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Yep, I resisted buying a another one for the same reason.
That could be an insult to retired people, teens not so much ...
Yep another Industry Disruption is underway. 20% of Apple's revenue is one hell of a chunk to extract from the hides of the cable companies, I look forward to watching their demise.
True and many act like teens.
Santa would be far better using these! Santa has filed an application with the FAA too I bet
I stand by that concept too. Plus medical use and search and rescue. There are now drones and AI able to rescue a climber stuck on a cliff. I don't think it has been done in real life but swarm AI can deploy a net and catch an object and return it to safety.
There sure are NOT.Given technology at DARPA has now developed bullets that can go around corners and we seem to be able to have self guiding missiles that can leave a ship and go through a window hundreds of miles away everyone is underestimating science and technology here. Judging this all by the abilities of a toy is hardly sensible.Just watch the abilities of shared intelligence and AI used in some the the experiments using drones doing acrobatics and playing games...
I do not not never have owned a drone. The nearest I got was a helicopter that used AAA batteries when I was a kid of 7. I lost it when it flew over an Apple orchard near our house and I was very sad.I am neutral on the whole Amazon concept, I wait to see how it plays out. The noise and pollution of hundreds of diesel driven trucks zooming around our neighborhoods is hardly non intrusive either.I do wonder, when there are a lot of Amazon drones flying together before...
Like Microsoft, Google need access to iOS users as their own e-c-rap-o system isn't exactly minting them as much money as they'd like.
Are you saying Congress is made up of retired people and teens?
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