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True and remember UK 'regions' can be 10 miles across! It's the loss of words that is sad as mentioned earlier. Hopefully Game of Thrones is brining back some good olde English words ...Oh hell, I just bent my Samsung Fridge door whilst I was in amongst the jars looking for cutlery I left there when not wearing my trousers...
'Re-rail', now is that a strictly US term? I have been alternating between topic and non topic as best I can.
Speak for yourself!
And thus the language changes region to region ...I have a personal reason for my interest in all this. My parents moved around England a fair bit during my school age years (school age meaning 4 -18) and every bloody new school I went to spoke a sodding different language! And my phone doesn't bend to the right.
I feel such videos made to deliberately misinform and that can cause dramatic financial damage should be open to legal action. This goes far beyond a joke / satire.
yep, I always spelled it that was but got corrected pre internet / google and forgot till now. lol You have to love etymology + google.The definition derives from old England where convicts used to tie bits of shirt around their toes and feet as a make shift sock, hence "toe rag" means scoundrel, criminal, thief, indencent/unlawful person etc. It is sometiem seen spelt Tow Rag because the original context has long since been obsolete.
And ... should be sued for slander and libel with damages.
milliseconds I thinkBTW I always wanted to know if it was 'You whinging little toe rag" or "You whinging little tow rag"
haha caught you. damn you beat me to it. LOL
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