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Well said. The only thing I'd disagree with is the multiplier on life span, I suspect the differential is even larger. Plus of course the value of an older Mac is incredibly high. PC users always forget to factor in the Mac's residual when comparing prices. It's like the difference leasing cars, you can lease Lexus for less than a Ford costing half the price. It's all about depreciation! Point being, as you say we can keep our Macs longer whereas a massive...
If you give them $100 they'll take your Android phone .
Oh, thank God! I'll sleep nights now.
Gosh, bad news and AAPL is up, who would have guessed?
Look it's obvious why. It's so in the future they can remember when their launch was.
Then the obvious answer if they need a hologram of Steve doing it.
I'm not 100% sure but aren't the Mac Pros manufactured in the USA and if so, perhaps that might also explain the better kept secrets?
OMG LOL. I was kidding. I have to get that.
One can just imagine some really (politically incorrect) cruel TV ads. Sad, teenager sitting in corner trying to hide the fact she only has an Android phone .... "What are you doing BettyMay?" "Nothing just looking for my makeup" ... hides Android in handbag while calling ... "Pa, please, I have to have an iPhone I can't go on like this ... "
It occurs to me kids could hook up an Android to a guitar amp to use as a reverb or echo device ... (That is a 'latency' joke just to explain to non musical folks)
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