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Heck and Robin Hood movies are so mean to the Normans! Get a life, it's a freaking comedy! Give my regards to Kim.Edit: toned it down!
Heck you took your sweet time, here am I trying to remain above the frey waiting for you to strike
Well you go and watch it if you like, I'd rather watch Netflix, by the way it is way out of date your source of anti western propaganda is slipping.
How can I disavow something I never said? I have repeatedly said i suspect NK is involved but cannot know anymore than my cat can. Read what you just quoted slowly and carefully again. As to the part of your comment I didn't address, well i didn't and I wasn't trying to. My only point was nobody knows on this blog which you could just as well have interpreted as supportive of the part I didn't address. Not that it was or wasn't I simply didn't address it. So, are we...
Can't argue with any of that. That said I have to think there isn't the same political pressure on our secret services to 'find' a conclusion the way there was back then. So I have a little more faith there is NK involvement if they say so even if it ends up being tangential.
I tend towards believing this to be likely. On a tangent ... but I was watching the new Pierce Brosnan movie last night, rented from iTunes (good movie), and I could not help thinking ... it is a good job Russia doesn't take the attitude that spy movies insult mother Russia and get their knickers all in a twist! Can you imagine?Weirdly, as only in the current polarized America can ... now the POTUS has made a stand, many will believe the opposite regardless of their...
I think you two are roughly on the same page.
This bunch are giving lizards a bad name. I like lizards!
Phew! Well that's good to know, Russia is no problem then After your quote ... I guess I better acquiesce despite my usual taste in movies and rent the movie on iTunes ... it does sound funny.
NK is something all countries on earth should do something about. It is a prison run by a lunatic. I simply cannot see comparing it to much else on the planet to be honest. It makes Cuba look like Disneyland.
New Posts  All Forums: