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They don't seem to be doing to well in the 'other' problem category!
An exclusive for iOS would be good but I worry their main audience are mostly an Android demographic now, not iOS, or am I wrong?
She's holding a Scamsung transmitter of course.
Oh so this is specifically education, my bad I didn't know they had a lesser cover than us ordinary folk.
That's what confused me. My Apple care has always added 2 years to my 1 year at the end of the one year. So I had an additional 2, hence 3 in total. So I read now they make it three years Apple Care and assumed it's 4 total. So if it is 3 what's changed? Or is this specific and different for education?
I have to think the next Apple TV will support 4K too.
That is their last, best hope. That or merge with Blackberry and add a real keyboard ... Ok that was facetious.
So, to be clear, you get 12 months anyway so the 3 years is adding 3 years to the 1 year, so in total, 4 years?
Yep, it also explains the headache you get from the finer booze.
Either she's a big lady or I'd say 15".
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