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I've been playing with a new L lens for the last few days ... I missed that thread... who was the 'different' poster out of interest?
errr... I forgot the /s, I thought the use of the word 'thingy' might have been obvious, but obviously not ... my bad.
There is a certain irony to that isn't there? Perhaps Apple should have gone more Star Trek with the nomenclature.
Whilst my iPhone 5 was getting a free new battery courtesy of Apple, I had to go back to my 4s and it seemed to work just fine with iOS 8 to be honest, I was quite surprised.
Last part ...Yes I can imagine ... that silent tapping will be very useful, given the standard method of testing folks in the USA is multiple choice papers so I can well see ... 1 tap means the answer is A, two taps B and so on ...
Good parenting sir ... but Wow, don't know why, but I kept getting flash backs to the Californication ShowTime series throughout reading that ...
I have not read that was possible before. So a sapphire lamination on Gorilla Glass eh?
Buy Low ... Man you have some big ones! Congrats. I did that with GM and got totally screwed. Then again I did it with Apple too and have no regrets there ... You win some you lose some.
Just wait till Jimmy Iovine gets some famous boy band to wear them. Tepid will turn to HOT!EDIT: I now see PixelDoc said the same thing ... sort of ...
That pesky Free Speech thingy ...
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