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Holy cow!
So you get a baby version of Office and unlimited space for anything else. Now if they threw in Office for the Mac too I might be interested. Then if Adobe offerd their full suite for their cloud at $6.95 and unlimited space too ... Oh well I can dream The other thing I see here is Microsoft admitting to the importance of iOS to their business.
Now there is an excellent use of Pay. Dewar's on the rocks please.
Not sure what you added to my comment? Or were you replying to someone else in error?
Hey anything they can do to keep the profits below water eh?
It' probably been said multiple times but I hope Apple, heck even Google, remove the apps for CurrentC from their respective app stores. I'm sure they both have small print that could justify this easily. Then we'd see Walmart et all having to make and sell their own device to use their system. That said, I can see Google seeing this issue as a way to at least have a chance at surviving against Pay and come to some agreement with the CurrentC system by being willing to...
This whole nitrogen discussion is driving me around the bends!p.s. I am a certified scuba diver so allowed to make that joke.
I agree with that except I bet it is sooner.
I was wondering if Tim might see some way to segue into some form of financial business. Not banking as such but something related. Apple has more money than many banks, heck and many countries. They also have trust and the best recognized and most respected name on the planet. That is what I was meaning by another leg. By the way, didn't I see that those loss leaders and hobbies such as iTunes etc. now make more money alone than many fortune 500 companies?We are...
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