a side note; I have to say I really loved the size and weight of the 4s though ... I am the odd one out I guess but I kind of preferred it. It just feels so 'solid'.
I have to wonder how long it will be before that becomes: 20% Apple (90% of the profit) and 70 % Scamsung (20% of the profit) 10% Microcrap (-10% of the profit)
Note to wealthy folks from a share holder ... . Remember to buy one of each model with every strap and store them a way in a bank vault as collectors items.
Electric and what though? The entire point is to stop burning fossil fuels surely? Hydrogen might be nice if they find a highly efficient way to generate it in the first place.That said 100% electric will be fine one day soon, through advanced tech, by making batteries half the weight and twice or more as long lasting and use less no rare earth metals. Nano technology seems to hold some promise it seems I see reading Ars Tech site.Of course we need to create more power...
That's a good point ... I discovered during this experience (and not a lot of people know this ...) Jeep offer (or did when I bought mine, no idea if this is still the case) a lifetime factory warranty exclusively in Florida and Hawaii and it can even be sold on with the vehicle once to the next owner. I can only assume the lack of salt on the roads is the key factor here?
That never stopped occurring to me looking at all the other poor souls there, especially small children in buggies, many with ordinary plastic bags over them. How there were not deaths by suffocation I will never know. We were able to escape, albeit losing hundreds of dollars, and be home in two hours.
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