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I just hope it doesn't have Siri say .. "Now, you have already had two gin and tonics, that's enough for today."
What an ungreen lot you all are in this thread. I for one support them wanting to save wolves, grizzly bears and sharks etc. If I ever run into any of the aforementioned in bad circumstances I am banking on good karma helping out ...
Gatorguy always posts an erudite and interestingly different take on all matters Google. I enjoy seeing his well written counter arguments to DED's obvious and enjoyably passionate pro Apple views (and in this case I realize it is not a DED .. is it?).
Go Apple! In the end it is high and sustained profits that matter most. I wish that table had net profit on it too.
Both dependent on Apple for R&D and IP for their successes!
We have a few posters here following that exact creed!
Thanks, I am not sure it helps understand why 'laws are required to protect monopolies' as suggested in the post I was confused by though. Also why he stated 'a monopoly is doomed to fail without such protection'.
Any new news on this?
Wouldn't attaching it directly, pick up the tape drive motors? ... Oh wait a minute ...
The SE/30 was one hell of a machine, that's one I wish I had kept.
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