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Thanks but it doesn't really help answering my entire question. There is a lot of third party crap out there but little of it integrates into the Apple eco system. That was the real question. iTunes Match is part of every facet of it, so $25 a years seems pretty amazing to me.
'Soul' comes to mind, no musical pun intended.
Look, just become the 51st State and be done with all these delays on Apple products and services.
This should be in a different section called AppleOutsider with all the other click-bait nonsense.
Me too. Love Will.
Perhaps you are reading old blogs? I think most have now become very happy with FCProX since all of its updates since the original release. FCP-7 has been left in the dust now.
It is crazy how powerful FCProX is these days (especially on a nMP) and what can be done with it. Even more so when you think back only a few years to what was needed and what it cost. Let alone the option now of doing it all in 4K if you want. Just amazing. Shame there is no Apple equivalent app for professional photographers anymore though (Aperture still working fine TG!).
I don't know much about it but does this Google system seamlessly play on Apple TVs, iPads, iPhones and Macs for the account holder and all the family? Does it allow playlists to be used in slide shows on Apple TV from Photos? If it does all the afore mentioned then Apple will hopefully soon up its offering to compete better. Personally I don't think $25 a year for what I currently get is bad at all.
Al Gore should have challenged his legal loss to G W Bush's in an east Texas Court, .. oh, wait a minute ... on second thoughts ...
Not sure I'd describe your experiences as 'otherwise very solid' lol. It's been fine for me on several Macs including a Mac mini, two MBPs and a new Mac Pro. You should report this to Apple as it seems to be something your end, perhaps they can help. I assume you are a developer, I don't think 10.10.3 is Public beta level yet is it? If it is public I don't know what the reporting procedure is to be honest.
New Posts  All Forums: