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That's weird, it didn't for me on a new Mac pro running the latest Yosemite and after running these updates. I still got the message they are not compatible and they are greyed out with the 'no go' sign. Well that's good news for sure. I'll have to start over with my installations, something maybe screwy. Thanks for the info.
Yes, I think the headline about updating the video pro apps is being conflated by many incorrectly to mean only keeping those, as opposed to meaning they are being updated at the same time Aperture and iPhoto are being dumped. So Logic Pro X is, from this information, not being updated today nor being dropped... that's how I read this.
That crossed my mind. I have briefly played with it and it has some amazing RAW controls.Any interested can download a trial version here http://www.phaseone.com/en/Downloads/Capture-One-Pro-7.aspxI'm not sure but I don't think it has a database capability like Aperture and Lightroom but I remember the RAW conversion was beyond belief.
The only thing that would cheer me up right now is news Apple are buying Adobe. Making all the software have a true OS X GUI and closing down production for Windows. That last part is just for laughs.
I'll know if it works in Yosemite in a few moments ... (without having to use the terminal work around) ... nope ... drat.
I had to laugh at his / her retort there ... but , you should add a smiley, too many people are just waiting to pounce when a joke or sarcasm sails way over their heads. ... it seems to be a new sport ...
"As IBM secretly mulls plans" ... some secret!
Exactly what a few of us said the other day on AI when the usual suspects were outraged at Bono.
So ... are you telling me Australians HDDs don't have all the data upside down?
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