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I wasn't expecting a response from them here. I was wondering if anyone else had seen an update show up. Good news is, it just showed up as an update for me.
So no break for existing users on OS X? I'm not seeing any update showing up nor lower price for update. I purchased only two weeks ago! EDIT: It just showed up as an update!
You almost have that in OS X. Quirks aside, (see my previous post) you can treat iCloud Drive just like any external drive with the Finder.
Butt... but ... The Finder! What is not covered here is simply using the Finder in OS X. You can create a folder drag and drop and use iCloud Drive just like any other external hard drive. That is ... except it works by creating a folder in the ~/Library and copying the data there from whence it is synced to the iCloud Drive in its own sweet time. From what I can tell these are aliases if the original files are located on the Mac's boot drive. If the files are on an...
So the millions of
That is a very valid point. That said, I'd hope Tim had a built in safety net that kicked in the release Apple from fixed pricing if prices fell. In other words of a win win scenario for Apple.
The young of goats are called kids. Lame joke all the same.
Yes, you are 100% correct but the memo never got through ..It read .... "Stop, we can you longer build crap and expect they will come".
Last I read 2015 ... early on hopefully. Playing around with the beta is fun, you should give it a test.
So far, as I still cling to Aperture, I am glad to see Camera RAW updates coming despite not actual Application specific updates. I suppose now I think about it, we always will as Photo will need them and I assume OS X centralizes the process and is application independent. I should read up on that and not guess
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