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It sounds like this is a toy at best but kudos to them for the simplification they've started with 'follow the puck', it is brilliant. Someone, be it this company or another, needs to take this to the next step.Avoidance of its own kind should also be something on the to do list. This kind of product for filming sports events could be huge for TV and film companies, forget the consumer market for a moment, some company needs to create a prosumer / professional market...
mmmm ... where do I begin ... ?
I wouldn't doubt it. Maybe when Google finally get around to paying the fine for stealing Apple's IP, it will be claimed by Google acolytes as Apple's saving moment.
That was deep ... I think I need another Gin to help think about that .
Yep, you sinners stick to archaic dogma damn you, but pay us as much as you can via new fangled electronics. Got to love religions.
I agree, deliberately similar to the point of being silly. Their next product will no doubt be Coppertino Infinity.
They are too busy rewriting history.
Replying to no one particular ... Here is one of many articles on Apple / Google history (not from Google's revisionist department), it seems pretty close to how I recall the events. http://gizmodo.com/5941817/what-really-made-steve-jobs-so-angry-about-google
And these days you can make a block buster movie with Final Cut Pro X. The prices of Apple's pro software have become very reasonable these last few years, all expect FMP. I have to think this is because it is cross platform and so doesn't in of itself sell a Mac as does FCPX for example. So I can understand the pricing really.
Why did I suddenly think of bungee cords?
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